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LLS Chapter 274 – A man is the most handsome when he is seriously working hard

Chapter 274 – A man is the most handsome when he is seriously working hard
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After getting the knowledge that the pitiful guy’s mother had passed on to him, Yue Yang felt like his whole mind had been enlightened.

He was just like a student, who didn’t know anything at first and was drowned in the knowledge of primary, secondary, high school, university or even higher. Although he wasn’t able to fully digest it, at least he was already enlightened. As long as he had enough time, he would be able to absorb all the knowledge and became a real university student. That was Yue Yang’s current situation.

Beasts, combat skills, runes, scope, knowledge, secrets… In short, every single thing was laid before his eyes, dazzling him and confusing him. He was almost drowned in the tsunami-like wave of knowledge.

“What happened to you?” The sickly beauty found out that Yue Yang’s expression became strange. She felt like there was a strange kind of light in his face.

“From this diary, I received the knowledge that my mother has passed on to me.” Yue yang shamelessly called the pitiful guy’s mother as his own mom.

However, he must first fix this first.

Before the fake Yue Qiu slandered him for being a fake Yue Yang, Yue Yang obviously had to tread carefully. He would definitely not let the women he loved suspect him.

Last time, he didn’t have the chance to retaliate, but with the passing on of knowledge from the diary, Yue Yang wanted to hint to the girls that he was unmistakably the third young master of the Yue Clan. This was because he was able to acquire the knowledge that the pitiful guy’s mother had passed on.

With this argument, no matter what kind of move the fake Yue Qiu would throw at him, these girls would definitely not believe him.

When Xue Wu Xia knew that he had acquired the pitiful guy’s mother’s passing on of knowledge, he believed that she would be very happy.

Yue Yang could feel that Xue Wu Xia did not care about whether he was fake or real, nor did she try to closely investigate the truth. But if he could inherit his mother’s knowledge, this proved that the dark thoughts that Xue Wu Xia had suspected from the Virgo Temple was wrong. She would obviously feel more comfortable with this.

“Really? That’s great!” The sickly beauty was extremely delighted. There was nothing that could make the sickly beauty happier other than gaining more knowledge.

In the sickly beauty’s mind, even mountains of gold and silver couldn’t compare to the value of a book.

If Yue Yang had gotten anything else, she wouldn’t be so excited.

This was actually the first time Yue Yang had seen the sickly beauty have such an expression. Her small face was actually scarlet from her extreme excitement, and her eyes seemed to radiate a wild glow of joy. She was so happy that she couldn’t help but kiss his face multiple times with her cherry lips while she merrily cheered.

He felt a surge of happiness in his heart, and decided to give her a nicer surprise. “Wu Hen, while there is still no way to absorb even 1% of the knowledge I inherited from Mom, I seem to be able to decipher Runes now! For example, this Rune on my arm should mean ‘Vitality’. Obviously, the meanings and variation behind this Rune are plentiful. Using just the word ‘Vitality’ to describe it is nowhere near enough. If ‘Vitality’ and ‘Life’ Runes are combined, then it would transform into ‘Youth Restoration’; if combined with ‘Battle’, then it transforms into ‘Plentiful Endurance’; if combined with ‘Sweet Dew’, it would become ‘Curing Sickness’…”

“Wow!” The sickly beauty euphorically looked at Yue Yang, almost about to go insane with happiness.

She was a Rune fanatic.

She had always been one since she was young.

For the sake of Runes, she’d even continuously tested on her own body, to the point that her body was finally unable to bear it and she had almost lost her life.

Now that she’d heard that Yue Yang could understand the Runes, she was so excited that her cheeks were practically streaming with tears.

She embraced his arm, and repeatedly asked him to dispel her doubts, like a dehydrated person about to die that had just received a bottle of clear and fresh spring water!

“Runes are also called God’s Language, as said inside the knowledge I had inherited. Mom also didn’t know who created them at first, she only segregated them into several categories. One is “Ancient Runes”, these are what we are seeing right now. There is a total of 72 Ancient Runes, every single one expressing different meanings from the other. When combined, there are countless permutation that could be used. Another kind is the “Immemorial Runes”. There are a total of 36 Runes, and each of them are extremely rare. It would be extremely difficult for us to see. The Immemorial Runes are extremely strong. Right, the [World Exterminating Wheel] is created with an Immemorial Rune as the foundation… There is also another type of runes that are slightly weaker, they are called “Heaven Runes”. It was said that these runes originated from the Heaven Realm. Although its power is incomparable to the Ancient Runes, let alone Immemorial Runes, it is still extremely powerful to us, humans of the Soaring Dragon Continent. The Silver Runes that you have been researching on is one of the Heaven Runes. Different from the Ancient Runes and the Immemorial Runes, the Heaven Runes are bound to a limitation, that’s why your body has been affected. The last type of rune is “Dwarf Rune”. This Rune is actually not a type of summoning runes like the first two, it could only be used externally by engraving it in a metal object or an article. Furthermore, its effects are extremely weak… Not many people in the Soaring Dragon Continent knew about this, but the puppets that the Yue Clan had created was built by one kind of Dwarf Rune. According to the knowledge that was passed on to me by mother, right now, forget about the Soaring Dragon Continent, even in the numerous districts in the Tong Tian Tower, only a small number of people could use the Dwarf Runes… This kind of Dwarf Runes are actually a subdivision of Heaven Rune, but it had declined in use in the Soaring Dragon Continent for a very long time. Only the dwarves in the “Outer Realm” still used these runes to the present day. Hence, it was named the “Dwarf Runes”.

“So it was like that…” The sickly beauty felt intoxicated after hearing this.

“The Runes are a type of special summoning art. Like summoning beasts, each person has a limit to their abilities.” Yue Yang’s knowledge was like an unceasing torrent waves as he explained to the sickly beauty.

“You mean to say that there are too many Runes on my body, and I have reached more than full capacity?” The sickly beauty caught the main point of this issue.

“That’s part of the reason. The most important thing is that the Heaven Rune is a type of flawed Rune. It cannot compare to the Ancient Rune, let alone the Immemorial Rune. It has a large recoil damage effect on the user. Although you studied the Heaven Rune and your body was able to gain things from it, you also pretty much paid the cost with your life.” Yue Yang mainly said this to encourage her not to focus her research on the “Heaven Rune” so that her body wouldn’t sustain any more harm.

“Yes, I’ll be careful.” The sickly beauty obviously understood the intent behind his words. Seeing how tense he was for her sake, a sweet feeling rose in her heart.

“It’s a pity that although I inherited the knowledge, my understanding of the Runes still isn’t enough.” Yue Yang sighed. He had obtained a mountain of treasures, as well as the key to open it, but his power alone wasn’t enough to move such a large mountain.

It was like learning a language. He could read and write every word, but he had no way of writing out an entire essay.

Being able to understand the Runes didn’t mean he could use them.

Of course, Yue Yang still hadn’t completely absorbed the knowledge inherited from the pitiful guy’s mother. After he had digested it all, he’d definitely be able to use the Runes. Right now, he could only feel impatience, which was why he had sighed.

The sickly beauty hurriedly assured him.

She knew that being able to gain this passed down knowledge was already the greatest fortune.

In comparison, she had personally spent so many years to research it, yet gained nothing. That could only be called a failure…

“Don’t worry, we already have a certain amount of understanding about Runes. We no longer have to go around, unable to see the whole picture. As long as we have time, we’ll definitely be able to express its true power.” The sickly beauty held Yue Yang in her arms, her soft and silky body sticking to him as she lightly kissed his lips, calming him down.

“Come, let’s research a little. This, let’s start by the easiest one, the Dwarf Runes!” Yue Yang remembered that the Elder Yue Hai had ever asked Fourth Mother to give Yue Yang a Puppet Encyclopedia. At that time, he didn’t care about it, because the Puppet Encyclopedia could only show the complex puppet manufacturing and creation methods that made Yue Yang’s head spin. Hence he didn’t research it very much. However, after seeing it once again, aih… this was practically primary-school level!

The process of puppet creation would be extremely complex for a warrior that did not have related knowledge to this.

However, for Yue Yang who had received his mother’s inherited knowledge, it was simply a piece of cake.

Even though Yue Yang had never created one before, even when he was looking at an unknown beast, he had immediately understood with one look. Ah, turns out this thing works this way… Just like a university student looking at a primary school question, even though it had many different variation, it was still very easy to understand.

In the Puppet Encyclopedia, the most mysterious and difficult Rune engravement was actually the easiest for Yue Yang.

This was even easier than the mantra that Yue Yang used to memorise when he was young, “one times one equals one, one times two equals two… lastly nine times nine equals eighty-one”. Yue Yang could easily understand the meaning behind each and every one of the Dwarf Runes. With one look, he was able to understand what kind of effect they would have when one rune was combined with another. He didn’t need to memorise them one by one like how the Yue Clan Elders had been doing.

In the Puppet Encyclopedia, Yue Yang had even spotted a dozen over mistakes.

The only thing that surprised Yue Yang was that in the combinations of runes that the Yue Clan Elders had copied from “Ghost Genius Yue Gong”, none of them were copied wrongly.

Yue Yang summoned the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice once again and clasped them in his hands. With Heaven eyes Divine Vision, he was shocked to see what he saw.

In each of the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice’s heart, the Runes installed were absolutely not the Dwarf Runes, the only type of Runes that the Yue Clan could use. Instead, it was an Ancient Rune! In each of the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice’s body and four limbs, there were even a few Heaven Runes that were combined with each other…

What an exquisite beast!

This Ghost Genius Yue Gong was indeed an extremely extraordinary fellow!

Only then did Yue Yang finally see the truth. He was completely shocked by the way the Ghost Genius Yue Gong had created this Quintet Golden Puppet Mice. He thought, no wonder Yue Gong could become one of the Yue Clan’s Three Renaissance Heroes. With the knowledge he had grasped, if they could use it well, forget about reviving the Yue Clan, they could even improve the strength of the whole Da Xia Kingdom, of the whole Soaring Dragon Continent. It was a pity that the Ghost Genius Yue Gong died early. Otherwise he would definitely be a prominent character that would be praised even thousands of years after his death!

The common folks were not wrong in respecting Yue Gong as one of the two saints.

Ghost Genius Yue Gong, he was definitely worthy of the “Saint” title.

Compared to Yue Yang who had inherited the knowledge, the sickly beauty still couldn’t understand the Runes fully even after looking at it strenuously. Yue Yang continued to flip the pages instead of waiting for her.

However, she was at ease. As long as her husband could grasp all these mysterious summoning runes, she was fine with anything. She could slowly learn from him, she was not in a rush.

“Let’s take a look at your notes!” After he finished looking through the Puppet Grimoire, Yue Yang had a lot of thoughts in his mind. He wanted to put it into practice, but he didn’t have the required materials right now, otherwise he would have created a puppet as an experiment. He suddenly remembered the research that the sickly beauty had done. Overjoyed, he decided to take a look at the Heaven Runes, which were slightly more difficult.

“Here.” The sickly beauty happily gave her notes that she usually treasured a lot to Yue Yang. Her eyes were glistening brightly as she watched Yue Yang looking through her notes seriously.

What kind of man is the most charming?

Some women might like brave warriors who fought in bloody wars, thinking that generals who had succeeded in many battles were the most handsome.

Some women might like warriors who fought Giant Dragons. They thought these warriors had no fear at all. A warrior who dared to slay dragons was the most handsome and heroic.

In this world, there are people who liked princes who had high status. There are people who liked men who are courteous and elegant. There were even people who liked the rough and rowdy mercenaries… But in the sickly beauty’s heart, she liked a scholar with a wide and vast library of knowledge instead. For example, she thought that the figure of Yue Yang, who had inherited the knowledge from his mother, studying the runes seriously with all of his heart, was the most handsome and attractive.

A man is the most handsome when he is seriously working hard…. The sickly beauty didn’t remember when, but she had read that quote from a book before.

Right now, she felt that the quote was extremely true.

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      Yeah i’m convinced of that since the first time fourth mother talked about his mom, my only doubts are in the ”pityful guy”

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