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LLS Chapter 273 – Passing On Of Knowledge

Chapter 273 – Passing On Of Knowledge
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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On the second day, Yue Yang woke up from the most comfortable night that he had ever slept.

He was filled with energy all over his body.

Other than the Yang Fire Ability and Yin Ice Ability in his body, there was another mysterious ability in his body that maintained the balance between fire and ice, allowing them to mix perfectly in his Dan Tian point. That mysterious energy was extremely tiny yet extremely powerful, able to move the Yang Fire Ability and Yin Ice Ability easily. It could move the two powers throughout his whole body at any point of time, strengthening Yue Yang’s adaptability to the powers. It could also absorb the Heaven and Earth’s pure energy slowly and stored it inside Yue Yang’s Dan Tian, relentlessly improving his Fire and Ice Ability.

Yue Yang didn’t understand. Did this mysterious ability appeared as a present for becoming adults with the sickly beauty?

Did he get the ability last night?

With regards to things he didn’t understand, Yue Yang’s method of dealing with it was to brush it aside.

When he opened his eyes, he discovered that the sickly beauty who was only draped with a piece of clothing was lying on top of him. She was observing his body as she took note of something in her book…

Yue Yang was speechless. He didn’t know that she had this kind of hobby!

Yue Yang was about to tease her a little as he planned to push her beautiful body down again for a second round of expedition that was halted yesterday due to her lack of manpower for battle. His hands were embracing the sickly beauty’s slender waist, but suddenly, to his surprise, he discovered that their bodies were filled with various Runes. No wonder the sickly beauty had taken out her book to take note of these Runes. She was a Runes fanatic after all.

“Don’t move, I still haven’t see it clearly.” The sickly beauty stopped his impudent hand that was travelling up towards her beautiful mounds, and moved it down to her waist.

She lightly kissed him on the lips in order to appease him.

Then she continued to record the Runes.

Yue Yang’s hand slided down and rubbed her butt, which was surprisingly elastic and bouncy.

The sickly beauty glared at him extremely cutely, but she didn’t stop him.

If it were her last time, she would definitely stop him

But right now she was already his little wife…

Her snow-white hands lightly pressed against his chest, expressing her wish to continue observing the Runes on his body and turning his surging feelings down. She knew that he would definitely not agree if she continued to observe the Runes, hence she said, sort of cutely, “Scoundrel, I’m still sore over there… Who told you to be so rough last night? My waist is about to break, I can’t do it again now…” Seeing that Yue Yang’s expression was filled with regret, she hurriedly assured him with the gentleness of a wife, lightly kissing his lips, “Just let me rest a while. You don’t have to be in such a hurry to do it again!”

As she finished her words, she stuck out her tongue and licked his lips, coaxing him as she pushed him back down, “You didn’t sleep enough last night, go and sleep again.”

Although Yue Yang wasn’t tired, he wanted to get a sense of the new mysterious ability in his body.

He closed his eyes as the sickly beauty continued to copy the Runes on his body down onto her notebook. He silently tried to unleash the mysterious ability in his Dan Tian point, closely sensing it.

This kind of mysterious ability might have been awakened from his own body, or was obtained from the sickly beauty’s body. Yue Yang couldn’t sense the origin of this ability yet as of now, but he knew that it maintained the harmony of his body and was a great advantage to his body. Furthermore, the energy was extremely pure, but a little different from Innate Qi. Innate Qi wouldn’t be able to balance the two kinds of opposing abilities, it was a lone existence, unique and unmatched. This kind of mysterious energy could easily amalgamate the two opposing abilities and even split them back into two again. It controlled them with a smooth and gentle movement, moving them.

The mysterious ability’s greatest difference was that it was completely a passive skill with no attacking capabilities at all.

It only improved his body’s abilities.

Of course, this kind of supporting skill was also extremely formidable in a way. Yue Yang could feel that if he could develop this mysterious ability even more, his combat power will increase by multiple fold.

Yue Yang closed his eyes as he touched the sickly beauty’s Dan Tian point.

The sickly beauty thought he was being naughty and wanted to fan her flames of desire. She slapped his hands lightly, grabbed it and kissed it a little, before putting his hand on her waist once again, telling him to hug her and sleep. Although it was only for a few seconds, Yue Yang could clearly feel that there was also the mysterious ability inside the sickly beauty’s body. It was just that the mysterious ability inside her was still very weak, almost non-existent, hence she wasn’t able to feel it.

With regards to this, Yue Yang had a sudden realization.

This might just be the Husband-and-wife Realm [Body Fusion] that the pitiful guy’s mother had said existed during the ancient times.

The pitiful guy’s mother didn’t record any information with regards to this ability.

Maybe she did, but Yue Yang’s Level 4 Divine Vision wasn’t able to fully see the information, hence he always didn’t understand it. When Yue Yang finally sensed that the sickly beauty also had the ability in her body, he realized that he had accidentally mastered the higher realm of [Body Fusion] and that was [Double Body Fusion].

According to the pitiful guy’s mother’s records, Yue Yang shouldn’t be able to reach it this fast.

Yue Yang suspected that he could master it so quickly because he was an Innate Ranker, or maybe because he had mastered the Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Maybe it was because the combination of the sickly beauty’s and his bodies were so perfect that they naturally mastered the [Double Body Fusion].

With this thought, Yue Yang’s imagination started to run wild.

Having [Double Body Fusion] with the sickly beauty allowed him to acquire a mysterious ability. What would happen if he tried cultivating [Double Body Fusion] with Luo Hua, Qian Qian, Wu Xia and the others.

If he continued to train with them, would he be able to develop this mysterious ability?

If the answer was yes, then wouldn’t he be able to live a blissful sexual life with the three of them and still train to be stronger each time? Most importantly, if he had this excuse, it would be perfectly justifiable for them to train [Double Body Fusion] with him too, they wouldn’t feel so awkward doing it. Suddenly, Yue Yang had the urge to flip through the pitiful guy’s mother’s diary. Seems like there were still some secrets hidden inside. Last time his Level 4 Divine Vision might not be able to see through it, but now that it had levelled up to Level 5, with the addition of the Heaven Eyes ability that could be combined with Divine Vision to become Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he should be able to see through more hidden secrets.

When Yue Yang thought about this, he immediately turned around and stood up.

This made the sickly beauty jumped in shock.

At first she thought he couldn’t hold it anymore, so she hit him shyly, “Let’s do it at night, I’m really still sore over there!”

When she saw him taking out a diary from his Lich Ring, she realized that he only wanted to read the diary, and not her. Immediately, she blushed a little, feeling a little guilty for her misunderstanding. The sickly beauty kissed Yue Yang lightly as she reached out and caressed his stomach. She had actually wanted to go further down and touch his dragon spear to soothe his desire, but in the end, due to her embarrassment, she shifted her hands to his chest instead, “Let me finish copying the Runes first… they are slowly disappearing. I’ll help you later on…”

Although Yue Yang’s desire was great, he wasn’t really in a hurry to want her immediately.

In any case, her body was weaker than any normal girl’s, and she just lost her virginity. If he forced her to do it now, he would only injure her body.

He gave him a smile and hugged her body. Then, he continued to read the diary and and activated his Innate Qi. With Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he moved one step further in searching the secret. The sickly beauty didn’t know what kind of secret was hidden in that diary, but she didn’t ask Yue Yang about his private matters.

Once again concentrating on copying the runes, every time she finished copying a rune, she would happily kiss Yue Yang’s body, showing her joy.

In order to search through the hidden secrets inside the diary, Yue Yang had even slightly released his Innate Level 1 power.

Luckily he had now perfectly mastered the Yin Ability.

Otherwise, he could probably blast away the quilt covering their bodies just by slightly releasing his Innate Qi.

Yue Yang condensed the Innate Qi into a sphere using his Water Ability, then turned it into a ribbon and twined it around his hands. He then touched the pitiful guy’s mother’s diary with his hands that was wrapped in Innate Qi. Normally, if he did this last time, he wouldn’t succeed because the Innate Qi would destroy the diary when it touched it… However, now that Yue Yang had managed to control his own Innate Qi, he was able to make it as light as wind and as gentle as water.

Indeed, this method worked well. Seems like this diary needed innate Qi to be opened!

Yue Yang was overjoyed.

Suddenly, there was a beautiful voice in his mind that resounded, “My precious darling, if you can listen to mom’s voice, you must have already become an Innate Ranker. Mom is really happy for you, my darling. Mom has a lot of things to tell you. I want to tell you a lot of hidden secrets that I knew and pass on all the knowledge I have uncovered to you. However, there’s a limited memory in this diary, so mom couldn’t tell you everything… Darling, my son, please forgive mom. Mom is not a good mother, I couldn’t give you anything in this world, nor the emotional support that you needed. Compared to Ah Xian, I really failed as a mother… i don’t know how you managed to rise into the Innate realm, but I know that you must have worked hard, you must have spent so much effort to reach it. Mom is really proud of you.”

“I really wished I could see how you look after becoming an Innate. Maybe you have become taller than mom right now, or maybe you have gotten married or fathered a son.”

“My darling, maybe you think that Innates are the highest realm that a human can reach. However, mom wants to tell you that the answer is no. Innate is only the front door or a stepping stone to a much higher realm that humans could reach…”

“When you finally reach that higher realm, you would understand what is life actually. You would be an existence that not even gods could be. In the extreme point, you will understand all the complexity and secrets of life that would not be explainable in words, not even with a million of words. What mom has acquired, the knowledge that I have understood, is simply a thousandth of everything, or maybe less than that. However, my son, I hope you could continue to move forward in the path that mom had walked before, and search for more knowledge, walk a greater distance than me… Son, mom really miss you, I miss you every single day. However, regretfully, i can’t live together with you… Ah Xian would be a greater mother to you than me. With her taking care of you, I feel very assured… My darling, mom can’t give you anything, I can only tell you the knowledge that I have learnt and hope that it will help you in some way!”

Countless of knowledge suddenly poured into Yue Yang’s mind.

If it were last time, he would definitely not be able to take it.

But after breaking through the Fifth Layer of Innate Invisible Sword Qi, his powers had advanced by leaps and bounds. The amount of knowledge that Yue Yang could store had also expanded. He was able to accommodate much more knowledge without a problem. Although he wasn’t able to organize and fully comprehend everything, he was able to store them. Yue Yang could slowly understand it later on.

The pitiful guy’s mother wanted to pass on all her knowledge to her son. Who would have known that she would pass it on to Yue Yang, the guy from another world instead?

Of course, in Yue Yang’s heart, he saw her as his mother.

Just like how Yue Yang viewed Fourth Mother as his other mother… After acquiring the knowledge, Yue Yang immediately turned into a whole new person.

The runes that he couldn’t understand initially, he could slowly understand the meaning behind them.

As for the record of the Double Body Fusion skill in the diary that wasn’t complete, Yue Yang could finally understand it completely. With the addition of Yue Yang’s Innate Invisible Sword Qi, an Innate-ranked skill, and his unrivalled comprehending ability, he became even more knowledgeable about Double Body Fusion. He became more experienced, so much that he could even enhance the power of Double Body Fusion…

“Thank you mother!” Yue Yang forced himself to calm down, and beat down the impulse of jumping up and down and cheering out loud to the sky. He took a deep breath and sincerely thanked the mother who had passed on her knowledge to him, his voice a little shaky.

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    • Light says:

      “When you finally reach that higher realm, you would understand what is life actually. You would be an existence that not even gods could be. In the extreme point, you will understand all the complexity and secrets of life that would not be explainable in words, not even with a million of words.

      what is life actually -> what life actually is

      not even gods could be -> not even gods can become

      In the extreme point, you will understand all the complexity and secrets of life that would not be explainable in words, not even with a million of words.

      This sounds awkward, maybe:

      At that highest realm, you will understand all of the complexities and various secrets of life (the universe/world?), unexplainable even with (a million)/(millions) of words.

      Yue Yang’s hand slided down -> Yue Yang’s hand slid* down

      It controlled them with a smooth and gentle movement, moving them.
      the “moving them” part sounds awkward since it’s just restating the rest of the sentence and not adding anything new.

      He gave him a smile and hugged her body. -> He gave her a smile and hugged her body.

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