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LLS Chapter 272 – Pushing down or whatever, I really hate you!

Chapter 272 – Pushing down or whatever, I really hate you!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Hearing the sickly beauty’s consent, Yue Yang sighed a huge relief.

One had to see the partner when they were forcing to push someone down.

If one were to force a mature, seducer big sister like the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, she would probably like it a lot. If she was a prim and proper lady like the sickly beauty, it would really be unsuitable for him to force her down. Her body was like a white jade vase or porcelain bowl. He needed to cherish her body carefully, kiss her with the gentlest of kisses. If he could grasp her in his hands and see her sweet smiling face, it would be the highest achievement in the world.

Yue Yang quickly built a small tent in the woods near the lake.

The sickly beauty understood that this was the love nest that he had prepared. In there, they would… She didn’t dare to look at that brat anymore, she went to the lakeside and sat on a stone, pretending not to see him getting busy preparing everything. She took off her shoes and dipped her snow white ankles into the fresh clear water.

A cool and refreshing breeze brushed against the skin on her face.

Her hair blew with the wind. The wind had not only raised her hair, but also the thoughts of a young girl.

“Do you want to eat some fruits?” Yue Yang brought a fruit splashed with some morning dew on top of it. He washed it again inside the lake and gave it to the sickly beauty.

“Yeah.” The sickly beauty actually didn’t have any appetite, but seeing Yue Yang’s good intentions, she nodded and took the fruit.

“Actually, I feel the most relaxed in these few days. Last time, every day was so rushed. Problems after problems came up, and there were various pressures in life, cultivating and others. Living these few days in the Little Flower Garden is really the most relaxed time I have had…” Yue Yang also washed a fruit for himself and jumped on top of the stone beside the lake, sitting right beside the sickly beauty.

“Really?” The sickly beauty really wanted to say that she felt the same. However, the words got stuck in her mouth. She felt that she shouldn’t say the same thing as him. She quickly changed her words.

“I don’t have any interest in fighting or struggling for power. If it weren’t because of Fourth Mother and the others waiting for me, I would rather live this way… Looking up to the azure sky when I have nothing to do, observing the clouds appearing.” Yue Yang lied on top of the stone and looked up to the sky, remembering the life he had after coming to this world. He couldn’t help but to feel extremely thankful.

This secret, he would never mention it to anyone.

Even Xue Wu Xia.

Then only time when Yue Yang could let loose his thoughts was when he was in his Dream Realm. The Heavenly Sword Goddess and the Big Loli were like relatives that had come from another world like him. Other than accompanying Yue Yang’s training, they also helped to quench the loneliness he felt in his heart. Maybe they were not humans but a fairy, a sword immortal kind of existence. But all these were unimportant, Yue Yang only needed someone to accompany him. As long as they continued to accompany him forever, all the other things didn’t matter to him.

The sickly beauty didn’t know what Yue Yang was thinking, but his words made her think.

She felt some kind of connection with Yue Yang’s words.

She completely didn’t have any regards for pursuing success or achieving goals, which would normally be what normal people pursue. In her heart, a strong and powerful emperor wouldn’t compare to a poor scholar.

Although she didn’t mind Yue Yang becoming a great hero with indomitable spirit, contributing great accomplishments in the Soaring Dragon Continent, she would rather see him living by her side, just like these few days with him. Everyday would be filled with training and having fun with her sisters, quarreling when they were bored, lying down when they were tired.

Of course, she couldn’t let him be this way for a long period of time.

The Demonic Palace, Thousand Goblins Sect, Western Lion Pagoda, Green Summit Sect, Kingdom of Zi Jin Demon Abyss and even the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s powerful force were eyeing them like a tiger watching its prey.

If he did not take up the challenge, then their enemies would think of every ways to lure him out to fight. In this chaotic world, one must stand up and fight… One could only grow stronger after being sharpened in deadly battles and piles of corpses… She knew that if it weren’t for her, he would probably be going to the Yue Clan Castle with her sister to eliminate that fake Yue Qiu who had turned the whole of Yue Clan upside down. He was the Yue Clan’s hope, he must protect his Clan.

If it weren’t because he had to stay here to refine a pill for her sickness, he would probably be long on his way.

Continuing to reject him would only delay him and the problem in the Yue Clan. It might even cause the loss of some people’s lives, because time was man’s greatest enemy!

“You would have opportunities to do that in the future!” The sickly beauty turned around and said a few reassuring words to Yue Yang. However, she realized that Yue Yang had already fallen asleep. His face shone with a relaxed smile, as if he was about to laugh out loud even in his dreams.

The gentle sun shone upon his face, sparkling and radiant.

The sickly beauty realized that she had never looked at him attentively before. She only realized then that his sleeping expression was extremely gentle and kind.

Right now, he was completely different than his pervert self when he was awoke.

Normally, in order to protect himself, he would wear a mask of laughter or anger, hiding his real feelings inside. He would never reveal his feelings easily, others would only be able to see his strongest side… Maybe right now was his real face! The sickly beauty was a little touched as she touched his face with her fingers. His face, it was not exactly handsome or elegant, one must overlook his face and feel him with one’s heart in order to discover his unique, unspeakable charm… Such a charm was hard to describe in words, but his charm was able to slowly influence the people in his surroundings.

Under the influence of his charm, Qian Qian who had an unyielding temperament previously had unknowingly changed. Luo Hua who liked to be alone had also changed.

The proud and extremely wise Wu Xia had also come to his side.

Even she herself, who had wished to die her whole life, had slowly changed her mind because of him.

He might not know what kind of charm he had, he might not know that he had this power to attract everyone to gather at his side. However, he had subconsciously acted in this way.

Maybe meeting him was an ill-fated relationship that had been decided in their previous lives. She wouldn’t be able to run away!

The sickly beauty slowly lowered her body, laying her head on Yue Yang’s arms. She watched his quietly sleeping, handsome face and slowly reached out her hands towards his face. Very carefully, as if she was afraid of waking him up, she lightly caressed his face, stroking his lips. Her pale face started to blush like a flower blossom slowly, pink flush started to spread under her skin.

Immediately, she felt a burst of energy rising within her, just like a fresh flower bud blossoming into a beautiful flower.

When Yue Yang woke up, the stars were already shining in the sky.

The sickly beauty was still lying on his chest, her fragile body curled in his embrace, like an extremely delicate little grass that was too weak to stand up to the wind.

Even though Yue Yang tried to carry her extremely gently, she immediately woke up.

“Your body reeks of sweat, it’s so smelly.” The sickly beauty didn’t struggle nor try to leave his embrace, she only joked teasingly. When Yue Yang went into the lake to take a bath, she raised the hem of her skirt and immersed her legs into the refreshing lake water. She didn’t avoid him but walked closer to him instead, stroking his back as gently as a white orchid, “You know, you are just like a big child. You don’t know how to take care of yourself, much less others…” She kept her last sentence in her heart and didn’t say it out loud. Actually, she wanted to add, “You can’t take care of yourself, much less taking care of the others, so let me take care of you instead.”

She pushed Yue Yang to sit down on the lake and lightly rubbed his back for him.

Although this was her first time doing this, she did such a good job that the sickly beauty herself felt that she had talent for serving others.

Yue Yang really enjoyed her service. He turned around and saw that her lovable face looked like a goddess under the starry sky. He couldn’t help himself but to pull her into his embrace and pressed his lips onto her own, muffling her surprised cry.

The sickly beauty was shocked beyond her mind, but she quickly regained her senses.

Her lips felt like being struck by lightning. The warmth of his lips spread throughout her whole body, sending shots of tingling sensation right through her soul.

She didn’t know when, but he had already invaded her mouth, taking prisoner of her tongue…

With her tongue being sucked so wildly and angrily by Yue Yang, the sickly beauty felt like he had almost sucked her whole soul altogether. Unable to restrain her emotions, in the midst of his insatiable kiss, she returned his kiss with her instincts. She was clumsy at first, but she became more proficient with time. In the end, she managed to match her rhythm to his in just a few minutes.

Following the sexual instincts in her mind and the sensations in her body, she closed her eyes, her eyelashes trembling as she clung her slender arms around his neck. She placed herself right into his embrace, raising her face to kiss with him continuously.

The sky, earth, lakewater, fishes, prawns, stars, night breeze…all seemed to fade into nothingness.

There were only the both of them left in this world, there was only the sweet sensation of their lips and tongues twirling against each other!

When he placed the “Little Rebirth Pill” that he had painstakingly refined into her mouth, she didn’t reject it at all, swallowing it obediently.

Love made her feel the strongest desire to live she had ever felt. In this moment, she was no longer a lonely person waiting for her death. She wanted to be with him forever, forever! When Yue Yang peeled off the wet clothes off her beautiful body, she didn’t try to stop him, but only shyly bury her head into his chest. She didn’t dare to look at him in the eye, afraid that he would see through her embarrassment.

Only when Yue Yang carried her delicate, trembling body, he could finally feel her light weight on his arms.

She was like a feather, almost weighing nothing at all.

Refreshing, smooth, exquisite and sweet smelling… There were no words enough to describe her goodness. Under the hazy light of the moon, Yue Yang felt like she was as beautiful as the Moonlight Goddess.

The sickly beauty who was burying her face in his chest was completely red, even her slender neck that was as graceful as a swan’s was also red.

Her small and delicate shoulders that looked thin and fragile bring about a sense of protectiveness in Yue Yang.

The hollow on her collarbones were moistened by fresh lake water, just like drops of morning dew moistening a flower in the morning. It added to her beautiful feminine charm. Yue Yang didn’t have a collarbone fetish last time, he didn’t even understand the meaning for the existence of collarbones. However, right now, he was definitely going to join the Collarbones Fan Group. He realized that a truly perfect beauty wouldn’t have any flaws in her body. In front of perfection, other than kneeling down and giving thanks to the Creator’s miracle, what else could he wish for?

Her shoulders were as small as a dove’s.

Although he wasn’t able to see everything because she had covered herself with her hands due to embarrassment, his soul was almost blown away when he saw the cleavage between her breasts.

She was too perfect… She was small and cute, her mounds fits perfectly in his hands. In that moment, Yue Yang completely didn’t care about D, E, even G-cup breasts anymore! The best breasts didn’t depend on whether they were big or small. Evaluating beauties with the size of their breasts was simply too foolish!

Moving down, her slender waistline and perfect, smooth navel came into view.

“It’s cold!” The sickly beauty secretly looked at Yue Yang who was starstruck and drooling with saliva, feeling embarrassed yet happy at the same time. She also felt annoyed and anxious as she quickly gave him a hint.

“Don’t be afraid.” Yue Yang returned to his senses and secretly scolded himself a fool. He perfectly knew that she had a fragile body, but he was still standing near the lakeside leisurely enjoying the view. If he accidentally caused the sickly beauty to have a chill, that really… His hands carried her legs and her shoulders as he quickly dashed into the small tent. He wrapped her body in a white quilt and started rubbing her hands to keep her warm and prevent her from getting a chill.

Seeing how protective he was towards her, the sickly beauty felt warm inside.

Seeing that Yue Yang was also drenched in water, the sickly beauty took a small towel and wiped his head. Although it was her first time doing that, she was as skilled as a wife serving her husband.

They didn’t know when it started, but the two of them started kissing each other once again. They kissed lightly, teasing and provoking the other party.

Their kiss deepened as their feelings grew stronger.

Yue Yang’s hands were initially at her navel, but he slowly inched downwards, finally stopping on her Dan Tian…

Although he was drowned in lust, Yue Yang still remembered to treat her sickness. The pill that Wu Xian and him had refined with great difficulties contained “Goddess’ Tears”, their bloods and Innate Qi. The pill was then refined with Nirvana’s Flame. Although it did not contain enough herbs to create the legendary “Rebirth Pill”, they had created a brand new pill that almost had the same effects as the Rebirth Pill… Yue Yang felt that it could still be improved by adding more herbs, hence he gave it a temporary name, “Little Rebirth Pill”. When they could successfully improve its effects and made it even more effective than the Rebirth Pill, he would name it as “Nirvana Pill”.

There wasn’t enough time to research and refine this Little Rebirth Pill into Nirvana Pill, saving the sickly beauty was more important.

Maybe the strength of the medicine wouldn’t be very effective, but after taking the Little Rebirth Pill, the sickly beauty wouldn’t need to worry for at least a few years. This way, Yue Yang would have enough time to concoct the Nirvana Pill.

Yue Yang released Innate Qi from his hands and channeled it into the sickly beauty’s Dan Tian, before making it flow throughout her body.

The sickly beauty couldn’t really get used to the feeling of his hot hand on her sensitive place, it was her first experience after all. However, she didn’t reject him and tampered down her embarrassment instead. She clung on to his neck and continued to kiss him tightly.

She was afraid that she would moan in a moment of distraction.

The feeling of his Innate Qi flowing through her body was both comfortable and distressing, especially when the energy from the Little Rebirth Pill started spreading out with Yue Yang’s Innate Qi. Her body felt unbearably hot as beads of perspiration continued to seep out from her skin, making the small tent filled with her unique fragrant smell.

Yue Yang took the initiative to push down her fragile body very carefully, as if he was afraid that the sickly beauty’s body would be injured if he were to use even a little bit of strength.

On the contrary, she felt some kind of strange feeling, as if her weak body was able to endure his body’s weight.

She didn’t feel choked by the pressure of his bodyweight on her; she felt a sense of exhilaration instead.

Maybe this was what women were designed for!

To her embarrassment, she could clearly feel his eagerness, hot and hard, majestically standing up, making her tremble. When he brushed across her thighs and slowly moved closer, the sickly beauty felt a rush of panic. She knew what would happen next, and understood what this would signify. It would be the end of her virginity, and the start of becoming his wife… She knew all these, but she didn’t know what she should do. She was afraid that the clumsiness of her body would end up making his assault a failure.

‘Slow, go slower.” She had prepared her heart, but her body didn’t know how to react. She could only stall for time in order to calm down her panic.

“Relax, just relax…” Yue Yang’s battle experience were all thought by big sister Asakawa Ran and the others. Although his theoretical knowledge was extremely high, he had never truly fought in the battlefield.

He wasn’t panicked, he was extremely calm as he contemplated about how to defeat the enemy’s head. From now onwards, he would carve his name as the great general who emerged victorious in every battle.

However, his natural reactions such as increased heartbeat and sweaty hands were unavoidable.

The sickly beauty discovered that he was sweating furiously, and she immediately awakened her motherly instincts… She opened her thighs wide and forced her embarrassment down. As he was slowly inching closer, she gently guided him towards her… In the end, the knight raised his spear as he rode and charged forward, breaking into the beautiful princess’ castle, destroying the gates as he entered… In the midst of the sickly beauty’s pained cry, Yue Yang and the sickly beauty became one.

“Does it hurt?” Yue Yang was afraid that he was too rough and hurt the sickly beauty.

“Gently, more gently.” The sickly beauty realized that this brat’s was naturally well-endowed, she almost died from the pain at first. Although he was extremely gentle and careful, it was still unbearable.

Furthermore, her gates that had never been opened before was weaker and more fragile than a flower. How would she be able to take such a strong attack?

However, after he had successfully breached the barrier of her virginity and the two people were finally combined as one, she started to adapt to him.

The pain was still there.

However, beyond the sickly beauty’s expectations, she could actually be able to contain the invasion that she thought she wouldn’t be able to endure. Maybe this was a woman’s natural ability. When the Creator creates man and woman, He definitely gifted them with their own natural abilities. Otherwise, how else could man continue their bloodline? Yue Yang’s gift was extraordinary, she thought she wouldn’t be able to contain that destructive weapon at first. However, looking at it now, even she, who had a weak body, could have been a woman designed by the Creator in order to fit him…

The sickly beauty couldn’t help but feel touched when she thought about this.

She took the initiative to move in for a kiss, allowing the fire from their feelings to numb away the pain. At the same time, she clung her arms and legs tightly to her lover, welcoming his intrusion in happiness and pain…

She had already become his wife. Making her lover happy and delighted was her greatest responsibility.

The two lovers who were swept away by wave of emotions didn’t realize that on there were countless runes appearing on the skin of both of their bodies. They moved and interlinked with each other, finally combining to form a Runic Circle.

At this time, in the Little Garden.

Xue Wu Xia, Qian Qian and Luo Hua sat under the eaves and looked at the starry sky.

Suddenly, Xue Wu Xia’s body jolted. Following that, Qian Qian and Luo Hua also felt something. Xue Wu Xia pulled her sleeves and realized that the rune that appeared after having the [Body Fusion] training with Yue Yang had slowly appeared again.

Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress’ runes also floated onto their skin, as if it was responding to something.

“This… seems like Yue Yang succeeded!” Xue Wu Xia immediately stood up, looked up to the sky and mumbled. Then, she returned to her rooms to rest.

“Would our bodies respond whenever that fellow do bad things?” When Luo Hua City Mistress heard Xue Wu Xia’s words, her face blushed red and she quickly returned to her rooms, in order to avoid Princess Qian Qian seeing her embarrassed face. However, when she walked past Princess Qian Qian, she quickly reached out and grabbed Princess Qian Qian’s proud breasts. As Princess Qian Qian stared at her in shock, she quickly escaped back into her room and laughed, “No wonder Yue Yang always drooled when he look at you. The feeling is really good, haha!”

“If you want to play, just play with your own!” Princess Qian Qian was extremely furious. Her anger immediately fell onto Yue Yang again, “Damned pervert, you are so annoying!”

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