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LLS Chapter 271 – I can’t do it during the day, let’s talk about it again at night!

Chapter 271 – I can’t do it during the day, let’s talk about it again at night!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress couldn’t hear what Xue Wu Xia wanted to say to Yue Yang.

However, they could see that Yue Yang was about to turn into a wolf from afar, hence they knew that Xue Wu Xia must have said something good. The sickly beauty turned around and left, as if she had understood something. Yi Nan and Yue Bing were a little confused, they wanted to ask Big Sister Wu Xia about the thing that she couldn’t say to Yue Yang in front of the others. Maybe it was related to the Xue Clan or to their engagement. The two girls didn’t think too much… Especially Yue Bing. The only thing in her mind right now was to go with her brother to the Yue Clan Castle and kill the fake Yue Qiu, so that everyone could regain back their reputation.

“Bing-er, let me accompany you to train!” Luo Hua City Mistress was not worried about her future relationship with Yue Yang.

This was because her father, the Eastern Sky King, and Fourth Mother, both of their parents, had already arranged their engagement. At that time, Luo Hua City Mistress was extremely angry. Why would her father decide her life for her? She didn’t say that she wanted to marry Yue Yang that brat… But right now, Eastern Sky King had been kidnapped by the Eastern Goblin Tribe. She suddenly lost all of her anger towards her father.

After all is said and done, although her father had many faults, she only had one father.

The Eastern Sky King had a lot of pride and loved to brag, but strictly speaking, he was still a good father.

Princess Qian Qian, compared to Luo Hua City Mistress, was a little more pitiful.

Jun Wu You called Yue Yang’s grandfather Elder Yue Hai ‘Brother Hai’. They were comrades, and they even called each other brothers. If he betrothed his daughter to Yue Yang, then there would be disorder with the seniority. Jun Wu You was still an Emperor after all, unlike the Eastern Sky King who would force her precious daughter’s marriage if need be… Jun Wu You wouldn’t be able to do it, hence he could only close one eye and pretended not to know anything about Yue Yang and his daughter’s relationship.

He had approved them in his heart, but he couldn’t speak it out.

It would also be hard for the Yue Clan to propose the marriage…

They had already been talking about marrying Miss Xue to Yue Yang since they were babies. Although there was that matter of engagement cancellation, those with discerning eyes would know that it was definitely a sinister plot.

As for Yi Nan, her aunt had acted even faster than the Eastern Sky King. She had already arranged the marriage between Yue Yang and Yi Nan early on. Right now, the only one whose relationship status was slightly awkward was Princess Qian Qian. However, Princess Qian Qian thought that it would be very hard for her if she just leave like that and return to her previous way of life.

Although Yue Yang was a big pervert, be it in terms of training or spending time together, he often gave her pleasant surprises. If she couldn’t see this brat, her life would lost its excitement.

But if she followed Yue Yang in the future, her status would be quite awkward.

All the other girls were either his fiancees or his sisters.

She, she was still an outsider right now!

Hence, the tigress who was carefree and without worries last time had a slight problem right now… Well, growing up means more problems after all!

“It’s all that big pervert’s, who deserves to die, fault. I was living so peacefully last time.” Princess Qian Qian grumbled. She could only blame it all to Yue Yang, feeling that he had messed up her whole life. If only he had continued to be the useless Xiao San, he would have no relationship to her at all. But in just a short time, he had turned from a useless trash to become a genius who caused problems everywhere. Afterwards, he had even dragged her into his mess. He was really annoying! Princess Qian Qian became angrier the more she thought about it. When Yue Yang returned after speaking with Wu Xia, she glared at him with her tigress eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Yue Yang obviously didn’t know what had happened.

“This princess refuse to talk to you!” Princess Qian Qian thought that she might be a little unreasonable, but she couldn’t put down her pride in front of Yue Yang. In the end, she could only pretend to be tough to the end.

“Does this girl lack teachings and discipline after her puberty came?” Yue Yang was completely irritated.

“Just focus on your training!” Behind Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia who heard him mumbling really wanted to beat him senseless. She had almost wanted to smash him dead with her books. He had a whole house of girls, wouldn’t it be easy for him to teach some princesses or some city mistress’ later on? Now the most important thing for him was to improve his skills! In this chaotic situation, one would be nothing if one didn’t have abilities. One must become the strongest warrior, only then would they be able to act as they pleased… She felt that Yue Yang should first prioritize increasing his abilities, then he could pursue his happy sexual life all he wanted… If it were the other way instead, he would definitely be finished!

Under the strict supervision of Xue Wu Xia, the future wife who was even stricter than a teacher, Yue Yang couldn’t be lazy even if he wanted to.

In his Dream Realm, he met the big loli again.

Outside, Xue Wu Xia and the few girls were training together. For the next ten days, Yue yang went through a hell-like training. In the morning, he would take turns to battle Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress, Yi Nan and Yue Bing. In the afternoon, Yue Yang would secretly research on ways to refine a pill together with Xue Wu Xia, taking note to prevent their prescription from leaking to other parties. In the late afternoon, he would be researching Ancient Runes with the sickly beauty. In the evening, he would go to the lake and train with Yue Yu, helping her to improve her Water Ability and her beast ‘Storm Waves’. At night, Yue Yang used his Innate Qi to connect Yi Nan’s and Yue Bing’s blood channels. Sometimes, Luo Hua City Mistress would also come and said that she wanted to accompany Yue Bing as an excuse. At midnight, he would secretly train with Xue Wu Xia… When he was sleeping, he fought with the big loli who had the same abilities as him but was ten times more skillful than him. Most of the time he would be beaten up, only managing to gain a little advantage after forcing his hand.

This kind of life was like hell, a deep abyss of suffering.

Yue Yang was completely tormented.

But his abilities improved very quickly.

He had just broke through the Fifth Layer of Innate Invisible Sword Qi, but he swiftly was on his way to break through the Sixth Layer already.

At the same time, because his opponents were all beauties, he felt that he still had good prospects living these kind of days. At least, he had already taken the first step to enter a blissful sexual life.

In comparison, Hui Tai Lang had it way easier than him. It didn’t woke up even oce, continuing its deep sleep.

When Yue Yang walked past it, he would give it a kick.

Firstly it was because he was jealous that that fellow didn’t need to do anything to level up; Secondly it was to give it a little Innate Qi to make it evolve better… After getting kicked, Hui Tai Lang felt so comfortable that it turned to show its belly or wagged its tail in its dream, continuing to sleep without noticing anything.

That day, Yue Yang and the sickly beauty was researching about Ancient Runes when the sickly beauty asked him coldly, “Have you finished refining the pill?”

“We have finished refining it long ago!” Yue Yang replied her without giving it much thought at first, but he quickly reacted and changed his words, “I mean, actually we still lack a little something, we are nearly done.”

“Why do you have to listen to her?” The sickly beauty seemed to be very curious.

“Who?” Yue Yang pretended ignorance.

“I am talking about Wu Xia. Why do you have to listen to her?” The sickly beauty didn’t allow him to pretend to be ignorant in front of him, as she persistently pursued her answer.

“That… Cough, I will listen to whomever who speaks logically. For example, about this rune…” Yue Yang hurriedly changed the topic to the Runes. He couldn’t say that at this moment, Wu Xia was actually teaching him how to pursue his blissful sexual life, planning and scheming for the sake of his future blissful sexual life. Even the pill that was refined previously was created for the purpose of pushing down the sickly beauty so that he could save her.

Such an excellent wife, if he didn’t listen to her, who else would he listen to?

Yue Yang thought that he might not need to listen to Wu Xia with regards to other things. But with regards to chasing girls, he was definitely right to listen to her opinion!

Would there be anyone who could understand a girl’s heart better than another girl?

With Wu Xia as his tactician, using her tactics to chase and conquer girls, he would definitely succeed quickly, gaining victory with one hit.

Although Yue Yang didn’t understand why Wu Xia wanted to hatch plans for him, he could be sure that this girl did not have an evil intention. Seems like she just couldn’t stand idle and watch. Seeing that Yue Yang was too dumb, she decided to lend a hand and give some pointers. Just like those experts who were overlooking young warriors who were just starting out, she couldn’t help but to point out some advice so that the young warrior could become an expert warrior…

The sickly beauty glared at him a little, “Don’t talk about Runes anymore. You haven’t been interested in researching Runes at all these few days.”

Yue Yang was speechless. This sickly beauty really had sharp sense.

Turns out that she had already sensed his perverted heart, she just didn’t point it out.

Yue Yang summoned his courage and advised, “Your body… you still have hope. Just let me try. Besides, we have finished refining the pill needed.”

When the sickly beauty heard it, her previously pale face blushed a little. She gave Yue Yang a roll eye then turned around to leave. Even though Yue Yang was calling her out from behind, she ignored him completely.

Yue Yang quickly find Wu Xia to ask for advice for chasing girls. Miss Xue was furious, “Idiot, why do you have to talk so much bullshit with her? Didn’t I say you should just act recklessly, strike first and think about the consequences later? Now that you have said it to her, she would know your intentions! I have never seen an idiot like you. What do you think she is thinking? She is jealous. She thought that you are only doing that because I asked you to, not because you truly want her!”

“I understand what you mean, but if I forced her, I’m afraid of hurting her fragile body!” Yue Yang’s forehead was filled with beads of sweat.

“Who asked you to… I’m saying be forceful with your attitude, not actions… Yue Yang, just disappear from my sight right now. I hate speaking with idiots like you.” Xue Wu Xia raised her Ancient Book and was thinking she should just smash Yue Yang to death. He was obviously a pervert, but he still tried to be an innocent pervert. She was really angry.

“I understand, look at my performance!” Yue Yang was suddenly enlightened. He was overjoyed as he disappeared in a flash.

When Wu Xia looked at Yue Yang’s running back, an expression of calmness suddenly appeared on her face. She mumbled in an extremely small voice, “Wu Hen, I can only do so much for you. Everything is up to you now!”

The sickly beauty was packing up her things. She was packing her clothes, pictures, scrolls and all other stuff neatly, as if she was prepared to leave on a journey.

Yue Yang suddenly burst into her room, giving her a fright.

Just as she was about to say something, Yue Yang suddenly pulled her into his embrace forcefully, then carried her to the garden outside. The sickly beauty was both embarrassed and anxious, “What are you doing? Quick, quickly put me down… Stop causing problems, I am going to be angry. Let me go now, everyone is looking at us… Yue Yang, stop now, my body can’t take it. Quickly put me down, I’m going to cough, I feel sick!”

Yue Yang carried the sickly beauty to the garden outside, running straight ahead without stopping.

No matter what the sickly beauty say, he didn’t let her go.

They ran for quite a while, but as the sickly beauty continued to struggle, Yue Yang used teleportation to teleport ahead. He didn’t have a target location, he only teleported forward. After around ten times of teleportation, they were around 20-25 km away from the Flower Garden. Yue Yang finally stopped running, stopping on a lakeside that was illuminated by thousands of stars above.

The lake water was extremely clear, a little green and a little blue.

The water was shallow, and one could see the bottom. Little fish and prawns both small and big swum around together in a bunch on the clear water.

Yue Yang put the sickly beauty whose face was beet red down, but it was as if he was afraid that she would try to escape, hence his right hand continued to hold her waist firmly. He whispered to her, “Actually, I really want to help heal your sickness, but it’s a little awkward with all the others close-by… Now they are all not here, no matter what, I will definitely save you. This is what I want to do in my heart, not because Wu Xia wanted me to. You should understand what I mean. Don’t reject me anymore, okay? We shouldn’t waste our time, your body has already reached its limits. If we don’t try to cure it now, it will be too late. When your sickness is healed, I don’t care if you want to scold me or get angry with me. But right now, just listen to me. I can’t be without you. I don’t care if you hate me or anything, I just want to save you!”

The sickly beauty didn’t have time to make her excuses before Yue Yang started to undo her clothes.

The sickly beauty was so shocked that she almost fainted.

Although he said he wanted to save her, didn’t he looked too eager for this?!

Without a second word, her clothes were peeled off. It was even wilder than a bandit trying to rape a girl. Who taught him these moves?

The sickly beauty realized that this brat’s hands were extremely quick. With just a few movements, her clothes were already mostly undone. She became ever more shocked and quickly stopped him with her hands, “Wait a minute. Don’t be reckless first, let me think… At least, let me get used to the idea first, my heart is beating like crazy I can’t breathe! Just wait for a while, I agree to it, but just stop for a while now… Yue Yang, although you want to save me and are doing this for my own good, can’t you think about my feelings a little? I won’t be able to take it if you do it so forcefully…”

When Yue Yang heard it, he couldn’t believe her, “You really agree to it?”

The sickly beauty sent him a helpless look, “Do I have a choice? I never see such a wild person like you! Just let me think about it and get used to the idea first…”

In the end, she lowered her head, unable to look Yue Yang in the eyes. She then spoke with an extremely small, shy voice, “I can’t do it during the day, let’s talk about it again at night!”

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