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LLS Chapter 270 – The Truth, The Truth in Yue Yang’s Hands

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Chapter 270 – The Truth, The Truth in Yue Yang’s Hands
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After Yi Nan and Yue Yang’s blood fused, the reaction was a strange spiritual power..

Although it was only a small wave of spiritual energy, invisible to the eye and too faint to be heard, everyone could clearly feel its presence.

Yue Bing’s blood’s special reaction was vitality power.

At the start, there was also no reaction at all. Yue Bing’s eyes had started turning red.

After Xue Wu Xia’s pondered over it, she plucked a little flower bud from outside and placed it inside the small cup. As a result, the most shocking thing happened. That flower bud that had yet to bloom had blossomed in that moment. At the same time, it sprouted roots and leaves inside the cup and quickly grew larger. Before three minutes had even passed, it had turned into a bunch of fresh smelling flowers… Yue Bing immediately hugged Yue Yang as she laughed and cried at the same time… She didn’t think that she was destined with her brother in their previous lives or that they were fated to be together, but she couldn’t accept if she didn’t have any relation with her brother. She felt that she should be the closest one to her brother.

When the sickly beauty and Yue Yang’s blood mixed, it became a blood red crystal.

When Yue Yang and the girls saw it, they had some kind of understanding.

Yue Yu, who had resisted the experiment with all her might at first couldn’t fight off Luo Hua City Mistress’ and Princess Qian Qian’s ‘violence’. In the end, she was left with no choice but to try the experiment. The strange reaction after mixing their bloods was that the cup was suddenly filled with a sweet smelling fresh water.

“Yue Yang’s blood had the ability to amplify everyone’s Inherent Skill in their blood. It could also sense the hidden abilities within your bodies.” Xue Wu Xia finally came to a conclusion.

“That’s right, it seems to be that way.” Luo Hua City Mistress completely agreed with this conclusion.

“Although it’s like that, Wu Xia, can you explain it once again? Why is the reaction between your blood and his so big?” Princess Qian Qian was completely defeated just now, hence she decided to counterattack.

“Wu Xia and Yue Yang’s blood seemed to have strong resonance. Their abilities were also extremely pure, hence the reaction become so strong. I think, their blood were not as simple as Fire and Ice, it would be worth it to investigate this further. Of course, the matter of Yue Yang’s fresh blood who had the ability to amplify another person’s Inherent Skill must be kept a secret.” The sickly beauty warned everyone so that they would keep the secret.

“Not right. His blood indeed has an amplifying technique, but it doesn’t affect everyone. I have tried using animal’s blood, but his blood only reacted with mine. It doesn’t react with any other kind of animals. We have to protect this secret, but everyone doesn’t have to worry about leaking the secret accidentally… I guess it was the Rune’s ability that caused some kind of change or unsealed some kind of limits in our bodies, just like how Yue Yang had unsealed his Innate powers. Or it could be Yue Yang’s Nirvana’s Flame that purified our bodies… As a result, our blood had that kind of reaction with his blood, making us different from the rest!” Xue Wu Xia made a bold analysis.

“There are various reasons, I guess!” Yue Yang had realized one fact, but he didn’t think that it was hundred percent correct. Hence he didn’t mention it at the mean time, he would first research about it.

The sickly beauty nodded and spoke softly, “Everyone be quiet for a moment. I would like to tell you all about the situation outside right now.”

When she spoke out, everyone immediately looked at her.

They were anxious to know if the Eastern Goblin Tribesmen really sent Jun Wu You and the others back.

What reaction did the Demon Palace, Thousand Goblin Sect, Green Summit Sect, Western Lion Pagoda and Zi Jin Kingdom, all these powerful organizations, have for that? They definitely won’t let go of this rare chance easily. Although they might not react blatantly, they would definitely have reacted in some small matters secretly.

Yue Yang felt that it didn’t matter actually, it was up to them if they wanted to turn the Soaring Dragon Continent upside down. As long as everyone was still alive, as long as Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai, Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong, Feng Kuang, Eagle-eye, Eastern Sky King, Western Sky King, Golden Blade, White Stone City Master and all the other elites was still alive, even if Da Xia Kingdom was destroyed, they would be able to establish the Kingdom once again from ruins.

As for the younger generations, there were Xue Tan Lang, Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Prince of Tian Luo. There were also Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu from the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace and the others. Da Xia wouldn’t need to be afraid not having successors to succeed their will.

Furthermore, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Li Brothers and the others were also catching up to them in terms of power.

There were also Shang Jing, Fragrance and Ivy Academies elites. The Soaring Dragon Continent wouldn’t fall to the point that there were no talented people to help the country. They should just forget about Bai Yun Fei from the Southern Floating Mist Sect, Prince of Zi Jin, Yue Tian, Yue Yan, Xie Qian Ren, Lie Ban and the others. Yue Yang reckoned they would only stand by the winner’s back, it did not matter to them who won in the end.

Prince of Zi Jin was a poisonous traitor, that fellow was greatly evil. Yue Yang decided that he would kill him the next time they meet.

Yue Yang had also thought of Bai Yun Fei, the Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader… Bai Yun Fei was a schemer, and he was also evil. Of course, he wasn’t afraid of him, but if it were another person, such as Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others, they wouldn’t be his match.

That fellow, if there was a chance, even if Yue Yang couldn’t kill him, he must cripple him without mercy so that there wouldn’t be a chance for him for a comeback. Otherwise, he might even grow stronger than the Prince of Zi Jin.

As Yue Yang continued to think, the sickly beauty had started to speak, “Right now, the situation outside has worsened. Without our emperor, Da Xia is in chaos. Bandit groups flourished with support from some powers, plundering and looting everywhere. The City Masters have not only refused sending their armies to suppress the bandits, they have even formed an illicit relationship with them to benefit from the citizens misery. There are very few City Masters who are loyal to Da Xia. Furthermore, it was already difficult for them to protect their own city, let alone asking them to help the capital. The State Grandmaster and the Two Heavenly Imperial Guardians had already left to meet the Eastern Goblin Tribe. The Left Minister is supporting the crown prince to ascend the throne to strengthen the Kingdom’s power, but the Right Minister chose to support the second prince to become the next Emperor… However most of the ministers are more willing to allow Princess Qian Qian to ascend the throne. In any case, everything is a mess.”

“Let them fight for the throne. I wouldn’t fight for the throne with them.” Princess Qian Qian humphed coldly.

“What about the Eastern Goblin Tribe?” Luo Hua City Mistress was more worried about the return of her father.

“I heard that the Eastern Goblin Tribe has already ordered to release the hostages, but his Highness Emperor Jun Wu You and the others couldn’t return to the Soaring Dragon Continent smoothly, because it was also chaos at the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s side. The Southern Goblin King, Northern Goblin King and Western Goblin King were all rising in revolt. His Highness Emperor Jun Wu You did not manage to reach the Dragon Emperor’s Rainbow Palace, they were stopped halfway. The Dragon Emperor had already sent people to hide them secretly. Seems like His Highness and the others can only return when the Dragon Emperor succeeded in putting down the revolt or win the war. The Eastern Goblin Tribe had sent out ambassadors to meet the State Grandmaster. The State Grandmaster and the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians had decided to advance personally, to see if they could take back His Highness and the others on their own.” The sickly beauty’s words made Yue Yang enter into deep thoughts.

Indeed, the enemy had not stopped their attack.

They had plotted everything beforehand, they would never leave the matter at that.

If not for him, the unexpected factor in their plan, these fellows’ plan would have been executed perfectly.

The Eastern Goblin Tribe was so strong, yet they could be engulfed in such a chaos… Would the Soaring Dragon Continent be an exception? Yue Yang shook his head lightly.

The sickly beauty hesitated for a moment and looked at Yue Yang, Yue Yu and Yue Bing meaningfully.

The girls were a little worried. Seems like the next news would be related to Yue Yang, and it wasn’t a small matter.

Only Xue Wu Xia seemed to have known what would happen beforehand. She quickly raise her hands and placed it on Yue Yang’s shoulders, signalling to him to pay attention to his temper, preventing him to act rashly. Yue Yang knew that she was trying to warn him and showed her support at the same time. He couldn’t help but feel warm inside as he nodded slightly. With Xue Wu Xia and the other girls supporting him, Yue Yang didn’t care if the Soaring Dragon Continent split or the sky shatter. To him, this was only a continent filled with NPC, he would only miss his warm house in the White Stone City. His family was only Fourth Mother and the little girl.

No matter what kind of scheme the enemy was plotting, Yue Yang would stand by the side and do nothing.

He would never do heroic actions like saving the world or saving humankind in the heat of the moment.

Everyone has their own path to take. It was the survival of the fittest, the weak would be eliminated. If one was a strong warrior, he would rise above the others in this time of chaos. If one was weak and died, he could only blame himself for being weak and unable to survive.

Yue Yang was a guy from another world, but he was also living by this cold, merciless law of this world. He wasn’t an exception, and he couldn’t be an exception.

Only the winner, only the courageous ones would be able to continue living.

In this world, cowards and tears were both useless!

“Previously, the person who was suspected to have disguised himself as Yue Yang’s father, Yue Qiu, was gathering around ten other Clans, big and small. With the support of two mysterious Innates, he announced that he had resolved the thousand years of enmity between the Yue Clan and the Green Summit Sect. He had also established a friendly relationship with Zi Jin Kingdom. At the same time, he was also supporting the Thousand Goblins Sect…” The sickly beauty’s words stunned all the girls completely.

“Are you serious? Did the Yue Clan try to oppose him?” Luo Hua City Mistress thought that this was practically unthinkable.

“The ‘fake Yue Qiu’ had already gotten evidence that the Substitute Clan Leader Yue Shan was a Fallen Warrior who was colluding with the demons. He had even managed to find out that Yue Shan was possessed by a demon and was hiding in the Soaring Dragon Continent as a spy. When Yue Shan was arrested by the fake Yue Qiu, an extremely strong demon appeared and injured the three elders. He then took Yue Shan away.” The sickly beauty’s words almost made Yue Yu faint.

If her father Yue Shan was a demon, then what about her?

The sickly beauty slowly shook her hand, “Not only Sister Yu, Yue Tian and Yue Ting are also wanted targets to be arrested. Yue Tian had already been arrested, and Yue Ting had gone missing.”

Yue Bing was anxious when she heard it, “Sister Yu is definitely not a demon, that is impossible!”

The sickly beauty nodded towards Yue Bing and agreed with her words. However, she then shook her head slightly, “Actually, not only Sister Yu. Bing-er, you and Yue Yang are also wanted targets to be arrested.”

Princess Qian Qian was speechless, “What? He even want to capture Yue Yang? Even if you don’t mention that Yue Yang is an Innate, he is still Yue Qiu’s legitimate son!”

The sickly beauty looked at Yue Yang for a long time as she spoke, “That fake Yue Qiu had already declared Yue Yang as fake. He had found another guy who had a similar appearance to Yue Yang, but only had the power of a Level 6 Grandmaster to pretend as Yue Yang. That fake Yue Qiu said that his son Yue Yang had always been with him since baby, living amongst the demon race and grew in the Demon Abyss. His son had never left his side before, he had thought his son from scratch… He said that Yue Yang who was raised by Fourth Mother was fake, saying that it was impossible for a useless trash to become an Innate in such a short time as the basis of his argument to prove that Yue Yang was fake. Hence, the fake Yue Qiu occupied the position of the Substitute Clan maser and ordered the arrest of Fourth Mother, Yue Yang, Yue Bing, Yue Shuang, Yue Ting, Yue Yu, Yue Shan and the others. Those who opposed him were annihilated…”

“That fellow is really a madman!” Luo Hua City Mistress felt that the fake Yue Qiu had really gone crazy.

“Very interesting.” Yue Yang laughed instead.

He was secretly relieved of a huge burden in his heart.

At first, he was worried that the ‘fake Yue Qiu’ was real. He didn’t dare to meet that ‘fake Yue Qiu’.

However, Yue Yang didn’t have to worry now. This fellow was definitely fake, hundred percent fake… The reason was because Yue Yang had long managed to read the secrets in the diary using his Divine Vision. In the diary, Yue Qiu and his wife had written how they had missed their sons.

If the pitiful guy had been living with his dad all this while, why would Yue Qiu and his wife wrote about missing their son?

Why would they ask Fourth Mother to care for their son?

When Yue Yang heard that the fake Yue Qiu had hatched such a moronic plan, he really wanted to laugh out loud and clap his hands in joy. The fake Yue Qiu had really revealed his own hand!

If the fake Yue Qiu had not declared such a crazy story, Yue Yang would not dare to attack him… Right now, as long as Yue Yang had the time, he could just kill that fake Yue Qiu any time!

“Brother!” Yue Bing was beyond furious. She was only waiting for Yue Yang say the word.

As long as her brother said to set off, she would immediately follow him back to the Yue Clan Castle and kill that fake Yue Qiu.

Yue Yang shook his hands, indicating that they didn’t need to be anxious right now.

At this time, Xue Wu Xia suddenly touched Yue Yang’s back with her hands and whispered that she had something private to discuss with Yue Yang, “Come, I want to say a few words!”

What did this girl actually wanted to tell him?

Yue Yang was completely bewildered.

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