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LLS Chapter 269 – X-ray Vision, Heaven Eyes Divine Vision

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Chapter 269 – X-ray Vision, Heaven Eyes Divine Vision
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang woke up and found that it was cool and refreshing, his whole body felt unexplainably relaxed and comfortable.

His five senses and his sixth sense were greatly improved.

His previously sharp senses and hearing now became even sharper and more accurate. Yue Yang looked up and could see a butterfly flapping its wings hundreds of meters away. It actually looked clear as sky in his vision. Moreover, Yue Yang felt some kind of prevision. By looking at the butterfly’s movement, he could predict its course of flight in the next moment…. In this new realm of power, Yue Yang felt a kind of mysterious feeling that he could control the world in his hands.

Although this ability of his was still undeveloped, at least he already had this kind of ability.

If he continued to train, this ability would definitely grow stronger!

When he trained until the highest realm, he believed he would have that kind of sky-shattering, earth-destroying power that the Heavenly Sword Goddess could unleash at any time. He would also have her powerful ability of turning Sword Qi into human appearance with intelligence.

“How’s your sleep?” Xue Wu Xia had been sitting by Yue Yang’s side, reading a book. She asked him the moment she saw Yue Yang waking up.

“If only there are a few beauties in my dreams, it would be perfect.” Yue Yang chuckled.

“There will be in the future.” Xue Wu Xia agreed and continued to read her book.

“This, isn’t this too much!” Yue Yang saw that his room had been completely destroyed, even the ceiling was all gone. He was speechless. He remembered his training causing a huge chaos, but he didn’t think that it wouldn be so serious. This was practically worse than the damage caused if a hurricane swept by. Just as he was about to ask Xue Wu Xia, he suddenly realized that she was a little different from last time. When he closely observed her, he realized that there was a small Silver Rune on her forehead. It was like a decoration, it suited her beautiful complexion perfectly. He couldn’t help but to praise her, “How do you get this Rune? Is it drawn?”

“It’s much better today. Yesterday it was a Runic Circle!” Xue Wu Xia didn’t raise her head.

After training with Yue Yang, there was a beautiful yet mysterious Runic Circle appearing on her forehead. She was thoroughly baffled by it.

After one day, it had dissipated a lot, but there was still one small Rune left. Seemed like it would be gone in a day or two. Xue Wu Xia didn’t understand its meaning, and she also didn’t know what use it had at this point of time. She could only wait and see.

The changes to her body due to Yue Yang’s training was not limited to the Runic Circle on her forehead. After going through the [Body Fusion] training to help him reach a higher realm, Xue Wu Xia had also improved a lot. She discovered that it was as if a power hidden in her body that had been awakened. Maybe it had been awakened because of her [Body Fusion] training with Yue Yang, maybe it was because the Nirvana’s Flame had cleansed her body, or maybe it was because of something else…in any case, there was a higher kind of ice power in her body right now.

It was a power close to the Nirvana’s Flame, a destructive blizzard that was only slightly less powerful than the Nirvana’s Flame!

However, it was a little different than the Nirvana’s Flame.

The Nirvana’s Flame had a terrifying destructive ability, but it could also purify. It was a power that was beneficial to its master but destructive to its enemy.

The ice in Xue Wu Xia’s body could only destroy. It couldn’t purify, almost like the World Exterminating Wheel. Of course, that terrifying World Exterminating Wheel would definitely kill its enemies in an instant when it was thrown. Yue Yang had not been able to fully display the power of World Exterminating Wheel previously, otherwise, it would have been much more terrifying.

That ice cold power was similar to the World a Exterminating Wheel. Xue Wu Xia reckoned that if she could fully control it, she might be able to unleash an attack as powerful as the World Exterminating Wheel.

If not, she could also create an Ice Ball that would freeze everything when it was thrown.

Even Yue Yang, who had the powerful purple flame from his Yang Ability could be frozen over into an ice block with her Ice Ability. If it weren’t for the Nirvana’s Flame countering it, the consequences would be unthinkable. Xue Wu Xia reckoned that her powers was almost on par with Innate Ranker’s with this Ice Ability. She might even cause trouble for Innate Level 1 or Level 2 Rankers. Of course, Wu Xia decided to make it her secret weapon. She would not easily use it unless it was the last resort, because this kind of Ice Ability could even attack its user… This was how it was different from the Nirvana’s Flame and the World Exterminating Wheel. Yue Yang’s Nirvana’s Flame and World Exterminating Wheel would never harm him.

“Wu Xia, let’s train again tonight. I guarantee nothing will go wrong this time.” Yue Yang felt that training in this little beauty’s embrace was an extremely happy life.

“Everyone was completely scared out of their wits, they have not even recovered from their shock! Go and train yourself, don’t disturb me reading my book.” Xue Wu Xia only cared about reading her book, she stopping caring about Yue Yang pestering her.

When Yue Yang summoned his grimoire, he realized that although his grimoire had levelled up, there was something different about it.

Firstly, it became heavier and looked more ancient.

Countless Runic Circle Pattern appeared at the sides of the grimoire, forming a unique arrangement.

His current summoning grimoire had completely become a part of his body, just like his own arms. Without even needing to touch the pages of his grimoire, it had flipped open the moment Yue Yang thought to open it. His Divine Vision had also levelled up from Level 4 to Level 5. Yue Yang was about to check out his [Naked Eyes Traverse], but he suddenly discovered in surprise that after he broke through the Fifth Layer of innate Invisible Sword Qi, the [Naked Eye Traverse] had evolved to become a [Heaven Eyes Traverse]… If he combined the new [Heaven Eyes Traverse] with the [Divine Vision], Yue Yang would be able to get [Heaven Eyes Divine Vision] that he had been waiting for.

Yue Yang wouldn’t need to spend so much effort in order to get an X-ray Vision like last time, he could get it by just chanting it.

He turned around and discovered that Xue Wu Xia’s clothes were quickly disappearing with his [Heaven Eyes Divine Vision]… Revealing her magnificent, glorious, snow-white body that was beyond perfect…

Just as he was about to try seeing more clearly, Xue Wu Xia suddenly covered her breasts with one of her hand and threw her book to him with the other hand.

Yue Yang who was about to drool thudded heavily onto the ground.

It was only then did he realize that Xue Wu Xia could sense it when he used the [Heaven Eyes Divine Vision] to peek at her.

The reason was because in the Virgo Temple, Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia, Yue Bing and Yi Nan had acquired [Heart Mirror] ability. Normally, Yue Yang and the others did not have a heart-to-heart connection, but as long as he concentrated his whole mind and look at one of them with his [Heaven Eyes Divine Vision], it was equivalent to inviting them for a Heart Mirror Connection. Hence, Xue Wu Xia could immediately sense that Yue Yang was peeking…

Unless Yue Yang could train to the point that he wouldn’t need to concentrate his mind, being able to cast X-ray Vision as easily as looking normally, the three girls Yue Bing, Yi Nan and Wu Xia would definitely realize that he was trying to peek through their clothes.

“Idiot, you have so many good skills yet you don’t put it to good use!” Xue Wu Xia showed a fury like she wanted to pummel Yue Yang’s character into obedience.

“I was just trying it out, I didn’t think that I could really see!” Yue Yang was completely shameless. She was going to be his future wife anyway, what’s wrong with peeking a little? The little lamb would eaten by the Great Grey Wolf sooner or later. When Yue Yang caused this trouble, Xue Wu Xia suddenly remembered one thing. She quickly took out a small jade bottle that was still warm from her body heat and passed it onto Yue Yang’s hands. “There’s my blood inside this bottle. Try to mix your blood with mine and see what kind of reaction it will give.”

“What’s with that?” Yue Yang still didn’t know about the secret of his blood.

Not only Xue Wu Xia was curious about this experiment, Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and the others were also curious about it.

When they heard Yue Yang had woken up and was talking with Xue Wu Xia, everyone quickly ran over, just in time to see Yue Yang selflessly trying the “Blood Drop Test”.

Yue Yang looked for a small cup and dripped the blood inside the jade bottle into it. He dropped two drops of blood inside, then used his Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger to cut the skin on his fingers and allowed two or three drops of his blood to drip into the small cup.

At first, there were no reaction at all. Yue Yang was a little disappointed. Just as he was about to say, “I’m not some kind of Giant Dragon nor a demon, I don’t have that kind of blood that could burst into fire when it dropped to the ground…”. Legends said that if the strongest dragon, the Black Hell Dragon and the Blood Prison Demon King were injured, the blood that they dripped could melt the grounds and set it on fire, transforming it to lava.

Of course, that was only a legend, no one had ever managed to prove it.

The Innate Rankers who could cause the Black Hell Dragon and the Blood Prison Demon King to shed blood would also not pay attention to such a trivial thing…

Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia’s blood mixed together, and suddenly a ball of raging flames soared from the small cup. It quickly rose up to the sky.

This made Yue Yang jump in fright.

Following that, that ball of fire suddenly turned into a sharp, fire-shaped icicle…

In the end, the icicle ignited in fire once again and disappeared into the air. The girls watched silently, dumbstruck.

Yue Yang wasn’t able to explain the reason behind the phenomenon. The only thing he could explain was, “Anyone with eyes can see it already. This proves one point, and that Wu Xia and I are a couple that is fated to be together even in our past lives, just like fire and ice… I mean, just like this fire and ice that could exist together although they are polar opposites, completely not extinguishing the other one.”

“Nonsense.” The girls gave him rolled eyes all at the same time.

“Let me try…” Luo Hua City Mistress was a little envious. If her blood could also have a special reaction with Yue Yang’s blood, would that mean they were fated to be together in their previous lives?

When her blood and Yue Yang’s mixed together, it produced a faint white light, extremely warm and gentle.

Luo Hua City Mistress was so touched that she cried. She was afraid that there wouldn’t be any reaction at all.

Although the reaction wasn’t as strong as Wu Xia’s, there still was a reaction. Luo Hua City Mistress felt relieved of a huge burden in her heart, but Princess Qian Qian and Yi Nan, on the other hand, felt more worried and anxious instead. After Wu Xia, Luo Hua had also succeeded. What about them? If they had no reaction at all, then wouldn’t they become a real failure… However, it was really not comfortable to discuss this kind of thing. Princess Qian Qian was about to escape, evading the problem like an ostrich.

However, Luo Hua City Mistress caught her arms and dragged her forcefully to the table, not caring about Princess Qian Qian’s struggle to escape at all.

When Princess Qian Qian saw that she could escape no more, she took an “If I die, so be it” attitude and cut her finger with the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger.

When the blood dripped into the cup, it did not have a reaction for a very long time.

Princess Qian Qian was in despair, she really wanted to cry out loud. However, her words pretended to be brave instead, “Didn’t I say earlier, I have no relations whatsoever to this brat. You guys just don’t believe me!”

The moment she finished her sentence, the small cup had mysteriously shattered to pieces… Princess Qian Qian was so touched that she could cry, but she pretended to be cool instead, and spoke out, her voice a little choked with emotions, “This is not valid, the cup’s quality is just bad!”

When Yue Yang saw this, he started to think.

He suddenly remembered when he was fighting a bloody battle against the Marquis of Zi Jin, the Thorny Flower Demoness was licking the blood on his chest and arms.

That time, he had thought that she liked to lick people like a dog, but now that he thought about it again, she must have already known from the start that his blood had special abilities… He remembered the Thorny Flower Demoness had suddenly levelled up without a reason. Seems like his blood was really special. Of course, the reason that his blood became so special and pure with energy could be because he had cultivated an Innate-ranked skill like his Innate Invisible Sword Qi!

The girls didn’t disturb Yue Yang’s thoughts, instead, they were noisily discussing to continue the experiment.

In the end, Yue Bing and Yi Nan who couldn’t wait to try, Yue Yu and the sickly beauty who had resisted, all ended up giving the experiment a try.

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  1. night0lw says:

    It probably has something to do with body fusion as the people with the strongest reaction had the same with fusion. His blood is probably awakening their potential

    • Light says:

      I think they have to have a relation to him. Either body fusion or being his beast both connect them to his power so I’d imagine that’s the requirement. His beast was able to take some of his power through his blood, and there’s no evidence to the contrary afaik.

    • krelan says:

      Yue Yang and Wu Xia’s blood already had a reaction when they were fighting against Marquis Zi Jin

  2. Varler says:

    What do you mean he isn’t using his abilities correctly! If you get x-ray vision, there’s only one correct way to use it!
    Thanks for the chapter. lol

  3. jbjhova says:

    Thank you for the chapter. I love Yue Yang, but isn’t he becoming a little too too special. His blood is special, his summons are special, his non contracted beast is special, his family origin is special, all his girlfriends are special, his physical combat ability is special, his teachers and introducers are special, he has divine special abilities, his summoning grimoire is special. At this pace we are only waiting for him to ascend to heaven to sit on his throne.

    I am still a fan, but I’m not sure he can run into any difficulties any time soon, or maybe his only problems will be defending his weak entourage.

    • Light says:

      Yeah, but all of those come down to two special characteristics:
      1) His Innate Invisible Sword Qi and being a genius that’s able to cultivate it ->all his power and his teacher taking an interest in him, and seems to be responsible for the blood.
      2) His parents being FAR more than they seem to be ->girlfriends, Empress Wen Li (and by extension Xiao Wen Li), probably the grimoire, but maybe the grimoire thing is due to #1.

      From what other people have spoiled (I don’t really think it can be considered a spoiler since it’s literally not possible to continue the story any other way) the power levels of later people are absolutely ridiculously high.
      It’s already been foreshadowed that the power levels of the later levels are going to be probably tens of orders of magnitude more powerful. Remember Yue Yang talking about how large a Golden Great Winged Peng is? It’s like planet sized iirc according to him, and chances are that’s the scale that’ll appear later (maybe not even at the end of the series, but around the middle parts). Not to mention that there was that old man that kicked him into this dimension from his dream, meaning that there are probably different dimensions/planes with more powerful people, as well as extremely powerful people just wandering around that could probably kill Yue Yang right now with a look.

      As for the short term, there’s undercurrents of a war involving the highest powers they know about right now, from the human rankers in the Tong Tian Tower once they get back, Demon Kings looking like they’ll make a move, as well as other groups like the Goblin Tribes and the Innate Alliance. This seems to me like the calm before the storm that the author is setting up because there’ll probably be a lot of battle and little character development later.

      • rokii says:

        I think LLS is like DE. He will find out about immortals and participate in a heaven war later on. Even though he is awesome he is still one man. Fighting a dozen geniuses will put him in a bind.

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