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LLS Chapter 267 – Fundamental Change, Yue Yu’s Level Up

Chapter 267 – Fundamental Change, Yue Yu’s Level Up
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“How’s brother?” Yue Bing and Yi Nan peeked from inside their room, wearing their pyjamas.

“He’s okay, he was only training, go back to sleep!” Luo Hua City Mistress waved her hands and signaled that nothing big had happened. She didn’t want Yue Bing and Yi Nan to see Yue Yu’s state. Even she and Princess Qian Qian pretended not to know anything so that Yue Yu wouldn’t feel awkward.

She knew that some mishap had definitely happened. At the beginning, she believed that Yue Yang never planned for it to happen, but since it had already happened, they could only pretend not to know.

In any case, Yue Yu and Yue Yang were not kids, they were also brothers and sisters.

Although it was an accident during training, it would be best not to mention about the skin-touching-skin. It would bring great awkwardness once mentioned… When Yue Bing and Yi Nan saw Luo Hua City Mistress’ indifferent act, they really thought that nothing had happened. They thought that Yue Yang’s training had succeeded and were excited over Yue Yang’s fire bow and water arrow previously. They went back to their room and continued their private discussion. They were also not be curious about what Yue Yang had done during his training. He was an abnormal existence from the first place, it would be weird if he didn’t make a ruckus during his training!

Afterwards, Yue Yu hid inside her room for one whole day, not daring to see Yue Yang at all.

She was not angry, she just didn’t know how to face her brother.

Yue Yang kind of realized that he had probably made a mistake, but when he woke up, Xue Wu Xia had already given him a change of clothes. He was too immersed in his training previously, hence he never thought about his clothes being destroyed at all. He thought that Yue Yu was avoiding him because he had hugged Yue Yu too tightly and intimately, making his cousin angry.

He asked Xue Wu Xia to help him apologize, “Wu Xia, could you help me apologize to Yue Yu? I didn’t do it on purpose, if Second Sister can forgive me, could you ask her if we can give it another go? I still want to sense the power of water once again. I was following my heart when I tried to sense it the other day, when I woke up, the feeling I got was a little vague. I have not gotten the sense of it 100%. Help me ask if Sister Yu can practice with me again, I’m only a hair’s breadth away from mastering it, just a little bit more…”

Xue Wu Xia was speechless in the beginning.

The two of them had already touched each other so intimately, how could she ask Yue Yu to go at it again?

Although Yue Yu didn’t pursue the matter, pretending that it did not happen, she must have felt some discomfort in her heart! A girl couldn’t live boldly and brazenly, she must maintain her reputation.

However, when Wu Xia saw that Yue Yang was extremely sincere with his request, she felt that he must really not know what had happened. She thought that it was funny secretly and replied him, “I’ll go and ask her, but it might not succeed. You are the one who made the blunder, why do I have to apologize for you…”

She glanced at Yue Yang with her clear eyes as she turned around and left.

Although she was grumbling, she did not reject Yue Yang’s request.

Yue Yang was greatly moved. She really lived up to the name as the future wife he had decided in his heart. This Wu Xia treated him really well!

With regards to Yue Yu, Xue Wu Xia only needed to speak a few words to convince the kind-hearted older sister, “Sister Yu, avoiding him is not a solution. Furthermore, he would start to become suspicious. It’s best if we could forget this thing, please don’t keep pondering over it in your heart. Furthermore, Yue Yang is very close to mastering the power of water. If he is stuck on this stage for too long, he might lose the feeling he had felt, then his future would be ruined.”

“Alright then!” Although Yue Yu was embarrassed, she would definitely not let Yue Yang’s future be ruined because of her.

There are a lot of warriors in this world, and amongst them, many are geniuses.

Often, when these geniuses were young, their talents were so potent that everyone thought their growth would be immeasurable in the future. However, in reality, it was extremely easy for these geniuses to meet their limits. They might be completely ruined by some things, or blocked and trapped by others. They might be defeated by their enemies, fought with their clans, or couldn’t achieve enlightenment. In any case, due to many reasons that influenced their growth, in the end, these geniuses fell from grace. With time, they were no better than ordinary citizens.

Yue Yu would rather die than see her brother, a genius that was never seen in ten thousand years, led that kind of life.

He was a genius that shocked the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent, a twenty year old Innate…

If such a person was ruined because of her, how heavy her sins would be? If her brother was ruined, how could she bear to still live on this earth and face her shame?

When she thought like that, Yue Yu immediately threw away the embarrassment and hesitation that she felt in her heart.

Listening to Xue Wu Xia’s advice, she went to help her brother to train once again… Furthermore, he didn’t know what had happened, Bing-er and Yi Nan also didn’t know. Only Wu Xia, Wu Hen, Luo Hua and Princess Qian Qian knew about it, and they had been keeping quiet and never discussed it again. Everyone had been completely supportive towards her, so why would she be worried about her reputation?

This time, Yue Yang was really a good boy.

He sat in front of Yue Yu as Yue Yu summoned her “Spring Origin”. He quietly sensed it and asked for Yue Yu’s permission before he held her hands and channeled his Innate Qi into her blood channels, trying the next step to control the power of water.

Different from last time, this time Yue Yang tried to sense the power of water more instead of controlling it.

“Second Sister, don’t resist my Innate Qi in your consciousness. Let me try to help you open your blood channels.” Yue Yang now had somewhat a grasp on the power of water. He wanted to try and raise Yue Yu’s abilities, levelling the power of water that was kind of weak in her body. At the same time, he would open the blood channels in her body with his Innate qi so that she could control her powers more smoothly and easily.

‘Okay.” Yue Yu was still embarrassed in her heart, but she was afraid that she would affect his training. Hence she didn’t dare to reject him, allowing him to hold her hands.

She had tried it the other time, when his Innate Qi flowed into her body, she would feel as if her body was burned and electrocuted. She would be very uncomfortable.

When his Innate Qi flowed through some places that were more sensitive, it would be even more unbearable for her.

Of course, she could not stop his Innate Qi from flowing to those places, because her blood channels were arranged in that way. He did not do it on purpose, it was needed for their training. Furthermore, she couldn’t say it in front of him and Wu Xia. Hence, Yue Yu could only bear that strange feeling flowing through her whole body quietly.

As there were completely no resistance at all, in a few minutes, Yue Yang’s Innate Qi had flowed throughout Yue Yu’s whole body.

When her blood channels have all been connected, Yue Yu’s body started to tremble uncontrollably.

Her summoning grimoire suddenly shone with a gentle blue light, like the ocean.

The Bronze-ranked Level 1 Spring Origin floated in the midst of the blue light. Suddenly, it returned back to Yue Yu’s grimoire… Yue Yang, Yue Yu and Xue Wu Xia all gathered together to look, and to their surprise, they found that the Spring Origin had underwent a Variant Evolution and also levelled up.

It had become a Silver-ranked Level 2 “Flying Waterfall”.

The illustration of the Spring Origin in the Summoning Grimoire had also changed into a small, white coloured waterfall.

Flying Waterfall: Element-type, Silver-ranked Level 2. Beast with water attribute. Immature. Liquid body. Special attack: [Water Strike], [Drop].

“How did this happen? I never used it to fight, how did it manage to level up in rank and level?” Yue Yu was both shocked and happy, she really couldn’t believe her own eyes.

She summoned the Flying Waterfall and realized that the Silver-ranked Level 2 Flying Waterfall did not look anything like waterfall. Instead, it was a long and smooth water whip. Just like an agile snake, it surrounded her body and continued to revolve around her. Right now, it was only a Silver-ranked Level 2, hence it was normal that it couldn’t had the appearance of a waterfall. If it could reach Silver-ranked Level 6 and above, this smooth and long water whip might really turn into a magnificent waterfall!

Xue Wu Xia immediately congratulated Yue Yu, “Sister Yu, seems like Yue Yang found the method to level up your Spring Origin. In the future, this beast would definitely be useful in battles. No one would mock this beast as trash anymore!”

Wu Xia had also said this to eliminate the bad feelings that Yue Yu had for Yue Yang.

With this, Yue Yu would probably comply to Yue Yang’s training more. She wouldn’t need to worry about Yue Yang’s training being stopped halfway.

Yue Yu hugged Yue Yang excitedly as she started to shout excitedly.

Afterwards, when she realized she had overstepped her bounds, she immediately let go, her face blushing beet red. She secretly looked at Wu Xia and realized that she was discussing about the possibility of Flying Waterfall levelling and ranking up, indifferent towards her own actions. She sighed a breath of relief.

“Can the Flying Waterfall rank up again?” Xue Wu Xia pretended not to see anything, purposely starting a discussion with Yue Yang.

“Yes it can. It is a support-type beast, it grows along with its masted. Of course it would be a while before it can rank-up again…” Yue Yang knew that due to his Innate Qi, the Spring Origin had been thoroughly changed fundamentally, hence it had ranked up to become Flying Waterfall. As long as he poured in his Innate Qi and increased the Flying Waterfall’s power, it would definitely rank up to become Gold-ranked Storm Waves, Platinum-ranked Surging Tide, and even Diamond-ranked Tsunami..

Yue Yu’s body was like a container.

The main user would be Yue Yang, and as long as she could comply with him, allowing him to improve her body’s abilities and her capacity to contain Innate Qi, she wouldn’t need to train at all, everything would fall into place.

Of course, she would only need to comply with Yue Yang’s [Body Fusion] training. It’s just that she would only be support and Have to follow Yue Yang’s lead.

After Yue Yang comprehended the power of water, not only had he increased Yue Yu’s powers, Xue Wu Xia who had been helping them also reaped a huge benefit.

Xue Wu Xia was naturally talented in controlling the power of Yin since birth. Although her Inherent Skills were Ice and Lightning, Yue Yang’s realization of the power of water made her reap quite a lot of benefits. When Yue Yang described the feelings of realization that he felt, she could grasp the realm that he described even faster than Yue Yu. As such, she could also comprehend the power of water by observing Yue Yang. Although Yue Yu’s Inherent Skill was [Soul Spring], which was water in attribute, her comprehension power was far beneath Xue Wu Xia’s…

When Yue Yu was still slowly trying to comprehend the higher levelled power of water, Xue Wu Xia was already cultivating by herself under Yue Yang’s guidance. Her wisdom and cleverness really made Yue Yang admire her.

With the Flying Waterfall’s level up, Yue Yu finally had an excuse in her heart. She would take it that this training was necessary so that he would be able to help her level up her beasts.

Her subconscious started to comply to his training even more.

Even if Yue Yang had a new idea and destroyed her clothes in the process of trying it, Yue Yu would only be displeased but she did not blame him, only covering the exposed place quickly. She did not reject Yue Yang’s experiment. Along with the increasing control Yue Yang had on the power of water, there were no other occasion where Yue Yu’s clothes were completely destroyed. At the most, only her sleeves were burnt or her clothes were torn. Yue Yang had stopped before it became worse.

Yue Yu didn’t know it, but actually, Yue Yang was extremely familiar with her body since a long time ago.

He would learn the secrets of her body every time his Innate Qi flowed throughout her body. Also, at the peak of his training, when his [Divine Vision] and [Naked Eyes] activated together, it was as if all the clothes on her body had disappeared, leaving only her beautiful body to be seen…

It can be said that as long as he wanted to see, she would not be able to hide anything.

Of course, Yue Yang would never say out this special ability. Otherwise, Yue Yu would definitely commit suicide.

Other than helping Yue Yu to open her blood channels, Yue Yang had also helped Yue Bing and Yi Nan to link all their blood channels. After mastering the power of water, he felt that he would have a whole new transformation when he mastered the fifth layer of Innate invisible Sword Qi.

Three days passed, and Yue Yu’s Silver-ranked Level 2 Flying Waterfall had levelled up to become Gold-ranked Level 3 “Storm Waves”.

Storm Waves: Element-type, Gold-ranked Level 3. Water-attribute beast. Mature. Liquid State. Special Attack: [Water Strike] and [Flood].

If they had more time to train, the Storm Waves would definitely level up even more.

Yue Yu’s position as the healer in the party finally had changed. Although she couldn’t become the main attacking force, at least she had improved from last time. She was not the person with zero combat abilities anymore.

“Yue Yang, let’s start!” Xue Wu Xia, who had locked herself for three days in order to deepen her comprehension on the power of Yin, decided to personally help Yue Yang to master a whole new realm.

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  1. Light says:

    They were also not be curious about what Yue Yang had done during his training.
    They were also not curious about what Yue Yang had done during his training.

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        In these type of novels, it isn’t normal at all. If the relationship was from the mom’s side, it’d be alright, but because their FATHERS are brothers, it isn’t considered alright.

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