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LLS Chapter 266 – Arrow ready on the bow must be shot no matter what!

Chapter 266 – Arrow ready on the bow must be shot no matter what!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yu’s ears were beet red as she followed behind Xue Wu Xia into Yue Yang’s room.

Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress tried to act naturally, not looking at her in order to prevent her from feeling awkward. However, they were really curious, they really wanted to see. Yi Nan and Yue Bing were also curious, but Princess Qian Qian was afraid that the young girls would see something inappropriate, hence she hurriedly ordered them to sleep, “Bing-er, Yi Nan, both of you are tired, go back and rest! Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to reach a new realm that fast, he would at least cultivate until tomorrow!”

Yue Bing didn’t think much, she obediently went back to rest.

Yi Nan, on the other hand, felt that there was some other meaning in Princess Qian Qian’s words. Her face turned a little red as she lowered her head and followed Yue Bing inside. The two of them whispered at each other as they left.

“Good wine!” The Drunk Cat Big Sister gulped a whole bottle of wine and laid herself on the ground, completely drunk.

“Seriously? Sister Ye, is there a day when you are not drunk?” Luo Hua City Mistress really pitied the little panda girl Niu Niu, who had to take care of her drunk cat mommy everyday. No wonder she was so thoughtful at such a young age. She was trained to do so!

“Mommy, let’s go back and sleep…” Niu Niu carried the drunk cat big sis slowly and bid farewell towards Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian politely.

“I want to go and check up on Yue Yang, I just can’t help but to worry. Are you guys going?” The sickly beauty asked softly. When Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian heard her, they immediately shook their hands and heads, rejecting at the same time, “No, we are going to play chess, it’s been a long time since we play.”

The sickly beauty laughed a little before she left through the door.

Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian stared blankly for a long time. Finally, Princess Qian Qian came back to her senses first and asked, “Are we really going to play chess?”

Looking at the door, Luo Hua City Mistress shook her hands, “No, I’m going back to rest. Remember to notify me when there’s news.” Luo Hua City Mistress didn’t care about Princess Qian Qian’s reply and quickly returned to her rooms. Princess Qian Qian looked at her in annoyance before she followed Luo Hua City Mistress and grumbled, “Everyone just throw me on one side alone. I don’t care, I’m going to rest too. I won’t be your lackie. You guys have been doing this since young until now, so annoying!”

Yue Yang actually wanted to give some water to the two girls when he returned to the room, so that he could dissolve the awkwardness.

When he saw that Yue Yu’s hands were trembling, he felt that he should just start quickly in case she decided to escape due to embarrassment.

Normally Yue Yang was a huge pervert, but when he made up his mind to cultivate seriously, he would really concentrate on his training. Yue Yu tampered down her embarrassment and forced her heartbeat to slow down as she chanted: this is her brother, this is training…

Holding Yue Yang’s hands, Yue Yu summoned her grimoire and combined her Spirit Spring Inherent Skill with her special type, Healing Water Spirit Beast to create a Healing Water Ball. Yue Yang reached out to hold the Water Ball and tried to feel it for a while. Then, he gestured to Yue Yu to continue her spell. Seeing Xue Wu Xia’s encouragement, Yue Yu nodded and summoned an element-type Bronze-ranked Level 1 “Spring Origin”.

This Spring Origin also looked like a Water Ball. It did not have any kind of attacking ability, hence it wasn’t able to level up.

Yue Yu normally only used it to summon fresh water.

It was said that once a Spring Origin Beast reached a high level, it would evolve into a Silver-ranked Flying Waterfall, Gold-ranked Storm Waves, Platinum-ranked Surging Tide, and Diamond-ranked Tsunami. However, in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent, no warrior had ever cultivated Spring Origin successfully. No one, after acquiring this element-type beast that had zero combat abilities, managed to level it up, let alone making it go through a Varian Evolution. Amongst the Four Great Sects, one of the Elders in the Easter Ocean Crystal Palace, Elder Hei Chao, ever possessed this aggravating beast before. However, he did not raise it from young, he caught it when it had already matured. Elder Hei Chao used his whole life and tried every kind of methods to cultivate the Spring Origin Beast. However, in the end, he only managed to raise it to Ordinary-ranked Level 5, “Stream”. Until he died, he still had not managed to make it go through a Variant Evolution.

If the Thorny Flower was the King of all useless beasts, the Spring Origin could rank amongst the top three most useless beasts.

The only difference was that the Spring Origin could become a strong existence after it matured in Tong Tian Tower or in the Outer Realm.

It could become an extremely overwhelming existence, omnipotent.

It had strong fighting capabilities, but it was not suitable for humans to contract.

If not for Yue Yang who wanted to feel the power of water, Yue Yu would never summon the Spring Origin out.

Yue Yang didn’t really mind at first, he had already read about this aggravating useless beast from the Beast Encyclopedia. He knew about this Spring Origin’s uselessness. However, the moment he touched the Spring Origin that was summoned, Yue Yang was greatly shocked.

A kind of knowledge that was hidden in his mind suddenly bloomed in his mind like a flower, similar to when he found out about the Thorny Flower’s hidden abilities. In that moment, Yue Yang realized how foolishly humans had been raising their beasts. They had been running in the opposite direction, acting in the way that harmed their beasts instead. The real Spring Origin wasn’t used to being cultivated and used in the way that humans had been raising them… Yue Yang was afraid that he would lose grasp on this knowledge that was bursting into his mind, hence he quickly held Yue Yu’s hands tightly in a moment of anxiousness. His Innate Qi flowed into the Jing acupoint in her hands, flowed throughout her whole body and out from her right hand. As Yue Yu’s body trembled, the innate Qi continued to flow to her feet, her whole body and finally out of her body.

That water ball-like Spring Origin Beast slowly transformed into another shape under Yue Yang’s manipulation, who was controlling it through Yue Yu. It became longer and longer, its shape turning like a water whip.

The Innate Qi bursting out of Yue Yu’s body smoothly lengthened the length of the water whip even more, and when Yue Yang’s Innate Qi could completely control the water whip, it twisted agilely like a snake, turning into a terrifying weapon that was comparable to any kind of weapon under the earth.

Yue Yang could control a flame whip, and a flame whip’s power was much more powerful than a water whip. However, a flame whip wouldn’t be able to transmit Yue Yang’s Innate Qi.

A flame whip would also not be able to twist so agilely like a water whip.

This water whip that Yue Yang had controlled through Yue Yu’s hands would leave no way out for their enemies if he attacked them with it.

Even the smallest gap in offense or defense could be covered by stretching the water whip longer. There was no limit to the length. Yue Yu and Xue Wu Xia were stupefied when they saw this. Was this water whip that was full of Innate Qi really Yue Yu’s Bronze-ranked Level 1 Spring Origin? Forget about Bronze-ranked beasts, even Gold-ranked beasts would suffer a serious injury if they were whipped by this water whip… Turns out that it was not that the Spring Origin had zero fighting capabilities, it was actually a beast that could only purely support its master as a weapon.

The stronger its master was, the stronger its power would be.

“Water arrow!” Yue Yang was excited by his first step in mastering his water abilities. He changed the Water Whip into a bow and pulled Yue Yu’s hands as he locked a water arrow on the bow, ready to shoot it outside.

“…” Yue Yu was so excited right now that her heart thumped loudly. She was deeply moved by the fact that Yue Yang had unravelled the secrets of the Spring Origin, and was also embarrassed because he was pressing his body against her, in the position of pulling a bow, ready to shoot the water arrow. The front of his body was pasted right at the back of her body, and his arms were completely in line with hers. There was completely no space in between them. His body heat seeped right through their clothes and onto her skin, making her tremble and weak in his embrace.

The water arrow that was shot out flew back to them under Yue Yang’s control.

Xue Wu Xia almost applauded when she saw this.

With this long-ranged attacking skill, Yue Yang’s powers had reached a new heights… Before this, who else had ever thought that the trashiest element-type beast of all, the Spring Origin, could become such a magnificent, powerful weapon in Yue Yang’s hands!

“One more time!” Yue Yang didn’t transform the Spring Origin into a bow this time, instead, he summoned his purple flames and created a huge fire bow. Then, he shaped the Spring Origin into multiple water arrows.

A combination of fire bow and water arrow, could this assembly really work?

Yue Yang had never tried it before, but he was having burst of inspirations in his mind, he was in a hurry to try it all.

Yue Yu almost scream aloud, because she felt Yue Yang’s body temperature rising up quickly and became as hot as fire. However, her body also started to emit water more and more, almost to the point that she could balance the heat from Yue Yang’s flames… Their bodies had no problem enduring the flames, but their clothes slowly melted in the fire. Their bodies which had been closely sticking together now touched each other even closer than ever, with nothing separating them apart.

If it weren’t for the fact that Yue Yang was trying his best to concentrate and control both fire and water, which were two completely different abilities, Yue Yu really wanted to struggle free from his embrace. However, this was a crucial moment and Yue Yang couldn’t be distracted at all.

Yue Yu had just started to move her body a little, trying to move forward and avoid his lower abdomen from touching her back.

However, she immediately felt Yue Yang’s body started to tremble in pain. He couldn’t be distracted at all, and furthermore, he couldn’t be apart from her body which had the power of water.

Xue Wu Xia immediately panicked. She didn’t know Yue Yang’s condition, hence she did not dare to help on her own accord. She hurriedly signaled to Yue Yu and told her to endure it no matter what.

In her eyes, Yue Yang and Yue Yu’s bodies had become one, the bright flames and the cool water forming a perfect Yin Yang Circle that was revolving continuously.

If Yue Yu struggled away, then Yue Yang would definitely suffer from the rebound and be seriously injured.

Xue Wu Xia was so worried that she wished she could take the rebound for Yue Yang with her own body instead.

Yue Yu couldn’t see the flow of energy between hers and Yue Yang’s bodies, but she could see Xue Wu Xia’s eyes that were filled with tears, her nervous and panicked hand gestures.

She slowly closed her eyes.

If it were for Xiao San’s life, the ruin of her innocence wouldn’t matter much.

Xiao San was the hope of the Clan, she couldn’t destroy him because of her embarrassment. Furthermore, he was her precious little brother. Who on earth would stand on one side and watch her own brother be seriously injured? When Yue Yu heard Yue Yang’s laboured breathing and felt a drip of his warm blood dripping from his mouth to her shoulders, she really regretted trying to lean forward just now. If Xiao San really became seriously injured because of her, she wouldn’t want to live too!

Although Yue Yang was the lead in [Body Fusion], she definitely could not force to separate herself from his body. Otherwise, his life would be in danger.

“Sister Yu, summon Water Balls. He needs more water, more of your water ability, quick…” Xue Wu Xia suddenly screamed out in fright. She jumped towards Yue Yang recklessly, not caring about her own safety. However, she was blown away by the revolving fire and water on Yue Yang’s body, unable to come nearer. She saw that Yue Yang’s eyes had started to shine brightly, the Qi on his body started to burst out like a volcano. It was obvious that he had reached the final junctrure, where a moment of carelessness could make him lose control of everything.

He urgently needed help, and the only one who could help him now was Yue Yu.

Yue Yu thought about how her little brother had taught Xie Qian Qiu a lesson for her the other day, and how he had relentlessly fought with many warriors from the Xie Clan, Green Summit Sect and Zi Jin Kingdom for her.

Every single scene replayed from the back of her mind.

“No, no. Xiao San, nothing must happen to you!” Yue Yu felt that Yue Yang had started to lose control. She immediately cried in fright.

Tears dropped onto her snow white cheeks, like raindrops on a flower.

When Yue Yang’s hands that were holding the fire bow collapsed and the water arrows broke apart, Yue Yu turned around and hugged Yue Yang tightly, not caring about her own body.

She pasted her cold body that possessed the power of water onto his flaming body, channeling all of her water power into his slightly bloodied mouths… She only wanted to save her brother and help him to recover. Even if she had to sacrifice herself for him, she wouldn’t mind it at all… The feeling of embarrassment and hesitation that she felt just now was completely gone right now… What are those compared to her brother’s life?

Countless water balls appeared relentlessly under Yue Yu’s orders, entering into Yue Yang’s flaming body continuously.

The previously weak water power slowly balanced with Yue Yang’s Yang ability.

Yue Yang’s body which had lost control previously quickly recovered. With the water power’s support, the fire bow which had distorted out of shape and the water arrow that had disintegrated into drops of water re-appeared on his hand, stronger than ever before.

“Open!” Yue Yang regained back the control on his body and pulled on the fire bow.

“…” Yue Yu could feel his body moving against her own because of his movements, especially that part of him that was sticking up and pressing up against her lower abdomen. It was really difficult for her to bear the embarrassment. Of course, she knew that due to the outburst of his Yang ability, that part of his was sticking up as his body’s natural reaction. However, she still couldn’t bear with the strange feeling of that hot thing scraping against her abdomen.

Fortunately he was taller than her, otherwise his thing would be scraping against that place.

If that really happened, she would definitely want to let go and escape far away.

However, she knew that if she go now, her brother would be heavily injured. [Body Fusion] must not be stopped halfway. Although she never went through such a training before, the arrow locked on the bow must be shot no matter what!

Yue Yu closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tightened the grip on Yue Yang’s body, pasting herself even closer to him.

When Yue Yang released his hands, the fire bow released three water arrows fiercely.

The water arrow flew as fast as lightning, tearing the sky apart as it flew. With the fire tearing the air apart, a kind of whistling sound was produced as the water arrows flew. It flew around 1000 meters far and destroyed a small hill in the end.

The whole grounds shook.

After a while, a Water Ball slowly floated back and returned to Yue Yang’s hands.

“So this is the power of water, I finally mastered it…” Yue Yang immediately collapsed after he said this, his body weak and powerless as he brought Yue Yu down to the ground along with him. He was exhausted mentally. In just a few seconds, he fell into deep sleep.

Yue Yu was thoroughly flustered, her hands and legs couldn’t stop trembling although she had tried to calm down for a long time. She couldn’t stand back up.

Xue Wu Xia took off her clothes and put it on Yue Yu’s body, as she quietly hugged her shoulders, “Sister Yu, you have done well. Yue Yang that fellow was completely immersed in his training just now, he would definitely not remember when he woke up. You have really done well. If there was even a little mishap just now, he would definitely be done for. You are the one who saved his life!” Xue Wu Xia quickly comforted Yue Yu. She understood Yue Yu. Yue Yu had threw away everything to save her brother’s life, this was not an easy thing to do.

“Is Xiao San really okay?” Yue Yu looked at Yue Yang, saw that there was a line of blood on the corner of his mouth and became anxious once again.

“Let’s check up on him…” Xue Wu Xia was also worried. Both of them started to check up on Yue Yang’s body and realized that a lot of the blood channels in his shoulders, back, legs and other places had ruptured. Fortunately Yue Yu had turned around and channeled her water powers mouth to mouth in time, hence he did not suffer from heavy injuries. Yue Yu didn’t care about wearing some clothes to cover her body, she summoned a Healing Water Ball to heal her brother first.

Xue Wu Xia gathered her guts and checked Yue Yang’s spirited thing. When she realized that he was uninjured, she sighed a breath of relief and was greatly embarrassed.

She took off her veil and covered that huge and spirited thing. Although the veil did a bad job covering his thing, at least she wouldn’t need to look at it directly and became at lost with shock.

Yue Yu didn’t have time to find clothes to wear, she quickly took Yue Yang’s quilt to cover her body.

Outside, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress stuck out their heads into the room, not daring to enter.

The sickly beauty was more open-minded, she brought Yue Yu some clothes… Yue Yu looked at Yue Yang who was sleeping from exhaustion. She felt really embarrassed, but she also felt a little pride. She had saved her brother’s life. Although her innocence was a little ruined, it was worth it since she had managed to save his life.

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