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LLS Chapter 265 – Combined Techniques, Yue Yu’s Gentle Water Power

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Chapter 265 – Combined Techniques, Yue Yu’s Gentle Water Power
Translated by: Sephillia, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang was very happy to hear that he would not need to be responsible for any matters pertaining to the country, only needing to care about his own private matters. Yue Yang felt that it was in line with his principles.

He carried his sister Yue Bing on his back, and brought Yi Nan with him.

The elated Hui Tai Lang followed closely behind him. However, it was very smart, and left a spot next to it for the little panda girl Niu Niu. Princess Qian Qian also carried the drunk cat big sis on her back. She opened a teleportation scroll along with Yue Yu and City Mistress Luo Hua and they immediately teleported to the entrance of the Sky Stairs, the Little Garden.

After waiting for Yue Yang to leave, Xue Wu Xia sternly lectured Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo.

The ice cube guy Xue Tan Lang and the little handsome Prince Tian Luo stood with their heads bowed down in front of Xue Wu Xia. Their current appearance right now was definitely not that kind of cool and calm demeanour that they showed in front of Yue Yang. After they were reprimanded, they nodded their heads in promise silently, not daring to act big. Compared to this stern sister Xue Wu Xia, the sickly beauty was far softer. She softly comforted her cousins who were downcast. “Yue Yang’s existence can’t be described simply using the word “genius”. He’s a special person. There’s no need to compare yourselves to him. Don’t be too pressurised in your heart too, cultivation needs to be done step by step. Don’t be overly ambitious, rushing isn’t necessarily a good thing. Your foundation must be done well.”

“Cultivation isn’t as simple as increasing the levels of your beasts and meditating to improve your qi. In order to surpass a certain realm, you need understanding. Battle ability does not equate to the accumulation of power. You must have skill, and most importantly control. You still have a long way to go! Forget it, I don’t have time now. I’ll check on the fruits of your cultivation next time.” The moment Xue Wu Xia waved her hand, Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo had an expression as if a heavy burden had been released from them.

Carrying the name of geniuses, the pressure on them was already great.

With the appearance of the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master who was exceedingly abnormal, the pressure they felt made them hardly be able to breathe.

Becoming an Innate at the age of 20 years old, this brat was really abnormal. It was as if they were seeing ghosts in broad daylight. It seemed like in the history of mankind until now, nobody was as ridiculously strong as Yue Yang was… Living in the same era as him really made them feel inferior and lacking compared to him.

Thankfully, this fellow would one day become their brother-in-law or uncle, not an outsider. If not, they would have died of depression.

However, provoked by the appearance of this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, they felt an urge to grow stronger.

Xue Tan Lang and the others had no choice but to cultivate as hard as they could. Although they could not compare to Yue Yang when improving themselves, but they did have significant progress! Within the Four Great Families, the older generation would originally be more lenient when it came to the younger generation, going about their own businesses. Normally, they would not expend all of their efforts into teaching them, as they believed that cultivation was a step by step process. Even if it was a super genius, the Innate Realm was one that could only be stepped into after cultivating over a hundred years… Now, the Four Great Families did not think like this anymore, as the Third Young Master was a precedent of this case.

The feat of Yue Yang stepping into the Innate Realm told the Four Great Families that it was not impossible for a 20 year old person to become an Innate. The only reason why it did not happen was because they had not found the method to do so.

It was not that it was impossible to have a 20 year old Innate, but rather they did not give birth to such an abnormal son.

With Yue Yang as the example, Feng, Xue, as well as Yan, these great clans naturally started to give their all in teaching the younger generation. They hoped that they could be as amazing as Yue Yang!

They did not long for a 20 year old Innate. As long as the younger generation could attain the Innate Realm before 50 years old, then that would be a huge success that surpassed their ancestors. After all, Yue’s Third Young Master was an abnormal genius, a one-of-a-kind existence in the world. Perhaps, even in a thousand more years, another one like him would not be born. Under the hopes of these families, the pressure on Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo was more than one could imagine.

The fast improvement they thought they had was as slow as a snail in comparison to Yue Yang this brat.

In front of them, there was Yue Yang who was far ahead of them. Behind, there was Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li brothers chasing behind him at breakneck speeds. Seeing that they were catching up to them, they were on the verge of collapse already.

“You guys have to work hard too! You can’t even compare to Hui Tai Lang, don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?!” Xue Wu Xia even criticised Ye Kong and the others.

“Yes madam.” Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were so scared they did not dare to retort.

Seeing that Xue Wu Xia and the sickly beauty had teleported to the Little Garden, although Ye Kong was still fine, Fatty Hai slumped onto the ground in relief. When Xue Tan Lang looked over, Ye Kong wiped his cold sweat, saying, “With such a stern sister, there’s no wonder you could become one of the Three Great Killing Stars. However, I’m pretty envious of you too. With this kind of sister, although you can’t laze around, but there’s definitely no problem when it comes to growing stronger… Xue Tan Lang, stop staring at me! Even if I want to have this kind of sister, I don’t have one!”

Fatty Hai nodded and continued, “If you never lived in a small family, you geniuses who get all the love will never understand what’s called being left to die and eat garbages.”

The Li brothers kicked Fatty Hai away and lectured him. “You’re still the First Master of a small family. We’re just ordinary citizens. Comparing us to you, you’re still much stronger than we are.”

Xue Tan Lang’s cool face emanated a kind of coldness like a glacier. “You’re all actually very lucky.”

With this, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li brothers had nothing else to say.

If not for meeting Yue Yang, then they would definitely not be who they were today.

Ye Kong felt that he would have been starved to death by now. The Li brother may have died in that mission, and Fatty Hai might still be alive, but as the wimp he was before.

Prince Tian Luo spread his hands coolly. “Don’t feel so much self-pity towards yourselves, okay? Actually, we’re all geniuses, only that we aren’t as ridiculously talented as Yue Yang, that’s all!”

The old fox was flustered and exasperated as he rushed over. He raised his staff and knocked the both of their heads, scolding, “Did my words go over your heads? This place is filled with the soldiers who fought to the death for your sake. You’ll just stand by the side of their corpses and chat around? What were their sacrifices for? Was it not for you idiots?! Get out of my sight, escape as far as you can go… “

The old fox started to beat Ye Kong and the others up and sent them scampering away, hurriedly leaving the place.

Amidst all this, Fatty Hai still boldly challenged Xue Tan Lang,“ Yan Po Jun isn’t my target any longer and neither is Feng Qi Sha. Out of the Three Great Killing Stars, only you’re still quite strong. Xue Tan Lang, you know what I mean!”

“In your dreams!” Hearing that this fatty wanted to surpass him, before he left, he gave him the middle finger.

“This fellow learnt the wrong things from Yue Yang… “ Fatty Hai was depressed. He never thought that an ice-cold guy like Xue Tan Lang would raise his middle finger.

Yue Yang who had returned to the Little Garden did not know anything about the conversation between Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong and the others.

Of course, he didn’t care about it either.

First, he arranged plans for his little sister, before preparing to master the fifth layer of the Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

With regards to Yue Yang quickly entering into a deep slumber the moment he came back, Xue Wu Xia thought that this fellow was tired from all the fighting and decided to sleep. She did not know that he was being tutored secretly by a Sword Goddess inside his dreams. She did not know that he could cultivate in his dreams too. Yue Yang asked for guidance from the big loli in his dreams, thinking that he had sufficient power to break through the fifth layer of the Innate Invisible Sword Qi. He only lacked the grasp over the “Yin Ability”.

This point caused him to temporarily stall his thinking of breaking through.

In the dream world, the big loli actually had the same strength as Yue Yang. She could use the two heavenly powers of ice and fire. This proved that Yue Yang was not incapable, but rather that he had not realised how to.

After sleeping for a long while, he woke up to the sight of Princess Qian Qian and the others discussing something in the small hall while laughing.

Outside, in the courtyard, Hui Tai Lang who had swallowed Huo Wei’s Orb was in a deep sleep as he evolved.

Using his Innate Qi to probe a little, he found that Hui Tai Lang would require at least half a month to completely absorb the power within this Orb… It would take more for it to become an Innate-ranked World-Destroying Demon Wolf, but it would probably be no problem for him to rank up to Platinum-ranked. The eventual level of battle power had to be seen when Hui Tai Lang use it himself. Yue Yang thought that when this fellow could completely utilise the power within the pill, it would be possible for him to fight the Mei Hua Brothers or the Xiong Brothers of the Eastern Goblin Tribe one-on-one.

“Next time, I’ll think of a way to kill a Demon King and let Hui Tai Lang eat it. I wonder what will happen then?” Yue Yang did not dare to think of this last time. However, he suddenly felt that killing a Demon King was not an unreachable goal anymore.

Seeing Yue Yang walk into the hall, a few women’s gazes moved towards him.

The drunken cat oneesan seemed to have drunk quite a bit of alcohol. Her drunken eyes were hazy. “Eh? Why am I seeing two handsome guys walk in?”

The little panda girl Niu Niu cutely corrected her. “Mom, there’s only one, that’s Brother Yue Yang… “

Yi Nan covered her mouth, snickering.

Seeing that Yue Yang was trying to say something but stopped, Princess Qian Qian asked in curiousity, “What happened? Did you want to talk about something? Is it about the Ancient Passage?”

Yue Yang hurriedly waved his hands, saying, “No, I’m trying to find someone to help me with a little favour. The Yang Qi in my body is too abundant. I would like one of you to help me so that I can feel your feminine Qi (Yin Qi). I’ve been stuck at this barrier to master the Yin Ability for too long. I need to completely master it in order to break through a new realm.”

Hearing Yue Yang’s words, other than Yue Bing and the Drunk Cat Big Sis who was extremely drunk, the other girls started to become red.

He said he needed help, but what he meant was actually asking them to train [Body Fusion] with him.

The deeper the cultivation for [Body Fusion] was, the more intimate the collaboration between the two people must be. Not only would they need to be extremely close to each other, their soul must also be in tandem… This brat would definitely take an advantage of them if they did that… If he told them secretly, they might have accepted it. But he had announced it in front of anyone, it really made them feel awkward to help him even if they wanted to.

Luo Hua City Mistress wanted to help Yue Yang, but she was embarrassed to say it. Furthermore, she was not sure that she could help him.

In this place, the one with the best Yin Ability was Xue Wu Xia, because she was naturally talented in controlling ice since she was born. Her ice ability would definitely be of a great help to Yue Yang.

“I’ll go then!” Xue Wu Xia who was quietly reading her book on one side looked up and spoke. Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress hesitated for a while, but Yi Nan and Yue Bing both did not have any kind of Yin Ability, hence they could only agree at the mean time.

“Wu Xia, I’m so touched!” Yue Yang was exhilarated. She was indeed his self-proclaimed future wife. She was so good, ready to help immediately when her husband needed help.

“Sister Yu, come over here and help too…” With regards to helping Yue Yang breaking through a new realm, Xue Wu Xia would never say no. She had even helped him think about the most suitable candidate and pulled Yue Yu towards Yue Yang. Her words made Yue Yu gasp in shock, “Me?!”

Yue Yu still had a sentence that had not been spoken.

She wanted to say Yue Yang was her own brother, she couldn’t cultivate [Body Fusion] with him.

If it was Yue Bing, the pure and innocent girl who knows nothing at all, it was still fine. But Yue Yu was all grown up, and she had started to know a little about women and men relationship. Cultivating [Body Fusion] with her little brother, would it be appropriate for them to be so close and intimate?

This was definitely impossible!

“It’s okay, your Inherent Skill is Spirit Spring. Let him feel the gentle flow of your energy, it would be easier to guide him to enter into the new realm of the Yin Ability. You just need to guide him in that part, leave the others to me.” Xue Wu Xia didn’t have much thoughts about Yue Yang’s cultivation. Furthermore, it was already known that Yue Yang was a pervert, what difference would it make if they could just allow him to feel their Yin Ability a little?

“This… Alright then!” Yue Yu was a little flustered as she looked at Yue Bing’s pure and innocent eyes. She couldn’t say no, because she was sure Yue Bing would ask her why she was not willing to help her brother. At that time, she really wouldn’t be able to explain it to her.

Yue Yang was also dumbstruck when she saw Xue Wu Xia pulling Yue Yu along.

But as he thought about it, Yue Yu’s gentle water ability as a guide would really help him a lot. It’s just that as he was breaking through into a new realm, he might accidentally use [Transparent Vision] on Yue Yu’s clothes. If she ever knew about this..

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