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LLS Chapter 264 – Comparing oneself to others will only make you angry!

Chapter 264 – Comparing oneself to others will only make you angry!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Drunken Cat Big Sister continued her deep sleep, but the little panda girl woke up very quickly. She was very happy to see Yue Yang, leaping into Yue Yang’s arms immediately after she woke up.

“Big brother will give you this lollipop as a reward for your hard work.” Yue Yang was definitely the casanova for young girls. His lollipop-reward method was undefeatable.

“It’s sweet!” The little panda girl Niu Niu smiled so sweetly that a field of flowers almost bloomed around her.

She followed Yue Yang around as she licked the lollipop that Yue Yang gave her, hopping around as she goes. It was as if she would still be happy even if Yue Yang was going to kidnap her. Yue Yang stored the Plum Leopard’s body inside his Lich Ring and carried the Drunken Cat Big Sis, then followed Xue Wu Xia to see his sister Yue Bing who was hiding in a valley.

The little valley was covered with demon’s corpses everywhere.

Yue Yang noticed that there were also quite a few human corpses around, warriors and robbers alike.

There were no mercenaries with Yue Bing and the others, only students from Shang Jing, Fragrance and Ivy Academies. Yue Yang could immediately notice something from these corpses, and that was, this attack was an ambush that had been planned very thoroughly. Not only had the Eastern Goblin Tribe arrived, the demons from the Demon Abyss, even human robbers and bandits had also colluded together. The Green Summit Sect, Zi Jin Kingdom and Western Lion Pagoda were definitely part of this scheme, even the Demonic Palace and the Thousand Goblins Sect might also be involved. This scheme had been very well-planned, it’s just that they had miscalculated one point. They would probably never imagine that after a great battle with the Eastern Goblin Tribe, not only the Eastern Goblin Tribe would not turn against the human race, they would also agree to a collaboration.

Although the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast and Yue Yang couldn’t represent any kind of power, Zhi Zun and the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s Dragon Emperor would finally know the truth about this matter.

Their enemy wanted to create discord between them. The plot of turning the Eastern Goblin Tribe against the Soaring Dragon Continent would definitely not prevail.

At the same time, they had also lost the Nine-headed Goblin Marshall, Zhi Diao (the Sable), Dream Eater, Bi Lin (the green snake), Huo Wei (the fire-tailed tortoise), Duan Mu and Liu He (the Green Summit Sect members). Yue Yang had reasons to let Goblin General Pi Pa and Goblin General Golden Toad go. The first was because he wasn’t sure he could catch up with Goblin General Pi Pa. The second was because Yue Yang wanted to let the Southern Goblin King know that he had suffered great losses. That way, he could temporarily spoil the alliance between the Southern Goblin King and the Green Summit Sect, Zi Jin Kingdom and Western Lion Pagoda.

If the plan succeeded, the Southern Goblin King would definitely be happy.

However, the plan had failed and he had suffered great losses. It would be weird if the Southern Goblin King did not fall out from the alliance.

Furthermore, the demons who failed and lost a lot of troops would definitely question the Fallen Humans who had guided them here…

“Just bear with it right now. We will attack them back when we have enough powers.” Xue Wu Xia understood Yue Yang’s intentions and quietly advised.

“That day won’t be too far away.” After going through so many great battles, Yue Yang felt that he was close to breaking through the fifth layer of Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Right now, the thing he needed was a quiet place to cultivate. He was also close to mastering the final Yin ability. As long as Xue Wu Xia could help him and practice Body Fusion together, Yue Yang felt like he could master the Fifth Layer any time and climb onto greater heights.

His Yang Ability controls fire.

His Yin Ability controls ice.

Yue Yang felt that if he could also master the Yin Ability, when he fought with his enemies in the future, he could give a taste of fire and ice hell to his enemies.

Of course, before he cultivate, he must first find his sister and bring her to a safe place.

At the end of the small valley, Hui Tai Lang who was covered in blood impressively stood on a giant rock, protecting his little mistress… Yue Bing, Yi Nan and Yue Yu were all gathered on a big rock and were trying to heal their wounds. The sickly beauty had first tried to wake Yue Yu up before they tried to heal Yue Bing and Yi Nan who had been weakened from their prolonged fight. With Yue Bing and Hui Tai Lang, who were the demon’s nemesis, joining hands together to fight, the piles of demon corpses were stacked up as high as a small hill.

The bodies laid layer upon layers, and blood flowed out like river.

On the other side, Fatty Hai who had turned into a Behemoth had not return back to his original body. He lied on a pile corpses and was snoring away as he slept.

Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were scattered all around the grounds as they lied on the ground.

Because of Hui Tai Lang’s explosive powers and killing a large number of Demon Legions, they did not suffer from life-threatening injuries, only superficial ones. Behind them there was a huge crowd of students who also looked exhausted, either sitting or lying on the ground. They tiredly looked after each other and healed their comrades as they waited for reinforcements.

They could only mostly be the support for the battle.

The main attackers were Yue Bing, Yi Nan, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Li Brothers, Prince of Tian Luo and the others. Although many were injured, there were few casualties. Other than those who were really unlucky, getting instantly killed by a Demon General or Demon Commander, most of them were safe. hui Tai Lang had reverted to its World Destroying Demon Wolf, killing a huge number of demons together with Yue Bing’s two Treant Defenders. Hui Tai Lang was the only beast who still had strength to fight when Yue Yang came.

Hui Tai Lang happily leapt towards Yue Yang, rubbing its head on him as it showed a loyal watchdog expression, as if it was saying, “look, i have tried to do my best”.

“Not bad, let me reward you with an Orb.” Yue Yang threw Huo Wei’s Orb into Hui Tai Lang’s mouth and rewarded him with a kick. His Innate Qi flowed from his leg into Hui Tau Lang’s body, quickening its injury recovery. It was so comfortable that Hui Tai Lang barked with happiness.

“Woof, woof woof!” Hui Tai Lang knew that Huo Wei’s Orb was an extremely high quality item. It couldn’t bear to swallow it immediately, slowly tasting it happily inside its mouth, as if it was eating pork ribs. The surrounding beasts all looked at Hui Tai Lang in envy. Although they didn’t know what an Orb was, the energy that they sensed from the Orb made them drool in greed… Forget about beasts, even the Prince of Tian Luo, who had forced himself to come over and welcome Yue Yang and the others became dumbstruck when he saw the Orb. He thought that the Platinum Dragon Demon Crystal was already undefeatable out there, but it was simply not worth mentioning compared to this Orb.

The energy contained in this Orb was many times stronger than the energy inside the Platinum Dragon Demon Crystal.

Most importantly, it was much purer and concentrated than the Platinum Dragon Demon Crystal.

The Platinum Dragon Demon Crystal was one of the treasures bestowed by the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians of the Tian Luo Kingdom to the Emperor Hua Xu Ri of Tian Luo for his coronation after hunting it from the Tong Tian Tower. It was a national treasure. Who would know that Yue Yang would throw an Orb that was ten times even more precious than their national treasure to their wolfdog just like that?

No wonder that Hui Tai Lang became so strong. How could a wolf dog that had eaten an Orb be weak?

Prince of Tian Luo felt that comparing himself to others would only make him angry!

“Where did you dig that jewel from?” The Prince of Tian Luo felt that Yue Yang was just like a newly rich person who squandered his money like water.

“I only managed to get this after killing an Eastern Goblin Tribesmen. Did you think getting this thing is easy? That fellow was an Innate-level Eastern Goblin Tribesmen, we spent a lot of effort to defeat him!” Yue Yang modestly replied.

“…” The Prince of Tian Luo’s tears flowed all over his face. Look at this Third Young Master of Yue Clan, he was the same age as him, yet he could already defeat an Innate-level Eastern Goblin Tribesmen.

“If there’s a chance in the future, we can form a party to defeat monsters and look for treasures together. However, you must support my pursuit for Luo Hua. Otherwise, we have nothing to talk about.” Yue Yang always have conditions for everything. He might not mind helping Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Li Brothers and Prince of Tian Luo to improve their abilities, but he definitely didn’t want to become a volunteer babysitter. There must be conditions involved. Prince of Tian Luo was overjoyed when he heard that. Sister Luo Hua was already engaged to this brat anyway, she would become the Yue Clan’s daughter-in-law sooner or later. He could just speak some good words and take advantage of the situation. This was nothing much.

He was afraid that Yue Yang would regret his words, so he quickly held Yue Yang’s hands and said, “It’s a deal!”

Hui Tai Lang realized that all the beasts around it were drooling for the Orb. It became extremely cocky as it shook its butt and walked proudly. Its big tail waved back and forth, showing off even more.

When Yue Yang saw this, he kicked it flying away, telling him not to be so cocky and ruin its master’s reputation.

Hui Tai Lang still couldn’t bear to swallow the Orb just like that. It was very clever. It knew that the moment it swallowed it, it would immediately level up. It might even need to sleep for a few days to evolve. Right now, it couldn’t swallow the Orb that easily. Hence it hopped happily towards its master and followed Yue Yang around, its head held high, as if showing a cocky expression as if it was saying “It’s your loss for not being able to have the Orb in my mouth”.

Yue Bing had already woken up, but she was very weak, hence she couldn’t stand.

Seeing that her brother had returned safely, she was exhilarated. She stomped down her tears as she reported to him, “Brother, I defeated two Demon Generals and many other monsters… I can now defeat a Demon General too!” Yue Yang felt that with her abilities, let alone defeating, she could even kill a Demon General easily. Of course, he would still praise her as he rubbed her head and said, ”Really? Bing-er is awesome! Defeating Demon Generals, you have done a great job!”

“Heehee.” Yue Bing lowered her head shyly when she heard her brother’s praise.

“It’s a pity that my Spirit Mirror is too low, otherwise I could match Yue Bing’s [Tree’s Thorns and Brambles] and [Poison] and increase the damage to the enemies.” Yi Nan lowered her head in regret. Her Spirit Mirror was only Gold-ranked Level 1 before. After overcoming this great battle, it had levelled up, but it was only Gold-ranked Level 2. It still couldn’t show off its full potential.

“Level it up slowly, we have a lot of time for that!” Yue Yang also rubbed her head a little.

“Yeah.” Yi Nan couldn’t take looking into Yue Yang’s mesmerizing eyes, she hurriedly averted her gaze.

Before long, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress also returned. They had found the unconscious old fox who was heavily injured… Due to the Hundred Transformations Demon and the Blood Scythe Demon’s appearance, the warriors who were in charge of hindering the enemy had all been killed other than the Head Referee and the old fox. Fortunately the warriors for Tian Luo had arrived on time and they managed to held on until the Heavenly Imperial Guardian’s arrival. In the end, they managed to push back the enemies and foiled the Demon Abyss’invasion.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.

The monsters from Demon Abyss who attacked Yue Bing and the others were only a small part of the army. They weren’t the main force, but Yue Bing and the others still couldn’t handle them.

However, the thing that surprised Yue Yang was that Xue Tan Lang, the ice cold guy who had ran towards the old fox to ask for help, had actually survived after being surrounded by the three new Demon Elders from the Thousand Goblins Sect.

“If you can help me put a few good words to your sister, I can also give you an Orb, an innate-level orb.” Yue Yang was prepared to bribe his future brother-in-law, Xue Tan Lang. Furthermore, his offer was extremely extravagant. Prince of Tian Luo was completely jealous when he heard this. His sister was also marrying the same person, why did Yue Yang give Xue Tan Lang an Orb but not him?

“That’s impossible!” Xue Tan Lang rejected him in one breath.

“You foolish son of a…” Prince of Tian Luo was completely speechless by his younger cousin. He thought, would he die if he agreed to it first? Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to do anything if he didn’t help him in the end anyway. Why would he reject him? Prince of Tian Luo was pent up with anger. That was an Innate-level Eastern Goblin Tribesman Orb!

“Bribing won’t work. I will definitely not let my Older Sister marry a fellow like you!” Xue Tan Lang humphed.

“Why?” Forget about Yue Yang, even the Prince of Tian Luo was curious.

“Because you have written that Letter of Engagement Cancellation, smearing my sister’s and our Xue Clan’s reputation completely.” Yue Yang almost fainted hearing Xue Tan Lang’s reason. That letter was fake, didn’t he know about it?

“Hey, that letter was a fake one sent by another person scheming against me, you know…?” Yue Yang was sweating profusely.

“Of course I know, but other people wouldn’t know it was fake.” Xue Tan Lang was an obstinate mule, Yue Yang thought that he would never be able to communicate with him.

“Idiots, the enemy could send in the next wave anytime, and you guys are still relaxing over here talking about chasing girls. You guys are going to be the death of me! Come over here quick, you guys really didn’t know how dangerous this place was. Move, try to teleport away from here quickly, find a place and hide!” When the old fox woke up, he angrily hit Yue Yang with his staff as he ordered everyone to quickly leave the Champion Island.

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  1. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Poor prince Tian Luo.. like you said~ comparing yourself to others would only make you angry!

  2. Hai Kun says:

    yep… LLS is still my favorite serious when serious funny as fk during serious situations too xD.
    and the MC lololol…. makes everyone cough out blood 24/7 hahah. love it!

  3. metazoxan says:

    Okay ….. let’s review what was said at the end

    [“Bribing won’t work. I will definitely not let my Older Sister marry a fellow like you!” Xue Tan Lang humphed.

    “Why?” Forget about Yue Yang, even the Prince of Tian Luo was curious.

    “Because you have written that Letter of Engagement Cancellation, smearing my sister’s and our Xue Clan’s reputation completely.” Yue Yang almost fainted hearing Xue Tan Lang’s reason. That letter was fake, didn’t he know about it?

    “Hey, that letter was a fake one sent by another person scheming against me, you know…?” Yue Yang was sweating profusely.

    “Of course I know, but other people wouldn’t know it was fake.” Xue Tan Lang was an obstinate mule, Yue Yang thought that he would never be able to communicate with him.]

    what….What………….WHAT!?! No seriously what the hell? What kind of nonsense bullshit excuse is that? Just tell people the other was fake! If everyone has heard about the letter “Which should have been a private matter to begin with instead of being spread to every living person on the continent” then they’ll hear the news it was all a scam by Yue Yang’s enemies.

    This is seriously the most nonsensicle bullshit I have heard in a long and I mean a LONG time. This is clearly just a cheap excuse to add in some romantic tension and give the MC someone to chase after since every other girl in the plot has either thrown themselves at his feet with little provocation or have made it clear they will throw themselves at his feet later after he becomes more powerful than them and ends up saving them or something.

    Look I don’t ask that a story be perfect. I don’t blame stories for having some forced or contrived points once in a while. But this …. this is just disgustingly lazy. Again the author is clearly trying to make up for the fact he forgot to put in any romantic build up before throwing women at the MC so he’s forcing a reason for the MC and bookworm girl to not be together and also has the nerve to insult all the other girls in the cast by implying this one is far more important than any of the others.

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