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LLS Chapter 263 – Xue, Wu Xia

Chapter 263 – Xue, Wu Xia
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Ah, it’s alright… Just vaguely.” Yue Yang thought that if he said the wrong thing, she would definitely looked at him full of spite. If the Drunken Cat Big Sis woke up and found out about this, she would definitely bury him alive. Hence, he decided that he should just speak the truth.

“Vaguely?” Wu Xia’s bright eyes shone with an “are you sure?” look.

“Most probably because there was no comparison, no previous samples…” Yue Yang wanted to say that he could only be sure of the feeling in his hands of she let him touch hers a little.

“I understand, I’ll give you a chance to do it!” Wu Xia’s words made Yue Yang think that he had heard a goddess’ voice.

“Really?” Yue Yang’s heart was filled with exhilaration.

“If you could save Cousin Wu Hen, touch Princess Qian Qian’s and Luo Hua City Mistress’, I really wouldn’t mind.” Wu Xia really liked to see Yue Yang’s expression now. She looked at him with her clear eyes, not blinking at all.

“So you would only be liberal at the expense of others…” Yue Yang cried out in dismay. Of course Princess Qian Qian, Lup Hua and the others were also his targets, but the one he wanted to touch now was thsi cute bookworm Wu Xia. He felt that it would be the hardest to capture this girl, but he would feel the most sense of accomplishment afterwards. Although he loved boobs, be it D-cup, E-cup, F-cup or more, none of that matters compared to this perfect snowy peaks of this Wu Xia!

“Yue Yang, you must take note of one thing. You are now engaged to big sister Luo Hua and little sister Yi Nan. I’m no longer your fiancee, if I’m not wrong, I had allowed you to rescind your engagement a year ago. Hence, actually, I have no relationship with you at all.” Wu Xia’s words finally ensured Yue Yang that this mysterious bookworm girl was Miss Xue that was engaged to the pitiful guy, Xue Wu Xia.

“You know that that’s fake. I’ve never written any kind of engagement cancellation letter. Someone had impersonated me!” Hearing her confession, Yue Yang hurriedly grabbed her hands emotionally.

“True that. But I’ve never agreed to be your fiancee from the beginning,” Wu Xia released her hands from his.

“Then agree to it now.” Yue Yang was the best in pushing his will onto others.

“No.” Wu Xia rejected him in one breath.

“Why? I’m serious about this. Although I didn’t have time to prepare an engagement ring now, but there’s something I have been wanting to say to you. I had tried to hide it for a long time, holding it in inside…” Even Yue Yang was almost moved to tears by his own love story. A love that transcends space and time, if his story was made into a movie, wouldn’t the audience be moved to tears?

All those other cliched love stories in the movies should just be eliminated, only his love story that transcends time and space could be called true love!

Yue Yang was sure that he liked Wu Xia, one hundred percent sure.

This was not just a matter of spending his whole life with her and risking his life in battles for her. It was that kind of feeling in his heart that was hard to describe, a soul’s calling, a thirst that he would forever long for in his life. It was a destiny made in heaven, an indescribable chemistry that existed before they were even born… Other than her, there was no other woman more compatible with him.

She was his other half that he was looking for in this other world.

She was the final dream that his heart yearned for.

Yue Yang was extremely sure that he loved this girl. He had loved her for a long time. He started to have feelings for her after their life-and-death battle with Marquis of Zi Jin. Afterwards, they went through even more life-threatening battles, and his feeling grew more and more.

Although Yue Yang also liked the tigress Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress who had a very unique way of laughing, the extremely weak and fragile sickly beauty and the cute Yi Nan… He even had a mild mother and sister-complex. However, the person that he loved the most, missed the most and thirsted for the most was still this kind, intelligent, talented and mysterious beauty, Xue Wu Xia!

“Stop it, you don’t have to say sweet words of lies. With regards to men who were touching other girl’s breasts five minutes after separating from me, don’t you think I should seriously think it over first?” Xue Wu Xia’s eyes sparkled. Her words made perfect sense. If that man in question wasn’t himself, Yue Yang would agree with her one hundred percent.

“Please listen to this sinner’s arguement first.” Yue Yang hurriedly give it his all and prepared to use his silver tongue to reverse the truth.

His argument was that: if a person was extremely hungry, he would even eat dog’s food.

Because beggars cam’t be chosers.

On the contrary, if a person ate until they were full and satisfied everyday, they wouldn’t even care looking at big chunks of meat and fish. His underlying meaning was that if there was a goddess that could service him day and night and give him a blissful sexual life, then he would definitely be a good boy and not touch other people’s boobs at his whims. On the contrary, if he had no other way, he would be forced to take risks out of desperation. He might even be driven to the point that even if he had to kill tomorrow, he had to touch some boobs today.

Yue Yang’s argument was also logical, no matter if it was according to the perspectives of human nature, mental health and physical health, it all fit the bill of a nerd’s expectations who had been deprived of women for far too long.

Who doesn’t go through puberty as a girl? Who doesn’t have sexual fantasies as a guy?

In the end, Yue Yang used these words as conclusion. Even he himself was moved by his speech. He said, did you think it was easy being a nerd?

When Wu Xia heard his argument, she nodded slightly, “Hmm, good speech.”

Yue Yang was excited and he immediately grabbed her beautiful hands, “Are you saying yes?”

The mysterious beauty who liked to read books, Yue Yang’s fiancee Miss Xue, Xue Wu Xia, revealed a little smile in her eyes as she said, “I’m very sorry, Yue Yang. I can only say that I sympathized with your difficulties, but I can’t possibly offer my life to feed you because you were a hungry wolf almost driven into desperation, right? This shouldn’t be the reason for me getting together with you. Yue Yang, wait until you have a better reason to persuade me before arguing with me again. We’ll see your performance. I won’t deny that you are an extremely talented genius in terms of combat and summoning skills. But in terms of wooing girls, I daresay you are a huge idiot…”

Yue Yang didn’t quite agree with her.

He thought that his wooing methods were still alright. At least there were already quite a few girls in his circle.

Although he wasn’t at the level like “A leaf that didn’t stop passing through a field of ten thousands flowers” he was at least at the level of “The bright moon starles the crow on the slanting bough, At midnight the breeze is cool, cicadas shrill; The fragrance of the paddy foretells a good love story, and wolves howl far and wide. Seven or eight stars above the horizon, Two or three drops of rain before the hill; With no money to rent a room we went to the forest edge, having a lover’s rendezvous right at the river side.”
(Shiro: The first phrase meant a guy who never wavered loving a girl although he had many female suitors. The second one was a modified version of a famous poem, Xi Jiang Ye – http://chinaenglish.com.cn/html/englishliterature/2013-06/50492.html)

Alright, even though they haven’t really had a lover’s rendezvous, he had already thought about it in his mind.

With regards to Yue Yang’s self-confidence, Xue Wu Xia could only slap her palm to her forehead after listening to his preaching.

“Don’t you think you should capture the easiest girl to woo first? For example, my cousin Shui Wu Hen. Although she rejected your offer to heal her on the surface, if you really force yourself on her, she would be okay with it, because she had chosen you in her heart. As long as you don’t disappoint her in the future, that would definitely be possible. There is also Big Sister Luo Hua, who is even an easier target than her. She love romance, you can just take her to moon-watching and whisper romantic words like “Before my bed, the moon is shining bright. On the floor, there were two pairs of shoes”, those kinds of poems. You can also plant some flowers with her, she would easily fall into your lies.”

When Yue Yang heard this, he was crying inside. He definitely did not have enough practice.

He hurriedly asked for more advice, his voice extremely sincere, “How about Princess Qian Qian?”

The mysterious Xue Wu Xia who liked to read books was definitely a class A beauty. If Yue Yang had not heard it himself, he would never believe that she would teach him how to capture girls. This was really unbelievable, but Yue Yang likes it!

Xue Wu Xia then lightly said, “Princess Qian Qian liked to practice her combat skills. You can try to get closer to her from here, help her practice. Furthermore, that tigress only had a sharp mouth. Her heart is soft. Maybe her mouth is denying you, but you can use practicing combat skills as an excuse to touch her body. She would definitely not do anything to you. Sooner or later, you will get closer to her, and your relationship would naturally get more intimate.”

In this world, perhaps only Xue Wu Xia would teach her own fiance how to woo other girl.

Yue Yang was a little confused.

Why would she help himself so much?

If he had captured the other three girls, what benefit would it be to her?

Of course, he didn’t hthink that it was a bad thing…. He thought that if his future wife could teach him how to win girls over, he could chase after girls more boldly than Xiao Bao. If he did not manage to win over Wu Hen, Luo Hua and Qian Qian, he would let down his future wife’s expectations!
(Shiro: Xiao Bao is the main character in the Deer and the Cauldron, a Chinese Novel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Deer_and_the_Cauldron)

In the end, Yue Yang really wanted to ask Wu Xia how he could win her over.

However, he thought that her reply would be a punch to his face.

Yue Yang thought that he should drop the subject. The hardest one should be won over by his own strength, this way, when he managed to really win her over, he would feel a greater sense of accomplishment!

“My deepest gratitudes for your advice. Please allow me to repay you with my body!” Yue Yang pretended to be grateful and suddenly pounced on Wu Xia, hugging her tightly in his embrace. As he enjoyed her sweet smell and touch, he felt that if he could have such a girl in his life, he had not lived his life in vain. Who cares about getting transported to another world if he could meet such a beauty? It was worth it even if he had to be transported for a hundred times.

It was the first time that Yue Yang felt eternally grateful towards the Old Daoist Priest who kicked his butt into another dimension.

When he thought about it, that old fellow had treated him quite well. He had not only sent him the Heavenly Sword Goddess, he had also allowed him to meet so many perfect, class A beauties in the Soaring Dragon Continent. That sin of himm for kicking him to another world, he would forgive him if he surrenedered his granddaughter to him!

That wonderful feeling of holding Wu Xia’s body made Yue Yang think that he would never forget this feeling his whole life!

If it was possible, he really wished that he could hold her for his whole life.

With regard to Yue Yang’s perverted moves, Xue Wu Xia knitted her brows slightly and said, “What do you mean by this? Taking an advantage of me when you have the chance?”

“This is out of my control, I cannot help my own feelings of gratitude and sincerity towards you. Wu Xia, I’m really moved!” Yue Yang thought that he had done the boldest thing he had in his whole life! This was that legendary move, pulling a beauty into his embrace. Ha, what use is having the whole world? He would rather pull beauty into his embrace!

Yue Yang knew that if he failed, then he would really die in a horrible way!

After all, he wasn’t some kind of an emperor. If Wu Xia went berserk, she would probably attack him with lightning in her left and icicle in her right hand!

“You can show your sincerity better by not touching any other girls within three days. I won’t forgive you next time for this!” Xue Wu Xia glared at Yue Yang.

She didn’t attack, that was really lucky.

Although she didn’t pursue the matter further, it was obvious that she was a little jealous.

However, it’s still alright. If this girl could get jealous, that proved that he had a space in her heart. He would have a chance… Yue Yang let go of Wu Xia unwillingly and tried to ingrain the feeling of her body into his mind, before looking at the angry Wu Xia who couldn’t seem to hide her embarrassment. Yue Yang was almost moved to tears! This is great, since this girl is shy, that means she had feelings for him… Alright then, chasing after girls is a long road ahead, but he had already managed to take the first step.

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  3. Milanin says:

    I mean… I almost want to call all of what his thoughts just said BULL… But somewhere inside, I want to believe that he actually means at least some of it (beyond the I want to embrace a girl, I love boobs for I am male part)

    • Light says:

      Well I’d say it isn’t really bull. I’d say what the other girls feel for him is a bit forced though…
      As for his feelings, it wasn’t done badly. He likes the other girls and would even fight with his life on the line to help them if he had to. He’s proven that, and he wants to conquer them, but Wu Xia is different. He actually seems to love Wu Xia from that time when she saved him from the Marquis. He doesn’t just want her because she’s hot (although that helps), he wants her since he’s attracted to her personality and actions.

      • Milanin says:

        And I can’t see that beyond him being a wolf. I mean… every beauty that has the ‘virgin smell’, he chases… Has there been a single ‘virgin smell’ girl that he’s killed so far? I mean, even the sister of the Innate, she tried to kill him ffs… And now? He wants her and for some unknown reason she seems to be holding feelings for him… If this didn’t have a story different from other stories I’ve read I probably would have thrown this story to the wind for being a lecherous, harem maker, mothercon, siscon, monstergirlcon & etc. story.

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          Yup all the other girls have high backgrounds which means the possibility of a political marriage is always in the background, which also means they might have to become opponents in the future. By marrying a overpowered ranker like him who is going to tell them to do anything they gain freedom because they know he values them as people not just political pieces and their little sisterhood gets to stay together.

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    • infernaljayed says:

      Ni Yan gave him her engagement jade and Lou Hua’s father already calling him son-in-law so there you have it.

    • ninjabladeJr says:

      The wolf analogy is not referring to a wolf’s matting habits but rather comparing men to starving wolves salivating at the prospect of the innocent lamb’s flesh.

    • DMR says:

      It’s from the term “men are hungry wolves” and about how their sexual appetite for females is supposedly never ending.

  5. thejum says:


    I feel like this chapter probably really suffers in the translation due to Chinese sayings and poetry. But you conveyed the intent pretty well anyway.

    Good stuff. 🙂

  6. cupcakeninja18 says:

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    But i just cant accept a girl who encourages the MC to conquer other women as being the best girl. Personally, even though that isnt always the case, it makes me feel like the girl isnt as into the MC as we think, since she is telling him to pretty much cheat on her. Any girl who supports a harem from the get-go isnt best girl material in my book. Yeah, i know thats a bit wrong since, i mean, what other girl would allow that, right? But still…

    I know she probably has some doubts and hesitation about it, but thats only assuming she has real feelings for him. And i find her hard to see though. Her being all mysterious is seriously pissing me off for that very reason. Her actions say she might like him, but i dont see many of her inner thoughts so i cant be sure her feelings are genuine or simply for the sake of keeping the sisterhood together.

    I feel she should be more jealous than she is shown to be. Not enouraging him go after other women. She knows that he loves her most, but doesnt do anything about it. She should be more selfish here. But the sisterhood, its like she prioritizes that instead. And i find that almost insulting to Yue Yang. If she just gave in, she might be able to have him too herself. The fact she chooses not to…it makes me a bit dissatisfied. Oddly relieved too, since the harem is possible…

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