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LLS Chapter 262 – Hand’s Feel, Wanting to feel it forever!

Chapter 262 – Hand’s Feel, Wanting to feel it forever!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Since there’s a chance that you guys are our future allies, I won’t hide this from you. We, the Eastern Goblin Tribe, have powerful strength, but our numbers are too low. As for intelligence, it’s either goblin monsters or goblins that can transform into human like us. Compare to you humans, we are actually quite a bit lacking. Forget about goblin monsters, warrior goblins that can transform into humans and is nearing Innate like the Xiong Brothers and the Mei Hua Brothers, we only have 1000 of them. Those who are Innate-ranked and above, we only have around 100 men. Looks like we have a little bit more than you humans. We, the Eastern Goblin Tribe, possessed a stronger physique, but our intelligence are not as high as yours. You humans possessed high intelligence, but you don’t have strong bodies like ours… Both the human race and the Eastern Goblin tribe have our own strength and weaknesses. If our two races can form an alliance and help each other out, I believe that we would be able to show our strongest strength!” Fiery Golden Eyes Beast’s words made Yue Yang enter into deep thought.

The Eastern Goblin Tribe was indeed very strong. They had 1000 men almost Innate-ranked and 100 Innates.

These numbers were quite impressive.

Each kingdom in the Soaring Dragon Continent would only have a few Innates at the most. There were indeed a few dozens of Innates in the Innate Alliance, but those old folks completely didn’t care about political matters. Furthermore, the Innates in the human race were further divided divided amongst the Demon Palace, Thousand Goblins Sect, Green Summit Sect and the Four Great Sects. If they count it that way, there really wasn’t much left.

In Da Xia Kingdom alone, not including himself, there were only 6 Innates.

There were 2 Heavenly Imperial Guardians and 1 State Grandmaster., two Innates from the Feng and Xue Clan each, and lastly an Innate traitor who had betrayed Da Xia to join the Demonic Palace… As for those who are close to becoming an Innate, there were also not a lot, for example the old fox and Grandma Wu Teng. They were the closest to becoming an Innate. Maybe in some aspects they were already stronger than Innate Level 1, but they still had not reached the Innate Realm. According to the old fox, Grandma Wu Teng was an Innate last time, but she was attacked by her enemies and suffered grave injuries that caused her to lose her Innate status. She had been unable to revert back into an Innate ever since. If she could be cured, Da Xia would gain another Innate.

As for warriors below Level 8 [Emperor] and Level 7 [Overlord], there were quite a few of them. Each Clan Master would be at least that.

For example, the old man Yue Hai, Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong, Feng Kuang, Eastern Sky King, Western Sky King and even Jun Wu You. All of the Soaring Dragon Continent elites were all stuck at Level 8 [Emperor] and below, unable to even hope to enter the Innate Realm.

The Eastern Goblin Tribe had the ability to transcend space and kidnap jun Wu You and the rest just by sending a few people like the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast, an Innate that was the leader of the party, the Xiong Brothers and Mei Hua Brothers, warriors that had almost reached Innate. It couldn’t be denied that the humans in the Soaring Dragon Continent was really too weak compared to the other races in the Outer Realm and Demon Abyss.

“If we can persuade Zhi Zun, then we can probably advise her to collaborate with you, the Eastern Goblin tribe.” Yue Yang made a decision.

It would be a very difficult to do if one wanted to rise in power without a strong ally.

At least, he should not have such a strong enemy like the Eastern Goblin tribe when he was just starting out.

The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast was exhilarated.

If Yue Yang was an ordinary human youngster, he wouldn’t care about Yue Yang’s reaction. However, Yue Yang was an Innate, and furthermore, he had the ability to defeat the Southern Goblin King’s subordinates. This was the mysterious boy who had beaten the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal black and blue. His words, in the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast’s ears sounded more important than a King’s words.

He cupped his hands politely towards Yue Yang, “Later on, when I return back to the Palace, I will personally report everything to his Highness. As for the rest of your people, I believe they will be able to return soon.”

In one exchange, the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast had said a lot of the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s secrets. He had also said a lot of information with regards to the Tong Tian Tower.

In the end, Yue Yang and the four girls whispered their discussion for a while before deciding to leave.

The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast was not impatient to leave, he was worried that Yue Yang couldn’t find the exit to the Ancient Passage instead. He lead Yue Yang and the four girls towards the secret teleportation portal to the Soaring Dragon Continent. Seeing that Yue Yang and the four girls had safely teleported away, he finally looked for the teleportation portal to the Eastern Goblin Tribe area to report back to his Goblin King.

When Yue Yang and the four girls teleported back, they did not return to the Champion Island. Instead, they appeared in the middle of a desert.

Fortunately Yue Yang had prepared a teleportation scroll to the Champion Island beforehand. After a flash of white light, Yue Yang and the four girls returned back to the Champion Island that they had not left for even a day. However, they could only see bloody mess all over the horizon. There were demon corpses, parts of demon corpses lying everywhere… In the middle, there were also quite a few human corpses, most of them had parts of their bodies bitten off by the demons, the sight too horrible to see. The mysterious beauty Wu Xia and the sickly beauty immediately teamed up and separated to the east side to look for the old fox, who had led the Ivy Academies students. Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress also walked together towards the west. As for Yue Yang, he returned to the Championship Stadium because he remembered that they had left the older Mei Hua Brothers alive there. There were only the Drunken Cat Sister and the Panda Girl Niu Niu, he was afraid that they would be in danger.

Yue Yang hurried to the Championship Stadium. He realized that the whole Stadium had collapsed.

The older Mei Hua Brother lay dead in the middle of the piles of rocks.

The Drunken Cat Sister was lying on a huge collapsed rock and drinking the alcohol in her hands. There were countless scratches on her body, and the chest part of her body had also been destroyed. Her battered and bloodied breasts could faintly be seen.

The little Panda Girl Niu Niu leaned on the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s back, snoring as she slept, looking extremely tired.

Her expression was bitter, as if she was having a bad dream. Her whole body was smeared in blood, so much that she had almost turned into a red panda.

Yue Yang felt a pang in his heart. How could she be beaten up this badly? Why didn’t the Drunken Cat Big Sis take care of her daughter properly? Niu Niu was still so young, how could she fight against an Eastern Goblin Tribesman whose strength was almost at Innate level! Yue Yang rushed forward, took the little Niu Niu into his arms and channeled some Innate Qi. He then called forth Xiao Wen Li to release her white balls of healing light to heal her… Although Xiao Wen Li’s white light was more for purification purposes, it was also quite useful for healing superficial injuries.

“How’s your injuries?” After Yue Yang saved the little one, he hurried to save the big one, the Drunken Cat Big Sis.

“Do you have wine?” The Drunken Cat Big Sis shook her empty bottle of wine and threw it away. Then she reached out with her bloodied hand, asking for wine.

“Bullshit! Do you know you can’t drink when you are injured? Are you trying to die?!” Yue Yang tried to feel her pulse, and found out that the Drunken Cat Big Sis was heavily injured and was about to die. Many of her ribs were broken and her internal organs were all injured. Her body was pushed to her limits, if he had not return on time, her little life would have more or less ended. Yue Yang understood that she became like this because she had fought against the older Mei Hua Brother alone!

Only heaven would know how she managed to kill the older Mei Hua Brother whose powers were so much stronger than her. However, she had managed to kill him in the end. She even managed to endure until Yue Yang returned.

Yue Yang shook her slightly, “Why are there only the two of you? What about the rest? Xue Tan Lang? The old fox?

“I… don’t know. Everyone started fighting, I was alone… anyway, i’m tired, let me sleep for a while!” The Drunken Cat Big Sis collapsed to the ground. Previously, she had relied on her strong will to endure on and wait for Yue Yang’s return. The moment she felt relieved, all the fatigue came crashing onto her.

“Don’t sleep, if you sleep now, you’ll die.” Yue Yang was shocked.

He didn’t care anymore, he first took out the Vase Artifact he had gotten from the Twelve Zodiac Temples. He then poured two drops of the God’s Dew into the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s mouth.

Who cares if this God’s Dew was worth the whole of heavens? He would definitely not let this Big Sis die.

When the God’s Dew entered her body, bright rays of light shone out from the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s body and her injuries healed quickly.

Yue Yang tried to help her healing with his Innate Qi. He tear out the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s tattered clothes and treated her broken ribs. He then prepared a wet towel to wipe the blood away from her body. When he discovered her white, creamy chest, he hurriedly covered her with Yue Yang’s clothes. Although they were not of the same size, it was better than nothing. When Yue Yang was changing her clothes, as he realized that the Drunken Cat Big Sis was completely unconscious, he couldn’t help but to touch those mountain peaks for a while. The feeling he felt in his hands was indescribable, so good that he felt like flying to heaven… This Drunken Cat Big Sis’s breast was firm and bouncy, its shape beautiful beyond compare. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was afraid that Wu Xia, Wu Hen, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress would arrive and saw his perverted ways, he wouldn’t have wanted to stop grabbing her breasts.

Alright then, goodbye, breasts! I will forever cherish the memory!

This Big Sister would belong to him sooner or later. He would reserve her first, and thought about wooing her later in the future. He would teach her slowly in the future….

Furthermore, there was also an advantage for getting her, he would get an extra little Panda girl if he succeeded. The Big Sis Mom and her little girl Niu Niu, the world’s most evil mother-daughter pair, could only amount as much in the end.

Yue Yang started to drool as his mind started to wander. Xiao Wen Li was a little confused with his actions, she tilted her head as she watched. When Yue Yang saw that he was teaching his daughter the wrong thing, he hurriedly stroked her hair softly and kissed her forehead, pretending to be a good daddy. Xiao Wen Li was indeed easy to manipulate. Her eyes closed as her lips spread into a big smile.

The mysterious beauty Wu Xia suddenly teleported there with her teleportation ability.

She nodded towards Yue Yang, “I found Bing-er and Yi Nan. They are fine, but they had been ambushed and fought a great battle afterwards. They suffered many injuries. Your three brothers weren’t that capable, they immediately lost their consciousness after getting beaten by their enemies. But your big dog, Hui Tai Lang, was really powerful. It had actually bitten off three Demon Generals and one Demon Commander. It killed of a whole Demon Legion on his own, it was really a good dog. Its abilities were really not bad, I think if you give him Huo Wei’s Orb, it might just evolve into an Innate-ranked beast…”

“Where’s the old fox?” Yue Yang did not hear the old fox name from her. He knew that the old fox would never escape on his own. Could it be that he was killed by the demons?

“We can’t find him, seems like he is fighting a strong opponent.” When Wu Xia noticed that the Drunken Cat Big Sis was wearing Yue Bing’s clothes, she suddenly grabbed Yue Yang’s hands and smelled it.

“I honestly didn’t touch…” Yue Yang spoke filled with guilty conscience.

“Really?” Wu Xia glared at Yue Yang with a gaze that could kill someone, a gaze that was even scarier than Luo Hua City Mistress’ Aurora.

“Alright, I admit, I did touch it a few times. There’s no other way, I couldn’t control my own hands.” Yue Yang knew that it would be best to be honest at this time, especially when he was almost unable to hide the secret. His life’s philosophy was – lie whenever you can and be honest if you can’t lie.

“It’s okay to touch it a few times. I wasn’t reprimanding you.” Wu Xia laughed a little. Hearing her words, Yue Yang was flabbergasted. This couldn’t be. Was she always that open-minded?

“Did I hear wrongly?” Yue Yang really couldn’t believe his own ears.”

“How does your hand feel now?” Wu Xia asked him back coldly.

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