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LLS Chapter 261 – Victory and Alliance

Chapter 261 – Victory and Alliance
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“No, no!” The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal cried out pitifully.

He knew the terror of Nirvana’s Flame, but he never thought that he, whose strength had reached the level of Innate Level 4, couldn’t even defend against the attack.

When he saw the mighty Nirvana’s Flame that had been condensed into a long spear shot straight towards his chest, he knew that he was on the brink of death. Naturally, his heart let out a cry full of despair. He suddenly opened the mouth of gigantic head in the middle wide and spit out the Orb that he had condensed all of his energy into towards Yue Yang, thinking of dying together with him… However, the sickly beauty Wu Hen had suddenly teleported to Yue Yang. She had borrowed the mysterious beauty Wu Xia’s teleportation ability to teleport right to Yue Yang’s side and materialised her Crystal Shield without a second thought.

The Dragon Orb emitted a strong burst of light as it shot fiercely onto the Crystal Shield.

In that instant when the Dragon Orb collided onto the strong Crystal Shield, a crack appeared and spread all throughout the Crystal Shield. The Silver Runes engraved on the Crystal Shield had also slowly lost its light under the strong collision from the Dragon Orb.

The Crystal Shield was still standing.

But there was a small hole on the shield.

The Dragon Orb that had bored through the Crystal Shield had drastically decreased in speed, however, it was still flying as fast as lightning towards Yue Yang.

The sickly beauty Wu Hen immediately turned towards Yue Yang and hugged him tightly, prepared to use her body and Crystal Armour to protect Yue Yang from this life-threatening Dragon Orb.

“Idiot!” Yue Yang was really shocked at her actions.

He spun his arms and hugged her instead, and with a sidespin, he swung them away and avoided the Dragon Orb.

Although they couldn’t withstand the attack, who said that they couldn’t avoid it? Yue Yang was never a foolhardy person who would receive an attack head-on no matter what. With regards to the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s Dragon Orb attack, Yue Yang had already anticipated it beforehand. He had already paid special attention to it ever since he saw the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal attacking Golden Eyes just now. He didn’t expect that Wu Hen would teleport to his side and block the attack for him, but no matter what, he would not let the girl that he liked risk her life to protect him… That kind of action would definitely become the beginning of a tragic life.

The Dragon Orb grazed across Yue Yang’s arms, flying through the two people.

Seeing that his attack had fallen onto empty air, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal immediately willed his Orb to turn and shoot towards Yue Yang who was hugging the sickly beauty again.

However, although he was fully in control of his Dragon Orb, under such a powerful and fast speed, he was not able to turn it at moment’s notice. Instead, the Dragon Orb flew around ten metres away before slowing down a little and turning its direction towards Yue Yang.

At this time, Yue Yang had already had enough time to react. He pulled out the Nirvana Flame Spear from the nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s body, turned it into a Nirvana Flame Shield and placed it right in front of him. When the Dragon Orb collided onto the Nirvana Flame Shield, its power immediately disappeared like snow inside a burning volcano. Its speed immediately decreased, and all of the impurities, evil thoughts, evil Qi and the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s will inside the Orb were all burnt away. Only the purest form of energy was left behind.

“Howl….” The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal rolled on the ground in extreme pain.

He was already in pain from the strike of Nirvana Flame Spear on his body, and he did not manage to take back his will to control the Dragon Orb before it was burnt away by the Nirvana Flame. This had made the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal feel a pain that was befitting of the pain in the Eighteenth Hell.

He would rather die than experience the burning pain of the Nirvana Flame.

Not only his body and flesh, even his soul and mind would be destroyed completely by the Nirvana Flame.

When Yue Yang released his Nirvana Flame the third time, the previously fist-sized Dragon Orb had been refined into a pure Orb that was no larger than a pearl. On the other side, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal had already collapsed onto the ground, breathing his last. He had not died, but he was suffering more than if he was dead. This was because the Orb and his mind was one body. When Yue Yang destroyed his Orb, it was equivalent to him destroying his mind.

Having lost his Orb, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal could no longer maintain his Innate Level 3 state. His power kept decreasing, and he finally dropped out of the Innate Realm right before he died.

At a far distance, Goblin General Zi Diao who had suffered heavy injuries on both of her legs watched this turn of events in complete disbelief. A powerful existence such as the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal had actually been killed by a little human boy who was only Innate Level 1… The thing that completely fucked Goblin General Zi Diao’s mind was when that human boy who was even scarier than a Demon King suddenly summoned a girl with a flower crown on her head. The moment that girl who looked completely pure and without evil waved her hands, giant vines bored out from the earth, and a gigantic flower which had a mouth big enough to swallow a whole Giant Mammoth swallowed the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s corpse, all in one mouth.

“You can’t eat this yet, I still have some use for her.” Yue Yang stopped the Thorny Flower Demoness when she had the thought of swallowing the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast.

“…” The Thorny Flower Demoness still couldn’t speak yet, but she already have enough intelligence to show her thoughts.
She pointed at Goblin General Zi Diao and asked soundlessly, “Can I eat this?”

“No, no, don’t!” Goblin General Zi Diao already knew who this innocent-looking girl who did not even spit out bones when she swallowed her prey was. She was that Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen who was said to have annihilated a whole Demon Legion and another two Blood Prison Demon Kings alone. Maybe this girl had not reached the level of a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen yet, but she was already very close to it. Looking at her leisured way of swallowing the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal, she would definitely not have any problems swallowing her whole too.

Goblin General Zi Diao was not afraid of being taken as prisoner by her enemies, because her enemies would only torture her body at the most. She wouldn’t mind that.

She not only possessed the strong recovery ability of an Eastern Goblin Tribesman, she also had an unlimited vitality. No matter how grave her injury was, she would definitely recover given enough time to heal.

As long as she could get out of here alive, there would still be hope for her.

She would rely on her natural abilities of ‘Soul Captivating Fragrance’ and ‘Lightning Fast Speed’ to escape.

The Thorny Flower Demoness completely disregarded Goblin General Zi Diao’s plead for mercy. In her heart, all of her master’s enemies were food. As long as they were tasty, she would definitely eat them, no matter if they were dead or alive.

The four girls were a little speechless by this Thorny Flower Demoness who could swallow people alive.

of course, they were not old-fashioned minded like their predecessors who would show mercy to their enemies. That was equivalent to being cruel to themselves. With regards to Goblin General Zi Diao’s plead for mercy, the four girls turned away their faces and pretended not to see anything. When Goblin General Zi Diao saw that the four girls had turned away from her, her expression immediately changed. She, who had just been pleading for mercy a few seconds ago, rolled on the ground and turned into a giant marten. It opened its mouth wide and spouted a thick cloud of smoke onto the Thorny Flower Demoness, then escaped through the Ancient Passage for her life.

Countless Thorny Flowers sprouted from the ground

No matter how fast the Giant Marten was, it was completely useless.

The thorny flower trunks twined around the Giant Marten’s body like an agile python, wrapping her tightly like a rice dumpling, not even giving her a chance to budge. In the sky, Ah Man, who was raising the Gold Leo Shield and swinging it down with an extremely powerful strength, smashed the Gold Leo Shield onto the Giant Marten’s head. The Giant Marten was already suffering from heavy injuries in the first place. When the heavy blow landed, her head was almost split open. With a pained cry, she immediately fainted.

In the Barbarian Cow’s heart, she must deliver her ultimate blow to all of her master’s enemies.

She didn’t care if it were male or female, human or goblin.

Everyone would be treated the same way.

The humanoid secondary trunk that was over ten metres tall opened its arms and engulfed the Giant Marten into its embrace. Countless vines twirled together to form one body, wrapping its prey inside.

Ever since she entered the Ancient Passage, the Thorny Flower Demoness was even happier than a little girl on her birthday. This was because after getting to eat Liu He and Duan Mu, she also had the chance to eat Innate-levelled rankers. To her, there was no difference in races.it didn’t matter if it was human, demon or Eastern Goblin Tribesmen, as long as they were Innate Rankers, they were all first class, delicious food…

“Are you sure you are going to let the Fiery Eyes Golden Beast go?” Princess Qian Qian felt that there must be a reason why Yue Yang had let that fellow go.

“If we don’t let him off, the misunderstanding between humans and the Easter Goblin Tribesmen would really happen. Furthermore, based on what this Golden Eyes had said, the Eastern Goblin King did not have any interest of invading Soaring Dragon Continent at all. He only wanted to change the outsider relationship he had with human Innate Alliance. Perhaps he wanted to join hands to conquer the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, or perhaps he needed help conquering some other areas. I wanted to ask first and make sure of the Goblin King’s goals before deciding again.” Yue Yang thought that if the Eastern Goblin King really wanted to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent, he wouldn’t send his men to kidnap the elites in the Soaring Dragon Continent.He could just kill all of them, why would he go to such lengths and kidnap them?

“That makes sense. This Golden Eyes is indeed a crucial player in this mess.” Wu Xia agreed with Yue Yang’s viewpoint.

Luo Hua City Mistress was just about to speak when she realized her precious baby had returned. She immediately disregarded the discussion about the life and death of the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast and welcomed the return of her Three-tailed Snow Fox.

The Three-tailed Snow Fox looked a little excited as it carried the already dead little Lightning Marten. In the great battle of the same races, it, who had greater intelligence finally achieved the last victory.

Seeing its master welcoming it excitedly, the Three-tailed Snow Fox immediately dropped its prey and happily jumped into its master’s embrace.

Its soft, long fur waved back and forth unstoppably.

Seeing how close Luo Hua City Mistress and the Three-tailed Snow Fox was, Xiao Wen Li also hugged Yue Yang’s waist. She brushed her little face on his body, mimicking the Three-tailed Snow Fox’s intimate actions towards Luo Hua City Mistress. When the Thorny Flower Demoness who had also swallowed Huo Wei using her vines saw Xiao Wen Li hugging Yue Yang intimately, she also immediately leapt and scampered towards Yue Yang. Yue Yang hurriedly recalled her back into the Silver Grimoire.

The Thorny Flower Demoness and Barbarian Cow Shadow both did not move house. Maybe they had not had the kind of intelligence that the Bloody Queen Red had, hence they still continued to stay inside the Silver Grimoire.

Compared to last time, the only difference was that after receiving a high enough wisdom, as long as Yue Yang could link his will to them, they wouldn’t need Yue Yang to open his grimoire in order to be summoned. They would just come out on their own accord, like the Bloody Queen last time.

When the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast woke up, he realized that only Yue Yang and the four girls remained in the Ancient Passage.

The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal and all the other strong opponents had all disappeared without a trace.

He looked around to measure the situation, and when he was finally certain that he was safe, he sighed a breath of relief. As long as this young yet mysterious boy won, he would have some hope of returning and meeting his majesty. He could then report to him about the plot and conspiracy between the Southern Fonlin King and the Fallen Humans… When his mind was made up, he immediately nodded towards Yue Yang before slowly sitting up. Although he was injured and was unable to present himself politely, he still mimic human customs and cupped his hands in gratitude, “Thank you for your help! If you don’t mind, you could follow me to meet His Highness. He loves talented people like you guys, he will definitely give all of you a reward when he meets you.”

Yue Yang definitely would not meet the Goblin King easily. What would they do if the Goblin King suddenly decided to act hostile towards them?

If the Goblin King was more or less like a Demon King, then he would really be a headache.

If the Goblin King was really the Legendary Golden Winged Peng that they saw on the mural painting, meeting with him would be equivalent to offering themselves as snacks!

“What’s your King’s race? If he had no intention to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent, why would he kidnap our people?” Yue Yang tested the waters as he asked.

“Our King is of Dragon Race, namely the “Dragon Emperor” Race from the Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. He is one of the Tong Tian Five Emperors, together with Zhi Zun from your human race and three others super strong Innate Rankers. His Highness wanted to lead an army to clear the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and enter the Eleventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower to find the legendary Eastern Fairy Tribe and formed an alliance with them. Hence, we require a strong ally with a stable relationship. However, Zhi Zun of your human race was proud and aloof, she had always rejected the idea of collaborating with our King. The Human Innate Alliance was also an enemy of the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s ally before, hence we had break off all relationship for many years. Our King wanted to use this chance to welcome Emperor Jun Wu You and the other strong warriors to explain one thing. He hoped that he could resolve all the misunderstandings before, restore and strengthen the relationship between the two races.” The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast handed over a black-coloured iron waist pendant. It was obvious that this proves his identity.

Yue Yang couldn’t understand the meaning of this black-coloured iron waist pendant, but upon hearing that the Goblin King wasn’t the Great Golden-winged Peng on the mural painting, he immediately sighed a breath of relief.

This Fiery Golden Eyes Beast’s words sounded very logical, Yue Yang felt that this was more or less the truth.

Of course, he was still on alert. He felt that the Goblin King was definitely trying to test the Human Innate Alliance and Zhi Zun’s thoughts. If the humans were unyielding, then they would continue the collaboration. If they did not fight for Jun Wu You and the others, he would definitely not regard Jun Wu You at all…

“Your Dragon Emperor, when would he return my father and the other strong human warriors back?” Princess Qian Qian did not have the mind to beat around the bush right now. She wanted to skip to the conclusion straight away.

“I don’t know, I won’t be able to give you an accurate answer for this. Maybe it was for a few days, or maybe he would keep them captive for a month or more. But I can guarantee you that our King definitely does not have the intention to harm you humans. On the contrary, we really hope to be able to establish a strong relationship as allies.” Golden Eyes spoke very truthfully. Princess Qian Qian couldn’t sense a hint of lie in his voice, hence she nodded slowly.

“Your Dragon Emperor, why didn’t he choose other strong warriors as an ally?” The mysterious beauty Wu Xia suddenly asked.

“This is because the Eastern Goblin Tribe and the Human race all have the same goal. We are different from the beings living in the Demon Abyss and the different races within the Tong Tian Tower. It was said that our ancestors were the Eastern Fairy Tribe… In the Tong Tian Tower, there is a small branch family of the Eastern Fairy Tribe who had a very close relationship with human Innates. They only admitted that they were the descendants of the Fairy Tribe, but they had been rejecting our offer for alliance.” When the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast said this, Yue Yang and the four girls remembered something.

When Elder Nan Gong appeared the other day, he brought with him two girls. The two girls were Dragon Girls from the Eastern Fairy Tribe.

Seems like they were the ‘branch family’ that the Fiery golden Eyes Beast was talking about.

Yue Yang digested all the information he had received for a while before he slowly cleared his throat and spoke, “Although I wouldn’t be able to change Zhi Zun’s mind, but if your Dragon Emperor wanted to collaborate with us, I would like to offer a suggestion. The condition is that you have to release our people as soon as possible! If your King wants to collaborate with us, he can send some people to discuss about it. It is unacceptable to use such a barbaric and forceful way to gain what he want… Right, how many men can you send to clear the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower?”

Saying these words, Yue Yang had not actually really wanted to collaborate with the Eastern Goblin Tribe. He only wanted to find out how much strength the Eastern Goblin Tribe had.

He reckoned that the Eastern Goblin Tribe was stronger than the Human Innate Alliance, but the difference would not be great. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need the Human Innate Alliance as an ally.

Of course there was also another possibility, for example, one of the condition of clearing the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower was to have a human Innate Ranker in the party or Zhi Zun as an escort… In any case, he would first take a measure of the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s strength. Yue Yang felt that if Eastern Goblin Tribe was not that strong, then they could collaborate in the meantime. Having more friends would definitely be better than making more enemies.

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    • DMR says:

      Not really true. They are usually willing to kill them, and treat them as badly as they treat the male enemies…

      It’s just that usually, most enemy females are either too weak, or they aren’t focused on enough.

      This is one of the few stories in this genre where females actually have a good amount of focus, so it just seems more apparent

      This series actually has several enemy females that are strong and in fact, it’s pretty balanced compared to other series (where it’s basically 99% males and the few females are at least 50+% not enemies)…

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    The “Goblins Manual to Make Friends” has a few errors.

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    1. When was it ever mentioned that you can borrow someone else’s power? How the heck do you borrow the power of teleportation? Is it because they are ‘sisters’ or the fusion they did from the start of entering the ancient passage?

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