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LLS Chapter 260 – It’s too early to be dreaming!

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Chapter 260 – It’s too early to be dreaming!
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The expression of beautiful woman holding the jade pipa changed. She seemed to be ready to lend a hand.

But eventually, she lightly sighed.

Standing in a fixed spot, holding her jade pipa, she silently continued to watch. With a single flash, Yue Yang’s Sword Qi exploded at the back of the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s head. However, with a loud roar, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s neck suddenly grew multiple times longer and twisted just like a snake’s. Although it was unable to dodge Yue Yang’s Supreme Sword, at least he didn’t let the Sword Qi hit the back of his head directly… Yue Yang’s Supreme Sword turned from a piercing movement into a horizontal slash, slicing off a large portion of the snake head of the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal.

In the nick of time, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal reverted to his true body.

From a 5-metre tall figure, he turned into a gigantic nine-headed serpent beast. His body was a gold-striped tortoise shell that resembled a hill.

Within the nine heads, the original, largest head that was severely injured, retracted back into the gold-striped tortoise shell. The other eight heads bent their necks, moving forth to attack Yue Yang who had succeeded in his attack.

Although Yue Yang did not kill the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal in one slash, he had successfully inflicted heavy injuries on him.

The Innate Invisible Sword Qi could not be even blocked by Demon King Ha Xin, much less this Nine-headed Goblin Marshal whose strength was not at a Demon King’s level yet.

With his hands together, Yue Yang stretched them out again on both of his left and right side.

Another two bouts of Innate Invisible Sword Qi erupted, creating a hole through the brains of the two snake heads that was biting towards him. Xiao Wen Li flew towards Yue Yang and activated her Binding Chains Inherent Skill on the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal. The remaining eight heads stopped there in an instant. The mysterious beauty Wu Xia moved as well. A frost storm caused the eight heads to be covered by a layer of thin ice and snow… The sickly beauty raised her Crystal Shield behind Yue Yang, blocking the attack from Goblin General, the fat toad. On the other side, Princess Qian Qian sliced across the sky, speeding across the passage. Her greatsword cut down the two heads that Yue Yang had heavily injured.

The naked Goblin General Zi Diao had not even manage to rush close before the Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man, had locked eyes with her.

Goblin General Zi Diao backed off quickly.

She knew that Doom’s Eye had a low chance of activating, but she was not willing to take the risk.

Moreover, there were still Golden Eyes, who was still continuously recovering his strength, and Luo Hua City Mistress, who had been charging her [Aurora] for a long time, surrounding her. They could attack her at any time.

Before Xiao Wen Li’s Binding ended, Yue Yang deftly took Princess Qian Qian who had wounded the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal flying, allowing her to return back into the protective barrier of Luo Hua City Mistress.

He put his arm around the sickly beauty, and chased after Goblin General Zi Diao who was backing off.

Wu Xia was faster than him. She had already used her teleportation ability to appear right behind Goblin General Zi Diao.

“Die!” Yue Yang did not release his Innate Invisible Sword Qi, instead, he took out the mysterious Gold Beast from his Lich Ring and turned it directly into a dagger. It pierced between Goblin General Zi Diao’s eyebrows. Goblin General Zi Diao was not willing to be Yue Yang’s opponent. Of course, the one that she was the most fearful of was still Xiao Wen Li, who was flying close behind Yue Yang. She had already saw that this little lamia had much more terrifying skills than the barbaric cow girl.

Even such a powerful being like the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal could be bound by her Binding Inherent Skill. Goblin General Zi Diao was definitely not willing to follow Huo Wei’s footsteps.

She did not have the extremely high defense like the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal, nor did she have nine heads.

As long as she was targeted on, this little human brat who had terrifying killing ability would definitely slice her head off in a single slash. Goblin General Zi Diao started to spin her body gracefully and bend her waist like a bow. She then raised her long thighs, not feeling any shame at all even if her private spots were exposed, and kicked at Wu Xia’s chest before she could attack… At the moment before her kick could land, her toenails rapidly transformed into purplish-black sable claws, slashing towards the front of Wu Xia’s chest.

“Idiot.” Wu Xia sneered.

Her legs exploded in power. Her body was as soft as before, and perhaps even more beautiful as she release her technique.

This was the first time that she had used a combat skill in front of Yue Yang. It was as if she was a phoenix, yet also like a swan dancing on snow. Her hands supported her body as she bent herself backwards. With a leg acting as a pivot, the other kicked upwards.

She dodged the sweeping kick from Goblin General Zi Diao incidentally as her legs moved upwards, kicking Goblin General Zi Diao square in the abdomen.

At the same time, when she had landed a hit on Goblin General Zi Diao’s abdomen, Wu Xia had planted her hands firmly on the ground. Her other leg flew up at an incredible speed, joining with her other leg. However, she was not delivering a kick. Instead, she placed her legs in a scissors-like position. Her legs joined together as she locked Goblin General Zi Diao’s legs and threw her onto the ground. Wu Xia’s actions were as beautiful as a dancing swallow. Of course, this move of hers was also called “Swallow Scissors”. It was one of the three great moves in her arsenal, specially tailored to fight against small and agile enemies.

Yue Yang was the best at tormenting fallen enemies.

He did not show mercy to women, aside from his girls and his relatives. Towards other women, he was definitely and unmistakably a cold-blooded killer. Furthermore, if he did not cut down an adulteress like Goblin General Zi Diao, God wouldn’t exist.

Brandishing the dagger that the Mysterious Gold Beast had turned into, he threw it straight into the chest of Goblin General Zi Diao.

Behind, the Fat Toad tried to come to her rescue, but was stopped by the Fiery Golden-Eyed Beast.

Goblin General Zi Diao turned around and fled as fast as lightning.

However, the moment she fled fifty metres away, she was shocked to discover that Yue Yang was even faster than she was. He caught up with her in an instant and overtook her. Yue Yang swung his dagger, and Goblin General Zi Diao hurriedly dodged backwards to avoid it. However, to her shock, she saw that the dagger suddenly grew in length. Not only that, it had also turned into eagle claws that were sharp and pointy, swinging across her chest. She saw blood spurting out, as if half of her breasts had been cut off by the giant eagle’s claws… Without even enough time to scream, Yue Yang had already planted a flying kick right into her heart, shooting out Sword Qi from his toes. He drilled a hole of blood through Goblin General Zi Diao’sheart.

When Goblin General Zi Diao fell from the sky, Luo Hua City Mistress’s Aurora flashed across the entire Ancient Passage.

It was only after a long period of time did the white light slowly dissipate.

Within the rubble of that incredibly sturdy stone wall in the Ancient Passage, Goblin General Zi Diao was buried inside. Her legs had been cut off by the Aurora, and her heart had also been pierced through by Yue Yang’s Sword Qi. She was at death’s door. Her right hand stained with fresh blood stretched towards her allies. “Save… Save me!”

The beautiful woman holding the jade pipa did not change her expression. She only answered in a plain voice. “Without strength, you can only die out.”

The Fat Golden Toad and the incomparably grotesque Three-legged Golden Toad beside him was fighting a heated battle with the Fiery Golden-Eyed Beast.

However, a keen-eyed person could see that the Fat Golden Toad was not giving his all.

His strength should be greater than the Fiery Golden-Eyed Beast. Compared to Goblin General Zi Diao, he was far stronger. The Fatty was also similarly fearful of the Sword Qi that Yue Yang could unleash at his whims and Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Inherent Skill. As for the Doom Eyes from Ah Man, he did not bother with it too much. He seemed to not be too fearful of the special ability that could instantly kill souls.

As for that little Lightning Marten, who saw its master suffered a crushing defeat, it actually ran away, betraying its master… The Three-tailed Snow Fox chased after it like lightning. Both of them were as fast as lightning, disappearing in an instant.

The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s giant head came out again. Its wounds were healed, as if nothing had happened.

It was impossible to fully heal from Yue Yang’s sword attack within dozens of seconds. He had only transferred his wounds to the other head. This kind of strange power was probably an instinctual one. Yue Yang was not shocked by this. He only turned around to look at the Fiery Golden-Eyed Beast and the Golden Toad. With a glance of his Divine Eyes, he found out that these two fellows were hiding their strength. They were not as simple as they seemed on the surface.

If they really fought, he believed that even if the Golden Toad’s ability was not as strong as the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal, his powers would not be any weaker than him.

As for the Fiery Golden-Eyed Beast, he had also concealed his strength. Yue Yang had already known about it at the Championship Stadium. Now that he saw him fighting the Golden Toad, it was even clearer to him.

He was almost on par with the Fat Golden Toad, although he was a level weaker than the current Nine-headed Goblin Marshal. Compared to the Four Great Goblin Generals and the Flying Tiger Ambassador, he was a few levels stronger. If not for meeting the Dream-Eating Goblin General who possessed such a unique ability, the Fiery Golden-Eyed Beast would never fall into the trap without any resistance.

As for Goblin General Pi Pa who was spectating the fight silently…

Yue Yang could not see through her at all.

If even his Level 4 Divine Eyes could not see through it, this proved that this Goblin General Pi Pa was the true ranker who was disguising her true power… Of course, Yue Yang could not understand why she did not help her comrades at all. She would just watch as her allies were killed one by one… This woman felt similar to the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. However, she was far more forbearing. She did not have the playful personality of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Killing Huo Wei only required Yue Yang to coordinate with Xiao Wen Li; Killing Zi Diao and the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal only required Yue Yang to use the unstoppable Innate Invisible Sword Qi; However, if this Goblin General Pi Pa attacked, Yue Yang would definitely have to go all out and unleash his Nirvana’s Flame and World Exterminating Wheel. He woudl have to use his utmost to kill her… On the surface, it seemed like this Goblin General Pi Pa was one of the weakest. However, she was far more terrifying than the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal!


The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal mustered all of its strength.

With a burst of power, his Innate Level 2 strength was raised to Innate Level 3.

After taking a few breaths, the nine dragon heads suddenly sprouted green goblin fire, causing the snake necks to burn, forming a green fiery protective shield. Amongst the nine heads, aside from the central head, a small pearl was spat out by the other eight heads each. The small pearls were all sucked into the mouth of the central giant head and formed a pearl of light with enormous and chilling amounts of energy.

When the pearls were swallowed, the power of the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal burst forth again. Its strength was did not stop rising even after it had risen by ten times of its original value. Although he had not risen to Innate Level 4, he was extremely close to it.

The Fiery Golden-Eyed Beast, who was fighting an even battle with the Golden Toad, had just repelled his opponent when he found out that the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal was pouncing towards him.

He pushed his strength to the limits to dodge the attacks from the eight heads, but was struck in the chest by the pearl of light which the giant head spat out.

With a crack of his ribs, he fell onto the ground, heavily injured.

Thankfully, he had the kind of strong body that the Eastern Goblin Tribe had. However, he could not withstand the attack and fell unconscious…

“Let’s go, Golden Toad.” The beautiful woman carrying the jade pipa quietly turned around and left. Before that, she looked deeply into Yue Yang’s eyes.

“Are we not going to wait for Goblin Marshal?” Bringing the Three Legged Golden Toad with him, the fatty was a little uncertain.

“You can stay here and wait for him.” The beautiful woman carrying the pipa vanished. Her barely audible voice reverberated in the Ancient Passage faintly. With this sentence, the fatty did not care about his allies anymore. He brought his Three Legged Golden Toad and chased after her. Goblin General Zi Diao perniciously glanced at the fatty’s silhouette. Her legs were broken, and she was heavily injured. She was unable to follow them and leave. The current her could only hope for the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal to win and save her little life.

“All of you, looking to die… “ The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal did not use his full power beforehand and suffered for it. It made him boil with anger. Now that he had pushed himself to his strongest, he was full of confidence that he could kill off these humans which had made him lose face.

“It’s too early to be dreaming!” Yue Yang grinned slightly. In his right hand, Nirvana’s Flame wafted out from his palm.

With a glance, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal recognised that this was the “Nirvana’s Flame” of legend. Instantly, his whole body shivered.

Without any hesitation, he immediately fled.

Even if he used his current power which rivaled Innate Level 4, he was not willing to fight against this enemy.

The green devil flame that was protecting him, was like a firefly compared to Nirvana’s Flame. There was no possibility of fighting evenly!

Using his greatest strength and fastest speed in his life, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal used all of his strength to flee. However, he could not escape his cruel fate that he was destined to meet. A flame gun that was created by condensed Nirvana’s Flame shot out from Yue Yang’s hands. It completely ignored the defense of the gold-striped tortoise shell and shot through it, coming straight out from the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s chest.

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