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LLS Chapter 259 – Sure Kill, Supreme Sword

Chapter 259 – Sure Kill, Supreme Sword
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When the skinny tuberculosis guy, the Dream Eater Goblin General died, Golden Eyes who was unconscious just now immediately woke up.

However, although he had woken up, he continued to look down and showed a pained expression.

It seemed like he was tortured quite harshly by the skinny tuberculosis guy in his dreams. The battle situation had completely changed now. At first, the people on Yue Yang’s side had fallen one by one, unable to stand against their enemies. However, after the Dream Eater Goblin General’s death and the Golden Eyes return, they managed to regain more of their strength. If there were no Nine-headed Goblin Marshal, and if there were only the Three Great Goblin Generals and Huo Wei, they might be able to defeat their enemies… With regards to the number of people, there were quite a few people on Yue Yang’s side. Not counting Golden Eyes, they had enough number of people to fight their enemies. However, the four girls weren’t Innates. Even if they fight with all their effort, they could probably only fight against the naked Zi Diao.

Goblin General Zi Diao looked like the weakest amongst the Four Great Goblin Generals.

The thing that made her a difficult opponent was her speed and fragrance. Her speed was quick as lightning, and the smell she emitted made others feel weak and powerless. Without a definite guarantee that they could win, the four girls would definitely not leave their shield.

They weren’t able to be like Yue Yang, who could circulate his Innate Qi all over his body. It didn’t matter for him if he couldn’t breathe for a period of time.

Furthermore, Yue Yang’s Innate Qi had a very strong dispersing effect.

Even if he had inhaled Zi Diao’s fragrance, he could easily dispel the effects of the fragrance from his body… Compared to Yue Yang, Golden Eyes was far behind. Although his body could resist the effects of the fragrance, if he breathed in the fragrance far too long, it would affect his body’s fighting ability. After Golden Eyes woke up, he immediately stopped his breathing and tried to regain his fighting ability back… In front of Golden Eyes, Huo Wei, who had been beaten black and blue by the Flying Tiger previously had completely recovered and was glaring at Golden Eyes fiercely. Huo Wei did not dare to provoke Yue Yang, but he was prepared to fight with the weakened Golden Eyes, just for the sake of looking good in front of the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal.

Of course, Huo Wei was prepared to reveal the secret about Yue Yang having the ability to refine Orbs with his fire ability.

He was afraid that the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal would instantly kill that human boy with one attack, hence he decided to report the secret immediately so that the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal could capture Yue Yang and offer him to the Southern Goblin King.

“Reporting to Grand Marshal, I have an important…” Huo Wei bowed towards the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal and was about to report the secret. However, a hand suddenly stretched out from behind him and grabbed his forehead. Huo Wei was greatly surprised, and before he managed to avoid them, he felt a sharp pain on his chest. There was a bloody hand that had pierced through the back part of his armour and dug inside his chest. Huo Wei couldn’t even see what had happened clearly before the bloody hand retracted back as if it had never appeared before.

Huo Wei felt pain in his throat. He was surprised to find that the hand had already grasped at his throat.


He turned around, trying to see who had launched a sneak attack on him.

He had just turned around when he saw a bloodied heart grasped within a bloody hand, squeezed into pulps and bits of flesh… Although Huo Wei, as an Eastern Goblin Tribe member, had an extremely strong body, he still couldn’t endure this attack. His body swayed as he collapsed onto the ground.

In the sky, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s raised his giant fists and smashed them hard on the ground. However, there was a girl on top of that person who had ambushed him, who raised her sparkling and transparent Crystal Shield and completely stopped the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s attack. The Fatty who had the Three-legged Toad also launched an attack from the left. However, the mysterious beauty Wu Xia immediately teleported nearby and summoned her grimoire, blocking the fatty’s attack… When the little lamia, Xiao Wen Li appeared from within Yue Yang’s body, the Three-legged Toad seemed to be able to sense her strength. It immediately flew back towards its master, spitting a cloud of thick smoke at the same time to cover its whole body. Then, it turned into a cloud of black smoke and escaped from the area.

Goblin General Zi Diao, whose speed was the fastest, that flirty girl who was naked from top to bottom, quickly ambushed Yue Yang from his back.

However, a gaze that was death reaper-like suddenly glared at her.

Goblin General Zi Diao, whose reaction was extremely fast, immediately threw a beast to substitute her and disappeared, hiding from that death reaper like glare…The death reaper like eyes suddenly glowed flaming red, and Goblin General Zi Diao’s beast let out a pained shriek before it was immediately killed on the spot.

The naked Goblin General Zi Diao watched in shock as her substitute beast was killed in an instant from thirty metres away.

At this time, a tall woman with cow’s horns, who looked lean and not muscular but possessed an extremely powerful strength, stood behind Yue Yang. Her eyes glowed with a bloody red radiance, as if she was a death reaper. On her left shoulder, there was a bracelet with Ancient Runes engraved on it. She also held a Gold Leo Shield on her hands that faintly emitted a strange kind of power. On her right shoulder, this cow-horned woman with a tall and extremely amazing physique had also worn a special Gold Silk Ribbon…

The cow-horned woman was equipped with a full body of Gold-ranked equips.

There was even a Gold Bell which exudes holy energy on her beautiful neck.

“Goat-horned Goblin?” The Goblin General Zi Diao had thought that she was one of the Eastern Goblin Tribe, Goat-horned Goblin, but she immediately ruled them out, because Goat-horned Goblins were not that tall. They also didn’t have the power to kill an enemy with their glares.

“Barbarian Cow, she is a humanoid beast that was evolved from a Barbarian Cow!” The only person who had not attacked and had been quietly watching the situation, the beautiful girl holding her Jaded Pipa suddenly spoke out, proclaiming her judgement with certainty, “Although she is not a Holy Beast yet, she is very close to it… Two Guardian Beasts? You are an interesting little human boy! I was wondering why you are so confident. So turns out you are hiding so much strength. Interesting, interesting!”

“The next one will be more interesting.” Yue Yang dug out Huo Wei’s Orbs before he died.

Huo Wei shrieked in pain as his body quickly reverted to his original size.

He reverted back to his Snake Tortoise monster body.

Blood spurted out from his mouth as he died miserably on the spot.

Seeing Huo Wei being murdered by the enemy right under their noses, the three Goblin General and Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s expressions changed. This was equivalent to giving them a slap on their cheeks. Especially the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal who had attacked previously. He was quite confident that he could send Yue Yang flying with his punch. Even if Yue Yang was not killed on the spot, he would definitely be heavily injured.

Who would know that his punch that could even pulverize a small hill was stopped by a Crystal Shield.

Seeing the Silver Runes on the Crystal Shield, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal was extremely sour… This human girl, she was obviously not an Innate, yet her defense was not any weaker than an Innate’s. Her Crystal Shield, he believed that no Innate Level 1 warriors had that kind of defensive ability. His terrifying fist that could send an Innate Level 1 warrior flying was completely useless in front of that Crystal Shield, unable to breach her defense.

The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s punch was like a hurricane that swept across all four directions.

The weakest, lightning-fast Zi Diao couldn’t help but to be swept hundreds of meters away by the strong impact of the punch, although she had tried to escape far away.

Instead, that super ugly big-bellied Three-legged Gold Toad, after successfully saving its master, it transformed into a black smoke and only flew 30 metres away before stopping. Its abilities were definitely not ordinary.

“One more time!” The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal roared thunderously, throwing another punch relentlessly.

Six of his eight hands turned into giant Snake-tailed Dragons. Just like a bunch of swirling snakes, they crossed over the sickly beauty who was holding her shield, and advanced forward to attack Yue Yang. At the same time, two of his largest hands joined into a fist and swung down with an impactful force that couldn’t be stopped, rending the sickly beauty unable to continue protecting Yue Yang.

Yue Yang’s lips revealed a cold smile. He raised his bloodied hand and immediately condensed a huge fire shield that dispersed outwards, blocking the punch and stopped the other five Snake-tailed Dragons snapping teeth.

With one glare from Xiao Wen Li’s expressful eyes, the dragon head in front of her immediately stopped. Different from Yue Yang’s method of creating a Fire Shield, Xiao Wen Li’s methods were far more ruthless and accurate. Her Dual Icicle Blades slashed across and cut through two Snake-tailed Dragons that were about to devour Yue Yang. The two Snake-tailed Dragons froze over her Icicle Blades, their advancing speed even slower than a snail’s… The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man immediately counter-attacked. She first raised the Gold Leo Shield and smashed it on top of one of the Snake-tailed Dragon. She then let go of her shield and attacked with both of her hands, grasping the dizzy Snake-tailed Dragon tightly. She wanted to tear the Snake-tailed Dragon from the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s body.

In the end, even the last Snake-tailed Dragon was not able to attack Yue Yang. It was burnt black by a strike of lightning before it could manage to touch Yue Yang.

The mysterious beauty Wu Xia was not only good in Ice, she was also good with lightning.

The completely naked Goblin General Zi Diao flashed forward in an ambush, quick as lightning. She brandished her ten black-coloured claws and ferociously pounced towards Yue Yang’s body. On the other side, the fat Goblin General Jin Chan also pounced forward. Although he looked clumsy on the outside, his speed was no less than Goblin General Zi Diao. Only the beautiful girl holding the Jaded Pipa continued to stay still and watched the battle situation. However, she didn’t look at Princess Qian Qian or Luo Hua City Mistress who were storing their energies. Instead, she only paid attention to Yue Yang.

Yue Yang’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Goblin General Zi Diao and Jin Chan’s attacks smashed into empty air.

When the two Goblin Generals realized that they missed their attacks, they immediately jumped towards each other in order to protect each other and escaped from the battle area.


The Nine-headed Goblin Marshal bashed his fists onto the sickly beauty Wu Hen’s Crystal Shield. On the surface, it seemed like the sickly beauty would collapse under his terrifying attacks. Compared to the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal, her body was simply too fragile. Furthermore, she was so sick that even a blind person could see that her body was extremely weak.

However, her Crystal Shield continued to stand strong, unmoving at all.

The sickly beauty’s weak complexion slightly turned pale under the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s heavy attacks. However, her slim fingers continued to raise her Crystal Shield. It was simply unbelievable, her Crystal Shield was even more unbreachable than an iron fortress.

A streak of shock crossed the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s face.

This attack, he had already increased his strength to Innate Level 2. Yet, under such a heavy pressure, that Crystal Shield was still completely unaffected…

His opponent was a human girl who had not even reached Innate. Her body looked so weak that it seemed like a gush of wind could blow her away. However, her defense was ten times stronger than a Ten Thousand Years Old Tortoise. This, this was simply impossible! How could a beast that had transformed into a Crystal Shield, summoned by a human girl who was not an Innate, be able to withstand an attack that was as powerful as an Innate Level 2 strength? There was not even a crack on the Crystal Shield. This kind of thing, he couldn’t accept it even if he saw it with his own eyes!

If the Nine-headed Goblin knew that the sickly beauty had been modifying her Crystal Shield and Crystal Armour with the Ancient Runes on Yue Yang’s body multiple times and increased her already despair-inducing high defense ten times stronger, he wouldn’t be so surprised.

The Crystal Shield that was unbreakable even with Innate Level 1 strength had vastly improved after Yue Yang and the sickly beauty’s meticulous bid to improve.

Forget about the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s Innate Level 2 strength, even if he increased his attack output to Innate Level 3, he would still be unable to breach it… If the one holding the Crystal Shield wasn’t the sickly beauty Wu Hen, but the mysterious beauty Wu Xia instead, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal would feel even more hopeless. This was because the sickly beauty Wu Hen was only knowledgeable in Runes Research. In terms of combat skills, she was far behind Wu Xia.

If the mysterious beauty Wu Xia also possessed the same Crystal Shield, she would probably be able to use the Crystal Shield in a way that would render the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal unable to attack at all.

“Having many heads doesn’t mean that they would be useful, a fool would be a fool forever!” Yue Yang’s figure suddenly appeared on top of the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal. He raised his hands high and lifted the limitation on his Innate strength. He joined all his ten fingers together and formed a huge Innate Sword Qi. Bright sparks sparkled all over his hands.

His target was the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal’s head.

Although the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal didn’t see Yue Yang’s sure-kill Sword Qi, as a Ranker, he could sense a very grave danger.

As six of his Snake-tailed Dragons had been released, he was unanble to retrieve them back and leave the place. He could only release a deafening roar and increase his sstrenght to Innate Level 3, prepared to send his enemy flying with the outburst of Qi from his body.

But everything he did was useless.

Yue Yang’s ten fingers joined together, thousands of light rays that were even brighter than the sun appeared on Yue Yang’s hands.

The Sword Qi cut through the Nine-heeaded Goblin Marshal’s head as easily as a hot knife cut through butter.

As long as Yue Yang’s [Supreme Sword], a skill from his [Innate Invisible Sword Qi] hit its target, it could cut through everything. Even the extremely strong Demon King Ha Xin suffered a heavy injury on his arms previously. Today, the current Yue Yang was no longer that Yue Yang anymore, his strength had grew hundred times stronger. This Sword Qi, if it really hit, the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal would not only suffer injuries like the Demon King Ha Xin’s…

This Sword Qi, would it be able to instantly kill the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal? Or would it be completely useless?

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