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LLS Chapter 258 – Who wants to die next?

Chapter 258 – Who wants to die next?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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A little purple Lightning Marten suddenly appeared beside the naked purple-lipped flirty girl.
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marten)

When it saw Luo Hua City Mistress’ Three-tailed Snow Fox, it immediately screeched loudly.

The Lightning Marten looked agitated as it released a shot of electric current through its purple eyes. Its killing intent burst out from its body, as if it had deep hatred towards the Three-tailed Snow Fox.

The Three-tailed Snow Fox’s intelligence far surpassed the Lightning Marten. Although a hint of killing intent was present in the Three-tailed Snow Fox’s eyes, it somewhat understood that there was something wrong with the situation in front of it, so it did not initiate an attack and waited by its master’s side instead, waiting for the right time. The Lightning Marten bared its sharp teeth and continued to growl relentlessly. Its hair all stood up on its end, as if it was inviting the Three-tailed Snow Fox to a fight and intimidating it.

The Three-tailed Snow Fox who succeeded in killing the Fox Rabbit and Green Snake showed an expression that only a human could have.

If one closely observed that expression, one would find that it was soundlessly mocking its opponent.

Compared to its enemy, the Three-tailed Snow Fox was more like human than beast, be it in terms of wisdom or feelings!

All kinds of beasts’ intimidation tactics did not have an effect on its master. That naked purple-lipped flirty girl really wished that she could tear Yue Yang to shreds and swallowed him whole. She wasn’t in a hurry to put her clothes back on, instead she released her Qi continuously. Her body which was slowly turning pink in colour emitted a strange kind of fragrance.

It was a smell that would make whomever that smelled it weak and powerless.

Luo Hua City Mistress continued to glare at the purple-lipped girl, the [Aurora] in her hands charged to the maximum. However, she was still trying to charge more power into her [Aurora].

Long before she trained the [Body Fusion] skill with Yue Yang, Yue Yang had pointed out that her p[Aurora] power was actually not yet at its full potential. This fact greatly shocked Luo Hua City Mistress, especially when Yue Yang told her that a spiralling [Aurora] would do much more damage than a straight-line [Aurora]… Luo Hua City Mistress was doubtful that her straight [Aurora] could even bend, let alone making it spin… However, this impossibility had gradually become a possibility as she trained [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang. Luo Hua City Mistress had seen many times Yue Yang bending the [Aurora] and turning it into a spiral shape before adding it onto her own [Airora]. The power of that combined attack surpassed the original by more than ten times.

This [Aurora] that was straight on the inside and spiral on the outside was the true result of Yue Yang’s and Luo Hua City Mistress’ [Body Fusion], the [Double Aurora]!

[Double Aurora]’s power was practically heaven and earth destructing.

Since then, Luo Hua City Mistress would relentlessly try new things and threw away her previous notions, even personally modifying her previously straight [Aurora] into a spiral one.

“Wait, go slower. Hold it in and persevere, when you have already adapted with this amount, try to charge it with even more power!” Other than Yue Yang, the genius in everything, when Yue Yang was busy, the mysterious beauty Wu Xia was the girls’ number one choice when it come to assisting them train.

She couldn’t bend the [Aurora] like Yue Yang to coordinate with Luo Hua City Mistress, but she could assist with Luo Hua City Mistress’ control.

A [Spiral Aurora] was a great challenge for Luo Hua City Mistress’ level of control currently, but she was extremely clever. If she couldn’t master [Spiral Aurora], she would first try to master [Multiple Aurora]. She created six little [Aurora] balls beside her huge [Aurora] ball of power that she was charging. When the big [Aurora] ball shot out towards her enemy, the other six smaller [Aurora] balls also shot out as extra damage. The effects of this kind attack, from the sickly beauty Wu Hen’s estimation, was at least three times stronger than Luo Hua City Mistress’ original attack.

The six smaller [Aurora] balls coordinated with the big Aurora in terms of speed, angle of them bending, creating better results.

Luo Hua City Mistress’s goal was to launch six small balls of aurora to create a screw-like web that surrounded the big [Aurora] balls. She continued to emit her [Aurora] light, increasing the [Aurora] pillar’s power.

The naked flirty girl’s public attempt to seduce Yue Yang just now had incurred Luo Hua City Mistress’ wrath secretly.

She had decised to give that shameless girl a taste of her [Aurora]…

Princess Qian Qian who was standing beside Luo Hua City Mistress glared at the other beautiful girl who was carrying a jaded pipa in her hands. Her Six Records Inherent Skill could sense that this girl with jaded pipa was much more dangerous than the naked flirty girl. Amongst the Southern Four Goblins General, Princess Qian Qian felt that the strongest one was that jaded pipa girl, she was even scarier than that frail and skinny man who kept coughing like he had tuberculosis!

The sickly beauty Wu Hen had completed her preparation, she was ready to support Yue Yang any time.

Before Yue Yang launched his attack, the enemies would definitely surround him first. At that moment, he needed her Crystal Shield to block all attacks, so that he wouldn’t need to worry and could focus on attacking the enemies…

“Fatty, come and tank for me. I want to personally shred that damned human to shreds!” The flirty girl hated Yue Yang to his core.

“Working hard for beauties is my honour!” The Golden Toad fatty replied with a guffaw.

“Cough cough, if you, cough cough cough, do not need me, cough cough, then let me go to sleep, cough cough!” That skinny tuberculosis guy laid himself on his horse that looked kind of like a horse or donkey, and slept weakly. In his dreams, he was still silently coughing.

As the skinny tuberculosis guy laid and slept, the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast whose on highest alert suddenly swayed, as if he was about to weakly collapse on the ground.

The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast howled loudly, his two hands armed with his claws started to scratch on his body maniacally, creating countless bloody scars.

Yue Yang was greatly surprised. Had this fellow fallen into the enemy’s trap?

How did his Divine Vision missed that?

The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast suddenly turned around and shouted towards Yue Yang, “He is Dream Eater Goblin General, he can enter other’s dream and force others into dreaming. In the dream world, he is an unrivalled existence. You guys quickly leave while my senses is still… huff…”

His sentence was not yet over before he fell right on the ground.

Even though his body was full of scars, the pain couldn’t stop him from falling asleep.

When he slept, his mouth suddenly spoke with the voice of the skinny tuberculosis man, “Stupid fellow, cough cough, he obviously know I’m an unrivalled existence in dreams, cough, why does he still try to resist me? Cough cough, this fool, you think I will kill you immediately? Cough cough, I will torture you alive, to the point that you will even regret coming to this world…”

The four girls was completely shocked. Fortunately they have erected their shields early.

Otherwise, it would really be the end if this skinny tuberculosis guy burst into their dreams.

The shield from the summoning grimoire had the ability to defend against all kinds of attacks, no matter if it’s blades, explosions, or mental attacks, as long as it did not surpass the defensive limit of the shield, they can all be nullified. The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast did not possess a grimoire, hence it was really the end for him, because he did not even have the ability to resist the attack.

Yue Yang was even more daring. He walked out of his shield and walked towards the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast, kicking him lightly.

He frowned. He was quite confused as to how the skinny tuberculosis guy managed to enter into other’s dreams. Weren’t dreams controlled by each individual person?

“This little brother doesn’t seem to be very afraid, could you tell us why?” The Jaded Pipa girl was curious when she saw Yue Yang who did not seem to be afraid of being invaded in his dreams.

“Speaking of daydreaming, no one is better than me.” Yue Yang ignored the flirty girl who was burning in anger and couldn’t wait to tear him to shreds, and turned around to the other way instead. There was a sound of heavy footsteps on the other side, walking nearer towards them step by step with a rhythm. Yue Yang and the four girls saw an approximately 5 meter tall giant with eight arms walking towards them with great strides. He advanced more than ten metres with every step he took.

That Eight-armed Giant was clutching the Flying Tiger Ambassador in his hands as if he was pinching an insect.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador had not died yet, but he was on the brink of death.

There was only one injury on his body.

His chest was completely flattened by his enemy. His ribs were completely broken. Even with the strong body of an Eastern Goblin Tribe, it was difficult to recover from such a strong punch.

The Eight-armed Giant threw Flying Tiger Ambassador to the ground as if he was rubbish. He switched his gaze to Yue Yang and exchanged glances with him. It was as if his gaze had substance, it could actually made Yue Yang take a step back. Yue Yang’s body swayed slightly, as if he was about to faint.

“There are three types of organisms who could attack with eyes alone. First are the Evil Eyes, second are the Ghost-faced Lizards, and the third are Dragons. When Dragons trained their Dragon Power to the limits, they could create blade-like gazes that could injure their enemies… Yue Yang, the Eight-armed Giant in front of you, if I am not mistaken, he must be a Nine-headed Dragon, whom the Flying Tiger referred to as the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal.” The mysterious beauty Wu Xia closed her Ancient Book and analyzed further, “Now I can more or less deduce that the Nine-headed Goblin Marshal attack his opponents with his Dragon Power. He is the ‘eyes’ amongst the five senses. That lowly woman who emits fragrance all over her body is the ‘nose’. That toad-like fatty is definitely the ‘mouth’, enough said. That Jade Pipa woman must be the ‘ears’. The five of them formed one whole body together. When they work together, they would complement each other’s attack and increase their overall power… Besides, there is still that skinny tuberculosis man who can invade other’s dreams, he deals with the ‘brain’. If we want to defeat them, we have to destroy their coordination. We must not let them complement their attacks to each other.”

“…” The enemies were slightly shaken when they heard the mysterious beauty Wu Xia’s words. They never thought that with just one look, she could see through all of their hidden cads. Many of their strong enemies had died because they did not know this secret. Today, they were actually seen through by a little girl who is not even an Innate. No wonder human Innate Rankers were usually a few notch stronger than other Innate Rankers of other races. Human’s wisdom was really scary!

“Well said. Then what do i need to do?” Yue Yang thought it was very logical, but he didn’t know what to do.

“I also don’t know!” Wu Xia shook her hands, showing that she could not help.

“Boom!” Including the Jaded Pipa girl, the rest of the enemies who were completely tense all fell head first on the ground. They were completely scared to death, they never thought that she had not fully seen through them!

When they finally came back to their senses, the Four Goblin Generals were all secretly relieved. So this little girl could only see their hidden card, but she wasn’t able to tell their weakness.

If she found out their weakness, they would really have a headache.

The skinny tuberculosis guy suddenly coughed a few times, wiggling on top of the weird horse’s back, as if he was having a bad dream.

Very quickly, his voice resounded from the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s mouth. The Flying Tiger Ambassador’s eyes turned white as he lost his unconsciousness. However, his expressions showed as if he had seen an extremely terrifying thing, as if a flood of magma had been splashed on his face.

Soundlessly, the Flying Tiger Ambassador finally died.

Before he died, he opened his mouth big and wide, his tongue hanging out.

As if someone had choked his neck, the Flying Tiger Ambassador finally die from lack of breath.

Yue Yang saw that the Flying Tiger Ambassador had stopped breathing, He only saw the Flying Tiger’s legs twitched a little before he stopped breathing. Yue Yang could only shake his head lightly.

“Don’t worry, you will also die soon…” The fatty that brought along a Three-legged toad smiled sweetly at Yue Yang, as if he was a butcher looking at the meat in his chopping board and was about to swing down his blade.

“Eh?” Yue Yang felt an indescribable sense of sleepiness appearing under his consciousness, as if there was some kind of invisible force that was pulling him into his Dream Realm. He lost some control of his physical body as he swayed a little. Yue Yang didn’t resist the mental attack, but his body didn’t collapse. Instead, he stood like normal and simply closed his eyes, falling asleep with a peaceful rhythm of breathing.

Everyone had different kinds of sleeping positions, but the only person who could relaxedly fall asleep standing might only be Yue Yang alone.

This was his personal strength that he already had before he even came into this world.

In his Dream Realm, Yue Yang saw the skinny tuberculosis guy who was laughing nastily right in front of him. Like a Death Reaper, he raised his bloodied scythe and laughed evilly.

“You say, how should I torture you to give me the best entertainment? Shall I slash your stomach apart and pull out your intestines? Or should I bring a hammer and smash your teeth one by one, and then force you to count them slowly?” Before the skinny tuberculosis guy even finish speaking, Yue Yang had already jumped on top of his head and stomped him down to the ground. He then raised his fists and gave a heavy punch to his face, beating the skinny tuberculosis guy until he cried out pitifully.

“This is impossible!”

“This is definitely impossible. Only I can control the dream realm, I’m an unrivalled existence! You can never defeat me!” The skinny tuberculosis guy cried out in pain and panic. Outside in the Ancient Passage, the skinny tuberculosis guy’s body whose body was lying on the weird horse cried out in pain. The bruises on his face could clearly be seen, even his shattered teeth were flying out from his mouth one by one.

Yue Yang didn’t say anything, he continued his series of punches instead.

He was in a hurry. If he didn’t beat him now, he wouldn’t have a chance to if the big loli appeared.

Indeed, before he even managed a hundred punch in, the big loli from his Dream Realm appeared in front of Yue Yang. She looked at the skinny tuberculosis guy with an expression full of disgust. She slowly raised her hands and chanted, “[Soul Destruction]…”

Thousands of dazzling Sword Qi condensed into one big sword, easily killing the skinny tuberculosis guy who had entered into the Dream Realm.

He was completely obliterated!

The skinny tuberculosis guy couldn’t even cry out a single sound before he was completely obliterated.

His physical body in the Ancient Passage showed an expression that was frozen in fear. It was even a hundred times scarier than when the Flying Tiger die just now… Other than Yue Yang, no one knew what the skinny tuberculosis guy had seen before his soul was destroyed. The weird looking horse he was sitting on suddenly exploded, its flesh and blood splattering all over the ground. Even its master, the skinny tuberculosis guy who was sitting on top of it, was split into two by the force of this explosion. Towards this turn of events, everyone was completely dumbstruck…

The four girls knew that Yue Yang was acting a little strange earlier. He definitely had a plan when he ran out of his shield and lured the skinny tuberculosis guy to attack him.

However, they never thought that Yue Yang could kill this Dream Eater General who was said to be unrivalled in Dream Realms… Princess Qian Qian finally muttered after a while, “This brat is really too abnormal!”

“The beautiful girl carrying the Jade Pipa looked at the skinny tuberculosis guy who died with his eyes wide opened. She couldn’t understand how the Death Eater, who most definitely would never die, could actually be killed along with his Death Eater Beast in the Dream Realm. What kind of existence was this little human boy was in the Dream Realm?

Yue Yang opened his eyes and revealed an evil grin on his face, “Who wants to die next?”

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