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LLS Chapter 257 – Southern Four Goblin Generals

Chapter 257 – Southern Four Goblin Generals
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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A light flashed across the eyes of the heavily armoured guy, Huo Wei. He suddenly abandoned the comrade whom he had been going all out to protect, and ran out of the cave.

His behaviour greatly startled the Flying Tiger Ambassador.

But without thinking more, the Flying Tiger Ambassador spared no effort in chasing after him.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador was extremely clear of one thing – to be the sole beneficiary of the Orb based on just his strength alone was not possible. Since he was unable to benefit from it exclusively, why not offer this secret to the Goblin Emperor? The Goblin Emperor would reward him greatly for it, and he himself would also benefit from a large improvement in strength. Before offering this secret to the Goblin Emperor, he must first kill Huo Wei, the subordinate of Southern Goblin King. Otherwise, if Huo Wei reported this to his superior, the Southern Goblin King would definitely take action before the Goblin Emperor knew of this … At that time his own life would be in danger, and this little human boy would also be captured and taken to the Southern Goblin Lands.

Hence, no matter what, Huo Wei must not be allowed to live!

“Let’s join forces to kill Huo Wei! He’s preparing to call for reinforcements. The Nine-Headed Goblin Marshal is present in this ambush, he’s an extremely strong opponent who is very hard to deal with. We have to kill Huo Wei first, to dispel future troubles!” The Flying Tiger Ambassador did not forget to shout to Yue Yang before he gave chase.

In the heart of the Flying Tiger Ambassador, Yue Yang’s previous status of an enemy to him had transformed into a rare treasure.

He temporarily put aside the thought of killing Yue Yang and the four women.

He even decided to adopt different tactics and methods like cooperation or scamming, to first pacify this little human boy.

After they killed Huo Wei, he would then work together with his comrades to take this mystical little boy back as an offering to the Goblin Emperor. With the help of a mystical human being who knew how to refine Orbs, the Goblin Emperor would definitely greatly advance in strength. At that time, there would even be a possibility for them to lead armies into the Heaven Realms… As long as he could enter the legendary Heaven Realms, even just for one look, he would die without regrets.

“Go after him.” Yue Yang gave Wu Xia, Qian Qian and Luo Hua a quick look.

The reason why he chose to refine the orb in front of Huo Wei and the Flying Tiger Ambassador was understood only by the four women. This was a trap to lure and kill the enemy. Before this, it would not be possible to for Huo Wei and the Flying Tiger Ambassador to really go all out, since they still had to be vigilant against Yue Yang and the four women.

Once Yue Yang refined the pills successfully, Huo Wei and Flying Tiger would definitely fight for it with all their might, all for the purpose of exclusively benefiting from the secret.

Maybe Huo Wei and Flying Tiger would request for as many reinforcements as possible, but no matter how many more were coming, both sides would fight to the end with each other, until the other side has completely been obliterated. Most importantly, their side, which was the weakest in strength initially, would at least be temporarily safe due to their status changing from that of an enemy to a target that both Huo Wei and Flying Tiger wanted to lure over to their side. Even if either side emerged victorious in the end, they would not attack Yue Yang or the four women again!

Before chasing, Yue Yang and Luo Hua City Mistress joined hands in using [Body Fusion]. The explosive power of [Double Aurora] pulverized the greatly weakened Giant Serpent Bi Lin into multiple pieces.

Princess Qian Qian’s giant sword slashed heavily, beheading the snake.

Finally, to ensure that Bi Lin was indeed dead, Wu Xia even used [Cold Air] to freeze the snake head into a block of ice.

After Yue Yang and the four women killed the Giant Snake Bi Lin, they followed the battle trail of Flying Tiger and Huo Wei and chased after them… In order to stop Huo Wei, the Flying Tiger Ambassador used his strongest attacking power, while Huo Wei used his strongest defensive power to resist, attempting to flee from him with all his might.

If not for the knowledge that his comrade was just right in front of him, Huo Wei would not have the confidence to escape from the relentless attacks of Flying Tiger.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador thundered in rage. In order to intercept Huo Wei, he almost went all out without a care for the consequences, and would rather have an outcome where neither side won than see Huo Wei escape from his clutches. Even if the Ambassador knew that the sounds of fighting would definitely attract more enemies, he had no way to fight noiselessly. Both his [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave] and [Hissing Tiger Sky Vibrating Howl] need the roaring sound made from his throat to transmit his breath.

If he did not roar, and silently attacked instead, that would reduce eighty percent of his power.

“Roar!” The Flying Tiger Ambassador’s only hope was for Huo Wei’s comrades to be slow to hear the fighting sounds made over here, and only after he was able to kill Huo Wei and make him unable to spill the secret of making orbs forever. That would be the most ideal outcome.

“Kill!” Yue Yang did not make the Flying Tiger Ambassador wait for long. Once he caught up, he immediately unsheathed his Hui Jin Magic Blade. Showering the skies with purple flames, he slashed his blade towards Huo Wei’s head.

Huo Wei was already in a battered and exhausted state.

The attacks of Flying Tiger Ambassador and Yue Yang constituted formidable power, with each move at full force. Flying Tiger even regularly made full-frontal attacks that disregarded defence, just to lure Huo Wei into retaliating, but Huo Wei repeatedly refused to be tricked, and did not even pause in his movements for a second. Instead, he suppressed the anger in his heart and focused on wildly fleeing. His Magic Tortoise Shield served as an extremely good form of defence, and he also had an extremely strong body. Hence even if he was hit squarely by Flying Tiger’s attacks, he was still able to continue fleeing.

Huo Wei knew that as long as he could persevere till his comrades received news of him and arrived, then the situation would immediately be reversed…

In this Ancient Passage, Flying Tiger had no possibility of finding assistance. Most of his subordinates had died in battle, and when most of Huo Wei’s comrades lay waiting in ambush, their total strength would be ten times that of Flying Tiger’s. Hence, to surround Flying Tiger and to capture the other five humans alive was definitely not a problem.

Other than the strongest one out of them, the Nine-Headed Goblin Marshal, there were still the Goblin King’s immediate subordinates, four of the Eight Great Goblin Generals, waiting for them.

The battle strength of any single one of the Four Great Goblin Generals, Jin Chan, Zi Diao, Pi Pa, Shi Meng could easily capture and kill Flying Tiger, a hooligan which bullied the weak and was afraid of the strong.

Even if the Nine-Headed Goblin Marshal and the Four Great Goblin Generals did not arrive in time, there were still the Fallen Human Rankers Lord Liu He and Mister Duan Mu. They were human Level Three [Innate] Rankers, even though their physical bodies were not as strong as the Eastern Goblin Tribe, but human [Innate]s would normally be a few levels stronger than other tribes’ [Innate]s. As long as Liu He and Mister Duan Mu arrived, Flying Tiger would definitely not be able to handle them!

As for the Goblin Envoys and Goblin Servants, whose strength was almost the same as him or were slightly weaker than him, there were a few dozens of them. As long as Huo Wei could meet up with them, he could definitely defeat the Flying Tiger Ambassador.

As long as any one of them received news and came, it would be good.

But what made Huo Wei despair was that the first to receive news and come was not his own comrade, but Flying Tiger’s single surviving comrade in the Ancient Passage, Fiery Golden Eyes Beast.

“What’s going on?” When the middle-aged man that Fiery Golden Eyes Beast transformed into saw the scene in front of him, he was extremely surprised.

“Cut the crap, Golden Eyes, put away that irritating cover of politeness. I order you to immediately use your most powerful attack to kill Huo Wei!” When the Flying Tiger Ambassador saw that the one who came forward was actually his own comrade, he was ecstatic. He felt that the Heavens were really favouring him, if the one who came was an enemy, then his headache would grow by three times. Luckily, the one who came was Fiery Golden Eyes beast. This fellow was normally the most irritating, but since he was able to come in time to help, the previous bad impression of him immediately changed. As long as he could live to bring back the secret to the Goblin Emperor, as long as he was in a good mood, he would even put in a few good words for him.

“We should just run away now, four abnormal monsters are coming from behind! I barely managed to escape from them… You guys are fighting so hard now, but they will arrive within a minute!” The middle-aged man whom Fiery Golden Eyes Beast had transformed into had a bitter smile on his face. “If we have even ten minutes, you don’t even need to say a thing, I would immediately attack and kill of this turtle!”

“Then you should take this little boy and leave, his life is more important than yours, bring him with you!” The Flying Tiger Ambassador ordered Golden Eyes to take Yue Yang and leave.

“I am thinking that he shouldn’t have the ability to do that… ”

From the far entrance of the Ancient Passage, a beautiful lady holding a jaded pipa sashayed towards them.
(E/N: Pipa is a chinese guitar looking instrument.)

When Flying Tiger saw this woman, his face immediately changed. “Pipa Goblin of the Southern Four Goblin Generals?”

On the other hand, Huo Wei had an ecstatic expression on his face.

Even further in the darkness, a smiling chubby man walked towards them.

Beside him, there was an extremely ugly Golden Toad with three feet. Behind him, there was a skinny guy riding a strange horse which looked neither like a horse or a donkey. Once the skinny guy appeared, he kept coughing, looking as if he was suffering from a terminal disease and would almost fall to the ground and die any minute.

When the Flying Tiger Ambassador saw these three monsters appear, terror filled his eyes. He turned and rushed into the Ancient Passage behind him at the speed of a hurricane. His speed was so fast that he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Because he was eager to escape, he did not even bother to inform his comrade, Golden Eyes, in time.

Yue Yang was slightly appalled.

This Flying Tiger had just asked his comrade to leave first in such a righteous manner, how was it that once strong enemies arrived, he himself first escaped with such speed?

The middle-aged man whom Fiery Golden Eyes Beast had transformed into smiled bitterly. He seemed to have already anticipated such an outcome..

The heavily armoured guy Huo Wei rushed over, getting ready to block Flying Tiger’s passage.

Golden Eyes’ aura exploded around him as he repelled Huo Wei with one punch. Opening both his arms, he instead took over Flying Tiger’s position to obstruct the enemy, letting his comrade Flying Tiger escape first.

He even nodded his head slightly towards Yue Yang, saying “Yue Yang, you too leave with your comrades!”

Yue Yang was slightly stunned. “What?”

Golden Eyes shook his head expressionlessly. “Around fifteen kilometers behind us, there is a Teleportation Circle. That leads to the Teleportation Circle at the outer fence of the God’s Ruin’s Inner Layer. Inside the God’s Ruin’s, there may be many rubbles for people to hide in them temporarily. If you guys are lucky enough, find a shattered space to hide, then think of a way to leave. Even though our Emperor has captured your family, His Majesty will not hurt them. His Majesty did that just to forcefully improve the foreign relations between humans like Zhi Zun and the Innate Association. The Southern Goblin Tribe is not interested in invading a small place like the Soaring Dragon Continent… You guys leave now, I should be able to resist them for a few minutes, good luck to you!”

Huo Wei rushed forth a second time, and was entirely caught by Golden Eyes.

He lifted him up and threw him into the distance.

“This is such an idiotic monster. Could it be that you think that just based on your strength alone, you can resist the attacks of the four of us?” The beautiful lady carrying the jaded pipa laughed.

“I can’t. But I am fulfilling my loyal duties towards His Majesty, so I’d die without regrets!” Golden Eyes’ expression did not change. He continued to spread his arms, blocking the passage.

“Since you think this way, then we’ll first let you fulfill your loyal duties.” The chubby guy who brought the Three-footed Golden Toad was smiling widely, as if he was saying greetings for prosperity, rather than killing somebody. The skinny guy beside him was coughing continuously, as if he was going to cough out his lungs, and looked as if he was about to fall to the ground and die anytime. But through Yue Yang’s Level Four [Divine Vision], he could tell that this skinny who had tuberculosis was not an easy target…

“Leave now, I can’t hold this for much longer.” Golden Eyes looked at the enemies who were slowly closing in, indicating to Yue Yang to leave quickly.

“I also want to leave… But I can only thank you for your kind intentions, I think its still better for me to stay.” A smile as brilliant as the sun crept across Yue Yang’s face. Unknowingly, there was a curvaceous woman with ample assets who had hugged Yue Yang from behind like a lover acting coquettishly. A snow-white long leg peeked out from a slitted long dress, hooking onto Yue Yang’s thigh from the side, gently rubbing against the inside of Yue Yang’s thighs. At the same time, there was an arm as white as a snow lotus which hooked onto Yue Yang’s neck. Lips with purple lipstick applied found their way to his ear, breathing out fragrantly. “Little brother, you’re so smart, not dumb like that idiot, not even knowing when he’s about one foot into his coffin… You’re such an obedient little brother, let oneesan reward you with a kiss, okay?”

“Of course it’s good with me, but I am afraid that my fiancee would be angry. You know that when women are jealous, it is really disastrous!” Yue Yang indicated that he was a good husband.

“Who is your fiancee?” The curvaceous purple-lipped woman blew out a light purple fragrant breath onto Yue Yang’s first.

“Behind me, the four ladies who are giving you death glares.” Yue Yang answered.

“Eh? They are just little virgins without experience, little brother, you are really very obedient! Actually, why should you care about what they think, if men do not know how to have fun with women, is that still a man? Let oneesan teach you a few tricks, I’ll guarantee that you will make them hover between ecstasy and suffering, and make them fall under the spell of your body.” The purple-lipped curvaceous woman looked at Wu Xia, Wu Heng, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress. On seeing that they were not Innates, she was unperturbed, callously roaming her eyes across them and continuing to seduce Yue Yang.

On hearing this, a wolfish lecherous expression appeared immediately on Yue Yang’s face.

His wolfish claws stretch followed and directly seized the round buttocks of the purple-lipped curvaceous woman, looking like a lecher desperate for sex.

Initially, the purple-lipped curvaceous woman was very alert, right until Yue Yang’s wolfish claws grabbed her buttocks and started to knead and rub her. Since she had not felt his murderous intent, she really thought that this fellow was really taking advantage of this opportunity to take liberties with her, hence she couldn’t help seducing him further. A faintly discernable moan escaped from her throat. That sort of moan was alluring and seductive, and was able to make one’s lust explode a hundred or a thousand times.

On hearing this woman’s alluring moan, Yue Yang’s hands acted like they were given some sort of encouragement, directly reaching into the seam of her slitted dress.

“You’re so naughty!” The purple-lipped curvaceous woman wriggled her body, breathing heavily into Yue Yang’s ear.

“Many people say that, some of them whom were killed by me shortly after they said that.” Yue Yang had a wolfish grin on his face as he answered. The purple-lipped curvaceous woman was about to reply “Then you kill me too”, but she was suddenly alert, and immediately tried to escape. But she was too late, under Yue Yang’s binds, her entire body froze in midair. Yue Yang’s power of Yang erupted, as purple flames, [Spherical Beheader] and First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash all activated at the same time, sending the purple-lipped curvaceous woman, who paused in midair just for a second before recovering, flying.

The woman fell to the floor in pain.

Her hands were covering her lower abdomen where blood was seeping out as she groaned painfully, with one hand on the ground as support.

Her originally beautiful body was now twisting like a small shrimp that was being cooked. The clothes on her body had been burnt to ashes by the purple flames. The skin of her lower abdomen which had borne the disastrous strike was now charcoal, and her snow white and slender legs had multiple slash wounds, with fresh blood seeping out… The purple-lipped curvaceous woman summoned a ball of green light for herself, as the green light enveloped her body, her wounds started to heal quickly.

In less than ten seconds, her wounds had already completely recovered.

However, she stood up without shame even with a naked body, and exposed her sinister and gloomy murderous intent towards Yue Yang. “You damned human, you dare to hurt my beautiful body?”

“If you want to seduce me, its not impossible, only if you become more beautiful after you reincarnate!” Yue Yang was grinning widely. “Its not your fault that you don’t look hot and cannot fire up others’ lust, but to look like that and still dare to try and seduce people everywhere, that is definitely your fault.”

On hearing this, the beautiful lady who was carrying the jaded pipa covered her small mouth and giggled.

The chubby guy who brought Three-footed Golden Toad with him also chuckled. “So, you want to become our enemies? Little child, that is not a good idea at all. Seeing that there is still time to change your mind, perhaps you could consider that once again.”

“If you kneel in front of me and let me step on your head with my foot, maybe I’ll reconsider.” Yue Yang’s answer almost made everybody think he was crazy.

“Little boy, you are like a lousy toad that’s yawning. Such a big mouth! Golden Toad, this little human boy’s even better at bragging than you!” The beautiful lady carrying the jaded pipa giggled.

On hearing this, the chubby guy who was initially smiling immediately stopped smiling.

His fury made his entire face beet red as he shouted loudly “You damned Jaded Pipa Spirit, I am Golden Toad, I am not a lousy toad!”

Yue Yang waved his hands nonchalantly. “Go down to hell to explain that to the King of Hell, I don’t actually care whether you are a lousy toad or not. Anyway, there is nothing to brag about killing a lousy toad… ” The four ladies kept silent, but had already summoned their grimoires. Princess Qian Qian was holding up her sword ready to strike at any time, whereas Luo Hua City Mistress had started to gather her aurora lights, while the mysterious beauty Wu Xia was hidden behind them. As long as she attacked, it would definitely be the strongest form of killing move.

If the four of them were not with Yue Yang, they would definitely not be a worthy opponent of any single one of these enemies.

But as long as Yue Yang was present, then they could display their actual strength.

No matter how much battle power they could provide Yue Yang, they would never stop supporting him… What more, now was the time where he needed support the most!

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