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LLS Chapter 256 – Nirvana’s Flame, Refining Orbs!

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Chapter 256 – Nirvana’s Flame, Refining Orbs!
Translated by: May
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Under the pincer attack, a serious damage was inflicted on Bi Lin, the Two-headed Snake.

His eardrums had burst, his blood flowed out from the seven orifices of his head. Half of his face was burnt black while the other half of his face was frozen in ice. Even the blood that he spat out from his mouth had become frozen in ice as it shattered on the floor. Before the mysterious beauty, Wu Xia could finish her attack, Princess Qian Qian’s huge sword had slashed down on him with an irresistible force. Although the huge sword didn’t slash the Two-headed Snake into two, it had successfully cut into his skull. Princess Qian Qian’s attack held immense power. On top of that, the Two-headed Snake man had no defence at all. As a result, when he was slashed by the huge sword, his blood spilled out on the spot while his skull was smashed into pieces. His brain was also split open at the same time.

The joint attacks by Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian wasn’t the biggest damage that had been inflicted on the Two-headed Snake man.

The one who had launched the deadly blow was the little lamia, Xiao Wen Li.

Her Dual Icicle Blades slipped through the Two-headed Snake man’s chest and freeze all the organs inside his body. As she transformed into a rainbow light and floated back into Yue Yang’s body, she placed a bloody Orb on Yue Yang’s hands. This was the deadly attack by Xiao Wen Li. She had dug out the Two-headed Snake man’s Orb.

The bodies of the Eastern Goblin Tribe were extremely strong. They could recover rapidly even if their body received critical damage.

However, they must never lose their Orbs, otherwise they would suffer great injuries to their vitality at best or die at worst.

It was not that the Two-headed Snake man wasn’t being vigilant. It’s just that he only paid attention to Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the rest. He never expected that the one who had launched the deadly blow would be the Xiao Wen Li who was hidden inside Yue Yang’s body.

Due to Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Innate Skill, he had become a living sandbag who could only get sliced up by the enemy.

The black-armored man, Huo Wei charged forward frantically as he wanted to save his comrade.

He attacked agitatedly but his attacks were useless against the sickly beauty’s crystal shield. Luo Hua City Mistress who was standing far away from him suddenly shot out an extremely strong [Aurora Light] and sent him flying away, not giving him any second chance to attack. If Huo Wei didn’t have his Magic Tortoise Shield, he would probably follow his comrade’s footsteps and became the second Eastern Goblin Tribe member to collapsed in front of the four girls.

“No!” The armored man, Huo Wei cried out bitterly as he saw his comrade fell down raggedly.

As a result of making the wrong move, his comrade had suffered heavy damages and became an ice statue.

The armored man Huo Wei ignited in flame as he ran towards his comrade, carrying the Two-headed Snake man who had turned into an ice statue away.

The ice melted rapidly as it was heated by the raging flames.

To their astonishment, the Two-headed Snake man had not died even after suffering so much damage.

He slowly tranformed back to his original form of a huge snake and coiled his body with one of his snake’s head. In the midst of a green cloud of smoke, he completed a bizarre transformation. His other undamaged snake’s head was transformed into him while his own snake’s head which had been seriously damaged was transformed into the beast. However, although the Two-headed Snake managed to save his life with this bizarre way of replacing his snake’s head, he had lost a great deal of his strength. He no longer possessed Innate powers since he had lost his Orb. He had only managed to stay alive due to the strong body of the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Even a Level 7 [Overlord] could slash the current him right now.

“Ssss…… ” The Two-headed Snake flicked out its long tongue as it escaped out from the cave in high speed under the armored man, Huo Wei’s protection.

“Where are you trying to escape?” Of course the Flying Tiger Ambassador wanted to take advantage of their predicament.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador was reserving his strength since Yue Yang and the four girls were here and he was worried that Xiao Wen Li would make a surprise attack on him like she did to Bi Lin. However, the Flying Tiger Ambassador still increased his Innate powers unhesitatingly and transformed into a brightly-coloured fierce tiger with a pair of huge wings on its back. He pounced fiercely forwarwd to bite the Two-headed Snake, Bi Lin and the armored man, Huo Wei.

His objective was to kill the Two-headed Snake, Bi Lin, forcing Huo Wei to go mad with anger. Then, he planned to join hands with Yue Yang to defeat Huo Wei together.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador believed that Yue Yang would definitely make his move to kill Huo Wei as long as there was a good opportunity for him to do so.

Let alone Huo Wei, the Flying Tiger Ambassador believed that he would also be killed if he was careless.

Yue Yang and the four girls watched disinterestedly. It would be better if the Flying Tiger Ambassador fight with the enemy so that they wouldn’t need to lift a hand.

Originally, Huo Wei’s strength wasn’t any weaker than the Flying Tiger Ambassador, but because he had to protect his injured comrade Bi Lin, Huo Wei could only transform back to his real form of Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise and defend the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s attack. In an instant, he was pushed back continuously by the Flying Tiger Ambassador.

Yue Yang noticed that this battle would probably last quite some time. So he didn’t bother much about the battle situation and started to study the Orb in his palm instead.

This Snake Orb gave him a very odd feeling.

It seemed like some kind of secret was hidden inside it.

Yue Yang believed his beasts, Wu Xia, Wu Hen, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and he himself could greatly enhance their strength as long as he unraveled the secret of this Orb. It could be said that this Orb might be the key to breakthroughs of their strength in the future. The four girls knew that Yue Yang must have discovered something new as soon as they saw Yue Yang’s thoughtful expression. Four of them quickly gathered around him secretly, in order to protect him from the enemy’s attack and distractions so that he could concentrate on studying the secret of the Orb.

The Medicine Encyclopedia did record something about the Orb, but the record was very simple.

It only stated that an Orb was formed after accumulating energy for a long time and it was usually found in an animal’s body. The Orb was formed after the animal absorbed the [Spiritual Energy] of the universe. Therefore, it possessed a very powerful energy.

If a beast absorbs an Orb from a beast of the same attribute, they would level up or even undergo Variant Evolution.

The disadvantage of the Orb was that its energy was too powerful and there were too much of impurity in it.

If a beast absorbed an Orb from a beast of different attribute, not only would it be useless to the consumer’s body, it might even be harmful to the beast. It could cause the beast to die due to overflow of energy…

Orbs were very rare in the Soaring Dragon Continent but it was very common amongst the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Although it was quite similar to the demon crystals of the demonic beasts in the Soaring Dragon Continent, they have their differences. The energy inside an Orb was very powerful, but most Orbs was not a solid substance. Once the Orb had solidified, its energy was incomparable to an ordinary demon crystal. The power stored inside an Orb was even greater than dragon crystals which were said to possess the greatest power.

Another point was that even though Orbs contained a lot of impurity, it was considered much cleaner than demon crystals. Moreover, it was always connected with its owner’s soul, hence the Orb’s owner could even use his Orb to attack his enemy.

Of course, the Orb owner would die if the Orb was damaged.

And in the same way, it would be dangerous to swallow an Orb if the Orb owner had not died yet, because the owner could control the Orb as he or she wish.

The Orb was shaking in Yue Yang’s palm. The Two-headed Snake had made several attempts to suck in the Orb back to his body. However, it was not easy to regain things back from Yue Yang once it had fallen ontoo his palms. The Orb was refining rapidly under Yue Yang’s Innate Qi. The impurity, spirit, evil energy and other unnecessary attribute were all being dispersed by Yue Yang’s Innate Qi as well… At first, Yue Yang did it subconsciously as he intended to prevent the Two-headed Snake, Bi Lin to regain his Orb back. He wanted to disperse the impurity so that he could keep the Orb and study it.

However, Yue Yang started to realize something as he dispersed the consciousness of the Orb by using his Innate Qi.

He couldn’t describe the strange response.

As he purified the Orb with his Innate Qi, the response was even stronger and he started to understand it.

“I need fire. Yes, I need to refine it with fire!” Yue Yang released the power of Yang and ignited a purple flame. He further refined the Orb in his palm according to his understanding.

The Two-headed Snake at the other side, on the other hand, looked to be in pain as Yue Yang’s Innate Qi started to disperse the consciousness from the Orb.

When Yue Yang refined it with the purple flame, it screamed and fell on the ground suddenly.

Although it didn’t die, it whined miserably as its body rapidly became larger and rougher. On the other hand, its strength was decreasing relentlessly. When it became a huge snake whose body’s thickness was larger than a water bucket, its strength had deteriorated until the level of Gold-ranked Level 5 of the Soaring Dragon Continent. When his Orb was stolen, if Bi Lin could regain his Orb back, there might still be hope for Bi Lin to regain his Innate powers back… However, along with Yue Yang’s refining, his condition became even more tragic as time passed by. Completely losing his Orb, he slowly turned back into his original form, a giant snake, and his strength had even deteriorated drastically!

Bi Lin might be weaker than a Gold-ranked Level 5 huge snake if he didn’t have high intelligence.

Even the Flying Tiger Ambassador wasn’t interested to kill him now.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador could see that it would be tough for Bi Lin to regain its human transformation ability even if he cultivated for another thousand of years, even if he didn’t die now. It was also out of question that it could return to the Innate Realm.

Yue Yang had not finish refining yet. Instead, it was only the beginning.

The size of the Orb was a few times smaller after it was refined nine times by the purple flames of the power of Yang. It became sparkling like an egg yolk, bright golden and dazzling with a radiant but soft light. Even a blind person could see how precious the Orb was. It was pure and full of energy. If anyone swallowed it, there would be an obvious change in the enhancement of his or her strength.

The four girls looked at the Orb in Yue Yang’s hand happily. They never thought that the Orb could be refined using this way.

If there were a lot of Orbs for a beast to absorb, wouldn’t there be a rapid progress in enhancing the beast’s’ streng?

“What is this Orb’s attribute? What kind of beast would be best to take it? ” The sickly beauty had great interest in researching. If she wasn’t at the battlefield now she would have taken out a pen to record every detail of it.

“I haven’t finished refining it yet. I still need to refine it again. But when it is completed, the Orb’s attribute should be neutral and it can be taken by any type of beast.” Yue Yang wasn’t satisfied with the refining of this Orb. According to his understanding, it was possible for this Orb to be further refined. It’s basic foundation could be changed as well but the flame that was required to refine it again had to be a higher levelled one. For example, the “True Samadhi Fire”.
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samadhi)

Yue Yang didn’t have such kind of thing.

However, he had Nirvana’s Flame.

Could the Nirvana’s Flame refine the Orb like how the True Samadhi Fire did? Yue Yang never tried about it but he thought that that idea might work.

Anyway, it was just an experiment. If it was successful then it proved that the Nirvana’s Flame could be used to refine the Orb. Yue Yang would then have the motivation to fight the Eastern Goblin Tribe and steal their Orbs. If it failed, it was not too bad too as it would just cost them an Orb.

Yue Yang worried that the Orb would be burnt away if there was too much of Nirvana’s Flame.

He tried his best to control the Nirvana’s Flame so that it was only ignited in his palm. He used the smallest flame to refine the Orb which had already been purified.

The mysterious beauty Wu Xia, the sickly beauty Wu Hen, Princess Qian Qian and the Luo Hua City Mistress were all containing their excitement and waited with bated breath as they watched Yue Yang refining the Orb.

The Orb melted rapidly under the Nirvana’s Flame just like how an ice melt under a flame.

At first, Yue Yang was shocked as he thought that he failed to refine it.

However, the ping-pong sized Orb stopped decreasing in size when it was the size of a glass bead. The Orb had been changed completely. The dazzling Orb had now became sparkling and transparent, pure without any impurity. What was left in it was completely pure energy. Furthermore, this energy was the energy that had been refined and transformed until it changed completely. It had a neutral attribute and was extremely concentrated in energy, like a diamond that had been polished.

A dazzling and magnificent light burst out from within Yue Yang’s palms, completely unstoppable.

When Yue Yang opened his palm, the dome in the cave was brightened up by the shining magnificent light. The Orb looked like a tiny sun in Yue Yang’s palm as it emitted bright radiance.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador and the armored man Huo Wei who were fighting at the other side watched blankly and stopped fighting, completely stunned.

That Orb was an existence that they wouldn’t even dream of existing.

If they had not seen it for themselves, they would never expect that Orbs could emit such great energy and dazzling light. How did this human boy do that? Could it be that his real identity was the grandmaster level of alchemist? How did he refine the Orb without using any cauldron, in such a short time?

The Flying Tiger Ambassador and Huo Wei as well as Bi Lin who had transformed to a huge snake looked at Yue Yang greedily.

They were thinking that if they could capture this brat back with them and force him to help them refine orbs, undergoing the Variant Evolution to be a Goblin King might just be around the corner…

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