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LLS Chapter 255 – Pincer Attack

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Chapter 255 – Pincer Attack
Translated by: May
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Since you know each other, you should continue to reminisce about the old times. We still have something that we need to settle. We won’t bother you. ” Yue Yang was about to leave.

“I will spare your life if you crawl under my legs.” The Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise who had transformed into a black-armoured man laughed heartily.

“The beauties have to stay.” The Two-headed Snake who had transformed into a man with the green snake scales armor added.

“……” Yue Yang remained silent but raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade, showing his enemies that he would not hesitate fighting them. Yue Yang didn’t want to create more enemies if it was not necessary. It would be great if these two Eastern Goblin Tribe members were more interested in the Flying Tiger Ambassador. In any case, he would reap the benefits if they fight. However, having this kind of thought did not mean that he was retreating like a coward, instead, it was a way to test the enemy. The reaction of the enemy would decide whether Yue Yang would launch his attack or not. Since the enemy wanted to battle, he would just slash the enemy without being afraid of trouble.

“Wait a moment.” The mysterious beauty, Wu Xia said all of a sudden. “You don’t have to fight. Let us deal with them! ”

“Can you handle this? ” Yue Yang was astounded.

These two Eastern Goblin Tribe definitely had the Innate Powers. How could they fight the two of them?

Princess Qian Qian waved her huge sword heroically. “Why did we follow you here if we are not going to fight? You in charge of controlling the troops. Watch as we kill the Two-headed snake and Tortoise! ”

The two Eastern Goblin Tribe laughed unbridledly as they listened. Their expressions showed that they didn’t give a damn to Princess Qian Qian and the other girls.

In their eyes, Princess Qian Qian and the other girls were not even Innate, they were just girls.

Thus, they didn’t care at all.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador remained silent as he sped up the recovery from his injury. It seemed like he had another plan in his mind.

Yue Yang paid attention to this fellow surreptitiously as he didn’t trust the Flying Tiger Ambassador. Of course, it was also impossible for the Flying Tiger Ambassador to trust Yue Yang. However, their mutual enemy were the two who were standing in front of them. The relationship between the three parties had indistinctly formed opposition towards each other since all of them had different interests. One of them had to be defeated completely in order to break this triangle.

Princess Qian Qian shouted as she raised her huge sword.

The Qi in her body exploded.

It was as strong as a hurricane.

This was her first time she exploded her true strength completely in front of Yue Yang. This also included the strength that she had been hiding all this time.

A burst of brilliant light shot out from her body and made her look like a warrior goddess. Light rays spun around her sword. Sword Qi shot out from her legs, arms and back to the ground and air. The impact from the Sword Qi even left several traces on the ground ten meters away in the cave. At the moment when the sword-shaped light shining from her body was at its brightest, a stunning, fierce tiger roar was heard.

“ROAR… ”

An image of a huge white tiger appeared on top of Princess Qian Qian’s head.

It then entered swiftly into Princess Qian Qian’s body.

Princess Qian Qian’s Qi exploded once again right after that. Her power was ten times stronger than the Qi that was as strong as hurricane just now. The whole cave that was indestructible was shaking.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador’s expression changed as soon as he saw a flash of the white tiger image. It was as if he saw his frightening nemesis.

As for the man with the green snake scale armour and the black-armoured man, their eyes showed astonishment too. They never expected that a girl like Princess Qian Qian who seemed to only be ranked at Level 6 [Elder] would have such powerful strength when she released her real power. They did hear that the human warriors in the Soaring Dragon Continent were good at hiding their strength before, but they didn’t know that human warriors could hide their strength this well. They couldn’t tell at all when she was hiding her strength

If it were not because her strength were not Innate yet, both of them would have considered giving up on battling with her.

They were afraid of the strength of the beast in her body.

Because the beast looked exactly like the White Tiger.

It was said to be the strongest beast among the legendary Four Holy Beasts, Western White Tiger!

Of course, the beast only looked like the White Tiger of the Four Holy Beast. It shouldn’t be the real White Tiger. If the real White Tiger was here, it could easily tear and smash all of them even if there were a hundred members of the Eastern Goblin Tribe.

“Let me fight her!” The black armoured man who was transformed from the Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise stepped out.

“Be careful, there’s something odd in this girl! The beast in her body should be the real White Tiger, but it should be a young White Tiger which has not fully grown yet. I can sense an indistinct pressure from her body.” The man with the green snake scales armor which had transformed from the Two-headed Snake warned his comrade immediately.

“You better worry about yourself!” The sickly beauty smiled. Her body didn’t emit a biting cold Qi, instead, her Qi was extremely soft and beautiful. Countless colours overflowed from her body. It was as beautiful as a rainbow. Many colourful light rays entered into her body and transformed into a sparkling and translucent crystal armour as she did the summoning at the same time.

If Princess Qian Qian’s White Tiger beast was said to be the strongest attack type beast, then the sickly beauty, Wu Xia’s crystal armour was the strongest defense beast.

Yue Yang battled with the sickly beauty once when she disguise herself as the Tian Luo Prince. He didn’t get to break the crystal armour even after making several attempts at it. He could only break her extremely strong defense with the Innate Invisible Sword Qi after he carved the Runic Circle on the shield. Before this, Yue Yang didn’t have confidence in Princess Qian Qian and thought that the sickly beauty was the strongest among all of them. He didn’t expect that Princess Qian Qian’s strength was no less than the sickly beauty after she released her real strength.

The thing that made Yue Yang wondered the most was that he could sense a kind of very familiar response from Princess Qian Qian.

It seemed to conform with his mind indistinctly.

At first, Yue Yang still couldn’t figure it out but as Luo Hua City Mistress and mysterious beauty started to summon, he immediately realized it… It was the Ancient Runes. There was an Ancient Runic Circle in the body of Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress that conformed with his mind. When did they own the Ancient Runes? Could it be that it was when they were at the Cloud Peak Lake?

Only Luo Hua City Mistress was there with him when he launched the Ancient Runic Circle. Perhaps Princess Qian Qian and Wu Xia were there too that’s why they also gained the strength of the Ancient Runes.

If compared with Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the rest, the silver runes of the sickly beauty whose health had been affected as she studied the Ancient Runes had the weakest response with the Ancient Runes in Yue Yang’s body. The one with the strongest response was the mysterious beauty, Wu Xia, who had been improving her abilities and summoning skills relentlessly. She neither released a burst of her Qi like Princess Qian Qian nor was she reserved like the sickly beauty. Somewhat mysteriously, she summoned her grimoire. She held the ancient book and muttered as if she was reciting a poem.

The colourful light on her body transformed into several Ancient Runes.

The Ancient Runes streaked across her body like fireflies although they disappeared after a few seconds. Outside her shield, the temperature suddenly dropped drastically, as if an ice petrification attack had descended upon the cave. The ground, wall and dome of the cave were all gradually turning into ice.

“Eh? These little beauties all turned out to be thorny roses. We are in trouble this time! ” The green-armoured man cried out as he saw the sickly beauty’s crystal armour and Luo Hua City Mistress’s [Aurora Light]. “They are not an Innate but I felt a great sense of danger from them. Huo Wei (Fire Tail), stop your attack. I will get someone to help. Don’t make a silly mistake. It will be humiliating if we lose in such a battle! ”

“It’s surprising that both of you are scared of these girls who are just a human. This is really ridiculous!” The Flying Tiger Ambassador mocked both of them but he was also secretly alarmed in his heart.

Luckily he didn’t have to face these girls at the moment, else he would be in deep trouble too.

The heavily armoured man who was the Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise transformation appeared unconcerned as he heard the Flying Dragon Ambassador’s mockery. He replied sarcastically, “Smart people won’t commit stupid mistakes. Fei Hu (Flying Tiger), don’t think that you can goad me with that retarded statement. Bi Lin (Green Scales), release your green snake to guide others here. I will hold them. I have the feeling that these girls will be more worthy than the idiotic Fei Hu all of a sudden. If we can catch them and offer them to the Lich King, I believe that the he will be very happy! ”
[Fei Hu means Flying Tiger in Mandarin while Bi Lin means green scale in Mandarin.]

The Two-headed snake man whose name was Bi Lin summoned a cloud of green smoke. The green smoke transformed into a green snake’s shadow as it appeared out of air.

The green snake disappeared in a flash.

When it was about to disappear, a white shadow which was far faster than lightning shot out from beside Luo Hua City Mistress’s feet. The white shadow streaked across the air rapidly and chased to the entrance of the cave. It managed to catch up with the green snake which was about to disappear and bit the green snake onto the floor.

It was Luo Hua City Mistress’s Three-tailed Snow Fox. Although its combat strength wasn’t strong, far weaker than the cockroach-like Hui Tai Lang which had a very high vitality, even a hundred Hui Tai Lang wouldn’t be able to beat it when it came to killing snake-type beast. It could be said that the Three-tailed Snow Fx was the nemesis of snake-type beast. Any kind of snake-type beasts would die if they were bitten by its tiny sharp teeth.

The green snake twisted in pain as it tried to coil around the Three-tailed Snow Fox, trying to strangle its opponent to death.

However, the Three-tailed Snow Fox was extremely smart and quick.

The green snake couldn’t touch its body at all since its speed was faster than lightning.

In the blink of an eye, the green snake fell dead under the Three-tailed Snow Fox’s tiny mouth.

The Two-headed snake man, Bi Lin was extremely angry. He raised one of his green hands and green liquid flowed out from his palm. The green liquid smelled very fishy and so unpleasant that it caused people to feel dizzy and nauseated. He then shot the liquid towards the Three-tailed Snow Fox. The Three-tailed Snow Fox avoided the liquid nimbly. As the liquid splashed on the floor, green and white smoke burst out as the stone floor of the cave eroded.

“[Aurora Light]! ” Luo Hua City Mistress raised her hand. Although she wasn’t good at close combat like Princess Qian Qian, the frightening power of the [Aurora Light] which was condensed in her hands was no doubt a nightmare for the enemy.

“Magic Tortoise Shield. Bi Lin, stay behind me! ” The black-armoured man, Huo Wei didn’t have a grimoire but as an Eastern Goblin Tribe member he was more expert in summoning if compared with the Flying Dragon Ambassador and the rest. He took out a black summoning crystal and summoned a huge tortoise which then transformed into a super thick shield. He was prepared to defend himself against Luo Hua City Mistress’s [Aurora Light]. At the same time, he hinted to his comrade to hide behind him. Although Luo Hua City Mistress was not an Innate, it would be painful if they were hit by this kind of [Aurora Light]. He was very alert especially because he saw the Runic Circle that had appeared momentarily before the [Aurora Light] condensed in Luo Hua City Mistress’ palm.

“It’s too late! ” Princess Qian Qian raised her huge sword and with an irresistible force, slashed her target, Bi Lin, the Two-headed snake man with a tremendous force.

“Flashing Snake Shadow…” The Two-headed snake man didn’t defend the attack but transformed into a mirage and slipped to his comrade.

However, afterwards, something astonishing happened.

As soon as he made his move, he was trapped in a pincer kill by the girls.

The mysterious beauty, Wu Xia appeared behind him in a flash with thunder and ice in each of her hands. The power in both of her hands were not any weaker than Luo Hua City Mistress’ [Aurora Light]. She had made use of Luo Hua City Mistress’s [Aurora Light] and the Qi of Princess Qian Qian ingeniously to mask her power so that she could accumulate the strongest power and waited for a good chance to attack. As soon as the Two-headed snake man moved, she attacked him immediately by dealing a heavy blow to his ears with her hands.

Her current strength was no longer the same as the time when she battled with Marquis Zi Jin.

Before she attacked the Two-headed snake man with both of her hands, a terrified expression was seen on his face. He could have dodged or defended, but there was a cute little lamia that made his life completely tragic… Due to the Binding Innate Skill, he became a living sandbag who couldn’t move at all in three seconds while he was being beaten.

In front, a cute little lamia brandished her Dual Icicle Blades at him. At his back, the mysterious beauty who was like a Death Reaper, attacked him with her [Thunder Palm] and [Icicle] at his left and right side respectively.

On top of his head, the huge sword wielded by the tigress, Princess Qian Qian was about to slash down upon him……

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