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LLS Chapter 254 – Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise

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Chapter 254 – Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang used his Lich Ring to store Liu He’s and the curly sideburn muscular man’s corpses. He did not even let the Plum Leopard’s body off.

With regards to his actions, Princess Qian Qian was extremely curious.

She didn’t knew that Yue Yang used the corpses to feed his beast. She thought that Yue Yang was an unscrupulous brat who would exploit every single resources he could get. She never thought that the Thorny Flower Demoness was cultivated using human’s and warrior’s corpses. As for the mysterious beauty Wu Xia who was extremely knowledgeable, she might have more or less guessed it. However, she didn’t say anything, secretly helping Yue Yang to keep his secret.

If Yue Yang summoned his Thorny Flower Demoness, Princess Qian Qian would be surprised to find out that the previously gold-ranked Thorny Flower Demoness had now levelled up to diamond-ranked.

This kind of levelling speed, other than plant-type beasts, no other beasts could compare.

Furthermore, there were strict requirements to level up to diamond-rank. It wasn’t a rank that any ordinary beasts could level up to.

Of course, even if Princess Qian Qian asked Yue Yang, he would definitely lie and say that the Thorny Flower Demoness had levelled up due to the experience gained in the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

The current Thorny Flower Demoness was not a little girl anymore. She now had the appearance of a 15-16 year old girl. As long as she undergo the last Variant Evolution, she would become the strongest beast in the plant-category, the Golden Crowned Thorny Flower Queen. Only then would she truly be a Holy-ranked Beast or higher. The current Thorny Flower Demoness had gained enough intelligence after going through the Twelve Zodiac Temples. It looked like soon, Yue Yang would be able to successfully copied the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen who could massacre an entire Demon Legion and two Great Blood Prison Demon Kings three thousand years ago… Yue Yang’s Golden Crown Thorny Flower King might even be stronger than its predecessor, because he had cultivated the Thorny Flower with many Innate Ranker’s corpses and increased its intelligence by clearing the Twelve Zodiac Temple’s Trials.

Most importantly, it had also became stronger from Yue Yang’s Ancient Rune and blood, without Yue Yang knowing.

“Where should we go?” After walking through a giant flight of steps in the Ancient Passage, Luo Hua City Mistress found that there was a three-way crossroad in front of them.

“The stench of blood is strongest from the left side. There is the smell of the Eastern Goblin Tribe on the right and there seemed to be the smell of humans in the middle… I can’t really smell it, you decide, which direction should we go?” Princess Qian Qian’s [Six Records] was extremely sharp, but the feeling she got from the middle path was really strange, she couldn’t identify it very clearly.

“Let’s decide using a coin.” Yue Yang took out a gold coin.

“…” the four girls were speechless.

Yue Yang laughed. He was only teasing them when he said to decide with a coin. After lifting the limiter on his Innate powers once again, his senses improved greatly. He could easily see through their enemies’ diversion trick that was laid to trap them.

The scent of blood could be created by sprinkling some blood on the ground, while the smell of the Eastern Goblin Tribe could be created by ordering some people to walk through the passage.

On the other hand, they would definitely not be able to conceal the smell of humans.

The Easter Goblin Tribe had taken their captive through the middle path of the Ancient Passage. Moreover, they had just left that place.

After chasing after the scent for around ten kilometres, Yue Yang and the four girls discovered some bloodstains on the ground.

After pursuing another few kilometres, they found the older Xiong Brother who was carrying Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha previously lying dead on the ground. He had similarly transformed back to his real body, a Valiant Bear. His body was as big as a small hill, but it could be seen clearly that this older Xiong Brother had been killed by a deadly blow to its head that shattered his skull. The four girls’ expressions turned gloomy when they see the terrifying aftermath of the deadly blow.

Who was the strong warrior that killed the older Xiong Brother with one blow? If he wasn’t human, then who could he be?

There was a high chance that it was a strong, unknown traitor from the Soaring Dragon Continent like those Innate Rankers Liu He and the curly sideburn muscular man. He might even be stronger than them!

Their purpose was to drive a wedge between the Eastern Goblin Tribe and the Soaring Dragon Continent, in order to start a deadly battle between them. Hence, they had planned out this giant plot.

“Let’s return. In order to escape from this traitor, the Eastern Goblin Tribe must have tried to escape with their quickest speed. I think we won’t be able to catch up with them. Secondly, there will only be hope if we return alive. This is because that traitor definitely want to kill us and shift the blame to the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Right now, we are in a very grave danger. Before the enemies discover us, we should quickly leave this place.” Wu Xia suddenly raised a suggestion.

“Yue Yang, I think we should change our plans. Previously, when we were pursuing the Eastern Goblin Tribe, although they were strong, they didn’t start killing us immediately. They were not enemies who will kill us on sight! However, right now, I suspect that that traitor from Soaring Dragon Continent had colluded with traitors from the Eastern Goblin Tribe to cook up this scheme. We should first return to a safe place and wait for Zhi Zun, Night Empress and Elder Nan Gong to return from the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. That would be the best course of action. If there were only Eastern Goblin Tribe members here, I wouldn’t mind continuing our pursuit until we found the kidnapped people and rescue them. But it seems like the ones that we have to protect the most are ourselves!” The sickly beauty also advised Yue Yang. Because there were some new changes, they had to change their previous plans.

“Sister Luo Hua, what do you think?” Princess Qian Qian really wanted to rescue her father back, but she did not lose her reason.

“Yes, Let me speak my thoughts. Until now, we have not discovered any human corpses yet. It seems like the kidnapped people are not in any kind of danger. The corpses left behind are all the Eastern Goblin Tribe warriors’ instead. We did not see any humans being harmed. In this situation, the fact that the Eastern Goblin Tribe were still protecting their hostages meant that they did not have any intention to harm us.” Luo Hua City Mistress also decided to give up on their pursuit at the mean time. Rescuing their loved ones was definitely important, but they shouldn’t fall into their enemies’ traps. It would really be tragic if that really happened.

“Then what do you think we should do?” Princess Qian Qian still asked for Yue Yang’s opinion in the end.

If this brat decided to pursue the enemy until the end, she would also follow him. This was because both choices of continuing their pursuit and returning were both difficult for her.

Yue Yang suddenly hushed them, gesturing that there was something strange in front.

The four girls immediately became anxious. This was because they had not heard any single sound. Did their enemies surrounded them secretly? Yue Yang did not say anything, he only led the four girls back to the three-path crossroads and entered the left path where the blood stench was the strongest, hiding inside a cave on the walls, quietly waiting.

After around two minutes, right after Yue Yang and the four girls just exited the passage, two miserable-looking figures rushed out quickly into the three-way crossroads. The two figures split up into two different crossroads and ran for their lives.

One of the figure flew straight towards the passage where Yue Yang and the four girls were hiding.

The figure flew past them, but it quickly turned around and entered into the cave on the wall.

When the figure rushed into the cave, to its surprise, it found that Yue Yang and the four girls were also there. Yue Yang and the four girls were also extremely surprised, because this miserable figure whose body was covered with injuries was actually that arrogant Flying Tiger Ambassador. The current Flying Tiger Ambassador was as miserable-looking as a little beggar being chased into small alleyways. He breathed heavily, panic written all over his face.

“What actually happened?” Princess Qian Qian really couldn’t understand. How could such a strong Eastern Goblin Tribe member become so miserable like a stray dog?

“Shh!” the Flying Tiger Ambassador gestured to her to lower down her voice.

He seemed not used to looking miserable in front of Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and the others, who were human kids much younger than him, but the situation forced him to get over his discomfort.

His face showed a little embarrassment.

Finally, the Flying Tiger Ambassador told them the truth, “There are about ten Innate Ranker traitors amongst the people in your Soaring Dragon Continent. They had secretly colluded with our Easter Goblin Tribe. When we returned, they had secretly prepared an ambush for us. In order to protect the safety of our small team, I stayed behind to stop them. But the number of enemies kept increasing, so Jin Jing (Golden Eyes Beast) and I were forced to destroy the Ancient Teleportation Portal. We had just separated to regroup… Why are you guys here? Don’t tell me you guys really chased after us? What use did you think you could do chasing after us, with just so few of you? Even if we return the hostages to you, you wouldn’t be able to leave the Ancient Passage!”

Yue Yang smiled slightly, “Flying Tiger Ambassador, right now, you should just worry about yourself first!”

The Flying Tiger Ambassador stared blankly at Yue Yang before laughing coldly, “Don’t tell me you guys are still thinking of killing me? Even if I’m heavily injured, I can still finish you guys with one move!”

Yue Yang shook his head, “No, we won’t attack you. But I don’t believe those Eastern Goblin Tribe members hiding outside the cave would think the same way. Our dear guests, please enter the cave. I don’t know if you guys have a hobby of eavesdropping, but I don’t think that’s good manners.”

“Interesting little human kid. I remembered Sky Dragon (chapter 186) told me before that a scary little kid has appeared in the Soaring Dragon Continent. That kid was extremely irritating to him. I believe that the kid is you!” Outside the cave, a two-headed snake whose body was thicker than a water bucket and covered with green-coloured scales slithered soundlessly inside. On the head of the left snake head, there was a summoning beast-like Contract Circle, but there was none on the right snake head.

This was the only difference between the two snake heads.

The snake head could not only speak human language, it could also transform into human.

In the midst of the thick green smoke, the two snake heads transformed into a gloomy-looking man. The green snake scales transformed into a green coloured snake scales battle armor on his body.

His waist down was not human legs, but a long snake tail. Yue Yang had seen different kinds of beasts before, and the weird-looking result when a beast turned into armour or fused onto its master’s body, but he had never seen a beast who is connected to its master’s flesh as one body.

Yue Yang looked at the fellow, then shouted at the entrance of the cave once again, “Don’t think that just because your body is black you can hide from me!”

When the Two-headed Snake who had turned into a man heard it, he laughed out loud and said, “Old tortoise, didn’t I say we can’t hide from him!”

Outside, a low man’s voice replied.

“It’s not that I want to hide, I am just a slow climber.” As the voice spoke, a giant tortoise climbed up to the cave entrance on the wall with lightning speed. It had a tortoise back which was as big as a small hill. On its head, instead of a tortoise head, it had a terrifying-looking snake head with sharp fangs. Its claws were sharp like a lion’s, and its tail was like a flaming whip.

The giant tortoise suddenly slipped and rolled on the ground.

Yue Yang thought that he would see a struggling overturned tortoise that wouldn’t be able to get back on its feet. However, the giant tortoise suddenly lighted up in flames and transformed into a huge man wearing a black-coloured armor. His skin was dark coloured and he had a shoulder-length hair. His nails were all black, and he wore a flame-like belt on his waist. That black-armored man was almost three-metres tall. His physique was incomparably big, but he walked as if he was as light as feather. He had an unusual way of walking, as if he was floating in the air, like he was tiptoeing and walking over a water surface. In any case, his way of walking was strange in an unexplainable way.

Without waiting for Yue Yang to ask, the black-armoured man reported his attendance, “I can’t call myself a Dragon Turtle yet. I am a Serpent Fire-tailed Tortoise. However, if I kill you guys and suck in all of your strength, I might be able to evolve into a Dragon Turtle. Especially if I sucked Flying Tiger’s strength. It would be a huge increase to my powers!”

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        It’s actually Black Tortoise, or Xuan Wu (Genbu in Japanese), one of the four legendary Celestial Creatures that also include Green Dragon (Qing Long or Seiryu), White Tiger (Baihu or Byakko) and Red Phoenix (Zhu Que or Suzaku).

        If Yue Yang steamrolls this enemy again, I’ll probably stop reading because I really want to read something where the protagonist actually has difficulty facing an opponent and not just cruise through his story like a cheater on god mode.

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