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LLS Chapter 253 – Ambush, Battle, Battle!

Chapter 253 – Ambush, Battle, Battle!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When Yue Yang was killing Liu He and the curly sideburn muscular man in the Ancient Passage, in Champion Island, the old fox was leading Yue Bing, Yue Yu, Yi Nan and the other students away from the Champion Stadium, hoping that they could get out from the area of effect of the teleportation restriction, leave the place safely and return to the Ivy Academy.

The students from Ivy, Shang Jing, Fragrance Academy and other academies all followed closely behind the old fox.

A few teachers and around a hundred Silver Armored guards followed behind the students to protect them.

On the other side, there were also teachers, referees and silver armoured guards to protect more students and audiences as they escaped from the Champion Stadium. In the midst of chaos, countless mercenaries tried to go to some building and hid themselves temporarily, thinking that they could escape danger that way. However, only a blind person would not be able to tell the dangerous situation that was happening outside. That was because, outside, the whole sky had suddenly turned eerily bloody red…

“Move faster! This is the demon’s Bloody Light Sacrifice!” The old fox was very familiar with Demon Abyss matters. He had many experience. With one glance, he was able to tell that this light was the sign for demons’ imminent invasion into the Soaring Dragon Continent.

With such an enormous Sacrifice, the old fox estimated that at least a hundred thousand of demons had been sacrificed in the Bloody Pond Altar at the Demon Abyss.

Furthermore, there must at least be a thousand Demon Apostles in Soaring Dragon Continent sacrificed as guides.

The fact that the Demon Legion from the Demon Abyss came to attack them right after the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s invasion meant that all of this was definitely a premeditated plan. If there were no traitors in the Soaring Dragon Continent, no Demon Apostles causing troubles, then no matter how strong the Demon Legion in Demon Abyss were, they would not be able to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent.

This was definitely not only a matter of a few Demon Apostles, it looked like there was an enormous power behind pulling the strings, an organization who could afford to become the intermediary for Soaring Dragon Continent and Demon Abyss.

It might be Demon Palace, Thousand Goblin Sect, Western Lion Pagoda or Green Summit Sect.

It might even be Zi Jin Kingdom…

When the old fox thought of this, dark clouds loomed over his face.

If no one stopped the invasion of the Demon Legion, the Champion Island would become the base for the Demon Legion to invade Soaring Dragon Continent in the future. It would then be the end for humanity.

“Kids, leave this place quickly. Quick! Soldiers, follow me!” The Head Referee knew that with only himself and a hundred over elite soldiers, they would never be able to stop a Demon Legion invasion. But he understood clearly that the future of humanity lies on these students. If they allowed the Demon Legion to use these student’s lives as sacrifice for their teleportation portal, the Head Referee and the others would become sinners that would be remembered for thousands of years. These students were all elites, but they were all still young and have yet to mature. If they were to fight against the Demon Legion, they would undeniably be throwing away their lives… Now, the most important thing was to do all they can to stop the Demon Legion invasion and allow the students to leave safely.

The Head Referee and the two Vice-Head Referees turned around, leading several Silver Armoured guards and rushed towards the place where the Blood Light was the brightest.

The Demon Legion from Demon Abyss had not arrived yet.

However, they would arrive in full wave at any time. There must be someone who could stand up against them and stop them.

In a small building in Champion Island, over a thousand mercenaries had been ruthlessly murdered. Corpses lie everywhere as fresh blood slowly floated up into the air. Dozens of Demon Apostles started killing themselves one after another, exchanging their life and soul to serve as a teleportation point for the Demon Legion.

Some powerful figures stood on the side as they watched through the whole scene coldly. These were all planned by them.

When they saw the Head Referee bringing some people over, they immediately ordered a few people to stop the Head Referee.

At this time, inside the Tournament Building, a twenty metre tall crimson-coloured teleportation gate suddenly rose up. Under the crackling of black-coloured thunder in the sky, the bloody light covering the sky formed a terrifying-looking vortex, extending down towards the teleportation gate. Countless demons then flooded out of the teleportation gate suddenly, like a giant tsunami wave. They were mostly Green-skinned goblin or Round-horned demon, there were also Yellow-skinned fire monster and Fierce-toothed Spirit. In every one thousand demons that poured out, there was a Demon General.

From within the Teleportation Gate, there were still Black-coloured Fallen Flying Dragons and Flaming Crows rushing out. On the backs of a few of the Flying Dragons, there were elite Demon Knights and Demon Commanders.

The Sickle Demons that were well-known amongst humans had also appeared.

The Sickle Demons were usually known as the elite bodyguards of Demon Kings. Their appearance signified that a Demon King would descend upon the Soaring Dragon Continent… When the Head Referee saw the figures of Sickle Demons flying in the sky, he felt bottomless despair.

The Soaring Dragon Continent was now in grave danger, both internally and externally. They were in the brink of crisis.

The Innate Rankers that were supposed to protect them had secretly left, trying to clear the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

In this critical moment, the traitor amongst them had first provoked the Eastern Goblin Tribe to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent and capture the strong warriors on both Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom, then called forth the Demon Legion to Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Kill!” When the Head Referee saw the human traitors that had come to stop them, he felt extremely furious and howled loudly. This was because amongst the traitors, there were two whom he had known personally, his own friends. Those human traitors who had guided the Demon Legion invasion started laughing out loud. They didn’t have the intention to fight to their deaths like the Head Referee. They had summoned their flying beasts beforehand and was avoiding the Head Referee’s attack in the sky. They didn’t have any intention to fight the Head Referee and the others.

“Awoooo… “ Countless monsters from the Demon Abyss suddenly rushed out from the sky and the ground, swallowing the Head Referee and the hundred over Silver Armoured Guards whole.

At this time, in front of the old fox, there was the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder who was previously locked up inside the Da Xia Prison. (Shiro: Chapter 185) It was unknown when she was rescued out of the prison. Not only that, she had also recovered all of his powers. Beside her, there were three other Demon Elders from the Thousand Goblin Sect who had just been promoted. After Yue Yang killed the Hundred Wings and Hundred Claws Demon Elders, the Thousand Goblins Sect promoted a few other Demon Elders to make up for the loss they have suffered in Da Xia.

Of course, the recently promoted Demon Elders were all far weaker than their predecessors. If Yue Yang was here, he could kill them instantly anytime.

The problem was that Yue Yang was not here. There was only the old fox who also had to protect hundreds of other students.

Hundred Transformations Demon Elder swayed her waist flirtatiously as she smiled, “Lord Vice Principal, it’s really good to see you. I thought you were also caught by the Eastern Goblin Tribe. If you were caught, how could I take my revenge for all the insults you have given me in the past!”

“So you are the troublemaker behind all this!” The old fox immediately summoned his grimoire.

“No, you’re wrong. Although we, the Thousand Goblins Sect, like to have internal strifes every now and then and make life difficult for other people, we wouldn’t go as far as to ask other’s help. Furthermore, our relationship with the Eastern Goblin Tribe in Tong Tian Tower was not that good. We don’t have any relations at all to them, and we are also at odds with the beings from the Demon Abyss. No one in our sect, from the Sect Leader down to the lowest Disciples, would ever conspire with these two other organizations. However, if you ask us the reason why we have come today, of course we have come to pick on an enemy who is down! Hahaha, I am born to be a bad person. I may not be an expert in other things, but bullying an enemy is definitely my expertise… I hate Da Xia, but unfortunately, with my strength alone, I wouldn’t be able to topple Da Xia, a country with deep-rooted foundation. Now that we have a chance to do it, of course we wouldn’t let the chance slip through our hands! Lord Vice Principal, if you are willing to surrender the younger sister of the two Hua Sisters, that Fourth Mother who was pretending to be the Yue Clan Fourth Mistress, I will allow thse students to live. Truthfully, I also couldn’t bear to see all these kids being eaten alive by demons and monsters, but what other choice do I have? I’m not the mastermind, I’m just trying to take advantage of you in your predicament! If not for the sake of getting Fourth Mother, we would never risk letting you go and making enemies out of the other strong powers out there!” The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder spoke very arrogantly. However, she didn’t dare to assume victory, because she knew how powerful the old fox was.

“Dream on!” The old fox’s reply was clear-cut and concise.

“Then we can only apologize for our rude manners.” The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder waved her hands and the three newly promoted Demon Elders immediately summoned different kinds of strong beasts, stopping the students from leaving.

“You guys, escape quickly!” The old fox didn’t look at Yue Bing, afraid that the enemies would notice her.

Right now, Yue Bing was disguised as an ordinary-looking female thief, blending into the crowd with Yi Nan, who was similarly dressed as a thief. She was very safe.

When Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers saw that the old fox and a few other teachers had decided to stay back and fight against the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder, they quickly lead the crowd of students away. Right now, without the guards or their teachers, they could only rely on themselves.

In the sky far away, they could already see demons with wings flying towards them.

Ye Kong yelled loudly, “Move, let’s leave this place!”

He summoned his King Kong Demon Ape and fused it with his body. He then summoned his huge Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle to open the path in front for them… The Li Brothers also summoned their Gold Ant Soldiers and fused it with their bodies, following closely behind Ye Kong. Fatty Hai didn’t lead in front like the others. Instead, he hid within the crowds to protect Yue Bing, Yi Nan and Yue Yu. Students from Ivy Academy, Shang Jing and Fragrance Academy, together with the Prince of Tian Luo and his Pink Rose Fan Group, proceeded forward calmly although everyone’s expressions were filled with panic. Everyone advanced quickly altogether, following their classmates that they had believed in.

Ye Kong led everyone to escape from the large area of effect of the teleportation restriction space. When he saw that the Demon Legion had not managed to catch up to them yet, he sighed in relief.

He waved his hand and gestured for everyone to quickly leave. The students all started to become frantic in their anxiousness to return to their home. Under Ye Kong’s and the other’s protection, they could finally teleport away safely.

“We should also leave, right now!” Ye Kong knew that if they did not leave now, the old fox would be in greater danger.

“…” Yue Bing glanced back at the Champion Stadium in a distance, then pulled Yue Yu and Yi Nan towards the teleportation gate, trying to leave quickly. However, when the light from the teleportation gate subsided, to her surprise, she found that there was something wrong with the teleportation destination. The place that appeared before her eyes turned out to be an enormous valley, and in front of them, countless waves of demon troops were waiting for the students to arrive. The first wave of students had already summoned their beasts and started fighting against the demons closest to them.

“This is bad, we have fallen into their trap!” Yue Yu finally came back to her senses from her initial shock.

“Sister Yu and Sister Yi Nan, don’t be scared. Although Brother is not here, I will protect you both! I promised brother that I will be strong when we are in danger. I will definitely defeat all the enemies and rescue everyone back!” Yue Bing’s eyes glowed with unwavering determination.

She immediately summoned her grimoire and called forth two Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders almost at the same time.

Her small figure jumped on top of one of the Hundred Years Old Treant Defender’s shoulders, and together with the Treant, they jumped right into the middle of the crowd of demon monsters.

Countless Tree Thorns suddenly shot out from the ground under Yue Bing’s order, skewering all the demon monsters around her Treant Defender. The Tree Thorns this time were a little different than the usual. These Tree Thorns were imbued with Yue Bing’s deadly [Antiaris]. Even when the demons were only grazed by the thorns, they were immediately poisoned to death and fell onto the ground.

The two gigantic Hundred Years Old Treant Defender raised their giant tree-arms and swept it through the crowd of demons, ruthlessly beating the surrounding, unfortunate demons. In an instant, the demon troops were thrown into chaos.

Yue Yu and Yi Nan looked towards each other, shock written all over their face.

Seemed like after clearing the Twelve Zodiac Temples, Yue Bing had really grown up. Her combat power and battle senses had improved so much to the point that it was hard to believe that she was the same person. Yi Nan nodded, acknowledging Yue Bing’s power. At the same time, she also summoned her grimoire, not wanting to lose out… She also wanted to participate in the battle. As for Yue Yu who did not have fighting capabilities, she quickly summoned her beasts to support Yue Bing and Yi Nan.

Other than Yi Nan, there was someone else who joined the battle right after Yue Bing. Hui Tai Lang.

It had been observing the battle situation all along. When a strong demon was about to launch a sneak attack on Yue Bing from the crowd of demons, the loyal Hui Tai Lang could finally have the chance to show off his powers.

Soundlessly, without howling nor intimidating, Hui Tai Lang hid amongst the countless summoned beasts and crept closer like a shadow. This was one of the battle strategy that it had learnt from its master, Yue Yang. Hui Tai Lang didn’t know the reason behind it, but it knew that its master had done this because it was the best battle strategy. After observing Yue Yang’s countless battles, Hui Tai Lang had remembered it deep in its heart. Before its enemies could react, it bit on the enemy’s throat fiercely.

At the same time, the Demon King-like Hell Flames burst out from its body…

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  1. Pablo AS says:

    HOLY SHIT!! the rankers need to come back or they are fkng done for, i dont think that they would leave to the 10th floor without any means of communication should an emergency happen… it just my hopeful thinking but i hope that the rankers all left to bring out traitors and clean up the place….

    • Burningman says:

      i just think this whole plot is stupid even if there is a traitor, if you kill my son(in this case invade and even kill a lot of people) what do you think would i do when i came back, sit down and do nothing? ofc they would go and wipe all the globin, after all they broke their rule of no innate in their world.

      i really cant wait for him to climb the tower so all this shit the author did overpowering him just to later remove it since he give him power too soon…

      hope when he climb the tower the author stop with throwing things to the air and picking the easiest to make.

      • Vivec says:

        I agree. Currently, Yue Yang is abusing a loophole to remain in the Soaring Dragon Continent, and he should be able to bring the waifus along too soon. He’ll still be one of the stronger people in the lower portions of the tower due to the wheel and Nirvana Flames, but he won’t be nearly as ungodly levels of overpowering.

        This is a rather long laundry-cleaning portion of the story though. I hope it gets cleared up sooner rather than later.

        • busnuss says:

          No he will still be fairly OP. The level three innate rankers mistake him for a peak level innate ranker. So while they might have never experienced the true might of a peak ranker he has the power of at least a level 4 or 5 innate ranker. At level one.

  2. yang says:

    where is yue yang’s clone? cant he leave it to protect yue bing? it should at least possess half of his power

  3. Gad says:

    I’d forst of all like to thank the translation team for their immense effort in translating this novel. Their efforts are apparent through each chaper. Thank you very much for everything.

    With that said, i’d like to know how on earth is this novel ranked within the top ten rankings with stories like ISSTH and ATG and CD. I still cant believe this is a chinese novel to begin with, other than the chinese names, this is just a sub-par japenese novel that cant decide if i has a cultivation system or a gaming system or any system to begin with, its just a joke. 250+ chapters into the story and we know nothing about the world whatsoever (nothing about the tower or its purpose,or why anyone is fighting anyone either in the SD continent or in the tower) , we know nothing about the MC’s purpose other than his motivation to protect his family an get girls (which is nothing). Just an amazingly amazing amount of foreshadowing with no purpose whatsoever for 250 chapters and abrupt and unrealistic transitions with no suzpense whatsoever (with the MC getting nothing but unexplained knowledge/breakthroughs that arent mentioned until they are needed to pass whatever meaningless hurdle he is facing). That is of course not to mention that the title of the novel almost has nothing to do with the story so far (yes he summins stuff wantonly, but he doesnt actually need them so far, except in the temples which are actally skimmed through and not explained what happens in them, out of 11 temples only 3 where mentioned throughly, if even that). Its honestly shameful thay such a medicerly mediocre novel is in the top on Novel updates. This made me cringe all the way for chapter 8-9 till now. Just shameful for it be within the rankings of other great novels.

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        Random powerups? Tick.

        Harem of heroines who fell for Yue Yang for no apparent reason? Tick.

        Everyone praising or crediting Yue Yang for whatever he does, or for strengthening his cronies? Tick.

        That said, I guess the novel appeals to a lot of people, so it’s highly popular. Either that, or there’s not a lot of very good novels out there.

      • Gad says:

        I kept reading in the hopes of finding some explanations to anything. But all we are grtting is just more foreshadowing and more unexplained shit. If y think about it in terms of pages, for example each chapter is 2 pages, than we just went through 500 pages of absolutely nothing worth mentioning.

    • videriant says:

      I’ve always assumed that this was part parody and barely took it seriously but it’s managing to drop even farther down the scale then where I originally place it. I’m actually more satisfied with the author dropping all pretense of logic and plot instead of the half-hearted ones we were getting.

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    Thanks for the chapter!

    I’d forgotten bout Hui Tai Lang. That does help some. Still does feel weird that almost all of their innate rankers decided to up and leave temporarily without even a way to be contacted… Once he comes back though, thorny flower will get to show off, what with being demon’s nemesis and all…

    • Mr.Bubble says:

      Yea its kinda forced that they all left and didnt leave anyone behind to protect. Plus all the strong ‘good guys’ are passive as hell. They just w8 for enemies to attack when they feel like it; have no wories, and when attack happens, they look the other whay, that elder is a fine example.. There’s more but i cant rant any longer. I just feel so mad that this story got ruined.

      • Erebus says:

        I don’t know that I’d call it ruined. It’s just goin in a weird direction. Honestly, the biggest issue is the medium of the story. If the whole story were out and I could just read it all at once, I highly doubt that much of any of this would really be an issue. If something’s weird, keep reading, or skip it, or whatever. On the other hand, some of the hype and excitement with the web novels like this does seem to be that ‘what’s going to happen next’ that you can’t get when you can just keep reading and find out. It’s really not worth getting upset about. Sometimes I just wait for 5 or 10 chapters in a story to queue up in my rss feed reader tracker thing and generally that gets me past any particularly weird or slow bits with most stories.

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    What bullshit plot! So students can teleport but inate and other strong rankers cant teleport near that place to help them? Ever since that flower picking with Luo Hua and QQ story became so hectic and illogical that it hurts.

    • DMR says:

      No, they got out of the area where they couldn’t teleport.

      It’s basically that the enemy made teleporting only impossible in a certain area around the tournament.

      These students all marched until they got out of the anti-teleport area, but then the enemy put a teleport-redirecting area right outside the area that stops teleportation.

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      The few people that kept the peace had to temporarily leave, and traitors to the human race let slip that the elites are gone.

      Also, those traitors also happen to be innate, meaning a huge amount of the protectors turned traitor.

      Afterwards, various powers teamed up to take down the remaining elites and then an army got summoned to attack the younger generation…..

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      • faruel says:

        but the point still stands that the Rankers cant actually be moronic enough to ALL leave at the same time and go somewhere with NO possibility to contact them knowing full well there are enemy traitors in their midst (hell this is not the first invasion by sects breaking the rules in this story)

        • DMR says:

          Here is the thing, even with those few elite rankers leaving, it shouldn’t have normally been a problem.

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          So this isn’t a normal betrayal.

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          It’s just that even before the war, the other elites were taken out of the picture.

          For instance, the Da Xia emperor was taken away.

          But there are still other powerful rankers on the continent (like the Guards that are on their way) It’s just that this was a sudden attack so it’d take a while for them to get their.

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        • jpmrblood says:

          From the story, this is a well planned strategy. You see how the temporary Yue clan leader was also one of those infiltrators. There are also a Marquees that was a demon in disguise. And lots of many proofs sprinkled on chapters before.

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          “Plot” is a vague term…

          But normally, this series does seem to feel like a magical battle slice-of-life mixed kinda work, where all the problems are mostly focused on the moment.

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          But this plot is kinda complex, so it’d be normally to be confused.

    • Guradu Gilgida says:

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      The most loyal monster without the need of contract bullshit is the most awesome!
      This guard dog’s growth is the most awesome of all characters in this novel.

  9. NagaKarat says:

    How can this be in a top ten? Its a fun and light read thats why and I can’t wait for a new chapters to come out. The MC is OP but has no common senses of that world. ISSTH is a fun read, ATG initially is good but then its get kind of boring, I skip it until there is a string of good chapters. CD, I skip some major arcs near the end and read half of the last arc straight. My
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    thanks for the chapter~
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  11. MondoX says:

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  12. Wizzzzzz says:

    I kind of think of this series as the Chinese novel version of Michael Bay movies with actual comedy.

  13. Grim Griefer says:

    I have noticed you use “10 over somethings” I’m assuming this is a grammar error and the correct way would be “Over 10 somethings”.

    Another odd thing is you use “kill!” a lot when it sounds like you should be using “die!” to exclaim your intention to kill someone or wanting them to die.

    Thanks as always for the translations. I hope those 2 corrections help.

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