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LLS Chapter 252 – What goes around comes around!

Chapter 252 – What goes around comes around!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: I’m changing the bearded muscular man in chapter 251 as muscular man with curly sideburns

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If the muscular man with curly sideburns didn’t rush forward and save Liu He on time, he would definitely be dead.

The curly sideburn muscular man pounced with lightning speed, and in that decisive moment, he pulled Liu He by his hair with all of his strength. Liu He, on the other hand was still standing dumbstruck, unable to react in any way. The curly sideburn muscular man’s other hand, which was holding an incomparably sharp sword, ruthlessly hacked onto Liu He’s arm that was burning with Nirvana’s Flame. That arm which was held firmly in Yue Yang’s right arm separated from the shoulder down immediately, splattering blood everywhere.

Liu He was in extreme pain, but his senses still remained.

He shot out his leg and kicked right at Yue Yang’s chest. The purpose of this kick wasn’t to attack Yue Yang, but to use the impact from the kick to escape from him.

Yue Yang’s left hand, which was holding the World Exterminating Wheel, slashed forward, easily cutting of both of Liu He’s legs… Yue Yang then threw the World Exterminating Wheel towards Liu He and the curly sideburn muscular man. Although the curly sideburn muscular man saving Liu He was a little out of Yue Yang’s expectations, under the onslaught of World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana’s Flame, the curly sideburn muscular man would end up dead at the end anyway. There wouldn’t be any chance for them to escape! Yue Yang thought that even if the two fellows avoided the World Exterminating Wheel, they wouldn’t be able to avoid the Nirvana Flame that’s coming right after!

Almost at the same time, Liu He and the muscular man summoned their Platinum grimoire and erected their shields.

However, it didn’t seem like it was able to stop the onslaught of the World Exterminating Wheel.

The World Exterminating Wheel passed through the shield like sunlight passing through glass, there was almost no resistance at all. It didn’t have any kind of power clash with the protective shield at all, it was as if they were made out of the same material. It smoothly and soundlessly passed through the shield, its speed not decreasing even a little bit as it shot straight towards Liu He and the curly sideburn muscular man.

Liu He and the curly sideburn muscular man swept onto the ground at the same time, battered and completely miserable, the World Exterminating Wheel sweeping across their heads.

It flew to hundred metres away and slowly disintegrated into countless Ancient Runes, floating back right into Yue Yang’s body.

“Fire, fire, your arm is already infected by the Nirvana’s Flame!” Liu He realized that the curly sideburn muscular man’s arms which was pulling his hair earlier were ablaze with the undying flames of Nirvana’s Flame. He immediately shouted in alarm.

One usually wouldn’t suffer any kind of harm when one hid inside one’s protective shield.

However, this does not include Nirvana’s Flame.

Even inside the protective shield, the Nirvana’s Flame that could cleanse every single thing in this world was like the World Exterminating Wheel, unaffected by the protective shield at all.

The curly sideburn muscular man knew that he had been infected when he tried to save Liu He just now. If he didn’t cut his arm quickly, this Nirvana Flame would get bigger and bigger with time, and spread to his upper-arms, shoulders, and his whole body. Finally, it will completely burn him until nothing is left… He gritted his teeth and used his other hand to materialize a sharp ray of blade and swung it to cut his other arm off.

With a single move, the two high-levelled Innate Rankers Liu He and curly sideburn muscular man had turned into two bloody mess, disabled people whose whole bodies were heavily injured.

Under the World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame attacks, they, whose powers was at Innate Level Three, were completely unable to resist nor defend themselves.

Liu He only had one left arm left.

Of course, his life had been snatched back from the hands of death by the curly sideburn muscular man who had risked his life to do so. Otherwise, he would already be dead long ago.

The curly sideburn muscular man had also had to cut off his own right arms which was infected by the Nirvana Flame. At this time, the two people were completely drenched with blood from head to toe, looking extremely miserable.

“This is so painful!” Liu He was in so much pain that his face distorted in agony. He tried to calm down from his panicked state as he placed his left hand on his Platinum Grimoire. He summoned a ball of light and pressed it to his open wounds, trying to stop them from bleeding. He also summoned an octopus beast and forced it to fuse into his body, turning it into a temporary tentacle-like arm and legs.

“Elder, we seek your forgiveness. The two of us didn’t know that you are actually one the Peak Rankers who had disguised himself. We thought that you are one of the younger generation from the Soaring Dragon Continent. Elder, If our words have offended you, we seek your gracious forgiveness and beg you to spare our lives. If you could spare our little lives, we are willing to bow and worship you for your graciousness.” The curly sideburn muscular man couldn’t care about his bleeding wounds anymore, he immediately asked for Yue Yang’s forgiveness.

“Your surname is Duan Mu, what’s your first name?” Yue Yang knew that these two fellows had misunderstood him. He must as well beat them in their own game.

“This junior’s name is Duan Mu Fei Wei, I’m the younger brother of the current Green Summit Sect Sect Leader Duan Mu Long Cheng. My late ancestor is Duan Mu Ke! This Liu He’s late ancestor was Wan Qi Li Mie, one of the founders of the Green Summit Sect, like my ancestor Duan Mu Ke.” The curly sideburn muscular man reported to Yue Yang his real name and family background. In the world of Innate Rankers, power is everything. The strongest one will be able to do whatever he likes. For those without enough powers, however, their family backgrounds become the most important factor. If there were famous people amongst their ancestors, maybe the enemy would honor them a little if they told him about their ancestors.

“I don’t know them.” Yue Yang spoke truthfully. He indeed didn’t know anyone called Duan Mu Ke or Wan Qin Li Mie. He had only heard that these two fellows were traitors from the Yue Clan.

His words made the curly sideburn muscular man and Liu He both scared to death.

In their eyes, someone who didn’t know their ancestors Wan Qin Li Mie and Duan Mu Ke but had the ability to summon Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel must be a warrior from thousands of years ago. Maybe, this fellow who had disguised himself as a young person was a drifter from the Outer Realm of Tong Tian Tower. Maybe he never came to Soaring Dragon Continent before, nor participate in the Innate Alliance. He belonged to those free, godly and immortal beings who were always wandering about.

The curly sideburn muscular man and Liu He thought in their minds. Indeed, they had never heard of a ranker who could use World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flames before.

Some of the extremely strong rankers might be able to use World Exterminating Wheel, but as for Nirvana’s Flame, even amongst the strongest Innate Rankers, it was only a legend…

No one had ever possessed Nirvana Flames before!

A few of Peak Rankers might have flames that was close to Nirvana Flame, such as Holy Flame, Skyfire Flame, Hell Flame and Demonic Flame, there were even Rankers who possessed the War God’s True Flame… But no matter how strong, they were all incomparable to the Nirvana’s Flame. Nirvana Flame only belong to legends.

Today, this Nirvana Flame had actually appeared in the hands of this Peak Ranker, who could even disguise his old age and erase his wrinkles. The curly sideburn muscular man and Liu He knew that they had bumped into a dead end.

Offending an elder who was so strong that they couldn’t even start to imagine, the curly sideburn muscular man and Liu He both felt despair like their head was about to explode.

It was a well-known fact that Innate Rankers acted as they pleased. Let alone getting offended, even when they find something unpleasant to their eyes, they could kill it immediately. This was something very normal.

Right now they could only rely on this elder’s mood…

If he was in a bad mood, they were definitely dead!

The curly sideburn muscular man plopped and kneeled on the ground, prostrating himself very respectfully, “Elder, please spare our lives. This junior is willing to offer all of my wealth to you in order to atone for our crimes.

“This junior is also willing to offer you all of my precious treasures.” Liu He couldn’t kneel, so he bowed his head as he secretly observed Yue Yang and the four girls. He felt that something was wrong somehow. This young man might be an an elder who had disguised all of his old age and wrinkles, but these four girls couldn’t possibly disguise themselves as none of them were Innate Rankers. Also, none of their beasts’ disguise skills would be able to fool Innate Rankers like them. These four girls were all so young, and they were even still virgins. What relationship do they have with these Elder? Why had they appeared so conveniently in the Ancient Passage just as the Eastern Goblin Tribe finished ambushing the Soaring Dragon Continent?

Liu He was quite sure that these four girls had come to the Ancient Passage because they were the descendants of the Soaring Dragon Continent’s warriors that were captured and was trying to chase after the Eastern Goblin Tribe. This elder might even have relations with them too.

Of course, there was also the possibility that they had accidentally met this pervert Elder who liked to disguise himself as a youngster in this Ancient Passage…

There was a higher possibility that this man was a pervert Elder who disguised himself as a youngster, because they had never heard such a young Innate in Soaring Dragon Continent before. More importantly, they have never heard of a 20-year-old Innate being able to use World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana’s Flame, who could almost instantly kill two Innates with just one single move.

Liu He really regretted meeting this mysterious figure who they couldn’t figure out.

If only they had spent some time understanding the situation in Soaring Dragon Continent. Who would know that they would encounter such a strange thing right after getting back from the Magic Orchid Continent in the Outer Realm.

Twenty years old Innate…

Was he an exceptionally talented genius or an old geezer elder in disguise?

“We thank elder for your favor in sparing our lives!” The curly sideburn muscular man didn’t think too much. He was a standard Innate, he respected those stronger than him. No matter what kind of person his opponent was, as long as he had the ability to kill him instantly, then that person was a Peak Ranker, an elder worthy of his respect. The curly sideburn muscular man would never imagine that a twenty year old Innate could kill them in an instant, let alone think that a twenty year old Innate could use World Exterminating Wheel that requires the control of Innate Level 5 or above, and the Nirvana Flame, which only existed in legends.

There were many Innate Rankers who could use flames similar to Nirvana’s Flame.

But with regards to this true Nirvana’s Flame that was forever inextinguishable, that could burn everything, the curly sideburn muscular man had only seen it from this young man’s hands before… legends said that if one had even a shred of evil on his body or his soul, he would be burnt by the Nirvana’s Flame alive! Only a god-like ranker who did not have any evil intention in his soul or could transcend sins in his body or soul would be able to wield the Nirvana’s Flame!

Fighting against an Innate Ranker who could wield Nirvana’s Flame and World Exterminating Wheel? Only a fool would do that!

The curly sideburn muscular man very obediently offered his most precious treasure, but that Liu He did not.

Liu He was scheming in his heart. It didn’t matter if this elder was a Peak Ranker or not, he would need to protect the four girls. As long as he could escape from this Ancient Passage, he could leave from the Ancient Teleportation Portal. This old fellow would definitely not abandon the four girls and chased after him.

Especially when he himself could do that…

He pretended as if he were about to offer all of his precious treasures, but he was actually summoning a black-winged angel. At the same time, her octopus-like hand and two legs whipped forward and lashed at that curly sideburn muscular man’s defenseless back, sending him flying towards Yue Yang and the others.

Liu He took the opportunity and flew towards the sky.

The black-winged angel that he had just summoned fused with Liu He’s body in mid-air.

Huge black wings sprung out from Liu He’s back. After equipping the black-wings, Liu he’s originally quick flying speed became ten times faster. However, it was as if Yue Yang had already thought that Liu He wanted to escape. Just like Liu He, phoenix-like flaming wings sprouted out from Yue Yang’s back, made out of pure Nirvana’s Flame. With just a flap of the flaming wings, he managed to catch up right behind Liu He.

When Liu He tried to attack Yue Yang in panic, he realized that his body had been bound by an irresistible force.

Although it only lasted for three seconds, it was enough for Yue Yang to wrap his right hand, which was blazing with Nirvana Flame, around his neck, clutching him like he was a little chicken and throwing him right under the curly sideburn muscular man’s feet.

“Why? Your father asks me to take care of you, and we are as close as real brothers. In these 200 years, I have been protecting you even at the risk of my life, I have even lost an arm because of you just now. Wan Qi Liu He, why did you do this to me?” The curly sideburn muscular man vomited blood from his mouth, but the injuries on his body was incomparable to the pain in his heart. His comrade whom he had saved many times at the risk of his own life had betrayed him. He viewed this comrade as his younger brother, and had even saved him without caring for his own life just now. Furthermore, at the brink of life and death, his comrade had even delivered a critical attack to him, sending him flying towards the opponent and tried to escape on his own…

“I was wrong, I was wrong! It’s so painful, save me, save me!” Liu He’s neck and chest was burnt slowly by the Nirvana’s Flame. With his death imminent, his Innate powers had no effect towards the Nirvana’s Flame.

“If you know this would happen, why would you do that just now!” The curly sideburn muscular man painfully raised his arm that wasn’t cut off, prepared to end Liu He’s life and grant him a quick death.

Who would know that Liu He would actually flew towards the curly sideburn muscular man and hugged him tightly.

In just a moment, he spread the Nirvana Flame on his body all over the curly sideburn muscular man’s body!

His eyes looked extremely sinister as he said, “If I die, you, my servant, will also have to accompany me to death. Your Duan Mu Clan is just our Wan Qi’s Clan dog, do you think that just because my father gave the Sect Leader position to your brother, Duan Mu Long Cheng, it will change your Duan Mu Clan low class status? Damn bastard dog slave, if I can’t live, don’t even think you can continue living. Come, let’s die together…”

The curly sideburn muscular man became very agitated and furious, a streak of heartrending expressing flashed across his face, “My Duan Mu Clan believed that by diligently and respectfully supporting your Wan Qi Clan, we can be considered equals and become brothers with your Wan Qi Clan. Who would know that after doing so much for you, you still take us as your servants, you even called us dogs… haha, my ancestors in heaven, if you could see what happened today, what will you say? Ancestors, ancestors, why didn’t you become loyal brothers to your clans, why did you become traitors who betrayed your brothers? Did you know that even after a thousand years later, your descendants still couldn’t wash away this shame of being a traitor’s descendant. Until today, your diligent and loyal descendants were still regarded as dogs by others! Why did you walk that path, why?!”

Yue Yang raised his hands, and all of the Nirvana Flame on the curly sideburn muscular man’s and Liu He’s body returned to him immediately.

Having a fast death by burning in Nirvana’s Flame?

That would be too much of a comfortable way to die!

This two people were both descendants of traitors. Yue Yang decided to make them kill each other, because should be the kind of miserable death to end a traitor’s life!

“You don’t want to stay as a servant, right? I’ll give you a chance!” Yue Yang smiled widely, his smile looking even scarier than a demon’s.

“You want to kill me? Dream on, you will be the one who die!” Liu He was heavily injured from the flames, his appearance looked like a ghost. He raised his tentacle-like hand and locked his hands onto the curly sideburn muscular man’s neck in a death grip. He also turned his tentacle-like legs into sharp swords, piercing them right into the curly sideburn muscular man’s chest.

“…” The curly sideburn muscular man almost looked like he was about to laugh out loud, but his neck was being choked until he couldn’t breathe and speak even a word. However, his red face was filled with a terrifying smile. He opened his mouth wide and revealed his white teeth, before biting onto Liu He’s disfigured face, nose, ears and neck from the fire. Bite by bite, he bit Liu He to death.

He bit off Liu He’s head from his neck!

Finally, after spitting out flesh from his mouth, the curly sideburn muscular man who was nearing his death kneeled respectfully in front of Yue Yang. He then kowtowed and turn his left hand into a sharp blade, cutting his own head off…

Their two Platinum Grimoires dropped out of the empty air with a loud bang. The black-winged angel, octopus and other beasts also died. That fox-rabbit little beast which had deserted its master was caught by the three-tailed fox right at the cave’s entrance, bitten right at its throat!

The fox-rabbit’s body twitched relentlessly before it was quickly killed by the three-tailed snow fox. Although it had betrayed its master, it had also died together with him.

“What goes around comes around!” Yue Yang spat on Liu He’s corpse.

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