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LLS Chapter 251 – Pervert VS Pervert, You can’t talk me out of killing you

Chapter 251 – Pervert VS Pervert, You can’t talk me out of killing you
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Originally, with the Plum Leopard’s carcass, Yue Yang thought that he could attract the attention of the enemy, allowing him and the four girls to hide. Who would have known that these two people were actually the killers of the Plum Leopard? One of the pair, a young man with a pretty face, twitched his nose a little. A flash of ridicule went across his purple eyes. “I say, why is there a strange smell? Seems like a few small rats came in here! Heh, it’s been a long time since I could catch some rats to play around with.”

“It’s still the old rules, the women are yours, and the men are mine.” The other person was a muscular man with curly sideburns who was muscular beyond compare.

The pretty faced man summoned a Platinum Grimoire, and called out a peculiar little beast whose body was completely snow white. It seemed like a mix between a rabbit and a fox, and its sense of smell was extremely acute.

It easily found where Yue Yang and the four girls were hiding. Luo Hua City Mistress’s Three-Tailed Snow Fox became extremely agitated at the appearance of this peculiar beast. The Snow Fox, which was usually well-behaved and quiet, was actually so furious that it wanted to shred the peculiar beast into pieces.

That beast also hissed sharply at a low pitch. It seemed like it also had the desire to kill the Three-Tailed Snow Fox.

The young man and the muscular man, whose bodies were flashing with majestic golden lights, appeared at the entrance of the cave, full of smiles. The smile became even sweeter on the pretty man when he saw the four girls behind Yue Yang. “Four virgins, and all of them of top-quality too! Not bad! I’m already sick of those low-quality women who pretended to be virgins. I didn’t think that I would get such a huge harvest today, four top-quality goods in a single shot… Tch, I can’t wait to taste your blood already!”

“Compared to women who are born traitors, I like top-quality males more. It’s difficult to get the body and heart of males, but once you get it, they will be completely faithful to you. They’re really unlike those women who are like water, easily embracing someone else.” The muscular man with curly sideburns looked at Yue Yang, swallowing his drool.

“…” Originally, Yue Yang was a person who was not scared of anything. However, this fellow really caused his heart to shiver and fear for his ass.

He was really speechless, meeting these two big perverts.

Originally, Yue Yang had even prepared to say a few words to this pair, but it seemed unnecessary now. The faster these two people were killed, the cleaner the world would be.

The four girls’ expressions were as cold as ice.

They knew the level of strength that these two people were at. They were both Innate Rankers. However, this did not mean that they would be scared of them at all.

If they were to compare in terms of abnormality in strength, nobody was more abnormally powerful than Yue Yang.
(Shiro: 变态 means abnormal, but it’s a slang for perverted)

Of course, Yue Yang was only abnormal in terms of strength. He was still quite normal when it came to his sexual orientation.

Almost at the same time, the girls all moved one step forward and stood behind Yue Yang. With him at the centre, they drew close to him, relaxing his mind, allowing his Innate Qi to flow freely around his body… This brat was an expert in [Body Fusion]. If one let loose of their control and cooperated with him, then their combat ability could increase by at least a few times. Facing foes that were psychologically perverted, even though the four girls would be petty with Yue Yang normally, they wouldn’t be at odds with him at times like these… Luo Hua City Mistress gently held Yue Yang’s left hand. Her pure white fingers locked with his hand. Princess Qian Qian was at the right side of Yue Yang. Her hand was lightly clenched into a fist, but was wrapped around by Yue Yang’s hand.

The sickly beauty Wu Hen was behind Yue Yang. She embraced Yue Yang’s back with a hint of embarrassment.

The mysterious beauty Wu Xia was in front. In a half hugging manner, she was in Yue Yang’s embrace. One of her palms was on Yue Yang’s heart, and the other was turned slightly outwards, having a faint stance of defense.

Although it could not be seen on the surface, but Yue Yang’s Innate Qi trickled into the bloodstream of their bodies.

That young man who loved to feast on the fresh blood of virgins did not know that Yue Yang could transmit Innate Qi, completely ignoring the intimate actions between Yue Yang and the four girls. He giggled and laughed. “Mister Duan Mu, women are born lewd and fickle-minded. But, as long as you can find a virgin, you can kill them as you pop their cherry, and drink their blood dry. That way, their beauty and loyalty will forever be yours. That way, you won’t have to worry about them betraying you!”

“Lord Liu He, everyone has their own preferences. I like anuses. Would this treasure be any worse than the things that you like?” The muscular man with curly sudeburns was slightly displeased, and pointed, “The four girls are yours. I like this little boy, don’t hurt him!”

“Mister Duan Mu, rest easy. How would I be such an unpleasant person?” The young man shook his head. His eyes sized up Princess Qian Qian and the others in an immoral fashion.

“You’d better not get in my way… “ The muscular man with curly sideburns also looked at Yue Yang in the same manner.

“Facing such top-quality goods, I can’t wait any longer to partake in this feast! Mister Duan Mu, get your little boy, I’ll get my own little virgins!” That young man completely disregarded Yue Yang and the four girls, as if they were meat up for slaughter. He suddenly summoned his Platinum Grimoire, summoning a Golden Figure in an extremely fast manner. In an instant, the Golden Figure shattered like a mirror, light rays shining all over.

Luo Hua City Mistress tried to summon her own grimoire, but unexpectedly, she started feeling dizzy.

Her concentration to summon her grimoire seemed to be disturbed by some kind of power. It looked like it was possibly the effect of the light rays after that Golden Figure had been smashed.

The golden rays were scarier than the Pollution Qi Aura that was released last time. At most, it had only cut off the Summoning Grimoire, and did not have a strong effect. Now, this shattered figure not only disturbed their concentration, when Luo Hua tried to summon her grimoire, a sharp pain stabbed into her head.

The young man laughed. “Little beauties, stop struggling. Come with me obediently, so your pretty faces don’t get wounded. That will pain my heart… Peerless beauties like you are definitely going to be some of the greatest treasures in my collection. Even a little scratch on your bodies will make my heart ache so much! My greatest pursuit is to strip your skin perfectly, then craft an artwork out of it! That must be the purpose of your existence in this world! As long as you do your utmost to serve me, I guarantee that I won’t kill you before I’m tired of you. At the very least, I’ll let you live a year. How is that? You have to know, I’ve never been so kind before. You are far too beautiful, I almost can’t bear to kill you all… Come, be good girls! There’s no point in fighting against an Innate Level 3 Ranker! Come and wait on me, I assure you that I’ll give you the greatest pleasures!”

“Pui!” Princess Qian Qian’s answer was very simple. She lightly spat on the ground.

As for the mysterious beauty Wu Xia and the sickly beauty Wu Hen, they regarded this Liu He as a clown, and completely disregarded him.

Luo Hua suddenly extended her hands boldly and held Yue Yang’s face. She quickly kissed his cheeks, saying, “My dear bodyguard, this is the reward that this city mistress gives to you. Hurry up and shut that damned crow up. I hate these croaking crows the most. They’re really unlucky!”

Princess Qian Qian encouraged him on the other side. “It’s not enough to turn him into a dumb crow. Pluck all his feathers out too!”

“…” Yue Yang was sweating all over as he heard this. Plucking the feathers seemed to be quite difficult. He wiped his sweat hurriedly and said, “Your Highness, I think it’s best to forget about plucking the feathers. Can’t you just roast the little bird? Where would I find the time and effort to pluck his feathers one by one… Speaking of barbequed chicks, I can make a mean dish, it can probably be considered a must try. If you want me to, I’ll demonstrate it for you!”

“Who asks you to do that? Your thoughts are too dirty! I was telling you to cripple him. Cripple him as much as possible. Stop spouting nonsense!” Hearing the ambiguity in that sentence, Princess Qian Qian’s face reddened. Her small fists punched him a little. If not for fearing that she would affect his upcoming battle, she would have beaten him into a pulp.

“Roger!” Yue Yang acted like a soldier, rushing towards that Liu He, saying, “You can lie down now!”

“What did you say?” Liu He’s face grew cold.

“I said, you can lie down and wait for your death now!” As Yue Yang finished talking, that Liu He’s fist had already come at lightning speed towards him.

Following which, a protective shield expanded from Yue Yang’s body, forcefully repelling Liu He’s fist.

Yue Yang furrowed his eyebrows. The self-proclaimed Innate Level 3 Liu He was unable to break the protective barrier. Although he did not use all of his strength, this proved that this fellow still had some ways to go compared to Demon King Ha Xin. Since the protective barrier could defend against his attacks, then he did not need to worry over the four girls’ safety. He could fight without any worries.

Seeing that Yue Yang could still summon his grimoire, the muscular man with curly sideburns’ eyebrows knotted. “You can summon a Silver Grimoire in the midst of the disturbing Golden Neural Light. How strange!”

Yue Yang had a thief-like smile on his face. “There are many more strange things in the world. If you go down to hell, you can ask Satan all about it.”

At Yue Yang’s left, Luo Hua City Mistress who was originally unable to summon her grimoire, had a protective barrier come out from her body as well. She then combined her barrier with Yue Yang’s barrier. At the same time, Princess Qian Qian, Wu Xia and Wu Hen summoned their grimoires. In a natural way, their barriers fused together as well, forming a five layer rainbow barrier that was completely perfect. In the sky, as their energies fused, a rainbow light sprung forth. The Ancient Runic Circles that Yue Yang had been hiding slowly floated on the outer surface of the barrier, rotating around as if it were alive.

Seeing that there was a barrier blocking them, that Liu He sneered. “I’m waiting here. Let’s see how long you can last!”

The muscular man with curly sideburns also slowly nodded his head. “Leave it to me. Under my attacks, I believe that this five-layered barrier will collapse within five minutes at most!”

“Five minutes? Think again!” Yue Yang laughed.

The runic patterns that were originally hidden quickly floated out. Its power exploded.

Yue Yang did not even need to use his Hui Jin Magic Blade that he normally used. Instead, he rushed out of the barrier directly. At the same time, he unsealed and unleashed his Innate Level 1 powers lightning fast to try and kill him. Nirvana’s Flame suddenly sprouted from Yue Yang’s right hand.

Ever since the previous time where he had killed Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan, his body whose power was constantly suppressed reverted back to the Innate level in just a millisecond.

The power in his body exploded a million times again.

Nirvana’s Flame raged about. As if it was alive, it wrapped around Yue Yang’s body.

The clothes he was wearing instantly turned into ash. However, under the unsealed Innate state, his body did not explode from the loss of control of Nirvana’s flame, but had rather strengthened him at an incredible pace. Before that Liu He’s fists had reached Yue Yang’s face, it had already been tightly caught by Yue Yang’s right hand. Liu He was shocked as his face paled. Nirvana’s Flame was the thing he feared the most… That muscular man with curly sideburns was also shocked, roaring, “That’s Nirvana’s Flame, hurry up and run!”

Yue Yang did not speak, but his eyes that was filled with killing intent told Liu He of a fact, and that was, his death was imminent!

Liu He frantically exploded his strength. He tried to raise himself to Innate Level 3 to break free of Yue Yang’s hand.

Under the extreme and excruciating heat, he could see in his despair, a Runic Pattern of the World Exterminating Wheel. It shone brilliantly, coming nearer and nearer towards him… He had never seen death flashing through his mind before, but he saw his life’s flashback at this moment

He was finished!

It was Nirvana’s Flame and World Exterminating Wheel. This time he was definitely finished!

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  2. RIIIcardo says:

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  4. videriant says:

    I use to take this novel with about 10% seriousness but I think I’m going to have to drop it down to 0%. Did he really just drop his innate-limiter within a millisecond after saying that he didn’t drop it in the previous battle because it would have taken too much time?

    • nightangel191 says:

      The desire to protect his anal virginity enabled him to break the limiter. In any case I think people stopped taking it seriously a while ago. At this point I’m just along for the ride.

    • RandomDude says:

      It’s not that he suddenly got OP. It’s that as you might recall, he overused his innate powers and could not lift his limiter as a result of the backlash

      • zamer01 says:

        It was stated, the reason why he didn’t lift it during the tournament, because it did take a long time and once the Goblin Tribe came he started preparing to activate it right then. However, after they teleported into the Ancient Passage, he realized the GT would be long gone by the time he finish activating it which was he forced to activate to fight.

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          I was wondering about that myself, but there was a brief mention that he’d already started working on the seal before the enemies showed up, so he probably had a few minutes to “prepare” for the unsealing at the start of battle.

          I think it’s just a poorly written and exaggerated bit of writing, which is quite consistent for the author tbh. He says way too many things as if they were a fact, then turns around and wipes it away with a few sentences.

          Like at the start, it mentioned the world was one that relied on summoning, there was no internal energy or anything. Yet within a few chapters, he was cultivating…

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