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LLS Chapter 249 – Interception, Pursuit

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Chapter 249 – Interception, Pursuit
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Sorry guys, wanted to release double chapters today but 249 turned out to be a long-ass chapter… Will release two chapters a day within this week!

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Just as the Flying Tiger Ambassador was about to smash Bai Yun Fei’s double with his [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave], suddenly, a loud sound exploded in his ears.

On the stage, a figure suddenly shot out like a meteor into the ground, smashing the tiles on the fighting arena into pieces.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador was greatly surprised.

This was because the figure which was blasted away was not of those little human children, it was the younger Xiong Brother who was fighting against the guy whose appearance was cold like ice.

That ice-cold guy actually had the ability to blast the younger Xiong Brother away?

But that brat wasn’t even a Level 7 [Overlord]…

The Flying Tiger Ambassador definitely would not believe it. When he turned around, he realized that the older Xiong Brother behind him had also already been blasted away. His body smashed deep into the ground just like his younger brother… Only then did the Flying Tiger Ambassador found out that the one who sent the younger and older Xiong Brothers away was not that ice-cold guy, but that other guy who was wearing the half-crying half-laughing Golden Mask. He had not only sent the Xiong Brothers flying, he had even condensed a giant fire shield to block the older Mei Hua Brother’s claws. He managed to deal with three out of the four Xiong and Mei Hua Brothers alone. It was really unimaginable.

This person, he obviously had to deal with the Flying Tiger’s own copy, how could he have the time to assist the others?

When the Flying Tiger Ambassador turned around towards Yue Yang, he froze again.

In the sky, his other body had already been frozen completely. His hands were still making the [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave]’s gesture, making him look like he had raised his hands in surrender.

His frozen body dropped towards the ground very quickly, and smashed onto the fighting arena, producing a loud, thundering sound. Shattered blocks of ice scattered all around!

“What happened?” The Flying Tiger Ambassador was extremely confused. Even if that human child could see through that his other body only had a tenth of his main body’s power, he shouldn’t be able to freeze his copy into ice, should he? Furthermore, how could the Xiong Brother be defeated by warriors below the Innate Rank? Also, where did the [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave] that his copy had unleashed just now go?

“…” Of course, Yue Yang wouldn’t answer him that the Xiong Brothers were actually sent flying by the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s own [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave].

“Aghh!” The Xiong Brothers howled loudly. They shook their bodies as they sent quakes all over the fighting arena.

From within the smashed tiles, they suddenly shot forward.

Although they were sent flying by Yue Yang’s ingenious maneuver of the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave], their strong bodies only suffered light injuries.

Only a small part of their skin was burnt black.

The Eastern Goblin Tribe had an unimaginably thick and tough skin.

Although they were not Innates, but they had strongly built bodies that had reached the peak of their training. Other than an Innate Ranker’s attack, they could ignore every other attack. In comparison, a Level 9 [Saint] human ranker would at least be internally injured when they received a round of [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave]. Of course, although a human body was not comparable to beasts, goblins and other races, their wisdom were higher than the rest.

As long as humans could reach Level 9 [Saint], they would definitely become an Innate Ranker.

That was not the case with the Eastern Goblin Tribe.

The younger Mei Hua Brother slashed his mighty claws onto Princess Qian Qian. Princess Qian Qian didn’t receive it physically, instead, she summoned her grimoire and raised her protective shield, blocking the attack.

She was only responsible for holding up the younger Mei Hua Brother, allowing Yue Yang, Wu Xia and Wu Hen to kill the older Mei Hua Brother.

“Xiong Brothers, take these few human kids away first. Mei Hua Brothers and I will follow you after.” The Flying Tiger Ambassador looked at the unconscious Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and the others sprawling all over the ground, waved his hands and ordered the Xiong Brothers to take those people away. Otherwise, in the upcoming huge battle they were going to have, these defenseless, unconscious people might get accidentally killed.

The Xiong Brothers were extremely furious, but they still listened to orders.

One of them carried the heavily injured Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun, while the other carried the unconscious Dragon Ambassador Cang Lan and Prince of Zi Jin. They roared loudly as they shot towards the black pillar of light in the middle of the Runic Circle, disappearing without trace.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador delivered a punch onto his copy that was frozen in ice, freeing himself from the trap of ice.

Fusing together again with his copy, the Flying Tiger Ambassador recovered his full strength and charged towards Yue Yang.

Yue Yang immediately summoned his grimoire and erected his shield.

As the impact of the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s punch caused ripples all over Yue Yang’s protective shield and disappeared ineffectively in the end, Yue Yang unleashed [Binding Chains] on him to bind him on the spot.

The Bloody Queen Red dove down from the sky and released a [Banshee Scream] on the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s ears as she pierced the Gold Dragon Slaying Dagger and Silver Eye Destroyer Dagger into both of the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s eyes. Yue Yang then followed with a shameless attack. He used his maximum power to swing his First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash, covered in fire with his fire ability, right across the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s lower body. He was deliberately trying to turn this Flying Tiger into an eunuch. Since the Eastern Goblin Tribe possessed a strong, robust body, making a normal attack was useless on them. Hence, Yue Yang was forced to attack the enemy’s vital parts instead.

On the other side, Xue Tan Lang and Princess Qian Qian had all summoned their grimoires and hid underneath their protective shields. Even when the younger Mei Hua Brother slashed and clawed at their shields, they were completely safe and sound.

As for the older Mei Hua Brother, he found that his fastest speed couldn’t actually outrun the two girls in front of him.

His attacks repeatedly missed his targets. Frustrated, the older Mei Hua Brother furiously rushed towards the side of the fighting arena and attacked Luo Hua City Mistress, who was standing below the stage.

Luo Hua City Mistress immediately summoned her grimoire and erected her protective shield, easily blocking the life-threatening slash. At the same time, the three-tailed fox at her feet quickly grew bigger. Its six tails swayed elegantly as it emit its sweet fragrance all around… Luo Hua City Mistress had been charging her [Aurora] skill all this while, and she had reached the maximum charging amount of her skill. Her terrifying [Aurora] shot straight at the older Mei Hua Brother. On the other end, the Flying Tiger Ambassador, whom Yue Yang was slashing with his sword, was conveniently standing in her [Aurora]’s straight path of light.

This was the unexplainable, impeccable teamwork between Luo Hua City Mistress and Yue Yang.

They did not need to speak to have great teamwork in battles.

The older Mei Hua Brother obviously didn’t want to bear the brunt of her terrifying [Aurora]. He jumped to the other side to avoid the attack.

However, the moment he avoided the attack, the Flying Tiger Ambassador who was still bound by [Binding Chains] became very unfortunate. The [Aurora] shot straight at him, exploding on his body.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador’s body was flung onto the other side of the audience pit hundreds of metres away. The impact of the [Aurora] caused a huge hole on the ground, crushing the stone tiles and burying the Flying Tiger Ambassador within. On the other side, the older Mei Hua Brother who had just avoided the [Aurora] watched both in alarm and relief secretly in his heart. However, just as he was doing this, a punch that was no weaker than his own punch shot heavily onto his nose.

This was the Dragon Spear Lady’s sneak punch. She immediately displayed her magnificent and powerful strength the moment she attacked.

The older Mei Hua Brother’s head smashed right into the ground when he was punched.

When he tried crawling out of the hole on the ground, he couldn’t help but to spit a mouthful of blood.

This was the first time in this battle that an Eastern Goblin Tribe member vomited blood… When the older Mei Hua Brother saw the blood in his hands, he looked like he didn’t believe what just happened… She wasn’t an Innate Ranker, yet she had actually beaten him until he vomited blood?

In the sky, the black pillar of light and the Runic Circle slowly started to quiver and dissipate, as if it was about to disappear anytime.

The Mei Brothers felt it and looked upwards, their expression turning anxious and worried.

They have to go right now.

But the Flying Tiger Ambassador had not given them the order to go…

Amidst the stone crumbles on the audience pit at the opposite side, the Flying Tiger Ambassador sent the pieces of stone covering his body away with his Qi. Stones both small and big in sizes flew all over the sky. His eyes weren’t injured, but he had shed tears of pain. At the same time, his lower body was burnt black. It seemed like although he didn’t turn into an eunuch, he was still heavily injured. As for Luo Hua City Mistress’ [Aurora], it only burnt the skin of his head black, but it didn’t seem to cause any other grave injuries.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador was furious beyond compare as he roared loudly towards Yue Yang, “If I have enough time, I would have torn you into pieces.”

He flew quickly onto the middle of the fighting arena and carried Bai Yun Fei’s double’s body and flew towards the disappearing black pillar of light, before signalling to the others to return.

Before he left, he turned around and angrily shouted at Yue Yang, “If you have the guts, come over here and chase after us. I will be waiting for you in Ancient Passage. We’ll have a one-on-one duel. If you win, you can take back all the people we kidnapped! You, do you have the guts to come after us?”

Yue Yang, the mysterious beauty Wu Xia, the sickly beauty Wu Hen all gave each other a glance before leaping up into the sky at the same time.

Princess Qian Qian purposely leapt a little slower, waiting for Luo Hua City Mistress.

Xue Tan Lang, on the other hand, didn’t pursue them like Yue Yang and the others did. Instead, he released an ice-cold tornado to attack the younger Mei Hua Brother who was flying up to the sky. He was prepared to give up his life in order to keep one of the Eastern Goblin Tribe here. On the other side, the Dragon Spear Lady also attacked the older Mei Hua Brother in mid-air. As long as these two Eastern Goblin Tribe members weren’t able to reach the black pillar of light before it disappeared, they would definitely die in Soaring Dragon Continent… The Heavenly Imperial Guardians who were too slow to arrive and the strong warriors from various countries would definitely not let them off.

The younger Mei Hua Brother resisted Xue Tan Lang’s tornado and flew up with all his might.

Yue Yang threw down a [Spherical Beheader] and hacked it onto the younger Mei Hua Brother’s head. That younger Mei Hua Brother howled out in pain, but continued to resist and finally managed to enter into the black pillar of light.

Princess Qian Qian waved her great sword. The older Mei Hua Brother who had just intercepted Dragon Spear Lady’s attack was slashed by Princess Qian Qian’s great sword… The older Mei Hua Brother also wanted to force himself into the black pillar of light, but the mysterious beauty Wu Xia who had disguised herself as Yue Bing condensed a shard of ice and lightning in both of her hands, smashing them onto the right and left side of his face at the same time. The older Mei Hua Brother slashed his claws in pain and confusion, but he was easily blocked by the sickly beauty’s Crystal Shield armor.

There were the Dragon Spear Lady and Xue Tan Lang below and [Double Aurora], Luo Hua City Mistress’ upgraded [Aurora] after using [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang, right above him.

Dragon Spear Lady’s meteor-like punch strike hard at the older Mei Hua brother right as Wu Xia’s hands left him. Xue Tan Lang’s tornado came and covered the whole sky, tearing the older Mei Hua Brother’s body into shreds.

In the sky, the [Double Aurora] which was ten times more frightening than [Aurora] was shot out from Yue Yang’s and Luo Hua City Mistress’ hands…

The [Double Aurora] slowly turned into a gigantic pillar of light, shooting right at the surprised older Mei Hua Brother, blasting him away.

The destructive [Double Aurora] blasted the older Mei Hua Brother several meters away.

The crumbled pieces of stone on the audience pit turned into ashes under the blast of [Double Aurora].

When the blinding light passed, underneath a huge cavity caused by the [Double Aurora], Yue Yang realized that the older Mei Hua Brother had actually not die. Instead, he regained his original a form, a giant Plum Leopard who looked dispirited and whose whole body was terribly cut up all over. It was almost 20 meters long from its head to its tail, and its body was almost as huge as a small hill. It couldn’t be compared to the Thunder Leopard or others of its type in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Even the Giant Mammoth and the Battle Kodo Beast looked puny compared to this Plum Leopard.

No wonder it didn’t die no matter how much it was beaten. Turns out the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s people had such a gigantic body.

Dragon Spear Lady actually wanted to follow Yue Yang and the others to fight the strong enemies, but when she saw this, she quickly waved towards Yue Yang and said, “You guys, go! Leave this fellow to me. Xue Tan Lang, go and call the old fox here quickly. This fellow will not be so easy to kill!”

From within the Dragon Spear Lady’s body, a cute little panda suddenly appeared. It shouted to Yue Yang, putting on an “I-am-super-awesome” air as it said, “Niu Niu will definitely help mum to defeat this bad fellow. Big brother, when you return, you must reward Niu Niu with lots of candies, okay!” Yue Yang was long prepared to deal with the little panda girl. She was more or less the same as Yue Shuang the little girl anyway. A candy was the greatest weapon to them.

Yue Yang’s ability to entertain kids was at Grandmaster’s level after all, he was always prepared with a lot of candies at hand. He showed them to the little panda girl

When the little panda girl saw the candies, her fighting spirit increased to 100 points immediately, her combat power increasing to 1000 points… On the other hand, Luo Hua City Mistress and the other girls were all greatly shocked. Why would this fellow bring so many candies with him all the time? Could it be that he was prepared to kidnap little girls anytime?

“Go away, little kids will have toothache if they eat too much candies!” The drunk cat big sis who had disguised herself as the Dragon Spear Lady was deeply unsatisfied with Yue Yang’s attempt at abducting her ‘precious girl’ Niu Niu.

“Here, wine for you!” Yue Yang was also prepared to abduct the drunk cat big sis together with the little panda girl as he threw a bottle of wine to her.

“Who the hell drinks wine during a battle!” The drunk cat oneesan was completely driven mad. She wanted to smash the wine that Yue Yang threw to her into pieces initially, but when she saw that it was good wine, she couldn’t bear to smash it just like that.

“Let’s chase after them quickly, the pillar of light is almost gone.” The mysterious beauty Wu Xia took the lead and entered into the black pillar of light. Next, the sickly beauty, Princess Qian Qian, and Yue Yang who was holding Luo Hua City Mistress’ hands all followed through. When the gigantic Plum Leopard was about to jump and chase after them, Yue Yang bestowed it with another [Spherical Beheader]. Yue Yang and Luo Hua leapt into the black pillar of light as that giant Plum Leopard fell onto the ground from mid-air. When it was about to try and jump again, the black pillar of light and the Runic Circle had already disappeared without trace.

The giant Plum Leopard howled out, its voice so loud that it shook the grounds and reverberated through the clouds.

Xue Tan Lang and the drunk cat big sis looked at each other. The Soaring Dragon Continent finally managed to capture one of the Eastern Goblin Tribe member who had infiltrated them. Although it was only an Imperial Guard-level Plum Leopard, it was better than nothing. They would definitely be able to dig out a lot of information from this Plum Leopard.

Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and the others who entered the black pillar of light realized that they were teleported into a dark gigantic passage.

The mysterious beauty Wu Xia frowned her brows, “This is not Tong Tian Tower, this place is still in the Soaring Dragon Continent… If I’m not wrong, this should be Death Canyon. It seems like we are in the Ancient Passage that surrounds the God’s Ruins! It’s not easy for warriors who dwell in the Outer Realm of the Tong Tian Tower to come to Soaring Dragon Continent. They would have to first enter the Ancient Passage, then teleport out of it to Tong Tian Tower. This Ancient Passage is the only passage that links the Outer Realm to Tong Tian Tower. Of course, it is also difficult for them in order to enter the Ancient Passage. They would need to offer a great amount of sacrifice in order to open the teleportation gate into the Ancient Passage…”

“Is it the same as a Demon King requiring a blood sacrifice in order to teleport to the Soaring Dragon Continent from the Demon Abyss?” Yue Yang remembered the fight at White Stone City when Xie Huo used a great amount of blood sacrifice to summon the Demon King Ha Xin.

“No.” The sickly beauty shook her hands and said, “It is also not easy for Demon Abyss dwellers to come to the Soaring Dragon Continent. They can easily go to any levels of the Tong Tian Tower, but they won’t be able to leave at will. It’s similar to when we enter the Demon Abyss, we also can’t leave there at will. If a Demon King came to the Soaring Dragon Continent, it must be because he had come to the Soaring Dragon Continent before to train and left some kind of trace here. Only with the help of his devout followers offering blood sacrifice as a guide, will he be able to come to the Soaring Dragon Continent… The stronger the dimension-traveller, the harder it is to form the inter-dimensional passage. If it was a strong being like the Demon King who had not come to the Soaring Dragon Continent before, I think he would need at least ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand of Demon Abyss dwellers to offer as sacrifice if he wants to come to the Soaring Dragon Continent. Only then would he be able to open the teleporting space between Demon Abyss and Soaring Dragon Continent. Furthermore, he would need someone in the Soaring Dragon Continent to guide him… If there were no traitors or spies in the Soaring Dragon Continent, strong enemies like Demon Kings and Eastern Goblin Tribe people would definitely not be able to come to the Soaring Dragon Continent!”

“I found some trace of blood!” Princess Qian Qian’s [Six Records] was very sharp, she immediately discovered some traces of blood not far off from them.

“Seems like we did not deviate too much during our teleportation to this Ancient Passage. We are just right behind our enemies!” The mysterious beauty Wu Xia looked at Yue Yang, “Are you sure you want to lift your Innate strength limiter? Your recovery period is not over yet…”

“I’m alright.” Yue Yang knew that the effects of overusing his Innate powers were terrifying. He could overuse his powers anytime and die, but he believed that he could control his own powers.

As long as he did not lose control of his mind, then his body would probably not crumble apart.

Furthermore, he still had these few strong and capable girls to help him. Yue Yang was kind of assured in lifting the limiter on his Innate powers. He knew that even if he had reached the limits during a battle, they would be able to take him away from this place and heal his injuries. Since he did not need to worry about the consequences, why not exert all of his power? Yue Yang did not lift his Innate powers limiter during the tournament championship, because he needed a lot of time to lift it. He thought the Eastern Goblin Tribe would probably be gone before he finished lifting the seal on his Innate powers.

Now that he had chased after them to this Ancient Passage, as long as he caught up with the Flying Tiger Ambassador and the others and was able to lift the seal on his Innate powers, they would definitely not be able to escape from him unscathed.

Just as Yue Yang was discussing their strategy with the four girls, a whooshing sound of wind was heard from afar.

Was it the enemy?

Or was it the rumoured, legendary terrifying monster who lived in the Ancient Passage and had never seen the light of the sun before?

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