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LLS Chapter 248 – Flying Tiger Ambassador

Chapter 248 – Flying Tiger Ambassador
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“If you want to invite us to the Rainbow Palace, you have to prove your capabilities to us.” Yue Yang decided to fight the enemies, but he also mentioned another condition, “When strong warriors fight, the impact from the clashes can easily harm innocent lives. I request that you allow the audience to leave. In any case, you only have business with the ten of us, and we have all gathered right in front of you now.”

“No problem.” The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast who had transformed into a middle-aged man finally agreed, “We are only inviting our honored guests, we don’t care about other human matters. They are all free to leave. However, if there are anyone amongst them who is willing to stay to watch the match, we will not stop them. It will be their choice. If anyone amongst them is willing to follow us to the Rainbow Palace to meet our Emperor, we will also be happy to oblige.”

A lot of people sighed, full of relief, when they heard the middle-aged man’s words.

It was definitely best if they could leave.

Who would want to stay here?

Those who had no business here obviously wanted to leave, the faster the better.

However, people like Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others on the other hand, were not willing to leave. They hoped they could stay, wishing that they could be of help to Yue Yang even for a little bit.

Escaping on their own and letting Yue Yang fight alone was not something they could stomach.

The old fox definitely understood their thoughts, but he shot an angry glance at Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others as he shrouded Yue Bing with a cloak to hide her body and whispered an order, “Everyone, leave this place immediately. This is an opportunity to escape that Yue Yang have acquired for us with great difficulties! Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, you two lead the way. Maybe there are some Soaring Dragon Continent traitors or enemies who will try to kill us on our way. If that really happened, you have to lead in front and open the way for the rest… Everyone pay attention, the moment we get out from the area of effect of this sealed dimension, you must immediately use your teleportation scrolls and teleport to a safe place with the fastest speed. Hiding yourself is the first priority!”

Yue Bing also didn’t want to leave, but she knew that it was extremely crucial for her to leave.

If she didn’t leave, her brother wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his battle completely.

Due to her brother pampering her, she had slowly reverted to girlish personality previously, who cried and laugh easily. Her heart was not closed off like she was last time, but that did not mean she had become weak.

When she encountered a critical situation, her stubborn and unyielding fighting spirit immediately returned, resurfacing from her heart.

She looked at her brother meaningfully, then wiped away her tears and pulled Yi Nan and Yue Yu out from the Stadium.

Yi Nan and Yue Yu were not strong enough. Right now, her brother couldn’t afford to pay attention to them, so it was her turn to protect them. Yue Bing didn’t look for Luo Hua City Mistress. She knew that Sister Luo Hua would definitely not leave. If there was no opportunity to escape, Sister Luo Hua would stay to protect everyone. However, if there was an opportunity to escape, she would still stay because she would choose to fight by her brother’s side.

Sister Luo Hua’s [Aurora] after [Body Fusion] was one of her brother’s secret weapon after all.

“I really hate this. I am the big boss, yet I have to escape and leave my little brother to fight alone. How could I face the others as the big boss this way!” Fatty Hai’s eyes turned as red as a wolf’s as he dashed right to the front. He was ready to face any kind of things that might happen. Ye Kong and Li Brothers also followed, opening the path in front for the others.

If Yue Bing, Yi Nan, Yue Yu and the others weren’t there, Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others would never leave even if they were half-dead.

But right now, they must leave to protect the girls, until they reached a safe place.

The whole stadium was in chaos. If they were allowed leave this place, obviously no one wanted to stay.

There were some who summoned their flying beast and rode away, and those who couldn’t fly also quickly ran towards the exit doors. The mercenaries were all panicked and terrified. It was the students, on the other hand, who were calm and more orderly, listening to their teachers’ and the referee’s orders. They quickly grouped themselves and left the place in an orderly fashion.

The old fox looked at Yue Yang and made a hand gesture for him not to worry. Then, he quickly rushed to Yue Bing’s and the others’ side to protect them.

The person who wanted to stay the most was him, but he could never let a whole lot of people without a strong Ranker leave without protection. What if there were enemies lying in ambush…

There were actually quite a few who stayed.

Some were mercenaries with more gut than the others, some were Sect Disciples like the Western Lion Pagoda Disciples and Zhi Jin Academies students. Without Prince of Zi Jin, they couldn’t leave. Otherwise, returning to the Zhi Jin Kingdom would only mean death. Amongst those who stayed, there were also some who were the organizers of the tournament. Most of them only possessed special-type beasts, so they did not have much combat power. However, they were experts in healing and regeneration, hence they stayed behind in the hopes of becoming a help to Yue Yang and the others when they are needed.

There were also Dragon Spear Lady, Luo Hua City Mistress and other secretly strong warriors waiting outside the fighting arena, storing up their energy in order to save Yue Yang and the others at any moment.

Lastly, there was also Bai Yun Fei who was hiding inside his private box, not letting out a single squeak.

He didn’t know why he did not leave and take advantage of the opportunity to escape. Instead, he had stayed behind.

From within the middle of the black pillar of light that had fused with the middle of the Runic Circle, another man with a huge pair of tiger-striped wings appeared, flapping his wings.

He shouted at the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast who had transformed into a middle-aged man, “Jin Jing, you are too slow. Get those targets and leave this place immediately. We need sacrifices to the Thousand Heads Beast to maintain this passage, so you can’t afford to be slow. Xiong and Mei Brothers, capture those people immediately. As long as you don’t kill them and violate our agreement, you don’t have to worry about anything. Move!”

That Fiery Golden Eyes Beast’s expression immediately changed when he saw the other visitor. He cupped his hand and bowed respectfully, “Greetings to the Flying Tiger Ambassador. Since you have said that, Jin Jing will entrust everything here to the Flying Tiger. Jin Jing ask for permission to be excused.”

Like the Flying Tiger Ambassador, the middle-aged man flew into the middle of the Runic Circle and disappeared.

Before he left, it seemed like he glanced at Yue Yang for an instant.

Hearing the Flying Tiger Ambassador’s words, the two black-clothed man and two red-robed man dashed forward like lightning. Yan Po Jun, Feng Qi Sha and the others were already prepared beforehand, almost summoning their grimoires right at the same time. They blocked the four people’s attack with their protective shield just in time. In mid-air, that Flying Tiger Ambassador condensed a terrifying ball of light in his hands as he shouted towards Yue Yang, “Stop resisting right now and be obedient. If you stop resisting and obediently leave with us, we might still allow you guys to keep your combat powers. Otherwise, if you resist, I won’t stand in ceremony when I capture you guys later… Think about it carefully. I’m not like that Jin Jing who likes to talk in a refined manner. I, the Flying Tiger, am an existence with much stronger powers that won’t tolerate disobedience!”

“…” Yue Yang realized that this Flying Tiger Ambassador was indeed much stronger than the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast. However, based on their wisdom and battle potential, that refined Jin Jing was more terrifying.

When Yue Yang saw that Jin Jing had left and the Flying Tiger Ambassador was about to unleash his attack, he knew that he couldn’t drag the battle out anymore.

In the end, he still couldn’t wait for the Heavenly Imperial Guardians from the different countries to come…

Maybe the Heavenly Imperial Guardians were still battling, so they were too busy to come here!

Fortunately Yue Bing and the others had already left this place. Although they had not gone very far, but if Yue Yang and the others fought now, they wouldn’t be harmed from the impacts of the attacks.

“Listen, I will count to ten. If you guys are still hiding behind your protective shields, I will release a [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave] every ten seconds at those people who were escaping. I guarantee that those friends and fellow schoolmates of yours who had not gone very far will all die horribly. 1, 2, 3…” The Flying Tiger Ambassador raised a ball of light into the sky. As long as he released it, no matter at which direction, the crowd of people outside would definitely be heavily injured.

“Since things have come to this, everyone, let’s fight with all our might!” Yue Yang knew that he couldn’t drag the time anymore. He was the first to recall his summoning grimoire and started to turn his Reaper Mantis into an armor, turning it into an unusual looking Reaper Mantis Armor. It was a pity that he didn’t learn much on transforming armors, he was not yet able to display that kind of power that the sickly beauty had. Furthermore, the Reaper Mantis wasn’t counted as the best armor transformation beast at this period of time. Yue Yang could only cover up thirty percent of his body in the armor transformation.

However, even that made the Flying Tiger Ambassador frown.

The Flying Tiger Ambassador pointed at Yue Yang and shouted at the Xiong and Mei Brothers, “Leave this human boy to me. Get the others quickly, we don’t have much time!”

Yan Po Jun, Feng Qi Sha, Dragon Ambassador Cang Lan and the guy who substituted Bai Yun Fei all started summoning their strongest beasts and attacked the Oldest Xiong Brother. They felt that they had the most chance of winning fighting him four to one.

Xue Tan Lang fought against the Second Xiong Brother alone.

He knew that he would definitely not win fighting against a strong enemy alone, but he did that in order to reduce his other friends’ pressure.

Another person with the same thoughts as him was Princess Qian Qian. She fought against the red-clothed Mei Hua Bao, the older brother of Mei Hua Brothers, in order to give the opportunity for the mysterious beauty and the sickly beauty to fight the second Mei Hua Brother two on one. Dragon Spear Lady and Luo Hua City Mistress also gathered their strongest powers, prepared to help anytime. The weird thing was that Bai Yun Fei, who was hiding inside the private box, was hiding his presence instead, as if he intended to stand by and not do anything.

The Bloody Queen Red followed Yue Yang closely behind, rising into the sky together with Yue Yang as they flew towards the Flying Tiger Ambassador.

The great battle commenced with the explosion of her [Banshee Scream]

Every single Eastern Goblin Tribe people did not have summoned beast, maybe it was because their existence themselves was already like a summoned beast. When the [Banshee Scream] exploded, the Flying Tiger Ambassador divide himself into two bodies, one of them condensing the [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave], ruthlessly throwing it at Yue Yang. The other body moved a hundred times faster than lightning towards the black-clothed Xiong Brother who was fighting against Yan Po Jun and three others.

His two hands condensed two tiger-head shaped ball of lights, separately shooting them towards Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun’s back.

Dragon Ambassador Cang Lan had just turned around when he saw the Flying Tiger Ambassador releasing a tiger-like shockwave from his mouth, exploding it right at Dragon Ambassador Cang Lan’s face.

On the other side, the black-clothed older brother Xiong’s fist was one meter apart from colliding onto the guy who pretended to be Bai Yun Fei… However, Bai Yun Fei’s double avoided it and sent a heavy blow onto the older brother Xiong’s chest. Alas, he was only pushed two steps back, there were no other reactions. Bai Yun Fei’s double was surprised to find that Feng Qi Sha and the other two people did not come forward to help him attack the black-clothed man. When he turned around, he found that all three of them had already fallen on the ground. Behind him, a fist that was flying towards him fast like a meteor suddenly appeared before him. Shocked, Bai Yun Fei’s double immediately leapt into the sky, trying to avoid the attack.

“A Level 8 [Emperor] human. Not bad… It’s a pity that you met me, Flying Tiger!” Flying Tiger’s body suddenly disappeared.

He then re-appeared right above Bai Yun Fei’s double who had leapt into the sky.

His five fingers were spread out as he slammed his palm unavoidably onto Bai Yun Fei’s double’s head.

A terrifying shockwave ensued. The attack had created a pillar of light that slammed Bai Yun Fei’s double straight onto the fighting arena, buried deep into the ground.

As Bai Yun Fei’s double struggled to crawl out in pain, one of the Flying Tiger raised his large hands and condensed another round of [Radiant Tiger Explosion Wave], prepared to smash it towards Bai Yun Fei’s double…

Bai Yun Fei’s double’s eyes were filled with despair and terror.

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      • Cyclloid says:

        I thought he was purposefully staying at Level 1 innate. That whole thing about innate levels are like building a skyscraper; only at level 1 can he build his “foundation”. Without a broad foundation, he will be limited in the future.

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          ch 68 excerpt:
          “Yue Yang wanted to hurry up and open the Divine Grimoire and see whether he had obtained new inherent skills and a guardian beast.

          But when he stretched his hand towards it, a piece of information popped up in his mind that made him sweat bullets.

          Innate Rank and Spiritual Qi is not enough to open the Divine Grimoire… To his surprise, there was such a thing as being unable to open his own summoning grimoire. “

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