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LLS Chapter 247 – Women are not inferior to men!

Chapter 247 – Women are not inferior to men!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Sorry guys, just started watching and got caught up with Game of Thrones…

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“Is this what you mean by saying that you won’t initiate attacking people? What great words you say!” Yue Yang clapped his hands and praised loudly.

“Prince of Zi Jin shouldn’t have rejected our Emperor’s sincere invitation and tried to escape. His actions really made us furious. A good man shouldn’t try to run away from things. Er Hei (or Second Black) has perhaps beaten him up a little roughly, I would like to apologize for to everyone for that. Actually, as long as everyone cooperates, we guarantee that we will not harm anyone here.” The gold-robed middle aged man spoke in a refined and courteous manner.

“…” The whole stadium was silent. If they couldn’t reject the invitation, how were they any different captives?

Yue Bing who was below the stage felt anxious for her brother the most.

If those Eastern Goblin Tribe people started attacking her brother, what would she do?

She wanted to help her brother, but due to her lack in power, she would only drag her brother down if she were to try to help him. This made her really hate herself… How good would it be if she had more combat power. It was a pity that she couldn’t lend her brother a helping hand in battles, she could only watch her brother fighting all alone powerlessly. Different from Yue Bing, the mysterious beauty, sickly beauty, Princess qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress were all waiting anxiously, waiting for the right time to join Yue Yang and help him fight.

The old fox had an even more serious expression. His mind didn’t lie with helping Yue Yang if it comes to battle, but how to take all the students away to safety.

Yue Yang had power, so he wasn’t whom he was most worried about.

Instead, he was worried about Yue Bing and the others. Once the enemies discovered them, Yue Yang would have more trouble instead.

“If you want to invite me, you can. But normally, I will only accept a strong warrior’s invitation.” Yue Yang who was on the stage brandished his Hui Jin Magic Blade and shouted, “If you want to invite me, prove to me that you have the power.”

“Wah!” Countless audience started to gasp. They all thought that this brat must have gone mad. His enemies were so strong, even Prince of Zi Jin was killed in an instant. He still wanted to challenge them to a fight?

“Since it’s honored guest’s request, we will definitely try to fulfil it.” The middle-aged man called Fiery Golden Eyes Beast smiled slightly.

The two black-clothed giants and the two red-robed men, all four Eastern Goblin Tribe’s people gathered together.

They all raised their hands, and started to have a game of rock-paper-scissors, more arrogant than any other.

It was as if a simple, random strike from them could immediately beat Yue Yang up into a pulp.

In the end, the red-robed man standing on the furthest left won the rock-paper-scissors and stepped out with a big step as Yue Yang’s opponent. The middle-aged man called Fiery Golden Eyes Beast introduced him with a refined and gentle voice, “This person is Mei Er (or Second Plum) of the Mei Hua (or Plum Blossoms) Brothers. The older brother is called Mei Hua Bao(Plum Blossoms Leopard) and the younger brother is called Mei Hua Lu (Plum Blossoms Deer). His powers are Earth Goblin Level 9, if converted to your Soaring Dragon Continent Level, he should be at Level 9 Saint. Of course, due to certain reasons, it was very difficult for normal goblins to break through the Innate realm. Even if our strength had already reached that point, we wouldn’t be able to advance into the Innate realm. Hence, he is only a Goblin Palace Guard who can never reach Innate. This way, it wouldn’t be counted as us bullying you humans too much… Yue Clan Third Young Master, as long as you can receive ten moves of his, I will take back my orders and report to my king. My Emperor would definitely be interested in sending you stronger envoys to invite you to his Rainbow Palace, just like how he had sent his envoys to Da Xia Emperor Jun Wu You.”


Yue Yang froze when he heard it.

Aren’t those Eastern Goblin Tribes people a little too greedy? Not only the talented younger generations of Soaring Dragon Continent, they even wanted to kidnap Da Xia Emperor Jun Wu You?

They had even dared to attack Jun Wu You who had the protection of two Heavenly Imperial Guardians and a State Grandmaster, all three Innate Rankers. This proved that the Eastern Goblin Tribe who came from the Outer Realm outside the Tong Tian Tower had an unimaginable power.

“Not only His Highness Jun Wu You, we are also inviting Marshall Yue Hai, Commander Feng Kuang, Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dai and Yan Qian Zhong – the four Clan Masters of the Great Clans – as well as Eastern Sky King and the Western Sky King from the Tian Luo Kingdom… The only regretful thing was that the Great State Grandmaster of Da Xia had refused our invitation as he had to protect Da Xia and see to the country’s affairs. We deeply respect State Grandmaster Hua Xia’s sense of responsibility and decided to respect his wishes, so we did not force the invitation upon him.” The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast slowly said. His words were like thunder out of the clear sky, shocking the whole stadium.

Almost every strong warriors in Da Xia and Tian Luo that was gathered here had been captured by them.

What kind of strength do they actually have, to accomplish such a feat?

The old fox felt like his heart turned to ice. Through the their words, he understood that other than the Innate Ranker, State Grandmaster, everyone had already been caught.

The State Grandmaster and the others had gone back to offer support, yet not even ten minutes later only the State Grandmaster was left. The whole army was annihilated. This Eastern Goblin Tribe, their powers really made others feel despair. Without Zhi Zun, Night Empress and Elder Nan Gong to protect them, the Soaring Dragon Continent was just as weak as an unfortified village, invaded by the Eastern Goblin Tribe this easily. It’s just that, how did these people know that Zhi Zun, Night Empress and Elder Nan Gong had all gone to the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, that there was no one protecting the Soaring Dragon Continent?

There is definitely a spy here!

The biggest suspect would be the Western Lion Pagoda members!

Furthermore, Prince of Zi Jin didn’t deny his relationship with them, especially his words just now, they had revealed many things.

It was highly likely that the Prince of Zi Jin and Western Lion Pagoda members had struck up some kind of agreement with the Eastern Goblin Tribe to guide them here. Who would know that the Eastern Goblin Tribe didn’t act according to the agreement between them and Prince of Zi Jin and Western Lion Pagoda. Prince of Zi Jin was a talented disciple, so they also wanted to take him along, not giving a damn about Prince of Zi Jin at all.

“This is impossible… They must have wanted to bend our fighting spirit using trickeries!” Yan Po Jun couldn’t believe the truth no matter what. How could the Clan Masters of the Four Great Clans be captured? Jun Wu You and the two Sky Kings of Tian Luo Kingdom had also been captured? How was that possible!

“Kill! Let’s kill all those guys and rescue those people back!” Feng Qi Sha started to lose control of his sense, almost going mad.

“…” Xue Tan Lang didn’t say anything, he simply flew forward and jumped right beside Yue Yang, standing back-to-back with Yue Yang. He humphed coldly at Yue Yang, “I’ll also fight with you!”

“Don’t show off, right now you are still not these Eastern Goblin Tribe’s people’s opponents.” Yue Yang beat him down without any flattery.

“I will still fight even if I’m not their opponent!” Yue Yang’s words seemed to not have any effect on Xue Tan Lang’s fighting spirit.

“Perhaps, you are Xue Tan Lang from the Xue Clan? Not bad, you are extremely talented, worthy of your Three Great Killing Stars nickname, especially your fighting spirit! You are only second to this Yue Clan Third Young Master. I really like you! If our Emperor sees you, he might just bestow you with a Sky Goblin Ice Dragon.” The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast spoke courteously with Xue Tan Lang again.

“Three Great Killing Stars, they do not consist of Xue Tan Lang only!” Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha released their Qi and flew onto the stage, standing beside Xue Tan Lang.

“Welcome, welcome to you!” The middle-aged man smiled a little and bowed to them.

“You are all fools.” Yue Yang was speechless. Why couldn’t they hide themselves obediently? Instead, they were running to their deaths.

“I have been very clever all this while, it’s really rare to see me acting foolishly…” Yan Po Jun laughed out loud. He knew that it would be difficult for him to escape The enemy’s power was unimaginable. Rather than being instantly killed like the Prince of Zi Jin, he preferred to give it a go.

“There are still Prince of Tian Luo, Princess Qian Qian, Yue Clan Seventh Young Mistress Yue Bing, Floating Mist Sect Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei and Eastern Crystal Ocean Palace Dragon Ambassador Cang Lang. Please get up to the stage too! As long as anyone amongst you could withstand ten moves from Mei Hua Brothers or Xiong Brothers, I will happily return to my Emperor and ask for a stronger ambassador to invite you all…” The conditions that the Fiery Golden Eyes Beast put up was that as long as one could receive ten moves, then they could stay.

However, these ten moves, would they be easy to receive?

The opponent had a power of a Level 9 Saint. Although he was not an Innate, he had reached the limits of a Ranker. It would be difficult to receive even one move, let alone 10…

The old fox covered Yue Bing with his body. If the enemy noticed her, it would be the greatest attack to Yue Yang.

He did not stop the Three Great Killing Stars from going up on stage, but when Princess Qian Qian and Prince Tian Luo was about to go up the stage, he scolded them with a hushed voice, “Right now His Highness and the two Sky Kings are in trouble. Our nations are in perils. You are the roots of the Kingdom. If you take another step out, wouldn’t you be walking the path of your own destruction! Did you think that you, some children, could stop and resist the Eastern Goblin Tribe whom even the Heavenly Imperial Guardians couldn’t?

Princess Qian Qian covered her face as her tears dropped through her face, “Father is not here anymore, why do you still care about this country? I want to save that old fellow…”

The sickly beauty flew forward, a radiant light shone from her body as she turned into the appearance of Prince Tian Luo quickly in mid-air. Light as a feather, she landed behind Yue Yang and shouted, “The Prince of Tian Luo Hua Zi Yu is present.” The real Prince of Tian Luo wanted to speak out, but Luo Hua City Mistress slapped him down as she hugged Yue Bing, preventing her from running towards the stage.

The mysterious beauty who liked to read books also released a colourful light from her body and turned into Yue Bing’s appearance. However, she was a head taller than the real Yue Bing.

She floated and landed behind Yue Bing too, “I’m Yue Clan Yue Bing!”

Yue Bing cried until she was completely confused, almost fainting in Luo Hua City Mistress embrace.

Yi Nan and Luo Hua City Mistress held her tightly, afraid that she would rashly rush forward to say that she was the real Yue Bing. The moment she was discovered, the deeper they would be in their trouble.

The Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace Dragon Ambassador Can Lang stepped onto the stage with great strides. His expression wasn’t very good, but his eyes shone with determination.

“Very good, now only Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei and Princess Qian Qian left.” The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast nodded his head satisfiedly. “The Soaring Dragon Continent indeed had talent all over its lands. I have gone to many continents before, but this is my first time seeing so many talented younger generations. Now we only need to wait for Princess Qian Qian and Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei to come up to the stage. Once we have the numbers, we would immediately leave this place. We will not take up so much of everyone’s time.”

“Bai Yun Fei is here.” The mysterious person in the private box had changed his clothes with Bai Yun Fei. After taking off his mask, it turned out that he looked very similar to Bai Yun fei, as if he was born to become Bai Yun Fei’s double.

The Dragon Spear Lady muttered something to Princess Qian Qian. She didn’t have a face-changing ability like the Sickly Beauty, but she wanted to risk herself and pose as Qian Qian, going up to the stage for her.

Princess Qian Qian quickly shook her head and hands, firmly rejecting her.

If Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the others weren’t caught by the Eastern Goblin Tribe, she would definitely not step out… But right now, there was no meaning in hiding. Their enemies had caught their seniors with the intention of making them, the juniors, show themselves. It could be said that their enemies had already anticipated everything in their plot, making it impossible for them to refuse.

Right now, there were only two ways. First was to beat up these few people, capture them and use them to exchange hostages.

This method would not be able to be achieved unless a strong Innate Ranker was here.

The second method was to give up, stop resisting and set off with the Eastern Goblin Tribe. When they found their relatives who were held captive, they could wait for an opportunity to rescue them, but that was almost equivalent to reclaim the ocean with sand… Of course, it was not like there was no hope at all. As long as those Innate Rankers who protected the Soaring Dragon Continent could return from the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, go to the Eastern Goblin Tribe domain and rescue everyone, this method should be possible.

Princess Qian Qian knew that it would be best for her to stay and allow the Dragon Spear Lady to substitute her.

It was just that if Yue Yang and her father was really captured, why would she stay here alone? Wouldn’t it be better to be captured together with them…

Hugging Luo Hua City Mistress, Yue Yu, Yue Bing and Dragon Spear Lady goodbye, Princess Qian Qian wiped her tears away, walked down the audience seats bravely and stepped onto the fighting arena, her huge sword clanking loudly behind her back. In an instant, she recovered her tigress’ formidable eyes, looking towards her enemy with proud, courageous eyes.

“What a great Princess of Da Xia! Women are definitely not inferior to men, you have your father’s might!” The Fiery Golden Eyes Beast praised loudly.

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