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LLS Chapter 245 – Eastern Goblin Tribe

Chapter 245 – Eastern Goblin Tribe
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Changing Extreme Region Realm to Outer Realm
Extreme Region Realm/Outer Realm had been mentioned a few times. On chapter 86, Luo Hua City Mistress said that “Seems like the existence of the Heaven Realm is located at a place very far away from the Demon Abyss, it might even be located in the “Outer Realm” above the high levels of Tong Tian Tower”. It is also mentioned in Chapter 114 and 172. Basically, this is how I imagined the LLS World to be: There’s Demon Abyss underground (maybe from B1- B100), then Soaring Dragon Continent on ground zero, then the Tong Tian Tower (Lv.1 – Lv.10), then the Outer Realm above Tong Tian Tower, and Heaven Realm above the Outer Realm. So if you stack it up, it should look like this:

Heaven Realm
Outer Realm
Tong Tian Tower
Soaring Dragon Continent
Demon Abyss

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The Bloodthirst Pill was a kind of forbidden medicine. It could stimulate a person’s potential for a short period of time and boost his combat abilities.

However, it would cause the user to lose control more easily as well. A few of those warriors with weak minds might even become bloodthirsty beasts, killing everything in their path. If it was a battle to the death, taking the Bloodthirst Pill to kill their mortal enemy and secure victory was still acceptable. However, this was the Hundred School Elite Competition. The Bloodthirst Pill was banned from consumption. Once a person lost control, he would kill the opponent. These warriors who flouted the competition’s rules by using such underhanded methods to pursue victory and disregarding other’s lives were people who would be cast aside by others.

The main aim of a tournament was not to take innocent lives, but rather to let more people have the chance to train themselves. It was a platform for students to help each other to grow.

Therefore, tournament competitions required a fairer starting point. As much as possible, everyone would spar against each other under the same conditions. At the start, the matches would start under a state of fairness. After that, they would have to rely on their fighting spirit, battle tactics, skills of their beasts and so on to defeat their opponent. The meaning of the tournament was to allow students to train themselves through battle. It was to allow students to learn other’s merits during their battle, allowing themselves to grow stronger and improve continuously, before finally distinguishing themselves for the thousand other elite students and attained the final victory. This, was what the Hundred School Elite Competition was intended for.

Using the Green Poison Pill to poison the opponent or using the Bloodthirst Pill to increase one’s strength was forbidden by the rules.

Once it was discovered, the person would be immediately kicked out of the competition, and unable to join for three years running.

It was already flouting the spirit of competition when the Prince of Zi Jin summoned his beast secretly while he was below the stage. It had caused everyone to look at him with scorn.

Now, he even dared to take a Bloodthirst Pill secretly! This was essentially the greatest insult to the word “Elite”! Taking the Bloodthirst Pill to increase his strength under the crowd’s watch, using this kind of underhanded method to defeat his opponent and attain victory, this act was practically equivalent to giving everyone in the Hundred School Elite Competition a resounding slap in the face…

“Prince of Zi Jin, please stop the competition, I want to check your blood!”

The main referee was extremely angry. The Bloodthirst Pill was a kind of forbidden medicine. It was expensive and ordinary warriors would almost have no chance to ever use them. However, it was not strange for the Prince of Zi Jin to own this kind of forbidden medicine. According to some sources, the origin of these Bloodthirst Pills was from the Green Summit Sect in the Zi Jin Kingdom. There were countless evil experts in the Green Summit Sect. The current generation’s Sect Leader, Duan Mu Long Cheng, was not only Zi Jin Kingdom’s Heavenly Imperial Guardian, but also a great master of medicine. Although there was no proof that Duan Mu Long Cheng created the Bloodthirst Pill, it was a fact that he had invented the “Scattering Wolf”, a short-term mass-produced medicine that would greatly boost the battle ability of troops for a short period of time.

It was precisely because the Zi Jin Kingdom owned the Scattering Wolf that their troops were the wildest and most barbaric. They were addicted to battle as if their lives revolved around it, just like starving wolf packs.

“No, I didn’t! I refuse to be checked!” The Prince of Zi Jin didn’t think that Yue Yang could see that he had taken the forbidden Bloodthirst Pill.

Of course, he could not let the main referee check his blood now. Otherwise, not only him, but the Wolf Academy that he represented, the Zi Jin Kingdom, and the Western Lion Pagoda would lose a great deal of reputation.

On the surface, the Bloodthirst Pill’s effects could not be seen. However, a reaction could be found when checking a blood sample.

This was especially true for the members of the Hundred School Elite Competition who owned special beasts. With just a single sniff or a taste of the blood, they would be able to sense it.

“Don’t be too hasty to deny it. Actually, even if you eat the Bloodthirst Pill as rice, I don’t care either.” Yue Yang shrugged in a carefree manner.

“I’ll kill you!” The Prince of Zi Jin was mad now.

Everything that he had had been destroyed by this Third Young Master.

Following this, what awaited him was not just a miserable loss, but also the ruin of his glory, as well as shame that he would forever be unable to get rid of. Eating a forbidden medicine was greater embarrassment than kneeling in front of the crowd like Bai Yun Fei did. The only way to get out of this would be to kill his enemy and shut him up forever, in order to appease his own hatred. The Prince of Zi Jin did not realise that under the stimulation of the words of his opponent, he had started to gradually lose control of himself. He had started to become a bloodthirsty beast that was craving to kill others.

The Prince of Zi Jin’s eyes were dyed in red. He raised his Gold Crescent Blade and sliced maniacally towards Yue Yang.

Yue Yang raised his hands and a flaming tornado suddenly appeared right below the Prince of Zi Jin, causing him to be hurled midair without any chance to resist.

While the Prince of Zi Jin tried to struggle out of the tornado, the flaming tornado suddenly vanished. With a stamp of his feet, Yue Yang caused another pillar of flame to explode from the ground, rushing towards the Prince in midair.

The flame pillar caused him to shoot up ten metres mid-air before dissipating.

The entire crowd felt a wave of hot air rushing towards them. It started to become difficult to breathe as well.

In the sky, the Prince of Zi Jin seemed to have been knocked unconscious by the flame pillar that Yue Yang had controlled. As if he had lost the will to battle, his body fell down. The Wolf Academy and Lion Pagoda’s disciples were crying out loud. Someone had even used his Gold Pheasant’s [Cry] skill to wake the Prince up.

This move was clearly effective.

With the Gold Pheasant’s cry, the Prince of Zi Jin’s eyes which were shut closed immediately opened up.

He somersaulted in mid-air and summoned his grimoire ten metres above the ground. He summoned a Strengthening-type Black Wyvern, fusing it with his body. Huge dragon wings grew from his back. His fingernails also grew sharp dragon claws. With this, he landed easily back onto the stage… The crowd booed constantly. He had broken the rules one after another. It was originally a match that restricted them to only using combat techniques. What was going on with the summoning grimoire now? That student Titan had not even summoned a single beast, and only used techniques to fight. Not only did the Prince of Zi Jin summon the Gold Wolf Kings from below the stage, he had even taken a Bloodthirst Pill on stage and summoned a Black Wyvern. Was this not too shameless?

Could he really not give a damn about anything just to win this?

Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun laughed.

They knew that now that this Prince of Zi Jin was truly a failure.

If Yue Yang wanted to defeat the Prince of Zi Jin, he wouldn’t even need to use a finger to defend or mimic the opponent’s techniques. Those were just methods to incite the Prince’s anger to cause him to go crazy and lose control.

Bai Yun Fei, the Prince of Zi Jin and Dragon Ambassador Cang Lan Yu represented the Four Great Sects in the Hundred School Elite Competition. They were here for nothing more than to defeat the junior members of the Four Great Clan’s and the respective school’s elites to boost their prestige and increase the influence they had in the Soaring Dragon Continent. As long as the opponent did not give up, Bai Yun Fei and the Prince of Zi Jin would pretty much beat up their opponent black and blue, until their opponent was in despair… The warriors of Soaring Dragon Continent adored the victors, and the hearts of the citizens had started to gradually favour these three New Stars. In comparison, the Three Great Killing Stars fame had been overshadowed by them. If the Three Great Killing Stars were swept by Bai Yun Fei or the Prince of Zi Jin in the finals, the Four Great Clan’s prestige would drop to the bottom of the valley, and the Four Great Sects’ fame would be raised to an all-new high.

Yue Yang had defeated Bai Yun Fei, then the Prince of Zi Jin. His goal was not as simple as to dispose of these two arrogant fellows.

More importantly, he wanted to strike the decisive blow to the sects that they represented.

The Prince of Zi Jin was more fond of victory than Bai Yun Fei. He did not have Bai Yun Fei’s tolerance at all. Not only that, because he had never experienced a setback in his life before, he was overly confident of himself. He underestimated Yue Yang’s true strength, thinking that he could defeat him using underhanded means.

Finally, not only did the Prince of Zi Jin lose the competition, he had been forced by Yue Yang to use a forbidden pill and summon his grimoire, causing him to be pushed to the very edge of the loser’s table.

“He’s beyond hope now!” Bai Yun Fei who was secretly watching the match in a box shook his head lightly.

“With how aggressively Lion Pagoda shields their faults, I’m afraid there’s an even better show to watch after this!” The mysterious person that came with Bai Yun Fei added. “It’ll be more exciting later on!”

“In front of a hundred thousand people, how dare they make a mockery of this competition? How many rankers are sitting here… Are the fools in Lion Pagoda insane? But, this isn’t bad either! The more chaotic the Soaring Dragon Continent is, the more advantageous it is for us… If they start fighting, we’ll just stand at the side and watch!” Looking at Yue Yang who was going round in circles and attacking the Prince of Zi Jin, Bai Yun Fei’s mocking gaze became even greater.

Suddenly, from the audience seats, State Grandmaster Hua Xia, Feng Kuang and the old fox all stood up.

State Grandmaster Hua Xia had summoned his Platinum grimoire. The Blood Flower Map on his grimoire shone with a few spots of dazzling red.

The eagled-eyed man and the Eastern Sky King who was seated a little further from the State Grandmaster looked over to his grimoire and shouted in alarm, “Enemies are attacking, Da Xia Palace is under attack! How could this happen?!”

The old fox furrowed his eyebrows. “This isn’t a simple assault. You two, go back and assist them. I have to stay here. Perhaps this is a ploy to bait the strong warriors out. The elite juniors are all gathered here. If the enemy takes them all, that would be the greatest loss. Although His Majesty’s safety is important, I can’t be at ease with all the students here. Go!”

State Grandmaster was in deep thought. Originally, he wanted to stay as well. However, the Blood Flower Map showed that there were even more enemies attacking the Da Xia Palace. With no time to think, he hastily took out the teleportation scroll. Along with Feng Kuang, Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong, the eagle-eyed man and the others, they hurried back to assist the emperor. Even the Eastern Sky King had gone over to help. The old fox hurriedly beckoned to Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress to his side. “The situation isn’t good. Hurry up and bring everyone out of here… “

Without even being able to finish his sentence, a black pillar of light suddenly shone down from the sky.

Two men who were dressed in blood-red clothes and emitting a radiant light appeared from the sky. Immediately after they appeared, they joined their hands toghether and harmoniously formed a giant black runic circle.

A flood of fresh blood spewed out from the black bottles they were holding in their hands, splattering everywhere as if it were a shower of bloody rain.

However, the bloody rain did not fall to the ground. Instead, it spiralled in mid-air with the force from their Qi.

Fresh blood continuously accumulated and formed into a whirlpool of blood. The black formation was concealed within the whirlpool of blood, looking more and more out of this world.

“That’s not Lion Pagoda, Thousand Goblins Sect, nor the Demonic Palace’s people… Who are these two fellows?” The old fox was certain that these two men were the enemy. Not only that, he was also 90% sure that they were targeting Yue Yang. The only thing he didn’t know was their identities. Could it be that they were the evil experts from Green Summit Sect? However, he had never heard of the Green Summit having these kinds of experts. Before the old fox could warn Yue Yang, seeing Yue Bing and Yi Nan worriedly running towards the stage, he flew over and stopped them. “Hurry up and go, these two might be experts from the “Outer Realm” of the upper floors of Tong Tian Tower… Qian Qian, hurry up and activate the Gold-level Mass Teleportation Scroll and take everyone away!”

“The space has been sealed!” Princess Qian Qian discovered that her scroll could not be used. Her face paled instantly.

“Go, leave this place immediately! The enemy doesn’t need a long time to open the connecting space. At that time, millions of Outer Realm demonic beasts will be teleported here!” The old fox then roared as loudly as possible to Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and the others who were releasing their Qi preparing for battle. “Are you insane?! Hurry up and leave! Before the Heavenly Imperial Guardians and Innate Rankers manage to get here as reinforcements, the only thing you need to do is run away!”

At this time, the entire crowd realised the changing situation and panic started to set in.

They still did not understand what was going on.

The two Vice-Head Referees and Head Referee released their Qi at the same time, raising their combat power to its maximum and hurled themselves towards the two strange men who were in the midst of completing the black Runic Circle.

They were all Level 6 [Elder] rankers or greater. The Head Referee had even reached the strength of a Level 7 [Overlord]. However, the ultimate moves that they made was completely ineffective towards the two red-robed men. The two red-robed men neither summonned their grimoires nor raise a barrier to protect themselves. Rather, they took it with their bodies. Under the heavy blows, their bodies only shook slightly. Even the blood-red robes were not damaged.

“This, this!” When the Head Referee saw that he had attacked into a tiger’s den, his eyes reflected fear. He could not believe that this was the truth.

“The strength of you human warriors are really weak. If not for His majesty saying that there were a few annoying human kids in your Soaring Dragon Continent, I wouldn’t even want to come out of my way here.” The man on the left took the blows from the Head Referee and one of the Vice-Head Referee, sneering as he came out completely unharmed.

“So these two aren’t humans… “ With his Level 4 [Divine Eyes] Yue Yang could see that these two red-robed men were similar to the dragon ladies that Elder Nan Gong brought with him. They were not humans, but rather the Eastern Goblin Tribe that had taken human form.

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  1. RandomlyGeneratedPersona says:

    Can anybody please remind me of the eastern Goblin Sect? I can’t recall em. Thank you.

    • han says:

      Not sect, its tribe.
      probably was sent by the leader/king of Thousand Goblins Sect to kill yue yang and co, since they mention ‘his majesty’, and the reason probably because that yue yang killed Thousand Goblins Sect innate subordinate before and also stopped their plans that related to whatever his mother and fourth mother’s big secret but doesn’t want to be known they are involved because of innate alliance rules so the king sent them in disguise.
      and that attack on da xia palace clearly a diversion so one stand in the way to kill yue yang and co.
      btw, this cliffhanger is really bad, if only i can read chinese…

      • Countrymage says:

        Nah, they come from some higher realm, and have taken human form like the dragon ladies, but they aren’t associated with anything in the Soaring Dragon Continent. They came to deal with some promising/threatening new elites, like Yue Yang.

    • Imwhatufear says:

      With what? There are only a few innates in the entire soaring dragon continent and Yue Yang is the only one in Da Xia Kingdom. The Author already stated for this particular time period that the old man who offered him to sign the innate alliance and his introducer are both busy partied up on the 10th floor of the tower.

  2. guy smiley says:

    Thx for the chapter yo.

    Having said that, I really hate the way things are done here. This type of event, where the enemy can just basically do whatever they want. Teleport in, prevent anyone from leaving, always know the exact location to do a perfect ambush, always able to separate people, etc etc. It’s basically the author being lazy, and giving the opposition a bunch of free bonus actions, and then never justifying that. It pisses me off. It doesn’t even feel good when the mc wins (inevitably), because the situation was stupid and unfair to begin with. End rant.

    • Jigoku Shounen says:

      Don’t worry. I have the same opinion. It’s like the Author give the enemies Plenty of Bonus and Advantages just so that later on he can show how OP the MC is by beating them.

      • Cyber says:

        There are reasons for it to happen. There are rules, and they atacked more than one place. I read ahead, i am about chapter 600 and thats how it is. They explain a bit.

    • metazoxan says:

      Yeah. Also WTF is up with this just happening in the middle of a fight? We go from the MC tormenting a loser prince to death to high level warriors from some new sect we’ve never heard of with no real transition at all. It’s just “and then bad guys appeared and they were really scary”.

      You can’t just do that out of no where. Has this author really never heard of scene transitions? Because this has happened a few other times where things just suddenly happen with no real set up or transition.

      At best we get an exposition dump where all the stuff the author couldn’t be bothered to show or explain slowly is dumped at once so we know what is going on or what just happened.

      However I don’t agree that the MC winning doesn’t feel good. Because him winning means we can move past this pointless fight and maybe get to a more interesting one.

      • lilygel says:

        I wouldn’t say that you need a transition or a foreshadowing of an attack. When it happens, it happens. It can be explained right there and then or chapters later.

        But I agree that things get jumpy. The author likes to add in information out of nowhere. Like how one of the characters learned a technique. I don’t have a clear grasp of the flow of things anymore, but I’m under the impression that the MC seems to do a lot of things in different places at the same time. Like training his team and himself. Learning stuff. With how busy he is with quests and fights, I just couldn’t think of when he got the time to actually assist other’s cultivation and learn stuff himself. Such a mystery.

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    • metazoxan says:

      Everyone that matters pretty much already knew anyway. It’s just the common people and his opponents didn’t know. Which is why they thought they had a chance in hell of winning.

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