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LLS Chapter 244 – Fire Shield, Bloodthirst Pill

Chapter 244 – Fire Shield, Bloodthirst Pill
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Andy :’)
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Hey guys, sorry for disappearing. I was away for a study tour to Japan last week. My classmates and I went around different companies in Tokyo to learn about their business models and strategies everyday, from 9-6. Afterwards, as it was my first time in Japan, I couldn’t resist travelling around Tokyo to visit various landmarks and tourist spots. In the end, I came back at around 10 pm every night. I was really tired during my trip, and after a few days of trying to translate at night after I get back to the hotel, I just gave up and slept like the dead until morning. I thought I’d be able to juggle travelling and translating at the same time, but it turned out to be beyond my physical and mental abilities… Hahah. I will try to get more chapters stocked up before going for holidays so this won’t happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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The Floating Mist Sect Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei had stopped a Level 6 [Elder] Lie Zhang Tian’s ultimate punch with just a single finger.

Although everyone didn’t know if he had used a beast or an Inherent Skill, everyone knew one important point, and that was it would be impossible to replicate this move.

Even if it was Bai Yun Fei himself, he might not be able to do the same thing again.

This was because even a high-levelled Level 8 [Emperor] wouldn’t dare to only use a finger to receive a Level 6 Senior [Elder]’s ultimate move. It was indeed because Bai Yun Fei had used a single finger to receive the move that he became famous overnight. This feat also earned him the name of the strongest young warrior in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent… until he was defeated by Yue Yang, making him number two. Even so, everyone didn’t think that Bai Yun Fei who had a Gold Dragon King Beast was weaker than the Three Great Killing Stars. He simply couldn’t compare to the extremely, abnormally strong Titan.

However, right now, did Student Titan really wanted to use a single finger to stop the first move of Prince of Zi Jin’s [Desert Storm]?

This, was this even possible?

Others might not know about it, but the Floating Mist Sect disciples all knew that that was an impossible thing to do!

When Bai Yun Fei stopped Lie Zhang Tian’s ultimate punch, he did not rely on his Gold Dragon King Beast nor his other beasts. He had also not relied on his own Inherent Skill.

He had relied on an Artifact!

The Floating Mist Sect disciples could guarantee that this goddamned Yue Clan Third Young Master who assumed the pseudonym of Titan didn’t have Bai Yun Fei’s artifact, the “Gold Dragon Pearl” which could protect his life and body. That was an Artifact that the previous generation of Floating Mist Sect Leader, who was also Bai Yun Fei’s grandfather, gave to his grandson… With this Gold Dragon Pearl, Bai Yun Fei could easily stop an ultimate move which was ten times stronger than him. Of course, it wouldn’t be effective forever. The Gold Dragon Pearl could only be used three times. After three times, it would shatter into dust.

Lie Zhang Tian’s ultimate move’s power was extremely frightening. Even with the Gold Dragon King Beast, Bai Yun Fei didn’t dare to face against it directly, hence he chose to use the Gold Dragon Pearl to protect himself.

In the end, from the spectator’s point of view, that move became a scene where he had stopped an ultimate move with a single finger.

The disciples from Floating Mist Sect obviously knew about it, but they didn’t leak this secret out. Instead, they enthusiastically cheered for Bai Yun Fei, increasing his publicity.

However, right now, this Yue Clan Third Young Master who had ruthlessly defeated their Junior Sect Leader had actually dared to try stopping an ultimate move with a single finger. The Floating Mist Sect’s disciples were both angry and happy at the same time. They were angry because this brat was really too obnoxious. How could he dare to face an ultimate attack without the protection of the Gold Dragon Pearl? On the other hand, they were happy because they could see this brat’s unfortunate future. Although he wasn’t defeated by their Junior Sect Leader, he would suffer defeat in the end. This would serve as a good lesson for him.

When their Junior Sect Leader recovered his strength, he might still be able to get back his initial prestige once he defeated the Prince of Zi Jin in the round-robin match.

Not only the Floating Mist Sect’s disciples were happy, the Western Lion Pagoda disciples and the Grey Wolf Academy students were also very happy.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others clenched their fists hard.

They had more than enough confidence in Yue Yang, but they couldn’t help but be worried.

Luo Hua City Mistress bit her lips. She was a little angry. If Yue Yang had been in front of her, she would have punched him. How could he be so daring? What would they do if he got injured?

Princess Qian Qian sighed, feeling a little headache, “That brat is hopeless. And I thought he like to be low-keyed. Who would know that he was actually an exaggerated show-off!”

When Prince of Zi Jin saw this, he was delighted.

He never thought even in his dreams that Yue Yang would underestimate him and try to stop his attack with a single finger. That was equivalent to him seeking death.

Immediately, instead of weakening the strength in his hands, Prince of Zi Jin increased it even more, intent on cutting Yue Yang with his Crescent Blade. Even if he couldn’t kill him with one slash, Yue Yang would definitely be gravely injured. This was definitely a chance bestowed to him by the heavens. He must not miss it, or it might not happen again… If Prince of Zi Jin knew that Yue Yang would use a single finger to stop his move, he would have used the strongest move out of the eight moves in [Desert Storm], the [Wind Destruction] or the [Total Darkness].

A loud explosion resounded.

The loud sound pierced the audience’s ears.

Yue Yang who had withstood the attack with a single finger was pushed many meters back, the purple flames on his body spluttering at the surrounding area. However, the deathly attack that others thought would instantly kill Yue Yang didn’t happen. Yue Yang had only been pushed back.

Prince of Zi Jin secretly thought that it was unfortunate. The first move, [Wind Rising] was just a starting move, the full strength of the skill was not unleashed yet.

His opponent had erected a weird looking fire shield right at the last minute and blocked his blade.

When Prince of Zi Jin saw that Yue Yang had only been pushed back by his attack although he was very close to injuring him fatally, Prince of Zi Jin started to brandish his Gold Crescent Blade wildly and unleashed his moves even more quickly.

The second move, the third move, the fourth move…

The Gold Crescent Blade became like a huge desert storm. Strong winds howled as the flaming hot sands pounced at Yue Yang like a menacing beast, wave after wave. The audience couldn’t clearly see the battle situation, they could only see vaguely that the arrogant student Titan was being pushed back step by step by the Prince of Zi Jin. That Prince of Zi Jin who was like a godly hero attacked countlessly non-stop, as if he was not giving any chance for student Titan to counterattack.

“He’s winning!” The Western Lion Pagoda Disciples and the Grey Wolf Academy students cheered for Prince of Zi Jin.

“That’s bad… He is attacking non-stop!” The Ivy Academy students were extremely worried. They were actually all top-class experts and geniuses who were hiding their abilities, so they obviously knew the terrifying power behind the continuous attacks.

“Prince of Zi Jin might become complacent too early.” People like Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun who were more highly skilled could see through the battle situation more clearly and more transparently.

“He has already miscalculated when he missed the first attack, but he was impatient to advance and greedy to win, hence he has continued with the seven other moves non-stop. Heh, this Prince of Zi Jin has really been pushed to his limits by that brat…” Bai Yun Fei was watching the match secretly through the little window from his private box. Although his face was pale, his eyes showed a tinge of mockery. Of course, he hated the Yue Clan Third Young Master after losing to him. However, he couldn’t help but to admire Yue Yang’s abnormal strength.

“Junior Sect Leader, it’s not that the Prince of Zi Jin didn’t want to stop attacking. He just couldn’t stop attacking!” A mysterious guy who had always been following Bai Yun Fei slowly said.

“Really? Then, could it be that when Yue Yang used a single finger to block Prince of Zi Jin’s move, he was actually setting a trap for him…?” Bai Yun Fei’s lips shivered a little.

The Prince of Zi Jin increased his combat strength to his maximum as he unleashed the eighth move of [Desert Storm] with a loud roar.

The Gold Crescent Blade flashed with a golden light like a lightning, traversing through the distance between the two people.

Cutting apart the space between them, Prince of Zi Jin slashed towards Yue Yang’s neck immediately, before retracting the Crescent Blade back to the scabbard on his waist.

The Crescent Blade continued to shake within the scabbard, producing a buzzing sound. If it were last time, when Prince finished his eight moves combo, as the Crescent Blade returned to his scabbard, his enemy’s head would also fall from his neck to the ground, rolling beside Prince of Zi Jin’s feet. Most of them would have died with their eyes wide open and an expression of disbelief.

Under the watch of a hundred thousand audience, Yue Yang’s body slowly trembled.

This was a sign that the attack had worked on him. The Western Lion Pagoda’s disciples and the Grey Wolf Academy’s students started to cheer out uncontrollably.

So what if he had abnormal abilities?

With the formidable eight moves of [Desert Storm], he had still fallen defeated in the end!

Even the Prince of Zi Jin who was exhausted after unleashing his ultimate move prepared to raise his hands to wave to the hundred thousand crowd. At the same time, he mentally prepared his speech. Just as the corners of his mouth were about to turn up into a smile, Yue Yang suddenly raised his left hand… there was a little cut on his forefinger. There was a slit of blood, but it wasn’t enough to form a drop of blood. Yue Yang started to blow on his finger in pain and sighed, “I underestimated my opponent too much. That attack wasn’t supposed to cut my finger…”

When Yue Yang said this, the Prince of Zi Jin’s eyes widened until they were bigger than a bull’s.

He was fine?

His neck was chopped by the crescent blade. How can he be fine?

“That was really fast. If I don’t have the [Reveal] Inherent Skill, I won’t be able to see it clearly.” State Grandmaster Hua Xia laughed, “This kid has improved once again. Even if he doesn’t lift the seal on his innate powers, his current ability is very close to the innate realm. What an extraordinary kid….. I think it took me around two hundred years to reach his level, yet he had only lived for twenty years… It’s a shame that His Highness could not come to watch the fight. He would definitely be delighted.”

“He has condensed a flame shield in his finger. At first it was not very useful, Prince of Zi Jin’s first attack has destroyed the first one. However, every single fire shield afterwards was better than the previous. Furthermore, the speed of which he has condensed the flame shield has increased every single time. At the end, he was condensing it with ease. Haha, I think, if we gave a little more time to this brat, he could probably successfully research the long lost martial art skill – [Godly Flaming Shield].” The old fox rubbed his goatee pleasedly.

“Can a human use the [Godly Flaming Shield] that is a beast’s speciality?” Feng Kuang asked in surprise.

“Yes, but he must first learn to control fire. And he must be able to control it very well.” State Grandmaster Hua Xia assured definitively.

“Seems like it would be impossible for me to be able to do that!” The Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie was troubled. Controlling fire was already very difficult, yet he was required to control it very well. What kind of realm did he need to reach to do that?

“Aren’t you speaking nonsense now? Even I, the Sky King, who is an expert in both metal and fire abilities couldn’t do it. If you, brat, could do it, is there still justice in this world? Controlling fire abilities, do you think everyone could do it? Dream on, do you think playing with a little fire means you have control over fire? Forget it, I’m not talking to you anymore, so as to save you from feeling inferior! But this son-in-law of mine is really a genius, little Luo Hua has really married the right man. Haha, I really like this son-in-law who can control fire. That fire shield is really to my liking…” The Eastern Sky King father-in-law acted like a mother-in-law, evaluating his son-in-law and liking him more and more the more he looked at him.

On the stage, Prince of Zi Jin gritted his teeth and continued to charge towards Yue Yang, furiously pouncing at him like a mad, bloodthirsty wolf.

This was because Yue Yang was shaking his forefinger that was slightly cut right at him.

His attitude was not only looking down on him, but downright degrading.

This was even more humiliating than mocking him with words. Did Yue Yang mean that his [Desert Storm] eight moves could only cut his forefinger a little? If others knew about this, his reputation wouldn’t be any better than Bai Yun Fei’s!

Prince of Zi Jin raised his hand and exploded his Qi. Without anyone knowing, he secretly ate a pill, the [Bloodthirst Pill].

This kind of pill could increase one’s strength for a short period of time. The increase in strength would be at least two times, or at most ten times, depending on each individual’s potential. Prince of Zi Jin didn’t spare any costs. Although taking the Bloodthirst Pill would leave him completely powerless afterwards, collapsing to the ground from exhaustion, the ten minutes boost in power would be enough to end the battle. If he doesn’t kill this hateful third young master of the Yue clan, he will never be able to lift his head in the future.
He has to die!

The Prince of Zi Jin bitterly hated the Yue clan’s third young master to the core!

The audience couldn’t to see the Prince of Zi Jin taking the pill. All they saw was that a fierce Qi suddenly exploded out from him. They even thought that the Prince of Zi Jin had been hiding his true abilities all this time. They were all shocked. They all thought that this guy was not so simple afterall. It seems like he still have cards up his sleeve.

In the next moment, when everyone was ready to watch a good show, they were all dumbfounded by the scene before them.

This scene was even more shocking and more unfathomable than when Yue Yang’s Bloody Queen appeared.

What everyone saw was that the super abnormal student Titan had condensed a flame shield with a single finger to block the Prince of Zi Jin’s fearsome strike…This was the true definition of stopping an ultimate move with one finger. He didn’t use any tricks. It was all his own strength. The Prince of Zi Jin’s strike swept across the stage, split in two, destroying the fighting arena’s tiles easily like they were made of tofu. However, this fierce attack was blocked by the flame shield like it was nothing.

The power behind the strike disappeared like it was nothing.

The thing that made the Prince of Zi Jin so scared was that when Yue Yang lifted his Hui Jin Magic Blades, he had unleashed his own first skill, [Wind Rising]. It looked exactly like the skill that Prince of Zi Jin had used before. No. It was even more spectacular than before. Yue Yang was about to strike his chest!

The prince’s armor broke and blood scattered. He was also forced back a few steps. When he looked over at Yue Yang, he noticed the second and third combo strike was coming. It was like a nonstop torrential downpour. The [Desert Storm] combo that Yue Yang just received… He was returning it all back to the Prince of Zi Jin. Of course, Yue Yang purposely held back a bit so he wouldn’t die.

In a few seconds, the Prince of Zi Jin turned into a bruised bloody mess riddled with scars.

The moves that he was hit with was all from his own battle skill, the [Desert Storm]’s eight moves.

“No. This is not possible!” The Prince of Zi Jin did not believe that there was such a formidable opponent in this world. To steal his technique after only seeing it once… The [Desert Storm] skill that he spent countless years perfecting under his teacher’s guidance… For it to be stolen and performed better… If the two of them were to be compared, it would look that that he was the one who copied the skill.

“The prince’s battle skill is worthy of praise. No matter the angle of the attack, the combo of the attack or the strength and the technique of the attack, all of them are very harmonized. I’ve learned the [Steel Chopping] technique before, but I found that Your Highness Crescent Blade Eight Moves skill was far better than the one I have learnt.” Yue Yang complimented. However, the spectators all began to laugh. This kid was making such an ironic comparison. To compare the prince’s skill with the [Steel Chopping] technique…. It seems like the prince’s skill was really pitiful. One should know that the [Steel Chopping] technique is one of the worst sword techniques in the world!

The [Steel Chopping] technique was so trashy that even low level mercenaries wouldn’t even want to train and learn it.

Now that he was comparing the Prince’s sword technique to the [Steel Chopping] technique, he was basically calling the prince’s skill no better than trash!

Hearing this, the Prince of Zi Jin’s chest started to ache.

He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Bai Yun Fei sustained internal injuries because he was angry. However that was not the case with the Prince of Zi Jin. He was injured by Yue Yang and then spat out a mouthful of blood due to anger. On the surface, it looked as if Yue Yang’s usage of the prince’s technique was on the same level as the prince. However, when it reached the prince of Zi Jin’s body, he realized that it was different. Every strike from the Yue clan’s third young master was followed by a spin. Even though the wounds didn’t look that bad, the area under the skin was fiercely struck opened. His injuries were very serious and painful….If it wasn’t for the Thunder Beast Armor’s protection and the Bloodthirst Pill’s effects, the Prince of Zi Jin felt that he would have died.

“Go ahead and eat two more Bloodthirst pills. I don’t mind. I’ll also guarantee that the judges won’t interfere while you eat them.” When Yue Yang talked again, the entire arena was in an uproar once again.

Bloodthirst Pill. There was no one who didn’t know about it.

That kind of thing… It is used during a life and death battle. It’s usage is definitely prohibited during a regular competition. Who would’ve thought that this Prince of Zi Jin would dare use something like this under everyone’s watchful eyes!

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