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LLS Chapter 243 – Stopping an ultimate move with a single finger!

Chapter 243 – Stopping an ultimate move with a single finger!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Hey guys, sorry about this. I’m seriously, completely, thoroughly, dead tired from my trip… I’ll try to release the next few chapters on time… haha…

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Prince of Zi Jin released a burst of his Qi, and it was like as if a tornado had swept over the whole Stadium.

Even if he didn’t know how to use [Double Strengthening], that kind of high levelled strengthening skill, his strengthening skill of combining two Gold-ranked Strengthening beasts, the Gold Wolf Kings, wasn’t as simple as combining two normal beasts. Fusing two identical Gold beasts wouldn’t merely stack the strengths of each beast, it would multiply it instead. So, Prince of Zi Jin didn’t only get two times additional strength, he got four times, or even more… It can be said that the Prince of Zi Jin was much more skillful in strengthening skills than Ye Kong and Fatty Hai who had been trained by Yue Yang.

The thing that grabbed Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s attention was that this Prince of Zi Jin could still equip a Thunder Beast armor afterwards, without affecting his previous strengthening.

Prince of Zi Jin had indeed spent a lot of effort on researching strengthening beasts.

Of course, the Zi Jin Kingdom originally had a speciality, they were all experts in strengthening beasts.

There was a saying in Soaring Dragon continent, and that was “Strengthening at Zi Jin, Elements at Tian Luo.” This saying described the specialities of the beasts in the two kingdoms; Tian Luo Kingdom warriors were experts in element-type beasts. As for Da Xia, due to the many generations of emperors like Jun Wu You who placed more importance in combat skills, the Rankers within the Kingdom had slowly lost their specializations. Fortunately there were still support from the Four Great Clans, otherwise the Da Xia Kingdom would have been kicked out of the Three Great Kingdoms in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

However, in terms of each Kingdom’s warriors’ combat power, Da Xia Kingdom was the weakest.

At the same time, Da Xia Kingdom also had the highest number of bandits and robbers.

“That’s really good!” Feng Qi Sha praised the Prince of Zi Jin after seeing the effects of his beast strengthening.

“It’s a pity that you can’t survive just by cultivating strengthening beasts alone!” Yan Po Jun admitted that he couldn’t compare with Prince of Zi Jin. Yan Po Jun and Prince of Zi Jin were both proud disciples of the Western Lion Pagoda Sect, but Yan Po Jun was the disciple of one of the branch sect while Prince of Zi Jin was accepted as disciple by the Sect Leader himself. Hence their position and status were heaven and earth apart. However, Yan Po Jun could finally see Prince of Zi Jin’s weakness. He had only focused on cultivating a single skill.

One must not simply cultivate in one single type of beast. Maybe they could improve quickly at the beginning, but they would not be able to increase their strength if they reached a bottleneck in the future.

Furthermore, Prince of Zi Jin had not focused on cultivating his own Guardian Beast. This was his biggest mistake.

Maybe Prince of Zi jin’s Guardian Beast was not a fighting-type, or maybe it might not be the best kind of beast, but when he chose not to focus on cultivating his Guardian Beast, he chose to give up his advantage.

Xue Tan Lang glanced once and turned his head away.

If Prince of Zi Jin had focused on cultivating his Guardian Beast like Princess Qian Qian or Luo Hua City Mistress, then it would be worthwhile to focus on cultivating a single beast.

Right now, if Prince of Zi Jin’s beasts were killed, his combat strength would definitely plumet.

In comparison to him, Xue Tan Lang felt that Bai Yun Fei was extremely clever.

“Maybe Prince of Zi Jin’s Guardian Beast was a special-type. I have a feeling that something is not right.” The old fox quietly frowned.

“Are you saying that Yue Yang that brat will lose? How is that possible!” The Eastern Sky King would never believe that Yue Yang could lose to Prince of Zi Jin even if he was beaten to death.

“I’m not saying that Yue Yang will lose, it’s just that that Prince of Zi Jin is not someone like Bai Yun Fei who can endure until the end. He would definitely go crazy at some point. Even until today, the Western Lion Pagoda put a lot of importance on their reputation. If Yue Yang beat Prince of Zi Jin, the experts from Zi Jin Kingdom and Western Lion Pagoda might even come to pick a fight with us…” The old fox had thought deeply and far into the future.

“Elder Nan Gong has already recognized Yue Yang. He even came personally to invite him to join the Innate Alliance. Even if the Western Lion Pagoda Innate Rankers came, would they dare to touch Yue Yang?” Feng Kuang asked.

“General Feng Kuang. You might not know this, but currently, Zhi Zun (Yue Yang’s Introducer), Night Empress, Elder Nan Gong and a few other top Innate Rankers have partied together to fight on the Tenth Floor. They may not come back for a few months. It can be said that now is the time when a few people will get restless. If that wasn’t so, why would there be so many weird things happening nowadays? These few days, my [Reveal] Inherent Skill had also given me a few senses. I have a feeling that something very troubling will happen very soon…” The State Grandmaster’s words made the other strong warriors in the audience freeze, as if they just had a realization.

So Zhi Zun, Ye Hou, Elder Nan Gong and other top rankers had left the Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor and gone to Tenth Floor. It was no wonder that although the Soaring Dragon Continent looked calm, there was actually turmoil within.

The State Grandmaster put his finger to his lips, signalling the others not to leak this secret to the rest of the people.

On the fighting arena.

Prince of Zi Jin gave a loud howl.

Two several meters tall Gold Wolf Kings’ Shadow rose from the top of his head and hovered in the air.

Hui Tai Lang, who had been sleeping on one side of the fighting arena out of boredom suddenly opened its eyes. It was unsatisfied with the two Gold Wolf Kings in front of it who was showing off their power.

As Yue Yang wanted to leave Hui Tai Lang to trick his enemies, he didn’t bring it out during the whole of Hundred Schools Elite Tournament. At first he had wanted to add Hui Tai Lang into the team and let it participate during the Team Matches, but afterwards, the fake ‘Yue Qiu’ had returned, so Yue Yang hurriedly took Hui Tai Lang out from the competition and decided to hide its abilities.

Yue Yang would rather see Fatty Hai and Ye Kong lose the Team Match than reveal Hui Tai Lang’s real strength.

Hui Tai Lang’s strength would decide a lot of things later on.

First would be Yue Qiu’s identity. If this Yue Qiu was fake and was part of someone’s schemes from the Demonic Palace, then the people from the Demonic Palace would definitely know Hui Tai Lang’s strength. This was because Hui Tai Lang had killed a Sect Leader-level Lie Lie one-on-one before. Later on, it had also finished off the Giant Xing Meng. All the top warriors in the Demonic Palace would definitely know Hui Tai Lang’s strength. At least the Phoenix Beauty would be very clear about it.

If the fake Yue Qiu wasn’t someone sent from the Demonic Palace, then he might be sent from the Thousand Goblins Sect.

Then they wouldn’t know Hui Tai Lang’s real strength. Towards the Hui Tai Lang who was Bronze-ranked Level 3 on the outside, the fake Yue Qiu would definitely let his guard down.

Especially after Yue Yang summoned the Bloody Queen Red and other strong beasts on the fighting area just now. They would definitely think that Yue Yang had not contracted Hui Tai Lang because its powers wasn’t strong enough. This point could give Yue Yang some clues to determine if the fake Yue Qiu was sent from the Thousand Goblins Sect or the Demonic Palace. If the fake Yue Qiu didn’t think much about Hui Tai Lang, that might mean he came from the Thousand Goblins Sect, not the Demonic Palace. Yue Yang wouldn’t even need to go back himself, he could ask Princess Qian Qian, Yue Yu and the others to take Hui Tai Lang to meet the fake Yue Qiu.

With Princess Qian Qian’s sharp [Six Records] Inherent Skill, she would definitely be able to sense if something was wrong.

If the fake Yue Qiu was someone from the Demon Abyss, since Hui Tai Lang had absorbed quite a lot of Demon King Ha Xin’s Demon Qi, the fake Yue Qiu might find its demonic qi familiar. Even if he didn’t know about Hui Tai Lang, maybe he would be on guard with it or be interested with it.

Following the same logic, if the fake Yue Qiu had come from the Demon Abyss, Hui Tai Lang would also be able to sense something.

If Hui Tai Lang could sense a demonic qi similar to Demon King Ha Xin’s on the fake Yue Qiu’s body, then he must definitely be an impostor from the Demonic Palace.

Yue Yang thought that this was the most probable scenario!

Escaping wouldn’t always be the best idea. After calmly evaluating everything, Yue Yang decided to find the best time to reveal the fake Yue Qiu’s real identity. No matter what, the fact that he was a person from another world must never be revealed, he must keep the secret until the end. Otherwise, Fourth Mother would definitely be heartbroken if she learnt about this! The real Yue Qiu would definitely not suspect his own son. Furthermore, only the fake Yue Qiu would think of eliminating his own son or other people who suspected that he was fake.


Hui Tai Lang released a terrifying Hellflame from its body.

Its demonic qi exploded as its Hellflame raged wildly. It bared its teeth and howled towards the Prince of Zi Jin.

Hui Tai Lang was a scaredy-cat before, but after going through countless bloody life-and-death battles with Yue Yang, it finally had an iron-steel fighting spirit. As it learnt its way from its master’s speech and manners, its intelligence and combat power improved day by day. Of course, it had also developed that kind of pride that could only belong to a Gold King Beast. However, other than its master’s scolding that made it feel comfortable and closer to its master, other warriors or beasts shouldn’t be picking a fight with it easily. Otherwise, it would definitely teach them a lesson.

It was still fine if beasts like the Gold Dragon King Beast which was from a different race tried to show off its might in front of it. As long as it didn’t pick a fight with Hui Tai Lang, it was too lazy to bother about it.

However, those two Gold Wolf Kings on Prince of Zi Jin’s body had actually dared to show off in front of Hui Tai Lang. They had even released their mighty King Beasts’ Qi that its master had told to Hui Tai Lang before, hence they really made Hui Tai Lang furious.

“Scram, you mutt. You have no business here!” Yue Yang waved his hand to shoo Hui Tai Lang away. Now was not the time for it to show off its might.

“Woof woof!” Seeing that things were not good and that its master was about to get angry, Hui Tai Lang hurriedly acted obedient as it trotted towards the audience seat, tamely sitting right next to Yue Bing’s legs. It currently had enough intelligence to understand its master’s character. It knew that its master loved his sister the most, hence it ran towards her to protect her. If it did that, Yue Yang would definitely not be angry anymore.

Normal warriors wouldn’t notice Hui Tai Lang’s actions, but experts amongst the audience were incredibly shocked.

Although there were a lot of clever beasts in this world, sensitive beasts like Hui Tai Lang were not many.

Those like Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun who knew about Hui Tai Lang fared better, but others such as the Floating Mist Sect and Western Lion Pagoda’s disciples were all filled with jealousy and greed. Hui Tai Lang was a sensitive uncontracted beast. This was indeed an enticement that was hard to let go!

“Brother Titan, my [Desert Storm] skill has a total of 8 moves. Please give me some pointers!” Seeing that Yue Yang did not summon any beasts and had decided to fight him with his own abilities, Prince of Zi Jin was extremely delighted. He felt that this Yue Clan Third Young Master was too honorable and wanted to uphold his end of the deal. With the support from two Wolf King Beasts, the Thunder Battle Armour and the Gold Moon Devouring Crescent Blade, his combat power had increased to more than ten times stronger. Even if he was to fight against Bai Yun Fei who had a Gold Dragon King Beast, he believed that he wouldn’t lose. Right now, this Yue Clan Third Young Master had not summoned any beast at all, did he think that he could defeat him with combat techniques alone?

“…” Yue Yang did not reply. He only took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and released his Innate Qi. Purple flames and black smoke rose up into the air. With his ability to control fire, he shaped the purple flames behind him into a giant whirlpool of fire.

When Prince of Zi Jin saw this, he felt a shiver down his spine.

It wouldn’t be good if he allowed Yue Yang to release all of his power. He couldn’t care about any agreement or rules anymore. Immediately, he waved his Gold Crescent Blade and released the first move of his [Desert Storm] skill – [Wind Rising] – towards Yue Yang. As his blade slashed down, the whole sky turned dark. It was as if dark clouds had loomed over the whole fighting arena, as strong winds stormed all over the stadium. The 100,000 audience felt like they had been placed inside the eye of a storm. There were strong winds blowing and dark clouds looming.

Although people didn’t like Prince of Zi Jin’s sneak attack, they couldn’t help but be shocked at his combat skill prowess.

The Western Lion Pagoda Sect Disciples and Grey Wolf Academy students all cheered for Prince of Zi Jin.

They all knew that the eight moves of Prince of Zi Jin’s [Desert Storm] was a non-stop combo attack. The moment it was released, the eight moves would be unleashed nonstop one by one. If the opponent fell at a disadvantage right at the start, he would be pushed back more and more, and in the end, he would be thoroughly defeated under Prince of Zi Jin’s combo attack without any chance to defend himself.

Even the Marquis of Zi Jin who was the strongest warrior in their country had praised his nephew’s self-created skill [Desert Storm] before. He said that it was one of the most exquisite, top-notch skill in the world.

He pointed out that his nephew’s only weakness was that he didn’t have a ‘sand’ and ‘gale’-type elemental beasts for support. Otherwise, his power would probably multiply.

The Gold Crescent Dagger turned into a sandstorm that engulfed the whole sky, hiding the sky and covering the earth as it shot straight towards Yue Yang.

With regards to this great sandstorm combat technique that had even made the 100,000 audience turned pale, Yue Yang didn’t clash against it with his Hui Jin Magic Blade. Instead, he reached out his left hand and pointed his forefinger, meeting the attack with just a single finger… This move was identical the story of how Bai Yun Fei had stopped Lie Zhang Tian’s all out punch with only a single finger.

When the audience saw this, they were dumbstruck.

Could it be that this Student Titan wanted to be like Bai Yun Fei, stopping an ultimate move with just a single finger?

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