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LLS Chapter 242 – Next opponent, Prince of Zi Jin

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Chapter 242 – Next opponent, Prince of Zi Jin
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Only Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the other girls knew that this golden thread was actually the Artifact ‘Pisces Ribbon’ that Yue Yang had just acquired after clearing the Pisces Temple through the night. As long as it was attached to an enemy, the enemy wouldn’t be able to leave on his own free will. No matter what kind of escape method that the enemy would use, they wouldn’t be able to struggle free from the Pisces Ribbon. Unless the enemy’s capabilities far exceeded the owner of the Pisces Ribbon’s and he was successful in defeating the owner, then he wouldn’t be able to struggle free from it.

More frighteningly, Yue Yang could use his Inherent Skills through the Pisces Ribbon.

Just now, the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and Xiao Wen Li who were hiding underneath the cloak had returned to Yue Yang’s body along with the storm tornado. Bai Yun Fei had bitterly tried to recall all his summons many times, but he was stopped by Yue Yang’s [Binding Chains].

Under the situation where he wasn’t able to summon his grimoire and protect his body, even if Bai Yun Fei was an idiot, he knew that Yue Yang was planning to bully him in public.

Bai Yun Fei had thought correctly.

Rather than bearing the shame of letting Yue Yang beat him up black and blue in front of 100,000 audiences, he would rather admit defeat dishonorably.

Bai Yun Fei knew that Yue Yang wanted him to lose control and fight him in a fit of fury. If that really happened, his Gold Dragon King Beast would be killed miserably on the spot. His Black-tailed White Jiaolong would also be beaten until it disappeared. As for himself, he would probably be beaten until he was half dead. Maybe he would even still kneel and begged for mercy at the end. At that time, the humiliation that he would suffer would be much greater than this… Although he was arrogant, he was definitely not a fool. Of course he would choose to admit defeat.

As long as his Gold Dragon King Beast was still alive, he still had hope in the future.

Although he might not be able to catch up to this abnormal Yue Clan Third Young Master, compared to Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun, Prince of Zi Jin and the others, he still had a greater advantage over them.

The moment the Gold Dragon King Beast was killed by this Yue Clan Third Young Master, his position as the second strongest in this tournament would probably drop until he was out of the top ten strongest. At that time, he would end up even more miserable.

Kneeling down?

That wasn’t his own choice. It was the result after his whole body was dragged down by this Yue Clan Third Young Master when he unleashed [Binding Chains].

However, did he even had the right to oppose him now?

If he didn’t take the advantage to kneel right now, he might even be crippled by this Yue Clan Third Young Master whose eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Student Titan, Student Bai Yun Fei had already admitted defeat. You look…” The Head Referee who was drenched from head to toe rushed onto the stage and became the middleman. He secretly signalled to Yue Yang that he had humiliated and bullied his enemy enough and that he shouldn’t overdo it. More importantly, he shouldn’t kill his opponent, otherwise the Floating Mist Sect would definitely harbor a grudge in their hearts and would put the blame on the Yue Clan.

“Look at what? The Junior Sect Leader kneeling down and begging for mercy? I haven’t even started to fight, why would he admit defeat? Even if this Junior Sect Leader wanted to let we win, he shouldn’t do it this way. What if others think I am cheating? Head Referee, I tell you, I’m not very close with the Junior Sect Leader. He was the one who wanted to kneel and admit his defeat, it’s none of my business!” Yue Yang put up an exaggerated act of innocence, that even made the Head Referee felt an impulse to beat him up. Bai Yun Fei was originally brazen enough, but he was nothing compared to this outrageous brat!

“Make him kowtow, otherwise we won’t accept his surrender. Kill! Kill his Gold Dragon King Beast and make him cry a river of tears!” Fatty Hai suddenly jumped out, adding disorder to the chaos.

“Right, make him kowtow to admit his defeat!” Ye Kong was also stirred up, his blood boiling with fury.

“Kowtow…” Most of the audience started to create an uproar. In any case they would support the winner. As for losers, they would gladly jump down to the stage and gave them a kick or two. That bastard Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader, what gave him the right to be so brazen? Wasn’t he riding on the coattails of his Floating Mist Sect and bloodline? If he wasn’t the Floating Mist Sect Junior Sect Leader, he was not even worth as much as a poop!

Those mercenary soldiers who were there to join in the fun all stood up and started making a ruckus.

They would cheer for whoever was the winner.

Furthermore, they detested outstanding young people such as Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin who came from large and influential families. They were jealous of them. Right now, seeing Bai Yun Fei being humiliated so miserably had made them feel even more delighted. Hence, their cheers became even louder. Other than giving Yue Yang a thunderous applause and a deafening cheer, they had even jeered at Bai Yun Fei, as they pointed their middle fingers and chanted “Kowtow, kowtow, kowtow…”

Yue Yang suddenly signalled for everyone to be quiet. However, the moment he open his mouth, he had immediately offended those people who jeered at Bai Yun Fei and supported him, “You are all fools! He is an honorable Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader, it is already very difficult for him to kneel down and beg for mercy. Yet you guys still wanted him to kowtow. Are you guys fools? Do you think kowtowing, begging for his life, is something that a Junior Sect Leader can do? You guys can keep on dreaming!” The first sentence of his speech had made all the mercenary soldiers choke in shock. However, as they continued to listen to his speech, they thought, “Aih, this brat was actually making a sarcastic remark.” Immediately, their cheers for Yue Yang became even louder.

It seemed like in the whole history of the Hundred School Elite Tournament, this was the first time that the audience clapped and cheered another time after being called a fool!

When Bai Yun Fei heard it, he almost fell headfirst onto the fighting arena grounds.

He almost vomited blood from anger as he tried to hold it in with all his life.

If he really turned against Yue Yang and started a battle with him, then he would have really fallen into his trap. Furthermore, it would probably not end as simple as humiliating him with words, Bai Yun Fei was afraid that this abnormal Yue Clan Third Young Master would trample him with his feet. At that time, he would probably suffer so much humiliation that he wouldn’t be able to raise his heads anymore in his life.

“Junior Sect Leader, I accept your prostrating- ah, I mean, your defeat. Stand up, you are an honorable Junior Sect Leader, if you kneel too much, you might even give me bad luck in the future. I can’t bear that burden anymore, so just stand up now!” Yue Yang still pretended to be a good person as he put the golden ribbon away and helped Bai Yun Fei up. He acted as if he was someone who couldn’t bear Bai Yun Fei kneeling before him.

“Tsk!” Bai Yun Fei couldn’t bear the humiliation and spat out a mouthful of blood on the ground.

“You are really the Junior Sect Leader. Even the way you spit is noble and natural. I respect you!” Yue Yang cupped his hands together in respect, but his exaggerated pretentious manners was really annoying.

The Floating Mist Sect’s disciples rushed onto the stage at top speed as they supported Bai Yun Fei who had fallen unconscious on the fighting arena and vomiting blood from a fit of anger.

If their glares could kill people like the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s [Doom’s Eyes], Yue Yang would have been killed multiple times.

Yue Yang coolly stood on the fighting arena. He still didn’t go down the stage even when the Floating Mist Sect’s disciples miserably brought Bai Yun Fei who had completely lost his honour down the stage. Suddenly, Yue Yang turned towards the Prince of Zi Jin, his voice extremely friendly as he said, “Prince of Zi Jin, I heard that you are very close to the Junior Sect Leader. I don’t really know, but do you have the same hobby as the Junior Sect Leader who likes to kneel and beg for mercy? If you do, why don’t you show it to the others so we can all enjoy the show? Although we will only fight in the next match, I really couldn’t wait to see the majestic appearance of Your Highness the Prince prostrating himself!”

The whole audience’s attention were all fixed towards the Prince of Zi Jin…

They wanted to know how he would react!

Would he decide to fight Yue Yang?

Or would he kneel and admit defeat like Bai Yun Fei?

If the Prince of Zi Jin was thick-skinned, he could reject to answer. There were many reasons, such as it wasn’t the time to battle yet. He could also forfeit the battle. But if he did that, then he wouldn’t be much better off than Bai Yun Fei. At least Bai Yun Fei still fought halfway. Although he admitted defeat the moment he realized that his skills were nowhere near Yue Yang’s, he had kneeled and admitted defeat in order to protect his Gold Dragon King Beast, to protect his most powerful weapon.

If the Prince of Zi Jin didn’t dare to battle, he might be immediately labeled as a coward.

If the Prince of Zi Jin didn’t retaliate even after being provoked so much by Yue Yang, could he still raise his head up high in the future?

All the other students who had been bullied by the Prince of Zi Jin as his battle opponent before all started shouting out their jeers: coward, bastard, jerk, worm and other insulting words. Everyone had readied their middle finger, prepared to raise it up high towards the arrogant prince when he wanted to speak of forfeiting the match. Would the Western Lion Pagoda’s favourite disciple be just as trashy like the Floating Mist Sect Junior Sect Leader? Or would he even be worse off than Bai Yun Fei? Previously, the Tian Luo Prince had fought with Student Titan before, and he had put up a good fight, even destroying the whole fighting arena. Prince of Tian Luo was defeated with one move, but his defeat was honorable!

Right now, it was Prince of Zi Jin’s turn to choose.

He could choose to be like the Prince of Tian Luo, who welcomed Student Titan, the abnormal opponent, or he could choose to be like Bai Yun Fei who had knelt and begged for mercy…

“I heard that Brother Titan’s combat technique is unrivalled, Chu Feng Lei is willing to fight Brother Titan on combat techniques to determine who is stronger.” Prince of Zi Jin thought for a long time before finally deciding to suggest a competition of combat techniques between him and Yue Yang. If they compete in terms of beasts, then he was afraid that Yue Yang would summon those extraordinary beasts such as Medusa, Mermaid and Naga whose real levels couldn’t be seen. There was also that mysterious, terrifying beast under the cloak who could kill the Gold Killer Bee with just one glare. It was not a strength that his beasts could fight against.

The only hope to defeat him was in terms of combat techniques.

Although Yue Clan Third Young Master was renowned for his combat techniques, Prince of Zi Jin still had confidence that if he compete with Yue Yang, even if he was defeated in the end, he wouldn’t be defeated so miserably like Bai Yun Fei.

How could Yue Yang not understand this fellow’s scheme? However, he was fine as long as Prince of Zi Jin agreed to battle with him.

As long as they got up to the stage, he would get a chance to bully him to death.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others were overjoyed. Both of them shouted as they hugged each other.

They knew that Yue Yang was the most terrifying in terms of combat techniques. In comparison, although his beasts were all godly, they were still far behind Yue Yang’s combat skills. The Prince of Zi Jin was definitely seeking death. This bastard’s miserable life was destined to start from this moment onwards… Prince of Zi Jin’s ending would be even more miserable than Bai Yun Fei!

Amongst the audience, strong rankers such as Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong and the others sitting on VIP seats were all whispering to each other.

In their minds, Prince of Zi Jin was as good as putting one of his foot into his grave.

As for Yue Yang’s extremely abnormal combat techniques, they were all extremely clear about it. Prince of Zi Jin trying to compete in terms of combat techniques against an Innate Ranker, what’s the difference between that and a praying mantis who tried to stop a car? Just now, when Yue Yang had summoned so many strong beasts including the Platinum-ranked Bloody Queen, Medusa, Mermaid, Naga and the mysterious beast, they didn’t thought that it was strange at all. This was because Yue Yang was an Innate. It would be weird if he didn’t have at least a Platinum-ranked beast! As for the matter about Bai Yun Fei kneeling down, they also didn’t think that it was strange. However, with regards to the fact that the Prince of Zi Jin had persisted in fighting Yue Yang even after seeing Bai Yun Fei kneeling and begging for mercy, this was way out of their expectations.

A lot of people started to frown their brows, thinking that this Prince of Zi Jin was simply too impetuous and that he cared too much about appearances. He wasn’t someone who would do great things in the future.

In Feng Shao Yun and Xue Wen Dao’s eyes, Bai Yun Fei, the Junior Sect Leader who had willingly knelt down to preserve his strength was so much stronger than the Prince of Zi Jin… Being able to endure humiliation was not something that a young person could do easily.

Even if Bai Yun Fei was not the Yue Clan Third Young Master’s match, he was still an extraordinary warrior amongst the younger generation.

In comparison, this Prince of Zi Jin really overestimated his own abilities. Could it be that he thought he could still win against the Yue Clan Third Young Master whose combat technique even surpassed his father, Yue Qiu?

The old fox, Feng Kuang, Xia Hou Wei Lie and the other Da Xia rankers were all nodding their heads excitedly. Yue Yang was an Innate, so they were not worried that he would lose. However, seeing that Yue Yang had actually possessed a Platinum-ranked beast, they all felt that Yue Yang’s path of pursuing combat techniques alone had finally changed. Right now, he was cultivating both in terms of beast and combat techniques. They believed that it wouldn’t be long until his strength would improve to a whole new level.

The reaction of Tian Luo rankers such as the Eastern Sky King and the others were even more intense.

Especially the Eastern Sky King who had a Zhang Fei like appearance, he shouted towards the Western Sky King, Old General Ma and the others as he waved his fists, “Did you see that? That’s my son-in-law, my son-in-law! I said that there is nothing wrong in giving birth to a girl before, now I have proved myself right, don’t I? Only a guy like that could barely match my precious darling, my little Luo Hua! Haha, having a daughter is a good thing, having a daughter is a good thing indeed! A daughter knows how to be warm and filial to her parents!”

His voice was extremely loud. When Luo Hua City Mistress heard it, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide herself in.

It was precisely because she had this kind of father that she wanted to hide herself in the Tong Tian Tower Fourth Floor…

“Shameless!” The crowd suddenly went into uproar. However, they were not shouting at the Eastern Sky King, they were reacting to Prince of Zi Jin’s speech.

Turned out that before Prince of Zi Jin went up on stage, he had summoned two Gold-ranked Level 6 strengthening-type beasts to buff his body. He had also summoned a Silver-ranked Level 7 Thunder Armor Beast and turned it into a Thunder Battle Armor. Lastly, he was using a Gold-ranked Artifact, “Moon Devourer” Crescent Blade.

He had promised Yue Yang to compete in terms of combat techniques, but he had actually summoned strengthening beasts before going up on stage.

Although he wasn’t violating any rules according to the competition rules, this method really made the audience unsatisfied.

Countless middle fingers shot up amongst the crowd.

Even if Prince of Zi Jin won, not many would have a favourable impression on him. After all, everyone liked to worship and idolize strong warriors and hated to see schemers who were experts in cheating.

“Student Titan, do you need time to prepare for the battle? You have three minutes to prepare!” The Head Referee couldn’t take it too. If the two of them had agreed to compete based on combat techniques and was allowed to summon beasts to strengthen their bodies, he wouldn’t have any comments. However, Prince of Zi Jin had actually summoned strong beasts to strengthen himself below the stage and tried to fight Student Titan who didn’t summon any beasts to strengthen himself at all. This wasn’t very honorable.

“There’s no need to. As a useless trash, I am used to being bullied by the others. I just hoped that Prince of Zi Jin wouldn’t bully me too much, otherwise I might cry.” Yue Yang waved his hands and ordered the Bloody Queen and Reaper Mantis to go down the stage, “You two go down first. If Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu and Xue Tan Lang would like to give me, this useless trash, some pointers later on, I will ask for your help again.”

“Waaa, good! Good!” The crowd was extremely excited.

Although it turned out that this student Titan wasn’t a blind person, he was indeed abnormal. He had actually planned to defeat all his strong opponents in one day. It was a pity that the Dragon Spear Lady, Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha wasn’t grouped in Group C. Otherwise he would probably continue to fight them and acquired the championship after defeating every single person in the Group C knock-out match.

Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu’s expression from the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace changed slightly, but he looked at Xue Tan Lang and realized that this icy guy didn’t change his expression at all. His gaze didn’t show any bit of fear. Hence, Can Lan Yu also calmed down a lot.

Facing against such a strong opponent, it would be such a pity if he didn’t try his best to fight!

What’s wrong with losing?

Prince of Zi Jin didn’t change his expression on the outside, but he was extremely displeased in his heart. They had not even started fighting, but Yue Yang had already assumed that he would win?

Nobody would know who was the winner and who was the loser until the very last moment!

Prince of Zi Jin suppressed the anger in his heart and jumped onto the stage.

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