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LLS Chapter 240 – This is obviously bullying!

Chapter 240 – This is obviously bullying!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Rango, Khh
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Pla… Platinum-ranked humanoid beast?” The Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei felt like his head had been hit by a blunt weapon.

Platinum-ranked and Gold-ranked beasts were two entirely different things.

Normal warriors might not know it, but how could a Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader like him not know about it? A beast would only have the chance to be thoroughly reborn and become a Holy Beast when it reached the Platinum-rank. Although Normal-ranked, Bronze, Silver and Gold-ranked beasts could all evolve into Holy Beasts, the process would take at least thousands of years, or even ten thousands of years. Furthermore, not all beasts had the potential to become Holy Beasts. A beast could only evolve into a holy Beast if the timing and conditions were right. Then that lucky beast would probably need to cultivate for many years before it could evolve into a Holy Beast.

That kind of long years of cultivation was not something that a human warrior’s life could wait for.

In comparison, a Platinum-ranked beast’s evolution would be a hundred times slower than a Normal-ranked Beast. It would be ten times, or even many times slower compared to Bronze, Silver and Gold-ranked beasts.

Platinum-ranked beasts would normally need a few decades, or at most a century to evolve into a humanoid appearance.

Afterwards, it would need to learn knowledge and raise their wisdom before they could evolve into a Holy Beast.

A Gold-ranked beast would need at least some hundred years, at least 200-300 years to evolve into a Holy Beast. Hence, its master would have already become old and senile waiting for his beast to evolve from Gold-ranked to Holy Beast. Their bodies would also have exhausted all of their potential, hence they wouldn’t have much improvement…

“This, this is an intelligent humanoid Platinum-ranked beast!” The Head Referee was shocked out of his mind.

In all of the previous Hundred Schools Elite Tournament, students with a Gold-ranked beasts were hard to find, but there were some abnormal students who indeed had Gold-ranked beasts in their possession. However, as a qualified and experienced Referee, he had really never seen a student possessing a Platinum-ranked beast before, let alone a ‘humanoid’ and ‘intelligent’ beast at that, which were the foundation to become a Holy Beast. A beast with such a high intelligence like this Bloody Queen, even if she wasn’t a Holy Beast yet, it wouldn’t be long until she turn into a Holy Beast!

At the start, the Head Referee had thought that Bai Yun Fei, who possessed a Gold-ranked Level 7 Gold Dragon King Beast was an existence that was strong beyond compare.

But he was nothing compared to Student Titan who possessed a Platinum-ranked Bloody Queen!

Gold Dragon King Beast?

The Bloody Queen is a Holy Beast, a Platinum-ranked Holy Beast!

The Head Referee was deeply astonished as he looked at the other mysterious beast that was still hiding its body under its cloak. This beast was also humanoid. Did it mean that this Student Titan actually had TWO Holy Beasts?

The 100,000 audience in the Championship Stadium was completely silent for a very long time, before they were finally able to react.

Some of the audience immediately cheered excitedly, and more people followed suit. The cheers were like a giant wave of tsunami that engulfed the whole Championship Stadium. The audience all stood up to get a better look at the fighting arena, locking their gazes onto the Bloody Queen. Countless of people wanted to look for any signs to prove that she wasn’t a beast, that she was a human, but even the most suspicious person was left disappointed in the end… This was because they could see that in that enchanting and alluring face of the Platinum-ranked Bloody Queen Red’s forehead, there was a small tattoo that signified that she was a contracted beast… That was only something a beast would possess. A human wouldn’t have such a tattoo on their forehead, because a human wouldn’t be able to contract another human!

“Grr!” Bai Yun Fei felt a wave of jealousy bursting in his heart.

That kind of feeling was as if he was a beggar who had starved for three days, was so hungry that his stomach was rumbling with hunger and his eyes were about to turn dark, and he saw a rich man eating a sumptuous meal right in front of him.

The feeling bursting from his heart was not envy, but hatred, 100% pure hatred. A destructive kind of jealousy swept across his heart. He couldn’t endure the feeling of falling into hell straight from the heavens. Bai Yun Fei felt that the whole audience would start mocking him in the next moment. This was because his attitude just now was just like a frog sitting at the bottom of the well, looking up to the sky and still felt smug about himself.

The only way to get rid of such feelings was to destroy Yue Yang!

Eliminate this enemy forever!

Only then would he truly be able to become the strongest hero in the Soaring Dragon Continent!

With Bai Yun Fei’s order, the Gold Dragon King Beast spread its wings and soared into the clouds.

It used the strongest strength from the momentum of its flight and the destructive power of ita dragon’s breath to destroy Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen, whose existence was like a dagger piercing through Bai Yun Fei’s heart… Bai Yun Fei thought: Why does this beautiful and intelligent beast belong to another person? Since you are not mine, you shall not belong to anyone else. I will definitely kill you!

The Gold Killer Bee flew like a flash of lightning towards the Bloody Queen ‘Red’, revealing its poison needle in a thousandth of a second.

As long as it could pricked the Bloody Queen once, that beautiful beast would become a corpse immediately.

Die! You would only be beautiful if you die!

Bai Yun Fei looked at Red’s beautiful face and clenched his fist, his heart filled with hatred deep to his bones. If this beauty had belonged to him alone, then he would definitely cherish her forever. But she doesn’t belong to him, so she must die… The feeling he had right now made Bai Yun Fei think about his younger times. His Dad had brought him to the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace, and he saw an extremely beautiful precious crystal vase over there. When he thought about how the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace refused to give him the precious vase, all he wanted to do was to secretly push that precious crystal vase and make it shatter into pieces on the ground.

This was what he really wanted to do.

Bai Yun Fei gritted his teeth as blood pooled in his eyes, making his eyes glint with a red light, displaying the hatred from the bottom of his heart.


An extremely sharp, piercing shriek shook through the souls of everyone present in the stadium. The soundwaves emitted from the Bloody Queen Red’s mouth rippled out to her surrounding, as if it had substance. Everyone felt their eyes turn dark. Spectators watching from far away felt their ears buzz while those nearby felt like the back of their heads were struck by hammers.

This kind of terrifying scream was impossible to avoid, it could directly attack one’s soul.

In that thousandth of a second when the Gold Killer Bee was about to prick the Blood Queen with its poisonous needle, Red had suddenly disappeared. She had re-appeared on the Gold Dragon King Beast’s head.

The Gold Dragon King Beast’s pressure as a member of the Dragon Race and a King Beast had no effect on her at all. Red was also a King Beast, furthermore, she was currently Platinum-ranked, hence she had won by a whole Rank. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Gold Dragon King Beast was already Gold-ranked Level 7, Red would probably be able to pressure it with her presence! A Dragon Race would be an extremely terrifying existence for ordinary beasts, but for the Bloody Queen who had high intelligence, its existence was just like a big lizard who could spit fire. It wasn’t a terrifying enemy, it was an opponent that must be killed!

The Gold Dragon Slaying Dagger in Red’s hands was the butcher knife prepared just for the Gold Dragon King beast.

Red’s [Banshee Scream] which she unleashed right in front of the Gold Killer Bee had reached the Gold Dragon King Beast’s head before a thousandth of second had even passed.

When the Gold Dragon King Beast was about to turn its head to spit fire on Red, it was paralysed from Red’s [Banshee Scream]. At this moment, the Dragon Slaying Dagger had slashed across the Gold Dragon King Beast’s eyes… Even the Gold Dragon King Beast which was impervious to swords and spears couldn’t endure the sharpness of the Dragon Slaying Dagger. A long bloody scar had appeared on its eyes.

The Gold Dragon King Beast reacted with its instincts, its body writhing madly in order to avoid its enemy’s fatal attack. At the same time, its giant dragon wings dealt a heavy blow to Red’s slim body.

The dragon wings were extremely powerful, there would be no saving someone who had been hit.

Even if it didn’t hit, the dragon wings could still sweep a tornado that would blow its enemies away…

The platinum wings on Red’s back flapped as she flew straight up to the sky. The Gold Dragon’s wing attack that was as fast as lighting was like a snail compared to Red’s wings. The Bloody Queen Red soared up to the sky and avoided the Gold Dragon’s wing attack, then it turned its body in mid-air and chased after the Gold Dragon which was flying straight towards her Master. With an ‘X’ slash from both of the daggers in her hands, the Dragon scales that were as hard as shields shattered to pieces. A bloody ‘X’-shaped scar formed on the Dragon’s neck, one of the slash deeper than the other.

The dragon’s blood dripped, sprinkling the ground as it flew in the air.

On the stage, the Gold Killer Bee’s narrow body part where its thorax and abdomen joined had suddenly been split apart, its thorax separated from its abdomen.

Its abdomen still shot forward from its momentum, but its thorax and head floated in the air.

The Gold Dragon King Beast in the air unleashed a strong gust of wind as it flew back to its Master’s side.

The Bloody Queen Red also returned and descended behind Yue Yang, not a single feather on her wings unruffled. There was a respectful look on her enchanting, almost alluring, beautiful face, making others feel jealous like crazy. She, who was so intelligent and strong, was supposed to receive her Master’s worship and love, treated like a Queen. Who would know that she would actually humble herself in front of Yue Yang, kneeling on one of her knees to show her respect.

This, this really make everyone want to vomit blood.

The Gold Killer Bee’s abdomen wasn’t able to prick its target. It dropped right in front of the second mysterious cloaked ‘person’.

The second mysterious humanoid beast who was still hiding underneath its cloak suddenly revealed an almost human leg from within its cloak, with a cow’s leg from the knee downwards. With one stomp, it turned the Gold Killer Bee’s abdomen into a bloody pulp…


That stomp had actually caused a tremor throughout the whole stage.

An invisible shockwave spread out through the whole stadium. The audience seated within a hundred meters radius all felt dizzy and nauseous.

That Killer Bee who had lost its abdomen went completely out of control as it hissed crazedly and flew towards that mysterious humanoid beast. However, before it even managed to open its mouth to bite, suddenly, the whole audience could all see clearly that the mysterious humanoid beast underneath the cloak had started to spit out a golden flame from its nose and mouth.

The mysterious humanoid beast’s eyes that were hidden underneath the cloak suddenly lit up brightly.

Even those seated behind the mysterious humanoid beast felt as if someone was watching them. It was as if their minds had been pricked ruthlessly.

The audience who could see that flash of light all started to shiver uncontrollably. It was as if a deathly shadow had appeared right before them.

Fortunately, the target of this glare was the Gold Killer Bee who had gone out of control.

The stadium was engulfed in silence.

Everyone present could see very clearly.

The Gold Killer Bee had actually lost its life in the next second. Its previously energetically flapping wings had suddenly stopped, and the Gold Killer Bee who only had its head and thorax left suddenly dropped to the ground. Bai Yun Fei didn’t manage to unsummon it in time, and the Gold Killer Bee finally lost its life.

“Heavens, that’s [Doom’s Eyes]! It’s Barbarian Cow’s [Doom’s Eyes]!” Warriors who were familiar with beasts abilities couldn’t help themselves but to shout out.

[Doom’s Eyes]. The moment it was unleashed, it became an unavoidable existence.

One would immediately die with a single glare!

Of course, normally, only weaker beasts would die from the Barbarian Cow’s [Doom’s Eyes]. For a Gold-ranked beast, even if [Doom’s Eyes] was unleashed, it would probably not die. Maybe its soul would be thoroughly wounded, but it wouldn’t be destroyed. Right now, what rank would this almost completely humanoid Barbarian Cow have to be to kill a Gold-ranked Level 5 Killer Bee instantly?

“This is impossible…” Bai Yun Fei whose face was all-smiles just now had turned lifeless.

He completely couldn’t believe the facts laid before his eyes. His Gold Dragon King Beast was unable to counterattack while his Killer Bee had been instantly killed. How was this possible?

Bai Yun Fei shouted “NO!” loudly. Before Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen could take a single step, he immediately summoned his Gold Grimoire and summoned all his strongest beasts without any care at all. His purpose was to defeat his enemy with numbers… Silver-ranked Level 7 Metal Python, Silver-ranked Level 7 Thunder Eagle, Silver-ranked Level 6 Purple-eyed Lightning Leopard, Bronze-ranked Level 8 Stone Lizard all came out one by one.

Finally, Bai Yun Fei had also summoned a Gold-ranked Level 6 strengthening-type Guardian Beast, a Black-tailed Jiaolong, and fused it with his own body, turning it into a Jiaolong Armor to increase his combat power.

“Are you trying to compete in terms of number?” Yue Yang’s voice was emotionless, no one could discern if his tone was ridiculing or disregarding.

However, after Yue Yang waved his hands, the mysterious cloaked humanoid beast suddenly revealed a medusa’s head full of snakes that were all ignited in flames.

The medusa held a Gold Bow in her hands as it moved towards Yue Yang. Similarly, it bowed down respectfully behind Yue Yang, just like the Bloody Queen. The audience immediately gasped in surprise. There wasn’t just one humanoid beast hiding underneath the cloak?

Very quickly, the audience fell flat on the ground.

This was because they had just seen another beauty, a golden-haired mermaid whose beauty could bring down a whole kingdom, coming out from within the cloak, holding a weird looking conch in her hands.

Just how many beasts were hidden underneath that cloak? When the third beast, a Thunder Naga came out from within the cloak, the audience all wanted to vomit blood…

This, how could this be a competition? This was obviously bullying!

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