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LLS Chapter 239 – My name is ‘Red’!

Chapter 239 – My name is ‘Red’!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Ye Kong and the Li Brothers versus Yue Tian, Yue Yan and Lie Ban’s three-on-three match didn’t take long, but it was extremely intense.

No, accurately speaking, it should be extremely desperate.

Yue Tian and the others had achieved the final victory, but it was acquired with great difficulties. In the end, Yue Tian and Yue Yan were both heavily injured to the point that they were vomiting blood, collapsing unconscious outside the fighting arena. However, there was still Lie Ban, covered in blood, who still endured until his last breath and stood in the middle of the fighting arena… On the Ivy Academy’s side, the Li Brothers had been burnt to charcoal. Even after receiving healing from the old fox and the bodyguards, they were still unconscious from their injuries. Ye Kong was still clear-minded, but his whole body was filled with thousands of cuts and bruises. His blood flowed out like waterfall as he forced himself to knock Yue Tian and Yue Yan out of the fighting arena. At the end, he actually still had the last bit of strength left to defeat Lie Ban. Unfortunately, at this crucial time, Yue Tian’s Silver Tiger had suddenly knocked him out of the fighting arena. The Ivy Academy had lost the three-on-three battle not because of their lack of strength, but due to the tournament’s rules.

The Shang Jing Academy had achieved victory, but they had paid a huge price for this battle.

Their Flaming Lion, Golden Tiger and Wind Leopard had all died in the battle while their Battle Eagle was heavily injured. Their two Silver-ranked puppet Centaurs had also been crushed to pieces by the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle.

Yue Tian and Yue Yan who were previously famous and respected amongst the younger generation, had been beaten up by Ye Kong to the point of vomiting blood. They had greatly lost their reputation. Although they had put up a good fight, Ye Kong had endured with shocking endurance, finally kicking Yue Tian and Yue Yan out of the fighting arena.

After this battle, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai had been both shortlisted into the audience’s top ten strongest warriors list.

Maybe their strength was still somewhat lacking, but they had already challenged some of the most powerful top ten strongest warriors.

Even the Li Brothers, who were unknown nobodies, had shown great fighting and sacrificial spirit. Hence, they had also been shortlisted to the top thirty. Without the Li Brothers’ selfless contributions and perfect teamwork, Ye Kong wouldn’t be able to defeat Yue Tian and Yue Yan. These brothers had rather played the supporting roles and took in more than 80% of the close-ranged attacks on Ye Kong’s behalf, in order to gain victory in this battle.

Clap clap clap…

The audience had all risen from their seats, giving an enthusiastic standing ovation to the defeated team members of the Ivy Academy.

The Ivy Academy which had always been perceived as weak in the people’s minds had completely changed their impression. This year’s contestants from Ivy Academy were all courageous and unyielding. First, there were Fatty Hai and Yue Bing, and then there were Ye Kong and the Li Brothers. This team’s tenacious struggle to win had left a deep impression on the audience’s hearts.

It should also be noted that they were fighting against the champion team from the last year’s tournament, the Shang Jing Academy team which consist of Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun, Yue Tian, Yue Yan, Lie Ban and the others. Even if there were new players such as the Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin, the Shang Jing Academy Team was still one of the audience’s favourite. Who would have guessed that they would be beaten up so miserably by the Ivy Academy, whom everyone had looked down upon? It can be said that the Ivy Academy was more than qualified to win, but they had really bad luck, losing all three matches to the tournament’s rules… Other than having very strong abilities, the Shang Jing Academy’s tournament experience had also played a big advantage to them.

When Ye Kong knocked Yue Tian out of the fighting arena, if it weren’t for the fact that Yue Tian ordered his Silver Tiger to shake the fighting arena grounds and knock Ye Kong who had lost his balance out of the fighting arena in the last minute, then it would be difficult to say who would win this three-on-three match.

Although Lie Ban who was on the stage could still muster up the strength to stand, everyone thought that if Ye Kong had not lost his footing at the last moment, Lie Ban would definitely lose against him.

Lie Ban didn’t have the undying fighting spirit that Ye Kong had. Yue Tian and Yue Yan also didn’t have a sacrificial fighting spirit like the Li Brothers had. Their average abilities might be a little above Ye Kong and the Li Brothers, but they were completely beaten up by Ye Kong and Li Brothers who worked together as if they were one body… Ye Kong and the Li Brothers had also initiated a classic three-on-three battle style, called the ‘Holy Trinity’… Two members would sacrifice themselves for their strongest team member to allow him to defeat their enemies in his optimal condition. At the same time, the two members would also block all the enemies attacks and preserve their strongest team member’s strength until the end.

Not everyone would be willing to sacrifice themselves and only play a supporting role in their battle.

However, as long as the Li Brothers did that, their team would be able to display 100%, if not more, of their strength!

“What an interesting battle!” Bai Yun Fei revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth and said, “I have actually not much interest in team matches initially, but now I have changed my mind. Let me be the one to defeat the Shang Jing Academy Team later on! I must become the champion this year. Then, I can wait for the Ivy Academy’s challenge next year…”

“Did you say Shang Jing Academy? Don’t think that the strong enemies are only Shang Jing and Ivy Academies!” The Gray Wolf Academy’s representative, Prince of Zi Jin, humphed out as his eyes glinted with a smirk.

The old fox quickly brought Ye Kong and the others to be treated.

Yue Yang looked at him and realized that this old fox was actually giddy with happiness. Yue Yang sweated in speechlessness.

But that was not surprising. Normally, the old fox would return in miserable defeat every time he brought his army of students here.

This year, however, Fatty Hai’s, Ye Kong’s and the Li Brother’s performance had completely changed the Ivy Academy’s impression and brought honor to him. The old fox finally had the chance to show off and blow off his steam, so obviously he was delighted and happy.

The second day, the small group Round-robin Tournament started.

During the match between Xue Tan Lang and Yue Yang, Xue Tan Lang took the initiative to forfeit the match… Afterwards, Xue Tan Lang was assigned to fight against Prince of Zi Jin while Yue Yang to fight against the Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader, Bai Yun Fei. Although it was only a small group Round-robin Tournament, the deathly matches in Group C had become the most popular highlight of the Tournament. In order to allow more audience to watch these intense matches, the Champion Island had decided to hold the Round-robin Tournament in the Championship Stadium that would normally only be used for the Final Competition.

It was a ring-shaped stadium constructed within rocks and a huge mountain, with the fighting arena right at the bottom of the mountain valley.

There were more than 50,000 seats constructed, and more audience could sit on the rocks in the mountain. Although they wouldn’t have any seats and their distance to the fighting arena would be too far, it was also a form of enjoyment to be able to watch the match from high up above.

Most importantly, the audience without designated seats could watch for free. This arrangement was really suited to the mercenary soldiers’ tastes.

Of course, being able to watch for free meant that they had to come voluntarily on their own. The organizer wouldn’t guarantee their safety. If these mercenary soldiers accidentally injure themselves or was injured from the contestant’s beasts, the organizer wouldn’t take any responsibility. Blame it on their bad luck!

“I hope that the audience will pay attention to safety first…” During the ‘Deathly’ Group C Round-robin match between Yue Yang and Bai Yun Fei, seven referees were assigned to look over the match. Four referees were stationed at the four corners of the fighting arena. Other than being in charge with observing the situation of the battle, they were also in charge of ensuring the audience’s safety in case of emergency. As for the other three referees, one was the Head Referee while the other two were Vice-head Referees. Other than the Finals, it could be said that this was the first time that seven referees were assigned to judge in a small group Round-robin Tournament.

Over a hundred Silver-armoured Guards were scattered all around the edges of the fighting arena, ensuring the audience’s safety.

Various kingdom’s kings, queen consort, prince and princesses had also arrived in the stadium. Although the Da Xia, Tian Luo and Zi Jin Emperors did not come to the match, they had sent over their representatives.

Before Yue Yang and Bai Yun Fei even got up to the stage, the whole stadium was already filled with audience. There were probably more than 100,000 people present on the stadium.

This was a record in history.

There had never been so many audience coming to watch the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament before.

This includes the previous years’ finals. At the very most, there would only be around 70,000 present in the Finals. The current, shocking record of at least 100,000 people coming to watch this match was unprecedented in history.

“I choose the Unrestricted Battle.” Yue Yang raised his request, and Bai Yun Fei completely agreed. Unrestricted Battle meant that there would be no time limit, no timeouts, no rest time, no restrictions on the type of beast summoned and the type of combat technique used… In brief, other than killing the opponent, before the opponent admit his defeat, the contestant would be able to attack his opponent with any kind of method he chose.

“You have three minutes to prepare for battle. You can choose to prepare below the stage or on the stage. After three minutes, I will announce the start of the match. Only then would you be able to start fighting.” The Head Referee stepped onto the stage and indicated the two contestants to bow to each other before preparing for their battles.

“I’m Bai Yun Fei. Please take care of me.” The Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei pretended to be courteous as he cupped his hands together and bowed, but his tone was arrogant.

“There’s no need to stand on ceremonies, we should rely on our own strength later on.” Yue Yang casually cupped his hands in reply and jumped down the stage to greet the old fox. In order to support Yue Yang, the old fox, the eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie and the Death Class students had all came. Even the ‘Thousand Dried Bones’ General Feng Kuang who had always followed Jun Wu You, the State Grandmaster, the White Stone City Master and the others all came down to support.

“Have a good fight! You have to beat that fellow up until he have to find his teeth all over the ground!” Princess Qian Qian motivated Yue Yang, which was an extremely rare occurrence.

However, the magnanimous Luo Hua City Mistress who had always been there for Yue Yang had actually chosen to sit far away from him, as if she was pretending not to know him at all.

The reason was because her father, the Eastern Sky King, had come and couldn’t stop shouting “son-in-law, son-in-law!” to Yue Yang. This made her feel extremely embarrassed, hence she decided to hide further away. Yi Nan was more or less the same. Her aunt had come, hence Yi Nan had obediently pulled Yue Bing along to watch the tournament with her aunt. The Tian Luo Prince had also come, bringing his army of Pink Rose Fan Group, those crazed fangirls to support. Only then did Yue Yang realize that there was really a Tian Luo Prince in this world, and he was actually Luo Hua’s younger cousin (Shiro: or to be exact, younger male cousin from her father’s side). Most surprisingly, this Tian Luo Prince who had an extremely handsome and elegant appearance was actually the son of the Western Sky King… Yue Yang really couldn’t understand. The Western Sky King looked even more like a barbarian than the Eastern Sky King, so how could he had such a beautiful son?

Even the fact that the Eastern Sky King could have such a beautiful Luo Hua City Mistress as a daughter was still a mystery that Yue Yang could never understand.

The Tian Luo Emperor, Hua Xu Ri, only had daughters and no sons, hence this Tian Luo Prince was probably the next-in-line to the Tian Luo Kingdom’s throne.

Tian Luo Prince looked at Yue Yang and smiled, igniting an outburst of displeasure from his Pink Rose Fan Group… He was different from the ice cold Sickly Beauty. This Tian Luo Prince smiled easily, and there was no melancholy in his eyes. It was as if he was a sunshine prince.

However, the thing that made Yue Yang feel delighted was that: At the corner of the mountain, away from people’s eyes, the mysterious beauty who liked to read books, Wu Xia, and the sickly beauty were sitting side by side. Both of them wore a thin veil to cover their faces and a long gown on their body. They had even draped cloaks over their body and sat at the corner of the mountain, trying very hard not to attract anyone’s attention. However, Yue Yang could spot them amidst the crowd immediately. She was his most beloved girl, of course he wouldn’t mistake her for someone else. When the sickly beauty realized that Yue Yang was looking at them, she waved her hands in reply. The mysterious beauty Wu Xia, on the other hand, did not move the slightest and continued to read her book quietly, as if she did not notice Yue Yang at all.

Yue Yang’s only regret was that because of enemies tracking them, Fourth Mother and the little girl couldn’t come to watch his match.

Otherwise, it would have been perfect.

“The two contestants, you have one minute left. Please come to the stage to start the match.” The Head Referee was actually reminding Yue Yang, because Bai Yun Fei had been on the stage from the beginning. He had summoned a Gold-ranked Level 7 Gold Dragon King Beast. Those who came to support him all cheered with excitement.

In the hearts of the ordinary spectators, the ‘Blind Abnormal Student’ Titan would never be able to fight against Bai Yun Fei.

That Gold-ranked Level 7 Gold Dragon King Beast alone would be enough to destroy him to smithereens.

They had come in order to watch Bai Yun Fei oppressing his opponents… This was because in his previous matches, Bai Yun Fei liked to play with his opponents as much as possible, especially bullying them mercilessly. He had even forced his opponents to thank him for giving pointers to them. This was what the audience wanted to watch the most. This Blind Abnormal Student, would he be like Bai Yun Fei’s previous opponents, kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy in tears in front of Bai Yun Fei at the end?

Yue Yang stepped onto the stage as he took out the Golden Mask that he acquired from the Gemini Temple, slowly putting it on.

His suppressed demonic qi suddenly flared up from his body.

When the audience saw his half-crying, half-smiling mask and felt the intense demonic qi coming from his body, they couldn’t help but to shiver in fear… This Abnormal Blind Student was indeed someone not to be trifled with. It would probably be difficult to see him kneeling on the ground begging for mercy in tears.

“50 seconds left. Student Titan, you can summon your beast first. I will remind you again when there’s only 10 seconds left. You can make your final preparations now.” The Head referee reminded Yue Yang again. He didn’t want to see Bai Yun Fei’s Gold Dragon King Beast kicking Yue Yang out of the fighting arena with one move. He wished that the two young-uns would fight a great battle, the more intense it was, the better it would be.

“What kind of beast should I summon?” Yue Yang seemed to be a little troubled.

“HAHAHA!” A lot of the audience started laughing out loud. Indeed, no matter what kind of beast he summoned, he wouldn’t be able to fight against a Gold-ranked Level 7 Gold Dragon King Beast. Furthermore, the funnier thing was that this Titan had only summoned a Thorny Flower and Puppet Mice before. Although he was an expert in combat techniques, this Abnormal Blind student was a joke in beast summoning.

“Idiot, this is not the right place for you!” Bai Yun Fei’s fellow sect disciple stood up and shouted with a loud voice, ridiculing Yue Yang for coming to the wrong place.

If Yue Yang had participated in the Individual Combat Techniques tournament, he might get a good position in terms of ranking.

But in this Individual Overall Tournament, you would have to fight with both your beasts and your combat techniques. He, who was only good in combat techniques, would be a joke if he wanted to fight against Bai Yun Fei, who was an expert in both combat techniques and beast summoning.

In Individual Overall Matches, it was compulsory to summon a beast. So Yue Yang summoned the Quintet Puppet Mice again.

The audience almost died laughing, many people was gasping for breath from excessive laughter.

How could he even think of defeating a Gold Dragon King Beast with five puny puppet mice?

This might just be the biggest joke in the history of Hundred Schools Elite Tournament…

“Student Titan, are you sure you don’t want to summon your Thorny Flower? Thorny Flowers are quite strong!” Bai Yun Fei tried his best to maintain a humble tone, this way, his sarcasm would be more strongly heard. When the audience heard it, they laughed until tears formed in their eyes. Alright, this is not a joke, this is Group C’s Round-robin Tournament! Let’s watch a fight between puppet mice and Thorny Flower versus a Gold Dragon King Beast!

“There’s no need for that. It’s only a lizard who can spit out fire, I don’t have to summon my Thorny Flower just yet!” Yue Yang remained calm and collected as he summoned the Gold-ranked Level 3 Reaper Mantis, who had just grown from a young to an adult beast. Although it was still far from becoming a mature beast, it could still fight in battles.

“Eh?” The audience froze. This Blind Abnormal student actually had a Gold-ranked beast too?

“Reaper Mantis? Not bad!” Bai Yun Fei was also slightly shaken, but he quickly recovered. Although the Gold-ranked Level 3 Reaper Mantis was his dragon’s nemesis, the difference in their levels were too much. His Gold Dragon King Beast was Gold-ranked Level 7, even the slightest slash from its claws was not something that the Reaper Mantis could endure. Bai Yun Fei’s eyes flashed slightly as he summoned another beast, a Gold-ranked Level 5 Killer Bee.

The Killer Bee’s poison was one of the most deadly poison amongst insect-type beasts.

Although the Gold-ranked Killer Bee was not the Reaper Mantis’ nemesis, it would still be able to defeat the Reaper Mantis with its quick flying speed and poison.

Bai Yun Fei’s choice of beast had completely crushed Yue Yang. He meant to show that he did not need his Gold Dragon King Beast to completely defeat Yue Yang’s beast… It was as if he was proclaiming, “You dare to compete with the Floating Mist Junior Sect Leader in terms of beasts? It’s like a beggar trying to compare with a millionaire to see who had more money!”

“Killer Bee? Why do you summon such a powerful beast? You are going to make me die of fright!” Yue Yang then waved his hands below the stage, “Seems like I would need to call for external help!”

Two mysterious people who wore cloaks over their bodies jumped up to the stage. The Head Referee quickly stopped them, “Wait a moment, this is not a three-on-three match. You cannot participate in this battle. Time-out! You two, quickly get down from the stage, otherwise I will disqualify Student Titan for violating the rules of the tournament. Get down now, right now!”

The audience started to laugh again. This Titan didn’t even know the rules of the tournament, and he dared to come to fight?

Suddenly, one of the mysterious person took off her cloak and revealed an enchanting, almost sinful, beautiful face. Her cherry lips moved as she spoke, her voice had a heaven-like quality to them. Her pronunciation was a little inaccurate, but it was sweet sounding nevertheless, “All beasts that belonged to Master are able to participate in the battle, right?”

The Head Referee was dumbfounded.

Of course beasts are allowed to participate, but you are human… He suddenly realized in that moment and shouted, “Are you two beasts?”

That enchanting, almost sinful, beauty tore her cloak to shreds and spread her platinum wings. She soar up to the sky before landing back down to the ground like an angel. She held a Gold Dragon Slaying Dagger in her left hand and a Silver Eye Destroyer Dagger on her right. She, who wore a whole body of platinum armor knelt in front of Yue Yang, respectfully speaking to him with her beautiful voice, “I am indeed. I am a Bloody Queen who had been contracted by Master. My name is ‘Red’.”

When she said that, the whole arena became completely silent.

A humanoid beast that could speak?

This, what rank is this beast actually?

(Shiro: Guess who is the other mysterious cloaked ‘person’?)

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