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LLS Chapter 237 – Bing-er, Don’t Cry!

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Chapter 237 – Bing-er, Don’t Cry!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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As the saying goes – “While the connoisseur recognizes the artistry, the layman simply enjoys the show.” Normal people wouldn’t understand what combat technique Yue Bing had used.

But they could see it clearly.

They could see that Yue Bing was spinning continuously. With each kick she instantly turned around causing the strength of each kick to be added to the next.

With her profound spinning technique, she slowly built up the momentum of her kicks. Hence, the power of her kicks increases with every kick.

Normal warriors enjoyed the show, because Feng Qi Sha was pushed back helplessly from the onslaught of kicks.

Only Bai Yun Fei, Prince of Zi Jin and some others who understood combat techniques were frowning their brows.

In their eyes, Yue Bing wasn’t actually performing her combat technique properly, it was a little rough, and maybe too simple. It was obvious that she had not managed to completely grasp such a profound spinning combat technique. She was only copying instead of grasping the essence of the technique… With regards to this point, they did not feel that something was wrong, because based on their research, Yue Bing’s strength had never been in combat techniques. Her strength was plant-type beasts. However, she could actually pushed Feng Qi Sha back relentlessly with her combat technique skill. This was really surprising.

However, Bai Yun Fei and the others thought about another problem.

While Yue Bing had not been able to grasp the essence of this combat technique, how about that person who taught her combat techniques, also known as the combat techniques genius Yue Clan Third Young Master?

If he had mastered this type of combat technique that could increase the force of his attack each time, what would happen if he unleashed it? If the person fighting right now wasn’t Yue Bing but her brother, Yue Yang, would Feng Qi Sha still be able to last this long?

Bai Yun Fei, Prince of Zi Jin, Yan Po Jun, Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu and the others all looked towards Yue Yang, their gazes conflicted.

Whoever disliked this Yue Clan Third Young Master that was nicknamed the Abnormal Blind Student by ignorant common folks, they could probably only bite their thumbs in exasperation, unable to lay their hands on him.

“…” The cold Xue Tan Lang was not looking at Yue Yang. Instead, he observed Bai Yun Fei’s and the others’ expressions.

He didn’t say anything.

But a smirk appeared on his mouth.

With regards to Yue Yang’s power, he understood it more than anyone else. However, when he saw Bai Yun Fei’s and the others’ expressions, he knew that they knew nothing about Yue Yang’s power.

On the fighting arena.

Yue Bing kicked Feng Qi Sha seventeen times altogether, kicking him back right until the edge of the arena. She had almost kicked him out of the arena.

If it were another person, Feng Qi Sha would probably be kicked out of the arena already. However, Yue Bing had a kind heart. This match was a match to their death, and the Feng and Yue Clan had always maintained a good relationship with each other. Hence, she didn’t continue to kick her eighteenth kick, which held the most power out of all her kicks. Instead, she turned around and landed back in the middle of the arena, asking Feng Qi Sha who was whizzing in pain in concern, “Are you okay?”

She was worried that she had kicked her opponent’s face too much.

Feng Qi Sha felt indignant and amused at the same time. If it was another person who did this, he would probably explode in anger. But the one who did it was this little girl with a kind heart.

Although he had a high defense, it was still painful for him. Feng Qi Sha, who couldn’t release the anger in his heart covered his face with his hands and rubbed it hard, trying to calm his temper before he replied, “I’m okay. However, if you only had this much power, you wouldn’t be able to defeat me! [Golden Fierce Tooth]!” Feng Qi Sha decided to reveal his last trump card and stopped hiding his abilities. Otherwise, he would really lose this match. Bathed in golden light, he reached out his hands and summoned a Gold-ranked Level 4 strengthening-type beast to fuse it with his body. Immediately, the thorny bones on his body changed its appearance, the black-coloured armour turned a shade of gold, mixing together and forming a dark golden colour.

“Is that a Gold-ranked Iron Armour beast?” Bai Yun Fei frowned when he saw this. This Feng Qi Sha could actually fuse two different type of armor-type beasts together perfectly?

“No. I heard that the Feng Clan managed to bring back a young Gold-ranked beast who had a very strong defense from the Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor. Feng Qi Sha had not contracted this beast for very long, hence he still had not managed to cultivate it to an adult. He wouldn’t be able to utilise its full abilities in this short period of time.” Xie Qian Ren reported everything about Feng Qi Sha to Bai Yun Fei. However, he still kept the strongest fact about that Gold-ranked beast from him.

Feng Qi Sha’s Gold-ranked beast possessed a special skill [Switch]. It had the ability to switch its opponent’s ability to its master’s.

However, he wouldn’t be able to completely switch his abilities and there was a limit to the switch.

This [Switch] ability would be a deciding factor between warriors on the same level. Xie Qian Ren heard about this secret intel from Yan Po Jun, because he had almost received a crushing defeat from Feng Qi Sha’s Gold-ranked beast’s [Switch] ability

Xie Qian Ren knew about Feng Qi Sha’s secret, but he would definitely not divulge this precious information to Bai Yun Fei.

Feng Qi Sha who was fighting on the stage, had not only summoned a Gold-ranked beast, he had also summoned a Bronze-ranked Level 5 Giant Mammoth.

The Giant Mammoth was summoned to fight against Yue Bing’s Treants.

It might not be able to match against the two Treants, but due to its large physique and strong power, the two Treants would not be able to do anything to it in a short period of time… Only when the two Treants were lured away would Feng Qi Sha be able to fight Yue Bing with all of his strength.

“First Slash: Landslide!”

Feng Qi Sha leapt high up to the sky, his Demon Devouring Sword suddenly multiplying into thousands of blades, all swinging down towards Yue Bing. However, only one of the blade was real.

The whole crowd was shocked. Those who knew Feng Qi Sha well all knew about the terror of his [Landslide].

Everyone cried out in alarm immediately.

However, in the next moment, the whole crowd was so surprised that their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. When Feng Qi Sha’s sword swung down, strangely, the person that was thrown down was actually Feng Qi Sha himself. In the midst of countless sword copies, Yue Bing had easily jumped out and avoided the attack, completely unscathed. On the other hand, Feng Qi Sha who initiated the attack was actually covering his face with his hands as he whizzed in pain. Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin was extremely astonished. They had seen how Yue Bing had used a method that was so dangerous and daring that even they would not have done themselves. In the moment that the Demon Devouring Sword was about to slash down, she had coincidentally avoided it with her spin. As she spinned her body, she kicked right at Feng Qi Sha’s lower chin… Feng Qi Sha who was slashing down added more momentum to Yue Bing’s kick. If he didn’t have a strong defense, if it were another person, he would have fainted from the shock already.

“Direct physical attacks wouldn’t have any effect on this little girl!” Bai Yun Fei quickly made an analysis. A glint of light flashed on his eyes, “However, there is still a way to defeat her. As long as we can make use of that point, victory will come easy.”

“What point?” Xie Qian Ren froze when he heard it.

“If Yan Po Jun could substitute Feng Qi Sha, he would probably win already. Do you still not understand?” Bai Yun Fei laughed.

His laugh was filled with arrogance and conceitedness.

Xie Qian Ren looked at him in contempt, but quickly lowered his head and humbly shook his head, “Qian Ren is stupid, he still does not understand. I hope that Junior [Elder] would enlighten me.”

On the stage, Feng Qi Sha released his power, unleashing the Second Slash of his Seven Slash Sword Technique, “Earth Split”.

However, the result was still the same. Yue Bing easily avoided the attack and counterattacked at the same time… Feng Qi Sha was alert this time and was not kicked by Yue Bing again, he reached out towards Yue Bing’s flying kick immediately, with the intent of grabbing hold of her feet. Unfortunately he missed.

“That’s impossible. Seventh Sister couldn’t be so strong!” Yue Tian and Yue Yan couldn’t believe that Yue Bing could fight on the same level as Feng Qi Sha.

“Actually, this must be Third Young Master’s idea.” Yan Po Jun was more observant of Yue Yang. He realized that everytime Yue Bing received Feng Qi Sha’s attacks, Yue Yang’s expression became more serious and focused. This was different from worry. His focus was so intense, as if he was the one participating in the battle himself. Yan Po Jun had a feeling that this abnormal Third Young Master might even have some kind of secret trick that could control Yue Bing’s body who was fighting on the stage, helping her sister to counterattack Feng Qi Sha… Otherwise, how could Yue Bing counterattacked Feng Qi Sha’s [Landslide] and [Earth Split], those moves that even he himself would not dare to face?

Of course, they only thought that Yue Yang was only whispering his instructions to Yue Bing on how to fight.

They didn’t know that when Yue Yang and Yue Bing cleared the Gemini Temple, they had actually acquired the [Gemini] Inherent Skill. They could use [Spiritual Telepathy] and [Vision Exchange] with each other.

Furthermore, in the Virgo Temple, they had also acquired the [Inner Mirror] ability. As long as Yue Bing relaxed her body and fused her mind with Yue Yang, Yue Yang would not even need to participate in the battle, he could control her body as he will. The only thing that Yue Yang couldn’t do was to use his mind to control Yue Bing to use [Body Fusion], otherwise Feng Qi Sha would have an even harder time.

Yue Yang didn’t control Yue Bing normally, he only kept a close watch on Feng Qi Sha’s moves.

For example, when facing against dangerous attacks such as [Landslide] and [Earth Split], Yue Yang would help Yue Bing to avoid it and counterattacked. However, when they were fighting normally, Yue Yang didn’t control Yue Bing at all. He didn’t even give any pointers to her, trying to make her learn from a battle experience on her own.

In the end, Feng Qi Sha’s [Earth Split] was only an empty move. Although it was well-known for its power, it couldn’t unleash its full potential at all.

Yue Yang was alarmed.

If Feng Qi Sha had caught Yue Bing’s leg just now, the battle would have ended then and there. He didn’t know that Feng Qi Sha was so cunning.

“The situation is quite bad. Feng Qi Sha should have guessed Bing-er’s weakness.” Princess Qian Qian who was sitting in the private box frowned as she said to Luo Hua City Mistress, “Sister Luo Hua, why don’t you advise that pervert for a while? Make him admit defeat and bring Yue Bing back. It seemed like Bing-er is still not Feng Qi Sha’s match currently. If they continued to fight, it wouldn’t be beneficial for her.”

“Bing-er is as stubborn as her brother. We should just watch at the side first. With Yue Yang supporting her from back stage, her life wouldn’t be in danger.” Luo Hua City Mistress shook her head.

“The people from Yue Clan are really troublesome!” Princess Qian Qian sighed helplessly.

At this time, Feng Qi Sha put away his Demon Devouring Sword and suddenly said to Yue Bing, “You have shown tremendous improvement. However, you are still not my match right now. Just give up the match!”

Yue Bing turned around and looked at her brother.

She then turned back at Feng Qi Sha and stubbornly shook her head.

Yue Yang’s mouth moved a little, but he didn’t ask Yue Bing to give up the match. Her fight this time was also to prove the efforts of her training. Maybe she might suffer a crushing defeat later on, but she still wanted to persist on. Wasn’t this a test for her perseverance? Yue Yang did not advise her to give up the match, and he had also signalled to Yue Yu and Ye Kong not to say anything to Yue Bing. He wanted everyone to just watch the battle in silence.

Feng Qi Sha pulled out his sword, his Demon Devouring Sword flashed with thousands of sparkles.

For a moment, it looked as if it was the stars in the night sky, sparkling brightly… This was not one of his famous Seven Slashes, it was a mercenary combat technique called [Starry Sky]. It was an extremely beautiful combat technique that mercenaries usually use for performances. In reality, its combat power was extremely limited. Its only advantage was to unleash bright reflections of the sword as if it was thousands of stars in the sky. Normal warriors looked down upon this beautiful combat technique as it couldn’t be used to kill people. Furthermore, in urgent situations, using this combat technique would be equivalent to seeking death.

Of course, the difference was this kind of skill could actually wield a decent amount of power when used by Feng Qi Sha.

Although it couldn’t be compared to the Seven Slashes, it had hundred times more power than if a normal warrior was to use it.

The thousands of beautiful stars filling the whole sky sparkled brightly.

Suddenly, Yue Bing collapsed to the ground. To the audience’ surprise, this kind of party-trick skill had actually knocked her down. Fresh blood flowed out from Yue Bing’s body…

“I understand now. Her attack power and reaction speed are all top-notch, but she was limited by her weak body. Her defense is lacking.” Xie Qian Ren suddenly realized.

“Not only that. Defeating her is very easy. You don’t have to attack her with your strongest skill, as long as you rain your attacks on her, even the weakest attack could kill her. Feng Qi Sha possessed a weapon while she was unarmed. Under the limitation of the fighting arena space, getting hit by his attack would be unavoidable for her. Just now, Feng Qi Sha had seen through something. That is, he could actually injure her using a normal mercenary skill. On the other hand, his Seven Slash was actually useless against her. Her brother had probably only taught her how to deal with strong opponents, and did not teach her how to deal with weak combat techniques… Hence, she wasn’t able to avoid that mercenary combat technique!” Bai Yun Fei chuckled slightly, “This little girl is not afraid single-attack combat techniques, but she had difficulties to fight against multiple-attack combat techniques, and that is her weakness! If the person on the stage is not Feng Qi Sha but Yan Po Jun who controls fire, she would be defeated even faster! ”

“Your team member has already fainted. Would you like to give up the match?” The referee was in dilemma. Yue Bing was far from dying, hence he couldn’t announce her defeat. But she had indeed lost consciousness and was bleeding out from her injury. According to the rules, the decision to give up the match should be given to her team members, otherwise, Feng Qi Sha could just kick her out of the fighting arena and win the match.

“No. She will stand again.” Yue Yang stopped Fatty Hai who wanted to give up the match, his gaze determined as he shook his hands.

“…” The referee was speechless.

She was already beaten up to this point, do they really want to continue to fight?

However, when he turned around, he realized that Yue Bing who was covered in blood had actually crawled back up. Blood flowed out from her arms, shoulders, thighs, legs from the blades attack that she received just now. Blood drenched her black clothes and even dripped down from her fingers onto the stage.

Although she was in so much pain that her body was trembling, Yue Bing’s gaze was still as determined as ever.

Yue Yang made a hand gesture. Yue Bing immediately ran towards one of her Treant and leapt onto her Treant’s shoulders. Under her Treant’s protection, she pull herself together once again and store up strength to attack.

Feng Qi Sha who had seen through Yue Bing’s weakness did not have mercy on her anymore.

The demonic Qi on his body exploded. The black flames that shrouded his Demon Devouring Sword ignited a hundred times brighter.

Feng Qi Sha sacrificed his attack power in order to unleash multiple-attacks… His sword flashed as if it was made of thousands of blades. Fire exploded from his sword, turning the whole stage into a sea of black flames.

The shockwaves from Feng Qi Sha’s sword was weaker than normal, but Yue Bing’s body was unable to withstand the strength of the area attack. When Feng Qi Sha slashed his sword ten times, creating shockwaves from his blade, Yue Bing who was not even hit by the sword and had the protection of the Treants, had fallen from power of the shockwave by the second slash.

She was struggling.

However, due to losing too much blood, she had no strength on her limbs. She wanted to crawl away multiple times, but was unable to do so.

Feng Qi Sha’s mouth moved slightly, as if he wanted to tell her to give up the match. However, seeing Yue Bing resolute expression as she was struggling to crawl, he put his sword away and waited silently, patiently waiting for her to get back up…

“Bing-er, you have done enough, let’s just give up!” Yue Yang couldn’t bear to continue to watch. He knew that Yue Bing had a kind heart, so she wouldn’t use her [Intense Poison] on Feng Qi Sha. Otherwise, Feng Qi Sha would already have fallen long ago. It could be said that it was already very good for her who was still not familiar with combat techniques to fight against Feng Qi Sha until this far. She had already surpassed his expectations.

“No, brother. I promised you that I will do my best. I can still fight…” Yue Bing hated herself for not being resolved. When she heard her brother telling her to give up the match, she felt like she was about to cry. However, she had a stubborn personality. Hence, she clenched her teeth and stopped any of her tears from falling as she forced herself to stand up.

Her black clothes was drenched with blood, her whole body was trembling in pain.

However, she still stood up determinedly and got into her fighting pose.

Feng Qi Sha wanted to brandish his sword and made his move, but he hesitated and gave up. Finally, he relaxed the sword that he was grasping tightly in his hands, “Yue Bing, if you can’t receive this last move of mine, give up the match!”

“No, I will defeat you! This is my resolve, I will not disappoint brother…” Yue Bing’s pale face shone with determination. Her body had started to sway as her knees and body became weak. Her eyes showed signs of fainting, but her hands was still sharp with the intent of attack.

Countless weird Runes suddenly appeared on her shoulders that was revealed beneath her torn clothes. Faintly, the dark golden Ancient Runes also appeared on her arms.

A badly damaged, yet a similar-looking rune to World Exterminating Wheel Runic Circle slowly appeared on her hands.

When this [World Exterminating Wheel]-like rune appeared, Bai Yun Fei, Prince of Zi Jin and Yan Po Jun all were completely shocked, dumbfounded. Although they didn’t recognize what this rune was, as a strong Ranker, their instinct told them that this was an extremely frightening thing. It holds an unparalleled destructive power…

It would exterminate everything it touches!

Feng Qi Sha was so alarmed that cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

Facing against this Runic Circle, he felt a kind of terror, as if he was going to be completely exterminated by his opponent.

If Yue Bing really unleashed the power of this Runic Circle, forget about getting killed in an instant, he was afraid that his whole body would also perish and turn into ashes.

Yue Bing’s eyes was already lifeless, she had almost completely fainted.

She only had a strand of consciousness left, stubbornly holding on to her battle intent.

Her body slowly collapsed.

In the end, the [World Exterminating Wheel] condensed in her hands did not manage to be unleashed, and that was because Yue Yang tried to calm her heart in every possible way. Seeing that destructive [World Exterminating Wheel], Yue Yang was also greatly shocked. He quickly tried to calm her mind using [Spiritual Telepathy], helping Yue Bing to relax. This [World Exterminating Wheel] is not something that Yue Bing could control now. It was an extremely frightening skill that could completely destroy her enemy, but it could also destroy her own body.

Yue Yang jumped onto the stage and carried Yue Bing’s weak body, shouting towards the referee who was drenched in cold sweat due to fright, “We admit defeat!”

“Brother, I’m sorry…” Yue Bing mumbled as she collapsed into Yue Yang’s embrace and fainted. Her pale face due to extreme blood loss really made Yue Yang felt sad for her.

It was only until the last moment, right before she fainted, that Yue Bing lost control and let a tear drop out of the corner of her eyes.

Yue Yang hugged his sister and gently wiped away her tears, whispering tenderly, “Bing-er, don’t cry. You have done well. I know that you have done your best. This is enough, it doesn’t matter if you lose or win!”

The [World Exterminating Wheel] Runic Circle shattered into countless pieces of Runes that slowly returned back into Yue Bing’s body.

Bai Yun Fei and the others were almost scared to death. Normal warriors, however, did not understand what was happening. They whispered to each other in confusion, “What’s happening? What was that just now?”

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