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LLS Chapter 236 – Second Setback: Qi Sha

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Chapter 236 – Second Setback: Qi Sha
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Fatty, have you gone insane?” Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were so shocked their hearts were about to explode when they saw Fatty Hai attacking Yue Bing. They hurriedly jumped to stop him, but no matter how fast their speed was, they wouldn’t be faster than the hideous monster’s claws.

“Stop!” Yue Yu and Yi Nan who were below the stage went deathly pale as they shouted at the same time.

However, Yue Bing didn’t avoid at all. She looked at the hideous monster, her gaze filled with trust.

This was her friend. She believed in him.

She believed that he would not harm her.


That hideous monster’s claws that were swinging towards Yue Bing’’s head, suddenly stopped in mid-air.

It howled in pain as it turned around, raising its claws once again, and was about to charge towards the audience.

Yue Yang flew out from his private box, reached out his hands and lightly grabbed the nape of the hideous monster. He lifted the hideous monster from the ground, before smashing it hard onto the ground. He continued to beat it up and scolded it, “Idiot, you are so slow and wasted all the time! You can’t even handle a few seconds properly, and you dared to lose control of your senses! Had I known earlier, I wouldn’t let you fight and make a fool out of yourself! I’ve never seen an idiot like you who couldn’t even differentiate between friends and foes. What purpose do you have to still be alive? I’m gonna step on you to death!”

The hideous monster slowly recovered under Yue Yang’s beating, turning smaller and smaller. Its sharp claws disappeared as its body turned back into Fatty Hai.

Ye Kong and Li Brothers also angrily pounced forward and stomped on Fatty Hai.

They were completely merciless.

They stomped of Fatty Hai to the point that he howled in pain continuously!

“Your team member has violated the rules…” The blue-clothed referee walked over looking a little miserable as he gave them a warning. Yue Yang shook his hands, “We admit defeat in this round. Ye Kong, drag this Damn Fatty back and bury him alive. He actually dared to attack Bing-er, he must be tired of living!”

The whole audience were completely silent. Everyone was shocked by Yue Yang’s hidden strength. They knew that there was a very strong contestant from Ivy Academy that had defeated Prince Tian Luo called Titan, who was also nicknamed the Abnormal Blind Student. Everyone knew that he was bloodthirsty and possessed abnormal abilities. However, they never thought that this Titan would be this abnormal… A hideous monster that had almost pulverized Yan Po Jun was rendered helpless in his hands, collapsing with just one attack from him.

This was what normal warriors had seen.

However, experts like Bai Yun Fei, Prince of Zi Jin, Feng Qi Shan and the others did not only see that.

They could see through the secret trick and move that Yue Yang had used.

Only Bai Yun Fei and the others knew that actually, Yue Yang had awoken Fatty Hai’s consciousness that was sleeping within the hideous monster the moment he hit it. In other words, Yue Yang’s beating afterwards was only a cover up. Fatty Hai wouldn’t be able to turn back to normal within a short period of time, he still needed Yue Yang to beat him awake!

Yue Yang flying down to the arena wasn’t because of something as simple as stopping Fatty Hai from attacking the audience. He had also woken him up from his monster state.

Today, although Fatty Hai had lost because of the rules, if they were truly fighting without a time limit, would Yan Po Jun be able to snap Fatty Hai out of his monster state?

The answer was, even if it was Yan Po Jun himself, he wouldn’t be able to guarantee it 100%… Most importantly, this Fatty Hai still had a lot of potential to be cultivated. Even Bai Yun Fei, Prince of Zi Jin and Feng Qi Sha all felt that Fatty Hai had not fully shown the potential of his hidden ability. Maybe the Yue Clan Third Young Master had warned him against it, otherwise, why would he have told Fatty Hai who had turned into a hideous monster to use [Meteor First Style]?

This Fatty Hai’s monster’s body was indeed a little abnormal. However, Bai Yun Fei and the others knew that the Yue Clan Third Young Master who knew how to train and control Fatty Hai’s monster’s state was the real monster.

In comparison, Fatty Hai was only a weapon that was controlled by the Yue Clan Third Young Master.

He didn’t participate in the battle himself, but he had completely controlled the battle contestant.

This was why the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was frightening.

If Fatty Hai didn’t lose control just now and attacked a few seconds earlier, the defeated one would have been Yan Po Jun!

If Yan Po Jun was defeated, rather than saying that he was defeated by Fatty Hai who had turned into a monster, it should be said that he had lost to the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master who was controlling Fatty Hai while not even participating in the battle.

The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master could defeat Yan Po Jun without participating in the battle.

This, this was the hidden ability of the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

Bai Yun Fei, Prince of Zi Jin, Feng Qi Sha and the others were looking at Yue Yang in a different light when they looked at him again.

Beads of cold sweat formed on Yan Po Jun’s forehead. His heartbeat had still not returned to normal even after returning back to Feng Qi Sha’s side.

“Qi Sha, are you next? Be careful, that girl, Yue Bing, is completely different now. You must learn from my battle, don’t try to hide your abilities from Bai Yun Fei. Our greatest enemy here is that abnormal Third Young Master!” Yan Po Jun had actually had a last trump card that he had not used. But he admitted that even if he had used that trump card, he would still be defeated by Fatty Hai who had turned into a hideous monster. Previously, because he was afraid that Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin would know all his cards, he had not fully used his capabilities. In the end, he had almost been instantly killed by that hideous monster.

Fatty Hai’s last attack just now was completely devastating.

If he had not summoned his grimoire in time and erected his protective shield, the consequences would be too horrible to be considered.

“Po Jun, our enemy is still Bai Yun Fei. That Yue Clan Third Young Master, I don’t think we could even catch up to him…” Feng Qi Shan knew that Yue Yang was an Innate. He looked at Yue Yang, shook his head, and then looked at Yue Bing and realized that she was completely confident. It was as if she was 100% confident that she will win. Feng Qi Sha couldn’t help but to feel shaken.

Even trash like Fatty Hai could stand on his ground fighting Yan Po Jun after being instructed by Yue Yang. How much improvement would his own sister Yue bing had?

He knew that no matter how brazen, how rude this abnormal Third Young Master was, it couldn’t be denied that he loved his sister. During the new years, he had even attacked the Yue Clan Castle for his step-mother and two sisters. This Yue Clan Third Young Master fought his way through the Yue Clan Castle, drenched in blood as he pulled the horse carriage, bringing his step-mother and two sisters back to the Yue Clan Castle. Although the Four Great Clans did not publicly support him, they have secretly set him as an example for such a moving, filial gesture. Many of them often taught their children or grandchildren to learn from Yue Yang, putting filial piety above everything else…

Feng Qi Sha believed that Yue Yang definitely would do his best to help his sister improve. Hence, Yue Bing’s combat power was definitely not any weaker than Fatty Hai’s.

However, how much improvement could Yue Bing, who could only use plant-type skills and beasts have?

Feng Qi Sha believed that he would find the answer to this question very soon.

Three crews who own beasts that specialized in restoring the fighting arena recovered the ground that had been pulverized to pieces within a few minutes. Although there were still some cracks, it was still much better than its state just now.

Afterwards, a green-clothed referee walked up to the stage. Feng Qi Sha and Yue Bing bowed towards each other.

Previously, no one believed that Yue Bing could defeat Feng Qi Sha. However, Fatty Hai had fought a Bloody Battle with one of the Three Great Killing Stars, Yan Po Jun. He was at a disadvantage at first, but he was winning towards the end. Although he had lost because of violation of rules, he was the true winner in the audience’s hearts. Fatty Hai’s comeback had made their blood boiled with excitement. Now that a little girl was representing Ivy Academy as a contestant, the audience were really looking forward to watch an exciting match.

Seeing that Yue Bing had chosen three round Bloody Battle just like Fatty hai did, the crowd couldn’t help but to cheer her on.

Clap clap clap…

A thunderous applause resounded. Even the cold Xue Tan Lang who had been sitting calmly on his seat was clapping his hands. It was unknown if he was supporting his fellow team member, the Great Killing Star Feng Qi Sha, or the courageous little challenger, Yue Bing.

“Bing-er, spin!” Yue Yang stood below the arena and gave pointers to his sister as he made a hand gesture of spinning his hands.

“…” Feng Qi Sha grumbled in his heart secretly when he saw this.

His combat skill and strengthening-type beast Demon War Shell had fused perfectly, almost as if they were one body. With the addition of a Gold-ranked Artifact, Demon Devouring Sword in his hands, his combat power was greatly increased. However, he understood his weaknesses. His Seven Slashes combat technique could only chop, slash, prick, hack and cut, these five main techniques. He didn’t have ‘Spin’. Originally, the Seven Slashes combat technique also had a spinning combat technique. However, the two later and most important techniques, ‘spin’ and ‘defend’, was lost through the generations. In other words, if the biggest weakness in his Seven Slashes combat technique was that he didn’t have ‘spin’!

The Feng Elders, and even the combat technique Instructors in his Academy, had all said that if he could master the ‘spin’ technique, his combat abilities would break through a new realm.

Feng Qi Sha had been researching on the ‘spin’ technique all these years, but he didn’t have seen much improvement. He still couldn’t understand ‘spin’.

Right now, when he heard Yue Yang said spin, he knew that Yue Yang had already seen through his weakness.

“Start!” The green-clothed referee started the match after explaining the rules.

Feng Qi Sha didn’t immediately attack his opponent like how he usually fought. Instead, he cautiously retreated and summoned his grimoire, erecting his protective shield. Just as his protective shield was erected, he suddenly heard a rumble. When he turned around, he discovered that Yue Bing had actually appeared behind him and attacked, without him knowing. Yue Bing was sending a spinning kick upon his protective shield. Feng Qi Sha froze as he thought, “So Fast!”. If he had not summoned his grimoire, he would have received a sneak attack at the back of his head…

When Yue Bing’s kick missed, Feng Qi Sha actually had a chance to counterattack.

But he gave it up.

An example of someone who had underestimated his enemy, Yan Po Jun, was right in front of him. He must not let the name of Three Great Killing Stars become Three Great Jokes!

He summoned his Demon War Shell that had defensive abilities and fused it with his body. An armor made of sharp demonic bones appeared and protected his whole body. He also raised his Demon Devouring Sword and raised his killing intent.

As Yue Bing was summoning two Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders, Feng Qi Sha continued to summon two black balls and inserted one to his Demon Devouring Sword and the other to his own body. Feng Qi Sha’s Demon Devouring Sword immediately ignited with demonic flames, while his body was also filled with demonic aura, as if a demon had descended… When Feng Qi Sha put his grimoire away, a terrifying aura exploded from his body. Even the bodyguard who was nearest to him was pushed a few steps back from the impact, unable to stand his ground.

Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin looked at each other.

Although they did not say anything, they still acknowledged the power of the Three Great Killing Stars. No matter if it was Yan Po Jun who was thwarted just now, Feng Qi Sha who was fighting now, or Xue Tan Lang who was as cold as ice, they were all talented geniuses. Their reputation weren’t for nothing.

On the other hand, Yue Bing who had summoned two Hundred Years Treant Defenders was condensing two balls of green light on her hands, before adding them onto the Treant’s bodies.

Immediately, the Treants glowed with green lights as their leaves sprouted at an unimaginable rate.

Feng Qi Sha felt that if he tried to chop the Treants down, he might not be able to defeat them even after exhausting all of his energy. Furthermore, the Treants had become stronger after receiving buffs from Yue Bing. However, it would be easy to knock Yue Bing, who didn’t have any protective shield. The only thing that made Feng Qi Sha worried was the fact that Yue Bing had managed to learn combat techniques. Furthermore, it was a combat technique that was aimed to attack his weakness, ‘spin’ technique.

He knew that Yue Bing was a very strong opponent, yet the thought of slashing down an obedient little girl was quite difficult for Feng Qi Sha.

Like a gush of wind, he pounced forward, aiming his punch towards Yue Bing’s stomach.

As long as this punch hits, Yue Bing would definitely faint and collapse to the ground.

He decided not to use his Demon Devouring Sword, and used his fist instead.

“Chi!” When Yue Bing saw him, she didn’t retreat. Instead she charged towards Feng Qi Sha’s powerful punch bravely as the crowd watched in alarm. Let alone the audience, even Feng Qi Sha was completely stunned. He was afraid that he would injure Yue Bing fatally, hence he reduced the strength of his punch by a whole lot. Who would know that in the instant that Yue Bing was about to get hit, she mysteriously turned, her body gracefully avoiding Feng Qi Sha’s punch. Spinning once, her knees had even brushed against Feng Qi Sha’s face.

Feng Qi Sha was completely astounded this time. If he had not relented and decreased the speed of his punch just now, he would have been hit by Yue Bing.


In a flash, he immediately grabbed his Demon Devouring Sword and resisted Yue Bing’s knee.

It was too late for him to turn around. He only used the corner of his eye to see that Yue Bing’s knee had stopped, and her snow-white hands were resting on his sword. A burst of force exploded, making Feng Qi Sha felt that he had lost control of his Demon Devouring Sword.

Feng Qi Sha forcefully grabbed hold of his Demon Devouring Sword and unleashed his Demonic Qi, with the purpose of blasting Yue Bing away from the shockwave.

The whole audience could clearly see Yue Bing spinning beautifully as if she was in slow-motion. She floated back down to the ground as her left leg kicked across Feng Qi Sha.

Her body was dainty and exquisite, and her legs were slim and tender. However, her kick had actually pushed Feng Qi Sha, who was as stable as mountain back a few steps… Yue Bing pressed both of her hands onto the ground as her body turned like whirlwind, her left leg kicking upwards… Feng Qi Sha noticed her in the last minute and avoided Yue Bing’s surprise attack at the last moment. Although he looked confident on the outside, he was completely and utterly shocked. That was close! Fortunately his reaction speed was quick enough, he was able to avoid her kick. Otherwise, he would have been hit.

He raised his right leg and was prepared to counterattack and kick Yue Bing, however, to his surprise, he found that his right leg had already been bound by tree vines.

Behind him, the Hundred Years Treant Defender’s giant arms smashed down on him.

“My God!” Feng Qi Sha slashed the tree vines on his leg and leapt high up into the air. He only turned a somersault and landed on the ground when he was sure that there was no enemy on the ground, preparing for the second round of attack.

“Careful, your legs…” Yan Po Jun suddenly shouted out loud.

Feng Qi Sha realized that there were small tree thorns waiting for him below his feet.

Using his Demon Devouring Sword as prop, Feng Qi Sha leap high up from the ground again. This time he couldn’t care about Yue Bing being a little girl anymore, he had completely taken her as his enemy. His Demonic Qi exploded as his sword flew towards Yue Bing in mid-air. Yue Bing quickly retreated as one of the Hundred Years Treant Defender in front of her raised its giant arms and blocked the attack. In the moment that the Demon Devouring Sword pierced right into the Treant’s shoulders, the Treant’s body suddenly glowed in a green light and grew quickly. It had actually grew and swallowed the Demon Devouring Sword that was pierced into its body whole… Feng Qi Sha was frozen with shock. As he was trying to pull his sword out without avail, the other Hundred Years Treant Defender suddenly whipped his body ruthlessly with its giant arms.

Due to the distance, the Treant could only whip Feng Qi Sha with the tip of its branches. Furthermore, the strength of its whip was not very strong, hence it was not able to cause any injury to Feng Qi Sha who was wearing his Demon War Shell. Amongst the Three Great Killing Stars, Feng Qi Sha was actually the best in terms of physical defense.

It was just that Feng Qi Sha fell into deep trouble with that one whip.

Countless tree vines started to coil around his body as the two Treants’ four tree arms fiercely whipped at Feng Qi Sha. Feng Qi Sha received continuous hits. Although he had the defense from his Demon War Shell, he was beaten to the point that he had a headache and was seeing stars. When he just managed to pull out his Demon Devouring Sword out from the tree vines, a slender leg suddenly entered through the gaps between the tree vines and kicked at his forehead.

Feng Qi Sha was completely hit. The impact from the kick made his vision dark and his head felt like it was split open. His spine had almost snapped.


Quickly retreat!

In the two seconds that Feng Qi Sha was trying his best to retreat, he felt Yue Bing kicked him at least ten more times on his face… Furthermore, the more frightening thing was that each of her kicks was stronger than the previous.

Theoretically, this feat was impossible in combat techniques!

It was already unbelievable that she could continue kicking him ten more times, but she could even increase the speed and strength of her kicks under the condition that the distance between them was increasing as he was retreating. How could her kicks be more powerful each time?

Although he was beaten a lot of times, Feng Qi Sha’s mind was clear.

In his pain, he still thought of a problem.

This combat technique that allowed the user’s attack to be more powerful each time, could it be the ‘spin’ combat technique that he had not been able to master all this time?

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