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LLS Chapter 235 – Transformation, Re-appearance of the Hideous Monster!

Chapter 235 – Transformation, Re-appearance of the Hideous Monster!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang acted all strange and mysterious as he smiled without answering.

Looking at this brat smiling so smugly, Princess Qian Qian was deeply enraged. She reached out her hands, wanting to pinch his cheeks. However, the moment she raised her hands, she felt that this gesture was too intimate, thus she withdrew her hands quickly.

On the fighting arena, Fatty Hai was giving his all in fighting Yan Po Jun. Before, he had allowed Yan Po Jun to beat him into a pulp, but it was different now. He had started to counterattack and returned Yan Po Jun’s punches. Yan Po Jun had the support of his element-type Fire Crane, that gave him the ability to avoid attacks easily. Even if he was hit, he would be able to cancel the effects off with his fire. However, at this time, all of Fatty Hai’s attack had struck him completely without missing Yan Po Jun at all. Yan Po Jun’s element-type Fire Crane’s defense had completely lost its effect.

Under the setback, Yan Po Jun could only make use of his Fire Lion King’s vitality to fight Fatty Hai to the end.

“This Fatty Hai’s beast is the direct opposite of Yan Po Jun’s. Furthermore, he had a special trick that could infuse the power of his water attribute into Yan Po Jun’s body…” Bai Yu Fei’s eyes lighted up, as if he had seen through Fatty Hai’s power.

“Does Your Honour think that Yan Po Jun will lose?” Xie Qian Ren asked in astonishment.

“No, even if this fatty is Yan Po Jun’s direct nemesis, he still loses to Yan Po Jun in terms of beasts and abilities. It is difficult for a cup to defeat a vase, he was only fighting him in a deathly struggle. The only good thing he had was that secret trick that could infuse Yan Po Jun’s body with water. If I didn’t guess wrongly, this method should have been taught to him by the Yue Clan Third Young Master. I heard that there was some kind of combat technique that had been lost for a thousand years in the Yue Clan, called [Step-siblings Beating Cows]. I suspect that the secret trick is this said [Step-siblings Beating Cows].” The light in Bai Yun Fei’s eyes become even deeper when he talked about the [Step-siblings Beating Cows].

“A skill lost for a thousand years, [Step-siblings Beating Cows]?” Xie Qian Ren swept a glance to Yue Yang who was sitting inside his private box on the opposite side. Seeing Yue Yang’s smiling expression, he felt a little shaken.

Right now, he understand a little why Miss Xue still rejected his proposal even after being turned down from her engagement with Yue Clan Third Young Master.

They were far too different… Yue Clan Third Young Master was an Innate, and he had also managed to revive a lost combat technique, the [Step-siblings Beating Cows]. How about himself? He couldn’t even defeat Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu. He was practically heaven and earth compared to Yue Yang. No wonder Miss Xue would look down on him! However, the stronger this Yue Clan Third Young Master was, the better it would be. The Junior [Elder] of the Floating Mist Sect Bai Yun Fei was extremely arrogant. He would definitely not accept the fact if he was defeated by the Yue Clan Third Young Master. He would most likely find ways to exact revenge.

Fight, you both! It would be best if this arrogant Bai Yun Fei be killed by the abnormal Yue yang. If that happened, the Floating Mist Sect’s experts would definitely come in full strength to attack the Yue Clan Castle…

If the Floating Mist Sect fought a war with the Yue Clan, the Xie Clan would only stand to benefit. No matter if it was Bai Yun Fei or Yue Yang, if either one of them dies, it would only be a good thing for himself. It would be best if Bai Yun Fei could do his best and dragged Yue Yang down with him.

Xie Qian Ren remained calm and collected on the outside, but his feelings were actually in turmoil.

Fatty Hai received at least 10 punches, or maybe more, from Yan Po Jun whenever he landed 1 punch on him.

But he continued to fight to his end relentlessly!

Time passed by the seconds… When there was only a minute left on the third round, Yue Yang suddenly extended his hands out the window and made a hand gesture of an X with both of his arms.

At this time, Yan Po Jun’s back was facing Yue Yang as he fought Fatty Hai ferociously. He didn’t see Yue Yang signalling from the private box, but Fatty Hai, who had been keeping his eye for Yue Yang’s hand gesture saw it. His expression changed, and he became even more confident and determined

He made the same gesture as Yue Yang, crossing his arms on his chest.

Below the stage, Yue Tian and Yue Yan who had also seen Yue Yang’s hand gesture immediately warned Yan Po Jun, as they thought that the situation was not good. “Po Jun, careful, he’s going to counterattack!” The two guys’ warning was Yan Po Jun’s nightmare come true. He thought that Fatty Hai didn’t have any reason to wage a ‘Bloody Battle’ with him, unless Yue Yang had some secret trick that could make Fatty Hai comeback from the dead. Even in the first two rounds where Fatty Hai had received his beating obediently, Yan Po Jun never once let down his guard. In the third round, Fatty Hai who was beaten to a pulp had still wanted to fight him again, he had even used a secret trick to break his defense. This made him really suspicious.

As he quickly retreated, Yan Po Jun used a tenth of a second to glance at Yue Yang who was sitting in his private box.

He realized that Yue Yang was making the same gesture as Fatty Hai did, and was immediately alarmed.

This was bad. Yue Yang had signalled to Fatty Hai to use some kind of secret move…

“Hippo Meteor Punch!” Fatty Hai used his useless Hippo Meteor Punch again. This time, no one was laughing at his slow punch. Previously, Yan Po Jun could beat Fatty Hai down before he managed to use Hippo Meteor Punch. However, Yan Po Jun had retreated right now, and Fatty Hai could utilise 100% of the power of Hippo Meteor Punch.

His punch accelerated from slow to extremely fast.

Even faster than lightning.

Just as Fatty Hai leapt high up into the sky, smashing towards Yan Po Jun with his meteor-like fist, even Feng Qi Sha who was below the stage was shaken. Fatty Hai’s punch’s speed was already close to one of his fastest sword skill, [Seven Killing Sword Slash].

Bai Yun Fei frowned. Xie Qian Ren took in that fact and realized that it was the first time during the Tournament that he saw this Junior [Elder] frowning.

Xie Qian Ren was secretly delighted. Hehe, when he faced against that abnormal Yue Yang, he wouldn’t be simply frowning. There would be much more hardships coming your way, Your Honour! If only you knew that he was an Innate. I’m looking forward to see you cry!


Yue Tian and Yue Yang shouted in alarm. If such a meteor-like punch was to really hit someone, it would be really dangerous.

Yan Po Jun twisted his body and let out an explosion of flames that soared up high to the sky.

In the thousandth of a second before Fatty Hai’s punch landed on him, he had narrowly escaped.

His figure grazed against Fatty Hai’s punch.

When Yan Po Jun was feeling relieved having escaped the danger by a hair’s breadth, he realized that his face stung. As he wiped his hands across his face, he realized that Fatty Hai’s punch had actually created a blade of wind that cut his skin and made it bleed.

It was really fortunate that he wasn’t hit by Fatty Hai’s punch. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to imagine the consequences.

Fatty Hai’s punch hit empty air. Unable to stop in time, he smashed hard onto the ground. A loud explosion resounded as his punch crushed a portion of the fighting arena ground to pieces. Broken pieces of rocks flew everywhere as dust covered the whole place… Yan Po Jun landed back to the ground, beads of cold sweat formed on his forehead in alarm. If he hadn’t retreated and created a distance between them previously, he would definitely be hit by Fatty Hai’s punch. Even if he wouldn’t be injured fatally, he would still be smashed onto the ground.

Many people in the audience sympathized with Fatty Hai who missed the punch that he had been saving up for a long time.

However, Fatty Hai being able to fight against Yan Po Jun to this level had already exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially when he made Yan Po Jun so miserable at the last part. The audience really felt ashamed for ridiculing Fatty hai previously.

Fatty Hai lied within the cloud of dust not moving a single inch, as if he had fallen unconscious.

Even so, a lot of audience still took the initiative to give Fatty Hai a standing ovation. IN an instant, the whole area shook with a thunderous applause.

Only thirty seconds was left from the round. The blue-clothed referee was looking at the time and felt that it was more or less time to end the round. However, suddenly, Feng Qi Sha who was below the stage shouted a warning, “Move back!”

Yan Po Jun froze when he heard the warning. As he leapt back, he looked at the direction where Fatty Hai was lying down in alarm.

He was shocked to see a five metre tall monster suddenly leaping out of the cloud of earth and dust. It had an enormous head, a pair of legs that were as thick as tree trunks and steel-hard giant arms. Its sharp, incising teeth travelled down its mouth, making it looked extremely sinister and terrifying. Its black claws were as sharp as daggers, and its evil red eyes shone with horrifying killing intent. It leapt high up the ground, its strong claws slashing on the position where Yan Po Jun had been standing before. The rock-hard ground of the fighting arena was easily smashed into pieces with its sharp claws, as if it was made of tofu.

What is this monster?

Did Fatty Hai summoned a beast? Or was this a monster from the Demon Abyss?

Yan Po Jun’s eyes twitched. That slash, if it weren’t for Feng Qi Sha warning him in advance, he would have been fatally wounded…

“Behind you!” Yue Tian and Yue Yan realized that that monster had suddenly vanished upon its onslaught. There was a dark shadow that was moving so fast as if it was splitting air, pouncing straight towards Yan Po Jun’s back as it roared loudly. It wasn’t that Yan Po Jun didn’t know that his enemy had ambushed him from behind. It was just that he couldn’t run fast enough. He didn’t care to even look back, escaping forward as quick as possible.

The sharp claws slashed through empty air, missing Yan Po Jun’s back by just a hair’s breadth.

Yan Po Jun’s flames burnt out as his back was lacerated from the blades of wind that came from the powerful slash of the claws. Blood splattered all around, the fresh blood that spilled all over Yan Po Jun’s wounds shocking everyone in the audience. If he was a fraction of a second later, the audience thought that Yan Po Jun would have been cut into half from that sharp claws… The Prince of Zi Jin who was watching from within the narrow slit of opening from his private box window immediately opened his windows wide and leaned his whole body out. His expression showed that he could hardly believe what he was seeing. As for Yue Tian and Yue Yan who was standing below the stage, they felt a strong gush of wind blowing towards them and braced them with their arms. Feeling a sharp pang of pain, they realized that the sharp wind created from the strong slash of the claws had even cut through their arms, making them feel numb.

This abnormal monster, could this monster be Fatty Hai?

Or was it his secret trump card of a beast?

What kind of secret trick did Yue Yang use to turn Fatty Hai into a monster? Bai Yun Fei, Feng Qi Sha and Prince of Zi Jin all shifted their gaze towards Yue Yang’s private box.

Inside the private box, Yue Yang had ignored everyone’s stares and made another hand gesture of an X with his arms.

At the same time, his voice was as loud as thunderclap as he shouted, “Look here! Cross your arms on your chest, [Meteor Style 1]!”

That hideous monster had actually wanted to pursue and attack Yan Po Jun. However, when it heard Yue Yang, its whole body suddenly froze and the red glint on its eyes were greatly reduced. It was as if it had regained its senses. It followed Yue Yang’s gesture, but it continued to roar in anger, as if it wasn’t able to completely control its body… Yan Po Jun didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if a monster who had such a terrifying power and powerful claws hit him with a Hippo Meteor Punch… Feng Qi Sha, Yue Tian and Yue Yan were all so nervous that they were squeezing their fists. Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin had a dark expression as they looked back and forth between Yue Yang and that monster, trying to figure out the relationship between the two.

After around 5 seconds, that hideous monster finally finished charging its most powerful power.

It crossed its arm and started to pounce forward…

Its sharp claws were slow-moving at first and gained speed afterwards. It continued to gain speed as the momentum from its body added an explosive force on its charge, making it look like a meteor as it shot ferociously towards Yan Po Jun. Its pair of claws glinted with a bright light as it turned into a terrifying, life-stealing meteor!

Yan Po Jun’s expression became twisted as he saw a dying flash in his eyes. At this moment, his heart felt extremely cold, as if he had drowned in ice.

Without thinking at all, Yan Po Jun summoned his grimoire on instinct and erected his protective shield.

The terrifying meteor exploded on the protective shield, causing it to shook unstably.

The impact of the attack spread out to the surrounding, sending a blast of wind to the diameter.

“ROAR!!” The hideous beast seemed to possess unlimited strength as it furiously attack on Yan Po Jun’s protective shield. Although Yan Po Jun was safe, he was dripping in cold sweat. He had already been absolutely terrified by this monster in front of him.

“Stop, the match has ended. Stop immediately!” The blue-clothed referee and the two bodyguards summoned beasts with extremely strong defensive abilities before they worked together to pull the hideous monster away. However, that hideous monster was completely enraged. With a red glint from its eyes, it swatted the referee and bodyguards out of the fighting arena instead, completely out of control. Ye Kong and the Li Brothers quickly got up on the stage, but even after spending all of their efforts, they were still unable to stop the hideous monster’s onslaught of attack.

With a sweep of its gigantic arms, Ye Kong and the others all fell onto the ground.

The hideous monster started to raise its claws, prepared to attack Ye Kong and the others… Yue Bing quickly flew up to the stage and spread her arms, protecting Ye Kong and the Li Brothers, blocking right in front of the hideous monster, “Don’t injure anyone, turn back quickly! You can’t go out of control like this!”

The hideous monster seemed to have lost all reason as it swung its claws down upon Yue Bing’s head.

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