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LLS Chapter 234 – Fight, Fatty Hai!

Chapter 234 – Fight, Fatty Hai!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Apart from Yue Yang, there was probably nobody else who would think highly of Fatty Hai.

Everyone felt that this Fatty Hai would definitely die in a very miserable way. Although Yan Po Jun was under the influence of Bai Yun Fei and Prince Zi Jin, the two New Stars, and that the glorious Three Great Killing Stars were already a history, he was still one of the former Three Great Killing Stars. He was someone that a normal person wouldn’t be able to hope to defeat.

Before this, no one knew who Fatty Hai was. It was only after he used the Hippo Meteor Punch to ambush and get the upperhand of Yan Po Jun that people realized the existence of this wretched fatty. As for Fatty Hai’s record of being the fastest person to be knocked out of stage previously, it had also become a hot topic of discussion. There was even someone who wanted to gather all the materials from the Hundred School Elite Tournament records and write a book about Fatty Hai.

A failure like Fatty Hai who had such an embarrassing record of being knocked out within 10 seconds would probably not be able to climb up the top rankings. Furthermore, there might be a chance that he was ranked within the top ten of the ranking board.

Yan Po Jun didn’t want to defeat Fatty Hai in an instant this time. He planned to bully and torture this fatty in front of the audience. He would definitely turn this fatty into a roasted pig!

“Start!” The blue-clothed referee signaled.

Fatty Hai didn’t manage to summon his grimoire before Yan Po Jun pounced on him.

His [Blazing Flame] exploded right on top of Fatty Hai’s head.

Fatty Hai didn’t have the control ability of summoning his grimoire in an instant. Summoning the grimoire had always been his weakness. After going through special training, he had become much better, but he was still slower than Yan Po Jun’s lightning fast grimoire summoning speed. Fatty Hai’s whole body was lighted on fire, but it was not a fatal injury. Yan Po Jun was not in a hurry to unleash his ultimate move to kill him in an instant, he wanted him to die a slow death.

With the Rhinoceros and little Hippopotamus’ support, although Fatty Hai was howling miserably, he wouldn’t end up being beaten up by Yan Po Jun continuous and unable to retaliate.

He was charging his Hippo Meteor Punch again.

Yan Po Jun’s kicks were lightning fast, hitting Fatty Hai’s face, head, shoulder, back continuously in a rain of kicks.

The fire from the [Blazing Flames] continued to burn on Fatty Hai’s skin as he continued to prepare his punch.

In the instant when Fatty Hai unleashed Hippo Meteor Punch, Yan Po Jun, who had already prepared for the attack retreated like falling leaves, completely avoiding Fatty Hai’s brute punch.

“[Fire Crane Dance]!” Yan Po Jun summoned a Fire Crane to buff his body. His arms that were as graceful as cranes extended out as flames soared up to the sky. Fatty Hai’s body was completely engulfed in flames as he unleashed the Hippo Meteor Punch into thin air.

“Mommy!” Fatty Hai was roasted to the point that he was calling out for his parents. However, no matter how much he rolled on the ground in pain, he was unable to put out the raging flames on his body.

The audience laughed as they watched Fatty Hai, thinking that he had overestimated his own abilities to have the nerve to fight against Yan Po Jun.

Within a minute, Fatty Hai was set on fire by Yan Po Jun’s [Blazing Flames] at least ten times. Amongst that, eight were head-on attack and two were barely avoided. Fatty Hai had also unleashed his Hippo Meteor Punch thrice, but none were fatal, they only hit empty air. If it weren’t for the fact that he had successfully summoned his grimoire and erected his protective shield, Fatty Hai would have already been turned into a roasted pig. When the blue-clothed referee saw Fatty Hai erecting his protective shield, he immediately ordered the timing to be stopped. He also went over to Fatty Hai and warned him that he couldn’t put up his protective shield for too long, he was not allowed to be inactive in this competition.

Fatty Hai only came out of his protective shield after putting out the fire on his body with great difficulties. His face had already beaten up beyond recognition.

His face was more or less the same as a miner’s, blackened with ashes. His clothes were also torn to shreds.

In the first round, during the three minutes, Fatty Hai was knocked down at least twenty times. His face was beaten up to the point that it was heavily swollen, just like a pig’s head. His head, chest and arms were all charred. The smell of burning flesh could be smelled in the air.

If it weren’t for Ye Kong who carried him down from the fighting arena, Fatty Hai wouldn’t be able to walk down alone.

“Have you gone insane? Why don’t you give up the match?” Ye Kong really wanted to slap Fatty Hai awake. He knew that Fatty Hai wanted to become strong, and that he had already put in all his effort to cultivate. However, he would be dreaming if he wanted to defeat Yan Po Jun with only a few months of training! Previously, his Hippo Meteor Punch had only hit Yan Po Jun because his guard was down. It was not because of Fatty Hai’s own abilities.

“Nonsense, I am the big boss, how could I give up my match!” Although Fatty Hai’s face had already been beaten up to the point that it looked like a pig’s face, he still had his cheeky mouth even in the face of death, reluctant to admit his mistake.

Yue Yu immediately condensed two [Healing Waterballs] in her hands. Otherwise, Fatty Hai wouldn’t be able to recover if he used the little healing powers from the rays in Healing Crystals. Even after being healed by the [Healing Waterballs], Fatty Hai’s skin was still charred black. However, it looked much better than just now. At the very least, his life was not in danger.

In the second round, Yan Po Jun beat him up even more ruthlessly.

Right before the round ended, in order to humiliate Fatty Hai even more, Yan Po Jun interlocked his fingers with Fatty Hai’s and unleashed his [Blazing Flames]. Fatty Hai’s fingers were burnt to the point that his flesh was exposed. His fingers were also broken from trying to struggle free from Yan Po Jun’s grasp. However, Yan Po Jun still did not let go… until the blue-clothed referee charged forward and shouted, “Time’s up! Let go immediately!” Yan Po Jun only let Fatty Hai go then, as he pretended to be refined and courteous and bowed to Fatty Hai. Of course, even an idiot could see the contempt in his eyes.

“What? You still want to fight?” Ye Kong felt that Fatty Hai had gone completely insane or he himself had gone mad and delusional.

“I still have my final move… If I didn’t land a single punch on him, I will never give up… I am your big boss, so I must act like a big boss. Even if I won’t be able to win, I will still try my best. Otherwise, how could you all, as my subordinates, respect me as your big boss… I am the BIG BOSS!” Fatty Hai gasped for breath as he vomited blood. Yan Po Jun had also crushed his ribs.

“Because you are the big boss, you shouldn’t die! If you die, we won’t have anyone to bully anymore.” Yue Yu who was in charge of healing Fatty Hai almost fainted when she heard Ye Kong’s words.

Luo Hua City Mistress was also unable to bear the situation. She pulled on Yue Yang and said, “Say something to him so that he will admit defeat and stop fighting. It’s not right for him to be beaten up like this!”

Yue Yang stood up in his private box and revealed half of his body out, raising his thumbs up high into the air.

Fatty Hai had been looking at the private box all along. When his eyes that was swollen from bruises to the point that he almost couldn’t open his eyes saw Yue Yang’s thumbs up, his bruised mouth suddenly revealed a smile. A light that eerily seemed like a dying flash appeared on his face, making Yue Yu, Yue Bing and Yi Nan really worried about him. They thought, this Fatty wouldn’t die just like this, right?

Princess Qian Qian looked at Yue Yang with a complicated expression, “Do you still think he would be able to defeat Yan Po Jun?”

Yue Yang laughed, “If he loses, I’ll immediately strip naked in front of you…”

Luo Hua City Mistress chuckled, “Then if Qian Qian loses, she would also strip naked in front of you. Haha, I’m starting to hope that Fatty Hai would create a miracle!”

Princess Qian Qian immediately blushed, but she didn’t believe that Fatty Hai would be able to win in this kind of disadvantageous situation. She humphed at Yue Yang and shook her head, “That’s impossible, Fatty Hai will definitely lose. In any case, I never asked you to strip naked, just forget about that matter before!”

“You can’t do that, this and that are different things…” Luo Hua City Mistress helped Yue Yang to argue, opposing Princess Qian Qian with all her might as she said, “You haven’t honoured your promise when you lost previously. If you guys lose this time, you will strip naked. I’ll be the judge!” Before she even finished her words, Princess Qian Qian had already pounced on her and pinned her down, forcefully stripping Luo Hua City Mistress’ clothes and said, “Why don’t you strip naked first?”

“If Your Highness the Princess needs a hand, I am more than willing to offer my help for free!” Yue Yang gulped down his saliva as he watched the two girls fooling around playfully.

“Pervert!” The two girls retorted at the same time as they pounced on Yue Yang altogether, pinning him down and stripping his clothes.

“A pervert has met two female perverts… My dear two heroines, could you be gentler with me? It’s actually my first time on a threesome…” Yue Yang decided not to resist them. Wasn’t this a threesome? He would welcome a fierce threesome anytime!

Seeing his perverted face, the two girls couldn’t help but to feel an itch in their teeth as both of them pounced on him and bit him at the same time.

Afterwards, they didn’t wait for Yue Yang to react as they jumped up and returned to their seats beside the windows gracefully like virtuous ladies.

No matter how thick skinned Yue Yang was, he wouldn’t dare to try strip the two girls’ clothes when the crowd of audience could see them from the window.

It would also be impossible for him to bite them back.

Although the two girls succeeded with their trick, Yue Yang didn’t want to be at a disadvantage. He settled himself in between the two girls, looking all respectable and good as he watched the competition below, but below, both of his hands were hugging at the two girls’ waists. Towards Yue Yang’s perverted action, Princess Qian Qian’s immediate reaction was to slap his wolfy paws away. Luo Hua City Mistress, on the other hand, only trembled slightly as she hurriedly held Yue Yang’s naughty hands that was inching down. She held Yue Yang hands down on her slender waist. As long as his hands obediently stayed on her waist, she didn’t mind being held by him.

Seeing this, Princess Qian Qian mouthed some words to Luo Hua City Mistress.

Luo Hua City Mistress also mouthed some words in reply.

Yue Yang didn’t understand at all. Did these two girls knew how to read lips?

When he looked at Princess Qian Qian with an inquiring look, he noticed her face was a little gloomy, as if she was seething in anger. He couldn’t help but to caress her face, wanting to comfort her. But Princess Qian Qian’s reaction made him jump in fright. She was glaring furiously at him, as if saying ‘You dared to touch my face when I’m angry at you?!’ She immediately caught his hands on hers. Yue Yang wanted to struggle free, but Princess Qian Qian was afraid that Yue Yang would not behave again, hence she determinedly held his hands down, refusing to let go.

Seeing this scene, Luo Hua City Mistress laughed out loud as she hit Yue Yang’s chest lightly with her hands.

The happier Luo Hua City Mistress looked, the gloomier Princess Qian Qian’s expression became. But she still did not let Yue Yang’s hand go… In the end, she simply looked down to the fighting arena, not caring about the other two anymore, paying attention to the next round of match. She could guarantee that Yue Yang’s hand gesture just now was not to praise Fatty Hai for his courage. It must be some kind of signal to execute a combat technique, or a counterattack technique… Afterwards, Fatty Hai would definitely counterattack. They would have to see if Yue Yang’s counterattack strategy was effective.

Yan Po Jun charged forward again, with [Blazing Flames] in his hand, punching Fatty Hai hard on the nose.

The heavy punch broke Fatty Hai’s nose as the fire from [Blazing Flames] ignited and poured into his mouth and nose… Fatty Hai’s eyes rolled up as he fell to the ground with a thud.

Princess Qian Qian was stunned. Was this the combat technique that Yue Yang signalled to Fatty Hai?

Trying to pretend to be dead after being hit?

Or had Fatty Hai exhausted all of his strength?

She looked at Yue Yang and realized that the scoundrel was actually smiling. His expression was like a little fox who managed to steal a chick. She immediately calmed down. Seemed like there was still hope. Maybe tricking the enemy was included in the secret counterattack plan…

Indeed, when Yan Po Jun saw Fatty Hai unmoving, his face broke out into a smug smile.

He was not in a hurry to throw Fatty Hai down the fighting arena, intending to humiliate him even further.

Yan Po Jun stepped on Fatty Hai’s head and said to the referee, “He is already on the verge of death. If you don’t announce my victory, I will kick him off the stage.”

However, just as the blue-clothed referee was about to announce Fatty hai’s defeat, there was a sound from beneath Yan Po Jun’s feet.

“Who says I’m on the verge of death? I just fell asleep for a while. I won’t even have a problem sleeping with seven girls tonight, what do you mean I’m on the verge of death?” Fatty Hai’s hands grabbed onto Yan Po Jun’s legs, lifting it up from his head inch by inch. His bloodied pig face revealed a strange smile as he said, “Student Po Jun, did you have fun beating me up? Now it’s my turn to pay you back ten times greater…”

“Dream on!” Yan Po Jun never imagined that this Fatty Hai could still say something so firm even with one foot in the grave. He suddenly felt furious and ignited flames beneath his feet.

Within the [Blazing Flame], Fatty Hai lifted Yan Po Jun and smashed him down on the ground hard.

Yan Po Jun felt a little pain as he immediately shot up and summoned a [Flaming Lion] for support.

A presence like a Lion King’s exploded as blazing flames shot through the sky. Fire exploded everywhere, even to the point of reaching the audiences.

Even the audience outside the arena all felt the blazing heat. The blue-clothed referee was also cornered to the sides of the fighting arena from the heat, almost falling off the arena. However, Fatty Hai was still pouncing towards Yan Po Jun in the midst of the [Blazing Flame], his bloodied and swollen face was calm, “It’s no use. My Guardian Beast is a water-type, do you understand? Did you think you can roast the great Master Hai with this little, insignificant fire?”

Fatty Hai reached out his hands, and under the gaze of the astonished audience, received Yan Po Jun’s incoming punch on his palm easily.

A loud boom resounded as he swung Yan Po Jun down, smashing him to the ground the second time.

His flying body was like a big rock crashing onto the ground.


The whole audience felt a strong quake.

It was the first time Yan Po Jun showed a pained expression on his face…

When Princess Qian Qian saw this, she happily grabbed onto Yue Yang’s arms. “You were the one who taught him, definitely! What secret move did you teach Fatty? Normal attacks wouldn’t work on Yan Po Jun, but it’s very effective now. What kind of secret move is that?”

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