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LLS Chapter 233 – Formidable Opponent, Enemy, Encounter

Chapter 233 – Formidable Opponent, Enemy, Encounter
Translated by: May
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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By the time Yue Yang rushed to the battlefield, Xie Qian Ren who had been waiting on the battle arena had given up on the battle immediately.

This was because he had suffered a serious injury from the Team Match with the disciple of the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace, Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu. He was only waiting on the battle arena hoping that Yue Yang would absent from the match so that he could advance to the next level. Since Yue Yang had rushed and managed to get there in time, Xie Qian Ren had decided to give up on the match after he exchanged his glance with Bai Yun Fei, the Junior [Elder] of the Floating Mist Sect. Finally Yue Yang got to see the appearance of the tragic guy”s former love rival, Xie Qian Ren and new formidable enemy, Bai Yun Fei.

Xie Qian Ren didn”t really looked identical to his father, Xie Tao. Instead, he looked more like with his uncle, Xie Tu. Although he was as wise as Xie Tu, he was not as experienced and stable as Xie Tu.

His eyes and brows looked fierce. He seemed to hold a grudge against Yue Yang.

Under the battle arena, Bai Yun Fei was the center of attraction. Although he was not the one who stood on the battle arena, the people just couldn’t help but look and pay attention to him. The presence of Bai Yun Fei in the crowd was like a bright moon surrounded by the stars. He was emitting the light that was hardly ignored by others. Each and every of his movement were attracting others” attention. As for his appearance, he had the handsome appearance that was envied by many men. The way he wore his white clothes with a silver belt and purple jade on his slender body was full of sense of nobility. Even the princes from all over the world would feel inferior if they look at him.

The other thing that people couldn’t help but notice was the Golden Dragon which had shrunken it’s body into a smaller size with some secret magic. The grandeur dragon race, the King of the dragon race which was suppose to soar in the sky arrogantly was unexpectedly resting tamely next to his legs, waiting for his order.

One of the beasts of Bai Yun Fei was the Level 7 Gold-ranked Golden Dragon King.

This was an existence that made others despair upon the thought of fighting him. Most of the warriors couldn’t even get a Gold-ranked beast in their life let alone a Level 7 Gold-ranked Golden Dragon King.

“He is showing off his power to you.” Luo Hua City mistress laughed. “Why don’t you show off your Golden King Beasts to him too?”
“Forget it. If I was trying to impress girls I would probably do that, but he’s a guy. Why would I want to show off to a guy? ” Yue Yang shrugged.

The referee hinted Yue Yang to go up to the battle arena. Although Xie Qian Ren had given up the match, he still had to carry out his duty to record information about Yue Yang’s participation in the match, such as the beast that he used and so on. He was shocked when he saw Yue Yang summoning the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice. These puppet mice did not have any battle strength, how could this brat had the nerve to summon it? Was he really supposed to report to the top management that this brat had defeated Xie Qian Ren with the puppet mice?

Would others suspect that they faked the match?

The blue-clothed referee really wished that Yue Yang had summoned a stronger beast. If he didn’t have a Gold-ranked one at least a Silver-ranked or a Bronze-ranked one would do. Summoning the puppet mice would only make others suspect that they were cheating in the match. He couldn’t report it to the top management with this…

The referee hurriedly asked Yue Yang when he saw that Yue Yang was getting ready to go down from the battle arena. “Student Titan, can you please summon a stronger beast? The puppet mice isn’t in the combat category. ”

Yue Yang then summoned a Normal-ranked [Level 1] Spitting Thorny Flower. The referee was about to vomit the blood and die.

Puppet mice and Spitting Thorny Flower… Was this brat actually a lunatic lover of rubbish beasts, a madman whose life goal was to collect all those rubbish beasts?

The audiences outside the battle arena were roaring with laughter. They had seen many bizarre beasts summoned in the Hundred School Elite Tournament before, but they had never seen a contestant who summoned rubbish beasts like the puppet mice and Spitting Thorny Flower. Especially when these beasts were to compare with the majestic Golden Dragon King of the Junior [Elder], Bai Yun Fei, they appeared to be even more unsuitable and insignificant.

“Don’t you have other combat-type beasts? ” The blue-clothed referee asked patiently for the last time.

“I do have some, but the Thorny Flower is considered better if compared with the rest of my beasts. Moreover, I am just a Level 2 [Braveman]. I have already reached my limit to summon two beasts today. ” Yue Yang shrugged his shoulder, pretending that he wanted to help but was unable to do so. The audiences laughed even louder after Yue Yang said so.

“……” The blue-clothed referee was speechless.

Level 2 [Braveman]?

He doubted how this brat could even enter the Top 20 Group Round-robin Tournament.

Could it be that he was just a lucky bastard who advanced to the Group Match with his bunch of rubbish beasts since each of every opponent gave up on the match all the way?

As the referee looked over his record, to his surprise he found out that this brat had actually defeated Tian Luo Prince…… His heart was a little relieved. So this brat was a warrior who was major in combat skill. No wonder he could enter the Group Match just with those rubbish beasts.

Bai Yun Fei who was outside the battlefield smirked a little. He didn’t think that the Third Young Master of the Yue Clan whom Xie Qian Ren was afraid of only had two rubbish beasts. Although everyone had called this Yue Clan Third Young Master a loser last time, during the Clan’s New Year Tournament this year, he had defeated a lot of strong warriors. He had even defeated the two disciples of the Floating Mist Sect. How could Xie Qian Ren be so fearful of him if he was only a fool who cultivated in combat skill?

In Bai Yun Fei’s opinion, the Yue Clan Third Young Master didn’t want to reveal his strength. He smiled. “So he is the Yue Clan Third Young Master? Not bad.”

Bai Yun Fei thought to himself: You know how to hide your strength and your strongest trump card. Same goes for me as well… Revealing my Golden Dragon King is just a tactic to exert pressure and divert people’s attention. ”

A shadowy figure in a private box was watching the whole scene through the narrow slit of the window at the other side.

Bai Yun Fei knew that it must be Prince Zi Jin.

Although Prince Zi Jin looked arrogant, this fella was definitely a careful, smart and formidable opponent.

In Bai Yun Fei’s opinion, if he had to choose which opponent was the strongest and most formidable, he would have chosen the Prince Zi Jin first, followed by the Yue Clan Third Young Master and the Dragon Spear Lady.

The audience didn’t leave even though the knockout matches for Team B had ended. This was because there were other kind of matches later on, including the Team Matches, which was everyone’s favourite show. Unlike the hot-blooded Individual Match, the most interesting part of the Team Match was the excitement of the intense battle and the difficulty of predicting the winner of these matches. Teamwork was very crucial in Team Matches. No matter how strong a single individual was, he could sometimes be eliminated mercilessly in Team Matches.

There were two different styles of Team Matches. Both teams must have mutual agreement on the battle style, otherwise, the referee would toss the gold coin to decide on the battle style

The first style was Unrestricted Battle. At the beginning, both teams would have to report five participants for the battle. Then, each team would need to send one contestant to fight a one-versus-one battle. If a contestant was strong enough, he could continue to fight the next contestant after he won the one-versus-one battle and defeat all five people on the opponent’s team, therefore achieving victory. In Unrestricted Battle, both team could change their contestant whenever they wished. However, the team that won the first five rounds would win.

If the battle turned out to be long-drawn, there would be a chance that the score would end as 5 against 4. In that case, both teams would really have a hard time.

The other style was the Restricted Battle. Both teams would have to assign five participants to battle but they had to enter the battle arena strictly according to their sequence. For example, Vanguard could only fight against Vanguard, General against General, and Marshal against Marshal…… They could only substitute participants when it was the second participant’s, Deputy General, and the fourth partcipant’s, the Deputy Marshal turn to fight. This kind of Restricted Battle was more intense and cruel. A team had to win 3 battles over 5 battles to gain victory. It would be a tragedy for a strong contestant if his or her rubbish teammate lose three times in a row. Usually, the teams with a single, extremely strong contestant would decide to pick the Unrestricted Battle while the team who were good in strategizing and had average strength amongst the team members would pick the Resstricted Battle..
(Shiro: Order from first to fight: Vanguard, Deputy General, General, Deputy Marshal, Marshal)

The audiences prefer the second type of battle if compared with the first one.

This was because the second type of battle with restriction was more intense and cruel.

For instance, if Bai Yun Fei’s teammate were all very weak and he picked the second type of Restricted Battle, wouldn’t his life be very tragic?

This kind of Restricted Battle could also reflect on the strength and strategizing ability of a team even more because the contestants who would be assigned to battle on the arena wouldn’t be leaked before the battle. For Bai Yun Fei’s team, if their opponent could guess which order Bai Yun Fei would be fighting in, they could simply assign the weakest contestant as his opponent. That way, they could simply throw the match against Bai Yun Fei use their stronger team members to fight against the weaker participants in Bai Yun Fei’s team…… Of course, expecting Bai Yun Fei’s teammates to be a pile of rubbish was definitely just a fantasy.

Among Bai Yun Fei’s teammates, three of them were disciples of the Floating Mist Sect. They were extremely strong. The last team member was Xie Qian Ren while their reserve team member was a mysterious person who had yet to appear on the stage before.

However, people believed that the strength of this reserve team member was only second to Bai Yun Fei.

When Bai Yun Fei’s team fought against the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace’s team that was led by Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu, besides Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu who had inflicted heavy injuries on the weakest member, Xie Qian Ren, the other three teammates had been defeated completely. Bai Yun Fei’s team gained victory even without Bai Yun Fei participating in the battle.

It was Team Yue Yang’s turn to battle. Before this, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers had been the ones who battled all the way.

Today, Fatty Hai’s stinky hand drew the jackpot again.

The “Shang Jing Academy Team” which consisted of powerful enemies such as Yan Po Jun, Yue Tian, Yue Yan, Lie Ban, Feng Qi Sha and the others would clash against the “Ivy Academy Team”, which consisted of Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Li Qi, Li Ge and Yue Bing. This was indeed an inevitable clash between two sworn enemies. If Yue Yang wasn’t there as their reserve team member, all of them would definitely suffered a complete defeat. The result wouldn’t turn out so bad if Yue Bing didn’t end up having to fight Yan Po Jun or Feng Qi Sha.

If she had to battle with either of them, it would be hard to guarantee that she could win the battle, but she probably wouldn’t suffer a crushing defeat.

However, it would be a tragedy for Fatty Hai and Ye Kong because it would be really tough for them no matter who they would have to battle with.

“I am not going to enter the battle arena this time. I am so exhausted after coming out from the Twelve Zodiac Temple. I haven’t replenish my energy yet so you guys just fight to the best that you can. Just let me know if you guys lose the battle. I would inform the Eagle-eyed Teacher to settle with you guys. ” Yue Yang was very merciless. He had not only refused to participate in the battle, he had even threatened to punish them if they lost.

“No worries. I will definitely try my best in the match! ” Other than Yue Bing who was maintained a strong fighting spirit, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the rest were dispirited.

“Goodbye, beauties of the Soaring Dragon Continent! I hope to see you in my next life…” Fatty Hai was the Vanguard of his team. Since they would be fighting the second style of battle, the Restricted Battle, after the referee tossed the gold coin, Fatty Hai as the vanguard of his team would have to battle with his old enemy, Yan Po Jun. Fatty Hai knew that he was done for. He was utterly, completely and unconditionally done for. Not mentioning Yue Yang’s refusal to participate in the battle, even if Yue Yang agreed to fight, according to the rules, he wouldn’t be able to replace Fatty Hai because he was the Vanguard.

Bai Yun Fei and Prince Zi Jin didn’t leave but observed the strength of Yue Yang’s team quietly.

Bai Yun Fei, especially, sneaked many glances at Princess Qian Qian, who was sitting beside Yue Yang. His eyes seemed to glitter in a strange light that seemed like greed an bloodthirst. Princess Qian Qian remained calm as she ignored Bai Yun Fei’s stare. Luo Hua City Mistress, on the other hand, disliked such a gaze. She covered up her side by drawing one of the curtain in the private box.

Fatty Hai was trembling in fear as he entered the battle arena, where Yan Po Jun had already stood on standby.

“We meet again, Classmate Hai. Your Hippo Meteor Punch is really unforgettable. Hopefully you won’t give up on the battle today so that we can have a good fight.” Yan Po Jun was smiling on the surface but he really wished that he could burn Fatty Hai into a roasted pig in his heart. He had never been so humiliated before. On top of that, Bai Yun Fei and Prince Zi Jin’s powerful strength had set him back, making him feel dejected and depressed for the past two days. He couldn’t hold his head up as people were wagging their tongues behind him.

“I had nothing to lose. Do you think I will be afraid of you? I am just a useless person. It won’t be embarrassing if I lose but you are different. You are a noble. I bet you were crying miserably when I beat you up previously.” Fatty Hai went beyond everyone’s expectations, deciding to fight a ‘Bloody Battle’ instead of giving up the match.

The ‘Bloody Battle’ was divided into three rounds. Each round lasted for three minutes. In between the three rounds, one minute would be provided for the contestants to rest and arrange their tactics.

The contestant was not allowed to give up on the battle unless they were on the verge of dying or losing his or her consciousness.

Yan Po Jun saw Fatty Hai choosing the ‘Bloody Battle’ which people would not choose under normal circumstances. His look changed a little but a touch of irony was seen on his lips. He appeared to compliment Fatty Hai with modesty but in his heart he was thinking that Fatty Hai was courting death. “You have a bold spirit, as expected. I will definitely try my best in the battle since I admire your choice for picking the ‘Bloody Battle’.”

Choosing a ‘Bloody Battle’ instead of giving up?

Ye Kong and the rest who were waiting outside the battle arena were shocked by Fatty Hai’s ridiculous decision. All of them were stunned and shared the same thought that Fatty Hai must have taken some kind of stupidity pill.

Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian begun their bet. The bet seemed to be related to running around naked…

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