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LLS Chapter 232 – Who is Fake Goods?

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Chapter 232 – Who is Fake Goods?
Translated by: May
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang really wished to clear the Trial of Pisces Temple in one go in order to complete all Trials of the Twelve Zodiac Temple.

No one knew what would happen after one had cleared all the Trials of the Twelve Zodiac Temple since no one had completed the the Twelve Zodiac Temple Trials in the past ten thousand years. Based on the ample rewards given after clearing each Temple, there must be a surprising reward that he would acquire after clearing all the Trials due to the great difficulty of the Twelve Zodiac Temples. As a result of clearing the Trials of the six Temples continuously since he completed the Trial of the Virgo Temple, Yue Yang’s mental was extremely exhausted though his body still had the energy after he defeated the Guardian of the Aquarius Temple. Since he also worried about Luo Hua, Qian Qian and the rest, he had decided to leave and take a rest before he continued with the Trial of the Pisces Temple.

Most importantly, Yue Yang couldn’t wait to share his happiness and excitement of getting the Goddess’ Tears and Godly Nectar with all the girls.

They could save the life of the sickly beauty with the Goddess’ Tears and Godly Nectar.

Yue Yang noticed that the mysterious beauty and the sickly beauty were missing besides of Luo Hua, Qian Qian, Yue Yu, Yi Nan and Yue Bing after he got out from the Teleportation Gate. Princess Qian Qian was the first to approach Yue Yang as soon as he got out from the Teleportation Gate. She did a gesture to Yue Yang without asking him regarding the battling process. “Quick! We have to leave now!”

“What is happening?” Yue Yang was curious.

Could it be that what was told by the little girl, Wu Xia was real?

She said something hideous might happen on the next day and he won’t be able to clear the Trial of the Virgo Temple as it would aroused his inner demons if he knew it. One day had already passed which meant the incident that was mentioned by Wu Xia might had happened today.

Princess Qian Qian pulled Yue Yang and left without answering Yue Yang’s question.

When they were back to the Windchime Inn, Yue Yu and Yue Bing’s eye sockets were reddish. They looked at Yue Yang as if they had something to tell him but they didn’t say anything.

Yue Yang was puzzled. Could it be that something bad happened to Fourth Mother?

This was quite impossible because Yue Bing would definitely cry if something bad happened to Fourth Mother. Furthermore, Jun Wu You and the Old Cunning Fox had promised him that they would send Fourth Mother to an absolutely safe place where the enemies wouldn’t be able to find her. If nothing happened to Fourth Mother, then what else could have happened? Yue Yang looked at Luo Hua City Mistress, hoping that she would give him an explanation.

Luo Hua City Mistress didn’t try to hide it from Yue Yang, she walked towards Yue Yang and sat beside him. “Someone wrote to Jun Wu You and the Old Marshall Yue disclosing that the substitute Clan Master, Yue Shan is a puppet possessed by a demon…”

“Are you kidding me?” Yue Yang was startled. Although Uncle Yue Shan was very treacherous, his body and aura didn’t seem like a demon.

He might not be able to sense it as he was not close with Yue Shan, but it was impossible if Elder Yue Hai did not know about the changes with his own son. In addition, it was impossible for Yue Shan’s wife who had been sleeping with him on the same bed and staying with him all the time not to notice about the changes in her husband’s body. Yue Yang also didn’t think that his sons and daughters like Yue Tian, Yue Ting, Yue Yu and the rest were unable to tell that their father was being possessed by a demon. If Yue Shan was possessed by a demon, it would be impossible for the Heavenly Imperial Guardians and the Innate Rankers not finding out that he was a demon since Yue Shan used to enter and leave the palace as he was serving for Da Xia Empire.

As Yue Yang thought about it, he really couldn’t believe in such a ridiculous speculation. Yue Yang would have believed it if someone said Yue Shan was an extremely treacherous hypocrite or he was the murderer who had killed Yue Qiu, the tragic guy’s father.

However, in Yue Yang’s opinion, if Yue Shan was said to be possessed by demon, it was impossible for none of them to notice about it unless all the warriors from the Soaring Dragon Continent were blind!

Yue Yang didn’t believe in this kind of disclosure. The person who revealed this must be lying.

Yue Yang would approve if someone wanted to smear Yue Shan’s reputation. He wouldn’t object no matter who that person was. However, that person had actually used such a method, he was really speechless. This would only make more people to sympathize with Yue Shan. Hearing this news, Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai would probably comfort Yue Shan after knowing this. It looks like Yue Shan’s position as a substitute Clan Master would not be shaken in this short period of time.

Yue Yang asked curiously, “Which dreary person wrote this kind of letter?”

Yue Yu’s lips trembled as she answered. “’It…it was Third Uncle. He came back yesterday……’

The answer was like a bolt from the blue. Yue Yang trembled after he heard the answer. Oh my God! It was actually the tragic guy’s father who came back!

Yue Yang had no interest in exploring the truth on whether Yue Shan was a demon or not. He started to worry about himself. If Yue Qiu happened to notice that he wasn’t his son by any chance, it would be over!

“When did he come back?” Yue Yang realized that his voice was a little stuttering.

“Don’t get too stirred up…’ Princess Qian Qian held Yue Yang’s hands as she sat beside Yue Yang. “We still can’t confirm whether he is the real Yue Qiu for the time being. After all, your father had died in the war for fifteen years. Now just as you started to help Yue Clan to rise in power, he suddenly came back out of the blue… Most importantly, everyone thought that the mysterious expert who taught you combat skills was your father, and that the one who came back now is a fake… The old marshal Yue had shown a fake portrait of you which had been slightly altered from your father. In the end, he nodded his head and said that you look just like him. That means he couldn’t even recognize his own son. Of course, it was just a portrait, it couldn’t explain anything. However, this is enough to make him suspicious… At the moment, we hope that you can stay calm. It will be best if he is the real one. If he is a fake Yue Qiu then we will definitely investigate this matter.”

“Did you mean that you want me to identify whether he is the real Yue Qiu?” Yue Yang cried in bitterness in his heart. The mysterious expert who taught him combat skills wasn’t Yue Qiu at all, it was the Heavenly Sword Goddess. It would be fine if he, a guys from another world, had met the fake Yue Qiu. He would definitely be done for if the Yue Qiu that he was going to meet was the real one!

“No. It is the opposite from what you think. We hope that you don’t meet him at the moment in order to prevent him to know everything about you… If your father is the one who taught you the combat skills then it is impossible for him to not know what you are expert in. We don’t have the proof now. We need to find more proofs to prove that he is the fake one.” Princess Qian Qian hinted Yue Yang to stay calm. “I know you want to meet your father very badly. However, this guy, who had never came back before, had suddenly accused his own elder brother being possessed by a demon right after he came back. Something was definitely wrong… My father and Old Marshal Yue are suspecting that this fake Yue Qiu is actually a demon in disguise. In other words, there might be a Demon King or a Lich King who used some kind of secret method to transfer another soul into your father’s body after he died in the war, before releasing him back to Yue Clan… Now the elders were suspecting that the target of the fake Yue Qiu is you!”

“Can’t we expose him?” Yue Yang was anxious.

He wished to prove that this Yue Qiu was the fake one. He would be safe then.

If he was the real Yue Qiu, the one who was out of luck wouldn’t be the hypocrite Yue Shan alone, but himself too as well.

Yue Yu’s eye sockets were reddish and her tears was about to drop. “I heard that the person looks exactly like Third Uncle. His appearance, voice, beasts and combat skills are exactly the same. He could also tell the various battling experiences… I hope that Third Uncle could come back, but I hope that what he said isn’t true. Although my father love power and authority, he is not a demon… I am really confused with this matter!’

Yue Bing had the similar thought. She was even worried that the fake Third Uncle would kill her elder brother.

Yue Yang felt a little fidgety. “That means he is the real one?”

Princess Qian Qian waved her hands as she disagreed with Yue Yang. “No. As I see it goes the opposite way… He took initiative to talk about the past to gain the trust of everyone. What does it means? This means he wanted to prove that he is the real Yue Qiu. There’s no need for him to do so if he is the real one. Moreover, if the substitute Clan Master is the fake one, why is he so anxious to expose him? Why don’t he expose him after he gathers more proofs? There are also a few of doubtful points. First, he said that he had been taken as prisoner of war in the Demon Abyss for the past fifteen years. It was only after gaining the trust of a Demon Abyss Countess that he managed to escape the “Raging Inferno Prison” and escaped back to the Soaring Dragon Continent… Your father is an upright and outspoken person, I don’t think he would sell himself for his life. Second, the one who most probably has been teaching you the combat skills since you were young was your father. If he had been in the Abyss all these years, how could he teach you that? Furthermore, the most suspicious thing is that he was anxious to see you once he is back. He did not even mention about missing your mother…”

“So what do you want me to do? Confront him directly?” Yue Yang still felt that he was in danger. Even if they could prove that this Yue Qiu was the fake one, maybe they would also uncover the truth that he was actually from another dimension… The mysterious beauty knew his secret. At least she knew what was his inner demons.

Where did she go at this moment?

She seemed to know about this yesterday and wanted him to clear the Virgo Temple immediately.

This showed that she was supporting him…… It seemed that she was willing to keep his secret. This Wu Xia little girl, what was she thinking about in her heart?

Yue Yang felt that he had to ask her about this if she was here now.

So that his heart wouldn’t be in a mess and in confusion like now.

Luo Hua City Mistress pressed her hands on Yue Yang’s arm lightly. “We have discussed about it before. We also think that you shouldn’t go back to meet him. If he is the real one, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to meet him later. He won’t blame you for that either. If he is the fake one, you should not go back to meet him so the enemy doesn’t have any chance to take advantage on you. Anyway, it will not be too late for us to go back until elders finished investigating the matter in secret and everything becomes clear.”

“Alright.” Yue Yang felt extremely happy in his heart though he seemed to agree about the suggestion in reluctance on the outside.

Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress felt relieved when they heard Yue Yang promise that he wouldn’t go back to Yue Clan. They were worried that his bad temper would act out again, that he would refuse to listen to their advice and went back to investigate the matter instead. Everyone would be very worried if thing happened this way.

It was still not the time to fight the fake Yue Qiu at the moment.

Moreover, they didn’t have any proof yet……

As for the things such as the fact that Yue Yang was actually the fake one, they had never thought about this at all.

Only the mysterious beauty seemed to doubt about Yue Yang’s identity before. but she didn’t seem to perform any deep investigation about it. She even decided to support Yue Yang unconditionally by helping him to overcome his inner demons and cleared the Trial of Virgo Temple successfully. This meant in the Soaring Dragon Continent, only Yue Yang and her knew about this little secret. Even the mysterious beauty was unable to be certain of Yue Yang’s real identity. It was just that the Inner Demons had exaggerated the suspicion that had brushed across her mind. They could only clear the Virgo Temple because the mysterious beauty had long chosen to forget about Yue Yang’s real identity and gave him her hundred percent of trust and support. She also didn’t concern herself about this question anymore.

“We could just pretend that we don’t know anything about this. Now we should go to participate in the Hundred School Elite Tournament. After we complete the tournament, we should search for the ingredients to refine the Rebirth Pill. Then we can explore the God’s Ruins after we cure Wu Hen’s disease.” Princess Qian Qian looked at Yue Yang. This was the first time she looked at him with a pleading gaze.

She didn’t want something bad to happen to Yue Yang. If that was the fake Yue Qiu then the enemy must be coming for Yue Yang.

He was just promoted to be an [Innate] not long ago. The Rankers from the Abyss would not have the chance later if they didn’t make their move before Yue Yang grew stronger.

As long as they gained more time over this period now, Yue Yang could advance to a higher level. It would be difficult for the enemy to succeed even with they treacherous tricks. In conclusion, Yue Yang needed time because the enemy was preying on Yue Yang.

Yue Yu handed over a letter to Yue Yang. It was jointly written by Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai.

There were just a few sentences in the letter but Yue Yang could feel their love and protection.

“San Er, you don’t have to worry about the family. Although there are many riddles in this world and it is hard to distinguish clearly between right and wrong, the truth will be unveiled one day. Please take good care of yourself. Do not easily trust what you hear no matter what is happening in the family. The most important thing is to take care of yourself regardless of any circumstances……”

Since Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai had told Yue Yang not to go back to meet ‘Yue Qiu’, of course Yue Yang was willing to follow their instruction.

Yue Yang didn’t care whether Yue Shan or Yue Qiu was the demon.

If Yue Yang analysed the whole incident without bothering about his identity, there were indeed many doubts in this matter.

“Let’s go. Since we are unable to take care of those matters, let’s concentrate on the tournament.” At first, Princess Qian Qian was not interested in the tournament but now she just wanted to drag Yue Yang to participate the Hundred School Elite Tournament so that he didn’t have time to think about his father’s matter.

After they went back to the Champion Island, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong were happy to see Yue Yang. “Quick! It will be too late if you don’t come back. We rather you lose to anyone but not Xie Qian Ren!”

Yue Yang just remembered that he still had another knock-out match!

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