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LLS Chapter 231 – An overabundance of Yue Yang’s luck!

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Chapter 231 – An overabundance of Yue Yang’s luck!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang and the three girls continued their victorious journey and rushed into the Libra Temple.

It was different from the previous Temples before it. The Libra Temple had a sight limitation enforced by the Ancient Law. Even Yue Yang who had the Night-Vision skill and Level 4 Divine Vision couldn’t see anything with his eyes in this place. Under the situation where they couldn’t see their enemies, it was really difficult for Yue Yang and the three girls to clear the Libra Temple. Fortunately, with Xiao Wen Li, Barbarian Cow Shadow and the Thorny Flower Demoness working altogether, they managed to clear the Libra Temple successfully.

Yue Yang received a Golden Scale as a reward, an Artifact.

Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and the Thorny Flower Demoness also received the reward of intelligence.

As for Xiao Wen Li, after breaking the Guardian of Libra Temple’s ‘Cutting Evil’ Gold-ranked sword, her weapon, Dual Icicle Blades, had absorbed the power of the sword and rose from its Platinum – Dark Gold-rank to Diamond-rank.

Platinum-rank was called Dark Gold-rank in Demon Abyss, a little different from what it was called in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Scorpio Temple.

The eighth temple, Scorpio Temple, was located in a desert, surrounded by countless Bronze-ranked and Silver-ranked Scorpions all hiding in the sand.

Furthermore, the Scorpio Temple itself was buried underneath a sand dune. Due to the disadvantageous location, Yue Yang was unable to kill the Guardian of the Scorpio Temple, the Golden Scorpio. However, he was successful in injuring it fatally, and managed to acquire the Gold-ranked Artifact, “Scorpio Gloves”. Yue Bing received the most reward in this Trial. Her [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill had levelled up, and furthermore, she had acquired a new skill, [Antiaris]. If beasts under Gold-rank were attacked by this skill, there would be almost no cure for them; If warriors under Level 6 [Elder] were attacked by this skill, they would also immediately lose their lives… Fortunately it was the kind Yue Bing who possessed this skill. If it were another person who acquired such a terrifying skill, the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent would probably be swept up in a storm!

After resting for two hours, Yue Yang led the three girls and entered the Sagittarius Temple.

The ninth temple, Sagittarius Temple was located within a mountain forest that was filled with countless centaurs.

Arrows, javelins, battle-axes…

The centaurs attacked rabidly without stopping from the moment Yue Yang and the others stepped into the grounds.

After going through hundreds of battles and raids, Yue Bing and Yi Nan who couldn’t afford not to summon their grimoire couldn’t help but to level up continuously. Yi Nan had levelled up to Level 5 [Grandmaster] while Yue Bing to Level 4 [Hero]. Only Yue Yang was still the same old Level 2 [Braveman].

When Yue Yang led the three girls into the Sagittarius Temple, a Golden Centaur King, whose body was as humongous as a building, was waiting for them inside.

In order to help Yue Yang to preserve his strength, the mysterious beauty took the initiative to charge forward and fought a great battle with the Golden Centaur King.

With Yue Yang’s help, after a difficult battle, the three girls finally ended victorious against the strong enemy.

The Golden Centaur King had turned into a huge stone statue after it died from serious injuries. Its soul turned into golden light that shot up to the sky.

At first, Yue Yang thought that they would acquire the Golden Bow in the Golden Centaur King’s hands as a reward. Who would have known that it would turn into stone too. On the battle floor, there were only four small, exquisite Golden Horse Hoofs left in the end… As the leader in the fight, the mysterious beauty decided to give the fortune-bringing Golden Horse Hoofs to Yi Nan. In the end, after acquiring the Golden Horse Hoof’s fortune and luck, and the intelligence reward from clearing the Trial, Yi Nan’s Pegasus had levelled up from its Silver-rank to Gold-rank.

It could be said that although the mysterious beauty had fought the hardest, the fortunate Yi Nan had become the person who reaped the greatest rewards in clearing the Sagittarius Temple.

“We have stayed inside for far too long. Qian Qian and Luo Hua would definitely be worried about us. We are also already far too exhausted with our battles. Yue Yang, you should continue to advance. I will go out and update Qian Qian and Luo Hua about it, so as to avoid having them waiting for us in worry!” The exhausted mysterious beauty decided to go out and give Qian Qian and the others news about their well-being.

“If that is so, I will also return with Sister Wu Xia. I have reached my limit.”

Yi Nan really hoped to be able to fight by Yue Yang’s side, but she was completely exhausted by the Sagittarius Temple. If she still continued to stay, she would only become Yue Yang’s burden.

Yue Yang might still be fine if he only needed to protect Yue Bing, but it would definitely be too strenuous for him to protect her too. Hence, Yi Nan decided to leave. The Twelve Zodiac Temples were filled with abnormal battles, not a single Temple was easy to clear. Virgo Temple was originally the hardest to clear, but the tanker for that wasn’t her, hence she managed to clear it even without giving her all. She didn’t need to fight in the Libra Temple, so that wasn’t counted too. It was only at the Scorpio Temple and Sagittarius Temple that Yi Nan realized how tormenting clearing the Temples could be. If it weren’t for Yue Yang clearing them together with her, she would have long withdrew from the Trial.

Although the rewards from the Trials were extremely rewarding, how could she continue to fight if she lacked the capabilities to do so?

It was already a miracle for her to persevere until now.

Yue Bing, on the other hand, was a little reluctant. She still had some strength left, but since the mysterious beauty and Yi Nan all wanted to leave, she also quietly said, “I, I will also go back!”

Yue Yang thought that this girl still had some strength, hence he advised, “Bing-er, how about going back after the next Trial? If you are tired, I can carry you on my back…”

The mysterious beauty and Yi Nan also advised Yue Bing to stay.

They felt that Yue Bing had unlimited potential. She still had a huge room to improve, hence she should stay and train with Yue Yang.

“No, it’s fine. If I stayed behind, I wouldn’t be able to help brother. Instead, I will only just be his burden. Furthermore, I had already levelled up a lot just now, I haven’t fully digested all the improvements that I’ve made!” Yue Bing’s real thoughts were actually if she were to stay behind and receive the rewards from clearing Trials, she would definitely snatch away her brother’s share of rewards. If her brother could acquire all the rewards for himself alone, then his powers would definitely rise greatly.

Yue Bing felt that the most important thing was to increase her brother’s powers. She had already received plenty of rewards, she should know when to be satisfied.

Under her determination, Yue Yang couldn’t force her to stay.

Anyway, they could still do the Sky, Earth and Humanity Three Shrines Quest when they cleared the Twelve Zodiac Temples and went up to the Tong Tian Tower Second Floor. After the Three Shrines Quest, there was still the World’s Tree Quest in Tong Tian Tower Third Floor. As for the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floor, there were even more, countless quests waiting for them. There was no need to worry for missing a cultivation opportunity.

The mysterious beauty couldn’t oppose Yi Nan and Yue Bing’s decision when she saw their determination.

She quietly said a few words of caution to Yue Yang, that he should be careful, and that if he couldn’t beat his opponents, he should come out first and fight again in the next opportunity. After all, the hardest temples, Gemini and Virgo Temples, had already been cleared.

Yi Nan also wanted to speak to Yue Yang alone, but she was a little embarrassed. She kept her head low, her eyes unable to meet with Yue Yang’s.

Soundlessly, with a blushing face and heated ears, she pulled on Yue Bing’s hands and chased after the mysterious beauty to leave the place together.

After sending the three girls off, Yue Yang advanced into the Capricorn Temple.

The Capricorn Temple was located in a giant river that was infested with mermaids, frogmen, lizardmen and water monsters that continuously swarmed and attacked Yue Yang. Xiao Wen Li did not need to fight at all, the Stone Medusa and Storm Mermaid were more than able to fill the river with corpses of mermaids and water monsters. The thing that made Yue Yang felt most surprised was the fact that the Stone Medusa had even summoned a Gold-ranked Tiger Shark. She ordered the Tiger Shark to throw the mermaids and other water monsters all above the waters. Facing a pincer attack from below and above the water, the mermaids and the water monsters were completely defeated and suffered countless casualties. In the huge Palace near the riverside, the Guardian of the Capricorn Temple resided. It could switch its appearance from a mermaid into a Golden Sheep back and forth, furthermore, it had a terrifying ability of summoning sorcery. Its special summoning sorcery could turn its opponent into a sheep that had zero fighting abilities.

At first, the Gold-ranked Tiger Shark was extremely powerful. However, after the Guardian of the Capricorn Temple summoned its skill [Sphere of Sheep’s Shadow], it immediately turned into a harmless little sheep.

It, who was originally the king of the seas, had almost drowned to its death!

The Guardian of the Capricorn Temple provoked Xiao Wen Li’s anger. She personally led the Stone Medusa, Storm Mermaid and Thunder Naga and pursued the Guardian of the Capricorn Temple underwater, finally inflicting fatal injuries on it.

The Guardian quickly returned to the riverside.

When it had only just turned into a Golden Sheep, it was unfortunately stabbed by the Bloody Queen with her Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger who was lying in ambush. It almost met its miserable end.

If Yue Yang fought personally, it would definitely die even if it had two lives. But Yue Yang was restricted by the Ancient Law, hence he couldn’t fight personally. The Guardian who had turned into a Golden Sheep was almost killed by the Bloody Queen’s attack, but it successfully escaped in the end. Maybe it had already accepted the fact that Yue Yang had successfully cleared the Trial, hence, in the moment when the Bloody Queen was about to swoop down and kill the Guardian, it immediately turned into a pillar of golden light and disappeared, leaving a bunch of Golden Sheep Wools on the floor.

Does Golden Sheep Wool also count as a Gold-ranked Artifact?

Yue Yang was greatly astonished.

Under his Level 4 [Divine Vision] observation, he realized that this soft Golden Sheep Wool was really an Artifact.

Maybe it was because the Bloody Queen’s last attack had almost killed the Guardian of the Capricorn Temple, she had received the Guardian’s skill [Sheep Transformation] sorcery skill as a reward.

Of course, her new skill reward was only Level 1, it still couldn’t compare to the Guardian of Capricorn Temple’s [Sheep Transformation] skill. The Bloody Queen’s current [Sheep Transformation] could only be used against beasts under Gold-ranked Level 6…

Although it was physically weak, Yue Yang felt that this skill was actually pretty good. It had a lot of potential.

In the future when its level had risen, he could perhaps use it on his opponents and finish his battles very quickly.

Just think about it, his enemies had spent a huge effort in summoning a strong beast, but the Bloody Queen could immediately turn it into a harmless sheep in an instant. Wouldn’t his enemies cry to their death?

After acquiring the Capricorn Temple’s power, Yue Yang continued to charge into the eleventh temple, the Aquarius Temple.

The monsters guarding outside the Aquarius Temple and the Guardian were not really strong, its difficulty would only be average at most compared to the other Twelve Zodiac Temples. However, the beast summoned by the Guardian who had a humanoid appearance almost tired Yue Yang to death. The first beast that the Guardian of the Aquarius Temple summoned was a Shadow Goddess that was holding a Golden Pitcher. Whenever Xiao Wen Li, Ah Man, Thorny Flower Demoness and the others spent their effort to injure the Guardian of Aquarius Temple fatally, that Shadow Goddess would use the powers of the Pitcher to heal its master completely. Furthermore, it would increase its master’s abilities to twice of its original… Yue Yang felt that this situation was as if he had met a tanker with large reserve of HP and a healer in a game. They could really make their opponents die of depression!

Unfortunately, the Shadow Goddess was immune to all kinds of attacks. It really drove Yue Yang mad.

Finally, they won because of a skill that Yue Yang had never used before, [Bloodeye Double Kill].
(Shiro: Chapter 201 – [Bloodeye Double Kill]: When [Doom’s Eyes] is triggered to kill an enemy, there is a small chance that a related enemy will be killed too. This skill will not work on non-living beasts or undead beasts who don’t have souls.)

It was only at this moment that Yue Yang realized the abnormal strength of the [Bloodeye Double Kill].

The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man had unleashed [Doom’s Eyes] and it had triggered [Bloodeye Double Kill] by chance. Although the Guardian of the Aquarius Temple did not immediately die, its soul was gravely injured. Hence, the Ancient Law recognised the death of the Guardian. [Bloodeye Double Kill] had immediately killed the Shadow Goddess that was immune to any attacks.

Yue Yang immediately grabbed the Golden Pitcher that fell from the sky, his face sporting a smile so wide that a fist could be stuffed inside.

He never thought that the [Bloodeye Double Kill] would have such a fantastic effect. He had always thought that the [Bloodeye Double Kill] could only be used when the Barbarian Cow Shadow glared twice. He never thought that the Shadow Goddess would also die even when it was not glared at, just because its master had been. Although this abnormal skill would need a lot of luck to be triggered, the moment it appeared, their enemies wouldn’t even have time to cry, they would die immediately!

Just imagine, if Barbarian Cow Shadow managed to kill a beast with its [Doom’s Eyes] and triggered [Bloodeye Double Kill] by chance, then the beast’s master would really be unlucky…

Of course, Ah Man had never tried whether she could really kill the beast’s master when she killed the beast. It was only Yue Yang’s guess at this time.

If it were really possible, then that skill would become the number one amongst all abnormal skills!

What is abnormal?

This skill is abnormal!

Other than receiving the reward for clearing the Trial, Ah Man and the Thorny Flower Demoness also received intelligence reward. Furthermore, Yue Yang had also received the Golden Pitcher. Inside, there was a smaller pitcher that contained Godly Nectar that could heal someone completely with just a single drop.

Originally, the Guardian of the Aquarius Temple would only die after the Godly Nectar was completely consumed. Instead, as it was killed by the [Bloodeye Double Kill], the remaining Godly Nectar that wasn’t consumed became Yue Yang’s spoils of war.

What is overabundance of luck? This is an overabundance of luck, a great explosion of luck!

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