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LLS Chapter 230 – Goddess’ Tear

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Chapter 230 – Goddess’ Tear
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Even after changing into Yue Bing’s clothes, Yi Nan still felt very embarrassed, keeping her head low and not daring to look at Yue Yang.

Especially when she thought about that embarrassing scene, she really wanted to dig a hole and hide herself. All along, she had appeared in front of Yue Yang with the identity of ‘Brother Yi Nan’. She had even pretended to be her own brother to give him her necklace on behalf of ‘his sister’ as a personal token to signify the promise of marriage. Instead, her identity as a girl was exposed to Yue Yang here. She really didn’t know what to do.

Yue Bing was also blushing.

She was his sister, yet her clothes was completely burnt in front of her brother. Obviously, she was extremely embarrassed.

The thing that made her felt restless the most was that it seemed like this ridiculously big fire was started by her. As to how that happen, she had no clue at all.

Taking the chance as Yue Bing and Yi Nan went somewhere to put on their clothes, Yue Yang approached the mysterious beauty, whose body was wholly covered in ice, “Just now, what Inner Demon did you face? Did you see an Inner Demon like me? What did he say to you?”

“He mentioned some nonsense…” The mysterious beauty revealed a gentle expression in her eyes, her voice soft and tender, “That nonsense might be about a little secret, but I don’t care about it at all. If you are worried about it, I can tell you what it was about. It is a secret that only you and I will know. In the future, there will never be a third person who will know about it. You don’t have to be worried about this secret anymore, just treat Fourth Mother and your sister well!”

“Did you suspect it from the beginning?” Happiness filled Yue Yang’s heart, before he asked her again.

“Everyone has their own secrets. If you can’t share your secret with me, I will not be curious about it. Even if I knew about it, I will also bury the secret deep in my heart.” The mysterious beauty’s eyes that was as clear as lake water revealed a smiling expression that was unique to her alone, “Yue Yang, there might not be many people who are worthy of your trust, but you could try trusting me!”

“Thank you, Wu Xia.” Yue Yang felt that his heart was lifted from a very heavy burden that had been weighing on his heart since the first time he was transported into this world. He felt extremely relieved and relaxed.

His mental state also started to change without him knowing.

Faintly, he felt that there was an opportunity for his cultivation to break through into a new realm.

If it wasn’t for him wanting to see the reward for clearing Virgo Temple, Yue Yang would have tried to break through the Fifth Stage of Innate Invisible Sword Qi. After defeating his Inner Demon and relieved from his heart’s burden, Yue Yang felt like he was born anew. Right now, he started to believe that he had the capability to climb the ranks and become a top innate ranker. When he had a lot of troubles in his heart, he couldn’t give his 100% concentration in cultivating. How could he climb onto the peak of innate realm like that?

The mysterious beauty’s smiling expression was like crystal clear spring water, completely melting Yue Yang’s heart, “Although you are a stupid idiot, I think… you are more or less okay!”

Yue Yang was delighted. “Really? I have some time tomorrow, would you like to row a boat with me on the lakeside?”

“No, rowing boats might suit Qian Qian, but that’s not what I like.” The mysterious beauty immediately rejected him.

“Then I can accompany you to read some books under the Thousand Years Oak Tree…” Yue Yang’s reaction speed was extremely fast.

“Just reading books?” The mysterious beauty asked in cautiousness.

“I guarantee that we will only be reading books. I will definitely not cause any trouble.” Hearing that there might be a chance, Yue Yang immediately pretended to be a good boy as he patted his chest and gave her a guarantee, hoping that she would agree.

“No.” The mysterious beauty still rejected him in the end.

“Why don’t you want to go?” Yue Yang showed his sincerity, “Girl, give me a chance! It’s rare for me to pretend to be a good boy, you know!”

“Let me think about it…” The mysterious beauty smiled gently.

When Yue Yang heard it, he excitedly jumped in exhilaration.

In one’s life, if he met such a girl, how could he not pursue her as his wife?

Yi Nan and Yue Bing were quietly returning to them. Yi Nan, whose clothes were extremely tight as she had borrowed Yue Bing’s clothes that were too small for her, hid herself behind Yue Bing, afraid that Yue Yang would see her. Yue Yang was afraid that she would feel too distressed, hence he did not pay any attention to her. Instead, he reached out his hands to caress Yue Bing’s head, “Bing er, let’s go. We should collect our reward for clearing the Trial!” As he said that, he also patted Yi Nan’s head and signalled her to follow along.

Although he had discovered the truth about her, he was still so calm and normal. Yi Nan felt completely embarrassed.

With a blushing face, she hid behind his back and quietly followed along.

The Crystal Mirror that was adorned with gold and diamond looked like a treasure mirror on the surface, but with Yue Yang’s Level 4 Divine Vision, he could see that it was actually a beast.

It was a special-type beast.

When Yue Yang and the three girls walked closer to it, the figure of a Compassionate Goddess appeared on the mirror’s surface. That faint, indistinct voice resounded once again, “Young fellow and pure maidens, congratulations to your team on clearing the Virgo Temple of the Twelve Zodiac Temples. You have unconditional trust towards each other. It was much more difficult to win against your Inner Demons in a team than coming here alone… As the Guardian of the Virgo Temple, other than congratulating you on your success, I would also like to give you all a special reward!”

Light shone out from the Crystal Mirror, the pure light illuminating the whole space incomparably, blinding Yue Yang and the others.

In the moment when the light was at its brightest, four balls of crystal clear light floated towards and entered into Yue Yang, Yue Bing, Yi Nan and the mysterious beauty’s forehead. At the same time, the four people felt like there was new information that bloomed inside their heads. A skill called [Inner Mirror] appeared in their minds, just as if it was an Inherent Skill that was given to them the moment they made a grimoire contract.

Afterwards, cracks quickly formed on the surface of the Crystal Mirror as it broke into pieces.

A pillar of light shot out from Yi Nan’s body and streaked across the sky, forming the figure of that Compassionate Goddess. She smiled towards Yi Nan and said, “This girl has the best affinity with me, hence, I shall give you the the “Spirit Mirror” skill! My job is done here, goodbye!”

The Compassionate Goddess’ figure turned into a pillar of light that shot through the sky, finally disappearing into nothingness, as if she had never existed before.

Only the pieces of broken Crystal Mirror scattered on the the ground were left to prove that they had cleared the Trial, that they had created a record in the history.

Yue Yang kept the pieces of Crystal Mirror.

He realized that there was actually still some use for these broken pieces of the mirror. The Rune Pattern that was engraved on them looked completely unfamiliar to him. If he could duplicate it, he could probably make another Crystal Mirror that had Inner Demon Mental power… if he could use such a weapon to fight his opponents, his opponents would probably die miserably! When Yue Yang was tidying up those broken pieces of Crystal Mirror, Yi Nan impatiently summoned her grimoire and opened it. She realized that on an initially empty page, a new beast had appeared.

Spirit Mirror: Special-type beasts. Gold-ranked Level 1. Has a spiritual, illusionary body. Has no Spiritual Knowledge. Special Skills: “Spirit Transformation”, “Spirit Absorption”, “Spirit Mirror Fusion”.

The mysterious beauty and Yue Bing were very happy for Yi Nan when they went over to look.

It was not the Gold-ranked Level 1 Beast that made them all very happy, it was the fact that the Compassionate Goddess had given Yi Nan a path for her cultivation, and that is the path to cultivating Mental Power. With this ‘Spirit Mirror’ that had the most affinity with Yi Nan, her future would be unlimited. Especially when she managed to reach the realm where she was able to create an Inner Demon world. Her unlucky opponents who couldn’t overcome their Inner Demon would probably meet their miserable ending…

Just as what those Ancient Peak Rankers had said before: What beast is the best? It’s a beast that is most suited to yourself!

Yi Nan didn’t know what beast was best suited for herself before. However, not only she knew what beast suits her the most right now, she also owned a beast called the ‘Spirit Mirror’ which was best suited for her cultivation path.

“Congrats, Sister Yi Nan!” Yue Bing immediately congratulated Yi Nan. She could finally call her Sister Yi Nan publicly without having to worry if Yue Yang would hear her. Hence, her voice was extremely delighted and loud.

“Thank you, Bing-er…” Yi Nan was thanking her with her mouth, but her eyes were checking out Yue Yang’s reaction.

Seeing Yue Yang’s smiling face looking back at her, she immediately lowered her head, afraid that he would make fun of her.

Hearing him congratulating her, a kind of sweet feeling surfaced on Yi Nan’s embarrassed heart. With Spirit Mirror, it seemed like she would be able to help him in the future. She would be happy even if she could only help him a little, it would still be better than being a burden. Seeing Yi Nan looking at her worriedly, the mysterious beauty smiled and said, “This Spirit Mirror is very good. Yue Yang has never given you any presents before, you should ask him to give you a beast that you could use for Spirit Mirror Fusion. When your Spirit Mirror finally possesses Spiritual Knowledge, I believe that you will not be far from the Inner Demon world!”

Yi Nan’s voice was softer than an ant’s, “There’s no need for that,“

Although she said no need, she actually wished that Yue Yang would give her a beast that could be used for Spirit Mirror Fusion.

She didn’t care when he would give it to her, as long as he gave it to her himself.

Yue Yang didn’t say anything, he only reached out and patted Yi Nan’s head as a reply.

Of course, Yi Nan understood Yue Yang’s silent reply. She felt embarrassed yet happy at the same time. She wanted to act like a wise and virtuous lady on the outside, but the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but to curl up in delight.

In front of the Compassionate Goddess’ statue, those two hands were holding balls of sparkling, translucent lights that looked like pearls of tears… Yue Yang observed it with his Level 4 Divine Vision and immediately shouted in surprise, “This is ‘Goddess’ Tears’! The Goddess Tears, a legendary item written in the Medicine Encyclopedia that could revive a dead person was actually these two little things!”

“The hardest challenge has returned the greatest rewards!” The mysterious beauty was the one who was most excited. With this Goddess’ Tears, her cousin could be saved.

Goddess Tears. It was not known how it was made, but one could only acquire it from the higher floors in Tong Tian Tower.

Thousands of years ago, it had been recorded in the Medicine Encyclopedia that the Goddess’ Tears was the most important ingredient needed to create the godly medicine that was called ‘Rebirth Pill’. The first person to consume the Rebirth Pill was a figure that was as famous as the Starlight Princess, who was called the Sweet Sleeping Princess. The common folks often called her Sleeping Princess. It was said that she was poisoned by someone and was placed in a crystal coffin where she slept for hundreds of years. In the end, after consuming the Rebirth Pill, she woke up slowly, as if she had just woken up from her sleep. Her appearance had not changed at all from the time when she was poisoned hundreds of years ago. Her face was glowing as all the poison in her body was dispersed… Furthermore, after consuming the Rebirth Pill, she had maintained her youth for two hundred more years. If it weren’t for some evil warriors who were jealous of her youth and wanted to kill and snatch the Rebirth Pill from the Sleeping Princess, she would probably still be the most beautiful woman in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent for hundreds of years to come.

The most important ingredient that gave the Rebirth Pill this immortality power was the Goddess’ Tears.

Even if the pill refining process was successful, a Rebirth Pill without Goddess Tears wouldn’t be much different from a normal Healing Pill.

It was said that even without refining, a girl would have eternal youth even if she only consumed the Goddess’ Tears alone.

In the list of the Rarest and Most Precious Herbs in the Medicine Encyclopedia, the Goddess Tears was ranked the fifth. The only herb that could match it was the ‘God’s Blood’ that was said to be able to advance a man’s cultivation to a hundred years worth of time.

No one thought that such a rare, high quality treasure, could actually appear as a reward inside the Virgo Temple.

Furthermore, there wasn’t just a single drop, there were actually two drops of Goddess’ Tears!

No wonder the Virgo Temple was dubbed as the hardest trial to clear. The rewards for clearing the Trial was even more rewarding than the Gemini Temple. This two drops of Goddess Tears would definitely be the most sought-after goods amongst the girls.

Most importantly, Yue Yang could only leave it up to this thing to save the Sickly Beauty!

If he could refine a Rebirth Pill with the Goddess’ Tears, the Sickly Beauty would have hope for recovery!

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