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LLS Chapter 229 – True Love, Clearing Virgo Temple

LLS Chapter 229 – True Love, Clearing Virgo Temple
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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In front of the mysterious beauty, two Yue Yangs were quarrelling.

However, her eyes were locked only on the one whose arm was a crystal arm.

Within her eyes, a tender expression formed.

However, in front of Yue Yang, there were only three Inner Demon Shadows of Yue Yang, Fourth Mother and the little girl. The mysterious beauty, Yue Bing and Yi Nan shadows were not present.

The Inner Demon who had transformed into Yue Yang stood in front of him while Fourth Mother hugged little Shuang Er, who was covering her face and crying… Yue Yang knew well that all these were fake, they were just a figment of his Inner Demon. However, it was still difficult for him to control his own emotions. He really wanted to soothe Fourth Mother’s broken heart, telling her that he did not have any evil intentions when lying to her and that it was all just a misunderstanding…

“Just kill me. You can only take over my identity completely after killing me!” The Inner Demon Yue Yang was laughing coldly.

“Get lost! You’re just an Hallucination . Did you think you can stop me from passing the Virgo Temple with just this?” Yue Yang was angry. He did want to kill the enemy. However, Yue Yang eventually endured it. After all, the person in front of him was merely an Hallucination . If he admitted the existence of the enemy, he would be unable to break through the Inner Demon.

“I do not deny that I am an Hallucination , but what are you? You’re an imposter, a liar, someone that falsely his own identity as me! Did you think you could hide this fact from everyone by not saying anything about it? Impossible, no matter what, there would bound to be people with Inherent Skills in this world that can see through your existence! In the bottom of your heart, it’s also impossible for you to deny this truth. You’re not me, you’ll never be me!” The Inner Demon Yue Yang hit the bullseye in his heart.

“San Er, how could you deceive me… “ Fourth Mother was crying, heartbroken.

“Despicable baddie, return my Brother Xiao San back to me!” Shuang Er was crying while hitting Yue Yang.

Yue Yang’s hands were trembling.

He lightly caressed Shuang Er’s head and suppressed his emotions. With a voice so soft that it could not be heard, he said, “Shuang Er, I’m your brother, Xiao San, do you still remember catching butterflies and riding the wooden horse in the garden? Do you still remember the red sugar glutinous rice cakes that I bought for you? I didn’t lie to you, I’m really your brother Xiao San…“

Suddenly, he saw Shuang Er throw the red sugar glutinous rice cakes on the floor and trampled on it while crying, “I don’t want it, I hate these, I hate you!”

Fourth Mother covered her face while crying, “San Er, just go, and don’t ever come back!”

Yue Yang slowly turned around and took a deep breath. “Fourth Mother, Shuang Er, you’re all Hallucination s. You’re all my Hallucination s from the Inner Demon. This isn’t what the real person is saying, I won’t be mindful of it. I’m Yue Yang, I’m your Xiao San and brother Xiao San, this point is undeniable. You need San Er, and I’m him. I’ll restore and bring the Yue Family to glory; You need a brother Xiao San, and I’m him. I’ll protect the both of you so that you aren’t bullied by bad people. I’ll bring you glory and hope. You have to believe me, I’m your kin… “

The Inner Demon Yue Yang pounced in front of Yue Yang, grasping his collars with both of his hands and roared, “You’re fake! You’re a liar! All those things that you said – it should have been me! You impersonated me, stole away my relatives and even stole away my future wife! Did you think that nobody in this world would know about it? One day, people will know the truth. In the end you’ll have nothing at all! You’re just an imposter, but you have the audacity to call yourself San Er! Pei!” He spat on the ground.

“Disappear, I’m not going to care about the shit that an Hallucination says. Go to hell!” With a shove from Yue Yang’s hands, he forced the Inner Demon Yue Yang to fly ten metres away.

The Inner Demon Yue Yang fell on the floor, coughing blood violently.

Fourth Mother and Shuang Er cried with misery as they went to his side, trying to save the Inner Demon Yue Yang while blaming Yue Yang on the other.

Yue Yang shook his head. “No matter what you say or do, I won’t sway. You’re all Hallucination s!”

Suddenly, the mysterious beauty appeared in front of Yue Yang. Her beautiful face was completely cold and unfeeling as she sneered, “I’m not an Hallucination . I’ve seen it all, this truth that you have been hiding. I was right after all, proposing to go through the Virgo Temple with you. You were really an imposter… “

Yue Yang’s body trembled slightly, but he grinned at the very end. “You’re also an Hallucination too. Wu Xia isn’t like you at all. Perhaps my Inner Demon Hallucination joined with Wu Xia’s. Whatever you Hallucination s say were on purpose to show her right…? Then you’d show her reaction to me. Guardian of Virgo Temple, you’re really amazing. Perhaps you don’t have any power, but you can easily cause people to go mad or kill each other… But, I would like to say, Guardian of Virgo Temple, you’re going to be disappointed! We can pass this test. This Virgo Temple, we can definitely pass through it successfully!”

As Yue Yang finished his speech, the mysterious beauty in front of him, the crying Fourth Mother and Shuang Er along with the Inner Demon Yue Yang vanished in an instant.

Everything returned to pitch black darkness.

In front of the mysterious beauty, Yue Yang’s figure had disappeared. The only one in front of her was the Inner Demon Yue Yang.

As if he was slightly intrigued, the Inner Demon Yue Yang looked towards the mysterious beauty. “Why don’t you say something since you’ve seen the hidden truth?”

“There was no hidden truth. You’re just an Hallucination , I won’t trust your words. Furthermore, even if this was the truth, why would it matter? The guy I like is him, I will live and die with him, fight with him on the battlefield. One of us will be attacking, and the other defending, as if we are a pair made in heaven… What I like about him is not his identity, but rather because he is different from the others! Love, unlike fame and wealth, is not a product, but an amazing feeling that can’t be expressed through words! Let alone the words from you, Inner Demon, even if there is another Yue Clan Third Young Master who told me that he was my real fiance, I will tell him that the guy I like is him, the idiot who would fight to the bloody end for our lives; The good son who would stake his life to battle his way up the Yue Clan Castle while pulling a carriage bathed in blood; The Innate Ranker, who’s also a good brother that would carry his younger sister ride on his neck and bought her red sugar glutinous rice cakes… I don’t care who he is or what he is. I like him. There doesn’t need to be a reason for someone to like another person, nor is there a need to doubt! You’re a just a shadow full of negativity, you’ll never have his other side of kindness. You’ll never understand what kind of person he is, nor will you ever understand my heart!” The mysterious beauty slowly closed her eyes. “You can disappear now. Whatever you say won’t sway my heart!”

“You’ll regret this one day, especially when you realise that the one he loves the most in his heart is not you!” The Inner Demon Yue Yang sneered.

“I won’t regret it. If the person he likes the most is not me, that proves that I’m the one that is not good enough, that I have to work even harder!” The mysterious beauty answered with a steady voice. “If the person he likes the most isn’t me, then I’ll work harder and do better until he likes me the most!”

The Inner Demon Yue Yang suddenly shattered into a million pieces and vanished.

Everything returned to pitch black darkness.

Yi Nan felt someone lightly patting her own face. When she opened her eyes, she found that the mysterious beauty was crying out with joy. “Sister Wu Xia, did you and Yue Yang successfully defeat the Inner Demon? We can pass the Virgo Temple? Where’s Yue Bing?”

“Yue Bing can go, but you have to stay… The reason is that I won’t allow a rival in love to stay at my side. His fiance could only be me alone.” The mysterious beauty pointed her index finger towards Yi Nan. Suddenly, Yi Nan felt her darkness shrouding her vision and she fell onto the ground unconscious, again. Only this time, she was not completely unconscious and could still hear her voice.

She heard the mysterious beauty’s footsteps going further away with Yue Bing.

Tears flowed out from her eyes without end.

Yi Nan was grieving right now. Suddenly, hot raindrops fell drop by drop onto her face.

Two of the drops went into her mouth. A bitter taste entered her mouth, causing Yi Nan’s heart to have a great shock… This, this was tears! She had not woken up yet, that was only a Inner Demon Hallucination ! What happened just now was fake, Sister Wu Xia didn’t take Yue Bing and leave, one of them was even crying…

“Wake up, I need to wake up now!” Yi Nan was anxious. However, after exhausting all her efforts, she was still unable to wake up. While she was still panicking, she heard a faint voice crying beside her ear, “Brother, don’t leave me behind, no… “

This was Yue Bing’s crying voice, Yue Bing was still around.

Everything that happened just now was fake!

With such a thought, the darkness in front of Yi Nan shattered with a resounding boom. Everything disappeared in a flash in front of her eyes. Finally, she woke up with an “Ah!”, and opened her eyes.

She found out that she was sleeping in the arms of Sister Wu Xia.

Aside from herself, Yue Yang, Yue Bing and Sister Wu Xia were still in deep sleep. Everyone was snuggled up against each other. Beside her, Yue Bing was crying in Yue Yang’s arms. Her tears fell drop by drop, and in the end they fell onto her own face… She seemed to still be under the control of the Inner Demon and was unable to free herself. As for Yue Yang and Sister Wu Xia, a wound would appear from time to time on their bodies. They seemed to be suffering the attacks of the Inner Demon right now.

“Everyone, hurry up and wake up! We’re all dreaming, everything there is fake, hurry up and wake up!” Yi Nan patted their faces, but nothing happened. There was no reaction at all from the three people.

“I did not think that your Inner Demon would be this weak. However, there is no use doing anything. It is impossible to ever get out of the Inner Demon’s world.” An unknown voice resounded in the dark space. Yi Nan was frightened when she heard it at first, but she understood it after a while and laughed. “Is that so?”

Yi Nan immediately summoned her grimoire. A beautiful Hallucination Butterfly was summoned from it.

A Hallucination Butterfly was the evolution of the Confusion Butterfly. Its ability to control minds was even stronger. Although it was unable to control humans, but there was definitely no problem to disturb the thoughts of humans.

As Yi Nan was controlling the Hallucination Butterfly to disturb Yue Yang’s dream world to make him wake up, a huge wave of mental strength locked down Yi Nan’s thoughts, causing her to have a headache and unable to concentrate. She was unable to solidify her commands…

In the Inner Demon’s world, the mysterious beauty had already awakened. She was currently carrying Yi Nan, and was trying to escape along with Yue Yang who was carrying Yue Bing. Behind them, the Gold-ranked Level 6 Inner Demon Yue Yang was chasing them.

She wanted to retaliate, but found that she was completely unable to attack the enemy, and could only run for her life.

After defending against the Inner Demon Yue Yang’s First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash, the mysterious beauty suddenly put Yi Nan down from her back, and muttered to herself. “So I still haven’t truly woken up, I’m still dreaming… “

“What?” The Inner Demon Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade was right above the mysterious beauty’s head, but stopped in bewilderment.

“If I believe that you don’t exist, then I wouldn’t be hurt at all. It was only because I affirmed that your attack was effective so my body would be hurt. It must be either Yi Nan or Yue Bing who woke up. Your power of control is failing , I have a real sensation of pain right now.” The mysterious beauty raised her hand and pulled her sleeves up. A small wound with blood flowing out was present on her arm. She grinned. “You’d never have thought of what use the wound I made before I entered the Virgo Temple had. It’s a hint, a sign for us. My cousin and I suspect that previously, Yue Yang had only been dreaming the whole time. This is because, with his strength, a Golden-ranked Level 6 Guardian Beast would not be able to inflict serious injuries… Only the power of the mind would cause that kind of hurt. Besides, there is more than one kind of beast like you who use mental attacks to kill people. In the Valley of Butterflies and Hundred Flowers, there are at least ten kinds of beasts that could unleash mental attacks on humans and make them commit suicide… Disappear, despicable Inner Demon World, this dream is really boring!”

With these words, the Inner Demon Yue Yang and the darkness shattered with a bang.

Opening her eyes, the mysterious beauty found that Yi Nan was holding on as hard as she could. The formless mind battle was almost causing Yi Nan to be completely defeated.

“You can end the game now, Guardian of Virgo Temple.” The mysterious beauty jumped midair and summoned her grimoire. She gathered a storm, with each of her hands holding ice and lightning. Then, she mercilessly let loose against the darkness in front of her.

Cracks formed all over the darkness in front of them, as if it was a crystal wall.

It had lost the mind battle by a huge part…

Yi Nan was jubilant as she prepared to fly above and help. Suddenly, a crystal arm extended out and embraced her. “Yi Nan, you did well. I’ll do the rest from here on!” It was Yue Yang who had just awoken. Like a meteor, he shot towards the pitch-black crystal wall. With the force of a thousand suns, the crystal arm smashed onto the dark crystal wall.

The whole area was shaking uncontrollably. Even larger cracks formed all over the dark crystal wall, but it still did not fall, blocking their exit.

“Brother, I knew that brother wouldn’t abandon Bing Er!” Yue Bing was the fourth to awaken. With pleasant surprise, she crawled back up, jumping towards Yue Yang who had rebounded back.

The fresh blood that dripped from Yue Yang’s and the mysterious beauty’s body had already mixed and smeared all over the ground before Yue Bing even woke up. In that instant when Yue Bing was jumping towards Yue Yang, a rainbow-coloured light flashed, and a pure fire that was like nirvana’s flame appeared. It was as white as snow, soaring and raging ferociously towards the sky. Along with Yue Bing, the pure fire ignited upon Yue Yang, Yi Nan and the mysterious beauty’s body.

Among them, Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty’s flames burned the brightest.

Having caught fire in such a bizarre manner, the three girls were greatly shaken. They rushed to hug Yue Yang together.

Even if they died, they hoped that they would at least die together with Yue Yang…

However, the flames did not burn them. It was quite the opposite. It continuously purified their bodies. In this pure and gentle flames, the four of them had a feeling of rebirth. Their clothes were completely destroyed, turning into ashes. Not only that, Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty’s wounds had also disappeared quickly. Following this, countless runes appeared on Yue Yang’s body.

Slowly, they expanded towards the white flames.

Finally, they extended to the arms, shoulders, back and chest of the three girls.

The bloodstains on the dark crystal wall formed from Yue Yang’s and the mysterious beauty’s wounds burned as well. The dark crystal wall that was full of cracks turned into nothing as if it was a light fog that had been dissipated by the white flames.

Dozens of metres away, a Crystal Mirror adorned with gold and jewels appeared.

A hundred metres behind the Crystal Mirror, there was an enormous War God statue in the Rear Hall. At the foot of the War God statue, there was a Goddess statue with a forlorn expression. She was holding different ball of lights in both of her hands.

Those two points of light seemed to be as crystal clear as Yue Bing’s tears that were shed just now…

The Virgo Temple, which the world has dubbed as the hardest Temple to pass, was finally cleared with the combined efforts of Yue Yang and the three girls!

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    • Countrymage says:

      It seems that the beast guarding this temple, lives in a cursed mirror, the black wall was the illusion/shield emitted from the mirror to stop them even after they woke up. I guess anyone who enters this temple looks into the mirror and has an Alice in Wonderland experience of being drawn into the mirror’s dream world…

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