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LLS Chapter 228 – Overcoming the Inner Demons

Chapter 228 – Overcoming the Inner Demons
Translated by: May
Edited by: Rango, Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The mysterious beauty looked at Yue Yang. Her beautiful eyes were heart-warming although she didn’t comfort Yue Yang verbally.

However, her silent support had explained her attitude.

She would always support him.

Yue Yang realized this and his confidence was higher now. He nodded his head to her.

The mysterious beauty started to explain her solution to unravel the challenge to the ladies. “Bing Er and Yi Nan, both of you will be in a death-like coma state when you enter the Virgo Temple. You must remember that what you will be seeing is just a dream and it is not real. I don’t know what your inner demons are but both of you can only walk away from the Virgo Temple after you defeat your inner demons. If the two of you don’t pass the challenge, it will make it even more difficult for Yue Yang to pass the challenge. Both of you are going to pass the challenge in a death-like coma state while Yue Yang and I will make our moves to pass the challenge. Yue Yang, your mission is to go forward. Everything is fake regardless of what you see and hear. You don’t have to bother about anything, you just need to bravely charge forward and go with your instincts to the Rear Hall of the Virgo Temple and pass the challenge according to your reaction as long as you advance bravely. As for me, I will stay behind to look after Yue Bing and Yi Nan!”

“Understood.” Yue Bing and Yi Nan answered together. They had the confidence if they were not required to battle in a sober state.

“Come here please.” The sickly beauty waved her hand to Yue Yang.

She cut her fair finger slightly and drew an Ancient Rune on Yue Yang’s left arm.

Then she summoned an rainbow-coloured light and let it entered Yue Yang’s left arm which was stained with blood.

The crystal armour which appeared on her body last time was covering up Yue Yang’s arm slowly and became a unique crystal arm. The sickly beauty smiled at Yue Yang. “No matter how the inner demons influence you, you must never forget who you are. Just recall your identity when you look at the crystal arm.”

Yue Yang hugged her as he felt touched.

Princess Qian Qian hugged them from the back tightly. “You must not lose yourself. Always remember that we will always wait for you outside.”

Luo Hua City Mistress held Yue Yang’s cheek and kissed his lips softly without bordering about the girls beside him.

She didn’t say a word but her eyes were so gentle that they could melt Yue Yang’s heart.

The girls pretended that they didn’t see anything.

Although they also wished to do something special to encourage Yue Yang but they weren’t as daring as Luo Hua City Mistress. They could only felt envy of her in their hearts.

As Yue Yang used [Body Fusion] to put Yue Bing and Yi Nan into death-like coma state, he carried Yue Bing on his back and entered the Virgo Temple once more together with the mysterious beauty who carried Yi Nan in her arms. Their goal was to pass the challenge.

When Luo Hua City Mistress saw the four of them disappearing into the Teleportation Gate, her tears dropped as she couldn’t hold her tears any longer. To overcome the challenge of inner demons in the Virgo Temple was the toughest challenge. It was even scarier than the duplicated shadow of Gemini Temple. Let alone ordinary warriors, even super strong [Innate]s wouldn’t be able to overcome their inner demons. Towards ordinary warriors who couldn’t overcome their inner demons and couldn’t advance, not passing the Trial would not be of any matter to them, because they were unable to reach that state yet. However, it would become the biggest obstacle on Yue Yang’s path of cultivation if he couldn’t overcome his inner demons.

One could only become the most excellent warrior after they cast off their old self completely by overcoming their inner demons.

Yue Yang could only advance to the peak of [Innate] level after he could eliminate his flaws, breakthrough his heart as a mortal, and cut off his ordinary feelings as he got to overcome his inner demons completely.

“It is still too early to challenge the Virgo Temple. However, Yue Yang and Wu Xia will succeed no matter how tough it is.” The sickly beauty eyes were as warm as the spring.

“Unfortunately, Luo Hua-sis and I are unable to help them.” Said Princess Qian Qian as she sighed regretfully.

“Qian Qian, you still have chance all the time to help him in the future. There’s no need to care so much on this trifling Virgo Temple. There might be lots of tougher challenges awaiting for all of you. It will not be too late for you to help him at that moment.” The sickly beauty reached out her hands and stroked Princess Qian Qian’s head softly. Her voice was as soft as the breeze at night.

“Wu Hen-sis, you will definitely get better. Just let Yue Yang try it with his [Nirvana Flame]. We will stay together with each other forever just like those happy years at Valley of Hundred Flowers. Isn’t this good? Why do we have to separate with each other after we have grown up?” Luo Hua City Mistress couldn’t stop her tears from dropping.

“It was my fault for being too eager to win in those years. My body was affected due to the research of Ancient Runes. I should’ve be realistic in advancing myself like Qian Qian and Wu Xia. Luo Hua, I also miss those times… When Qian Qian and you were chasing after each other in the garden…and Wu Xia, who has liked reading since young was reading her books quietly under the tree’s shade… Since I was slightly older than all of you, I would rather act like the adult and took care of Yi Nan, who was still a baby then, instead. I would carry her nice-scented, soft and tiny body and kissed her as I walked as the Valley Mistress and the Night Empress would smile as they watched over us. More than ten years seems to pass in a blink of eyes. Even Yi Nan who had not learn to speak and only knew that she wanted to drink milk and cry has grown up now. When I look at her, I feel like I am going back to my childhood. Luo Hua, if God ever let me choose all over again, I will never want to give up such a cheerful and wonderful life.” A glimpse of sadness could be caught deep in the sickly beauty’s eyes but it disappeared after she gave them a warm smile, as if the storm was over.

Meanwhile in the Virgo Temple.

The mysterious beauty and Yue Yang looked at each other and hugged together as a form of encouragement.

At this moment, the scene appeared before them wasn’t the warm little house in White Stone City but the little garden at the Valley of Hundred Flowers.

The mysterious beauty nodded her head and said, “Close your eyes and set off according to your instinct. I will take good care of them. Yue Yang, once you have left the teleportation area, anything that you hear and see are not real. I will only be here.”

The mysterious beauty summoned her grimoire and raised a protective shield to protect Yue Bing and Yi Nan after Yue Yang blindfolded his eyes and set off.

Several blurred shadows suddenly appeared in front of the mysterious beauty right after she summoned the grimoire. As the shadows walked nearer to her, the mysterious beauty discovered that they were Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the sickly beauty. The mysterious beauty’s expression didn’t change at all. She spoke calmly, “My inner demons are unexpectedly a lot. Fine. What do you want to say?”

“Wu Xia, I never deny the fact that you are the smartest among all of us.” Princess Qian Qian that was transformed by the inner demons stepped forward and raised her fists fiercely. “But what I want to say is you cannot have him as yours because I love him more than you.”

“Is this my inner demons? So do I have selfish intentions to have Yue Yang as mine alone? Or am I just jealous of Qian Qian?” The mysterious beauty laughed and asked the Luo Hua City Mistress that was transformed by the inner demons. “How about you?” This Luo Hua City Mistress also laughed heartily in her unique way. “Wu Xia, although you’ve been trying hard to pretend to be calm and not care about anything, stop lying to yourself already. Did you think that you’re very strong? No. Wu Xia, I know you. Actually you’re the weakest, emotionally, amongst all of us. That’s why you have always isolated yourself and read your books quietly. You’re just avoiding your problems and concealing yourself, trying to protect yourself… It’s useless, it’s completely useless!”

“So I am the weakest?” The mysterious beauty nodded her head slowly and asked, “What other weaknesses do I have?”

“No. Wu Xia, I’ll give you my blessing. In those years, the Valley Mistress and Night Empress said that you have the greatest potential among all of us. I couldn’t accept that. That’s why I started to study the Ancient Runes. I’ve surpassed you all these years but I am not happy at all. I’ve even paid my life as the ultimate price for doing so. If possible, I wish to go back to that little garden and watch you reading your books under the tree quietly. I would carry Yi Nan who was still a baby and watch over Luo Hua and Qian Qian who were chasing after each other happily. I would sit at your side and boast to you about how I know about taking care of a child. I would tell you that Yi Nan never cries when I carried her…” The sickly beauty that was transformed by the inner demons slowly walked towards the mysterious beauty, seemingly reaching out her hands to caress the mysterious beauty’s beautiful face gently.

The mysterious beauty sat still as if she hadn’t heard what the sickly beauty said.

The sickly beauty that was transformed by the inner demons took out an exquisite dagger. Her hands were trembling as she pricked it into her heart. She then fell down weakly in front of the mysterious beauty. She smiled with relief while she was withstanding the pain. “Wu Xia, I used to compete with you those days. I’ve always wanted to surpass you no matter how but now I know that I was wrong. I don’t want to get in the way between you and him anymore. I give you my blessing. I love this exquisite dagger that you gave me as my birthday present last time. It is good to use it to end my life since I won’t live any longer anyway. If there is a next life, I wish I could still be your elder sister, but this time I will definitely not try to compete with you… “

The mysterious beauty trembled as she watched the scene.

However, she regained her usual expression very quickly. “Please allow me to correct you. You’re my elder cousin but not my elder sister. I purposely hypnotised myself about your identity as my elder sister before I entered the Virgo Temple. As expected, the inner demons of the Virgo Temple would magnify the challenger’s weaknesses exaggeratedly. I admit that I am a little jealous of Qian Qian because she has always been one of the most formidable opponents in my life. I also did ignore Luo Hua a little because she has always liked flowers and plants since young and never has any conflicting views with me. As for Wu Hen elder cousin, she is my role model. Transforming this way to knock me down was indeed heartbreaking for me but you’re wrong if you think you can influence me with this alone.”

“You’re right. The one that you are concerned about the most is me.” A man’s voice was heard behind the mysterious beauty.

“No. The one that I am concern about isn’t you. You’re just a shadow that duplicated that person’s appearance. What do you want to tell me, my biggest inner demon?” An inner demon who had transformed into Yue Yang stood outside the protective shield three meters away behind the mysterious beauty.

“You will cry in despair if I say it out.” The Yue Yang that was transformed by the inner demons sneered.

“Why don’t you just say it out.” The mysterious beauty raised her brows as she answered calmly.

“You don’t need me to say, don’t you? You’ve long suspected that the Yue Yang you know is fake.” The Yue Yang Inner demon said coldly.

“Do you think I will believe the inner demons that was created by the Virgo Temple?” The mysterious beauty laughed.

“I don’t think you will still remain calm after you see the proof. Do you want to see how the man you love lies to you? Come on. Have a look at this. You will see his evil and ugly face immediately…” As the Yue Yang inner demon waved his hands, the little garden in front of the mysterious beauty disappeared in fragments. The scene that appeared right in front of the mysterious beauty was the warm little house in White Stone City. Two Yue Yang were standing opposite each other in the garden while Fourth Mother was burying her face in cries as she held the little girl.

“So this is what he was worrying about? He is indeed a fool who likes to trouble himself.” The mysterious beauty smiled unexpectedly as she watched.

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      • Jiick says:

        I agree. Since she said that she doesn’t have a reason to believe what the Virgo Temple is showing/telling her. That means she still wants to believe that he is the real one – it is just that she isn’t sure about that –> the reason for the inner demon manifestation.

  1. Yessssss says:


    Is anyone else confused on the abrupt development of Yue Yang and all the girls, and how there’s sudden exposition on everything? I mean, love the story, but am very lost here.

    • Rikeri says:

      Yeah its really confusing… There is so much going on in the background that you have to assume/interpret.

    • Kuku says:

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      the story has always been abrupt about things. almost no foreshadowing or good transitioning in this. if you go back and look a lot of stuff is abrupt.

      • shade0180 says:

        It isn’t really that abrupt though. Yue Yang was practically gaining points from saving the girls life and vice versa. Also it is obvious Wu xia is his fiance (Ice ability like his brother). And as shown before even the brother was angry at him when they broke off as we saw when he met Yue yang the first time in Tong Tian Tower which means either Wu xia has feelings for him or Yue yang was already accepted by their family even before Yue Yang got any of his prestige.

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      I was kind of confused at first but know i’m okay with it, i prefer things in this way than then taking the entire novel to develop things… like in bunch of other novels

      • YueBingIS says:

        I agree with the other novels taking too long to develop things. But the events here are too abrupt. Author could have inserted some few more moments where Wu Xia develops some feelings towards Yue Yang.

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      • Mclaindog says:

        The reason for this is simple as revealed all the girls are connected and all the girls besides yi nan knew the ‘pitiful guy’

        SPOILERS read at your own risk

        The reason why wu xia’s love seems all of a sudden is because she is his fiance. It is also why her inner demons said she was afraid of him being ‘fake’ so no her love wasn’t suddenly there. Think of it as if a person with memory loss sees his child hood sweet heart. She would seem to love him abruptly but in reality it was years ago.

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      She was the pitiful guy’s fiance but she never really knew him and has more of a bond with the current YY so it might not matter. Same with most of the girls. Yue Bing and Shuang might just assume everyone is crazy and continue treating his as their brother. Fourth Mother seems accepting and open-minded enough although she’ll probably feel sad about the unknown fate of the pitiful guy.

        • XxKryptXx says:

          if she didn’t, i would honestly be a little disgusted. she did raise him and it shows that she loves him dearly. if she just waved it off, or accepted it easily, it would be pretty wrong and disgusting of her. at least, thats how i feel

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