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LLS Chapter 227 – Challenging Virgo Temple One More Time

Chapter 227 – Challenging Virgo Temple One More Time
Translated by: May
Edited by: Rango, Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Fatty Hai had originally wanted to fight Yan Po Jun to the death.

However, as he released his punch, his mind had cleared of his anger. He realized that fighting Yan Po Jun to death at the moment was meaningless, as there would be Team Matches later on.

After all, he knew that Yue Yang would definitely exhaust his strength when fighting against Bai Yun Fei and Prince Zi Jin later. Moreover, Yue Yang would still have to Trial the Virgo Temple afterwards. Whether Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and the rest could participate in the Team Match was uncertain. Therefore, he himself, Ye Kong and the rest would have to fight harder in the Team Match of the Hundred School’s Elite Tournament. The reason as to why the Li Brothers had given up on their Individual Matches was to preserve their strength for the Team Match later on. When Fatty Hai thought of this, he certainly knew when to stop. Hence, he gave up on fighting with Yan Po Jun to the bitter end. If everyone had fought to the bitter end and reached their limits in their Individual Matches, then Yue Bing would be the only one with the energy to fight during the most difficult and challenging Team Match. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous?

Although everyone looked down upon Fatty Hai, he still remained smiling as he returned to Ye Kong and Li Brothers in a good mood.

He started to brag once he opened his mouth. “What do you think about my Hippo Meteor Punch? Is it cool? I also can’t help but to start adoring myself. Haha! Even Yan Po Jun, one of the Three Great Killing Stars, was sent flying away after he got hit by my punch. What a nice feeling. There’s nothing better than this feeling! “

‘You’re nothing if Yue Yang didn’t teach you.’ Ye Kong scorned Fatty Hai as he thought to himself, ‘Last time you were just a good-for-nothing fella.’

“Let’s go! As the big boss, I should treat you guys to lunch. Where is Yue Yang that brat?” Fatty Hai magnanimously decided to treat all of them to a great lunch.

“He is flirting with Luo Hua City Mistress and enjoying their own good time. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. You’ll be throwing your life away if you disturb them now.” In Ye Kong’s opinion, not only would Yue Yang get mad, if this fatty disturbed him while he was having his sweet moment with his girlfriend, he would definitely kill Fatty Hai.

“Then it’s fine. He might probably forget that he has to eat since he has a beauty with him.” Fatty Hai corrected himself as he trembled.

Just as Fatty Hai finished speaking, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai saw Yue Bing running towards to them with a blushing face.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai thought Yue Bing was being harassed by other guys. They got angry immediately and asked, “What’s going on? Which blind fella is so daring to make fun of you?”

Yue Bing shook her hands hurriedly, “No. I just knocked down my opponent and wanted to share the good news with elder brother, but I didn’t expect that sister Luo Hua and him were…” When Yue Bing said this, Fatty Hai’s saliva was dripping out from his mouth. He started become nosy and asked, “What are they doing? Are they kissing? Yue Yang has improved a lot and becoming more expert in picking up with girls with my guidance. I never thought that it will be this fast for him to make Luo Hua City Mistress his.”

A teacup was smashed on his head before he could finish feeling proud of himself.

Fatty Hai saw the blushing Luo Hua City Mistress staring at him angrily when he raised his head. He begged for her forgiveness immediately. “Madam, you can hit me but can you please not hit my face?”

“[Aurora Light]!” It seemed that Luo Hua City Mistress was preparing to kill Fatty Hai in an instant with [Aurora Light].

“I’m going to pass out.” Fatty Hai was so scared that he was about to go into shock.

“Fatty, do you have a last wish? As your brother, I will try my best to help you to fulfill them.” Ye Kong didn’t help Fatty Hai but give him another blow when he was down.

“We didn’t see anything.” Li Brothers also decided to stand by the sidelines without lending a hand to save Fatty Hai who was in crisis.

“Luo Hua elder sister, please don’t!“ Only the kindhearted Yue Bing little girl plead for leniency for Fatty Hai. Of course, the evil Yue Yang had already taken out his Silver Dagger and handed it over to Luo Hua City Mistress. “It will be too comfortable for him to die if you kill him with [Aurora Light]. I think you should slowly stab him with the dagger and cut his flesh into pieces one after another. After his blood drain out completely, you can apply some honey on the bones to attract two nests of ants to gnaw at his bone slowly. He will die in a more perfect way like this.”

“Mommy…!!” Fatty Hai who was pretending to have lost consciousness quickly bounced up and scampered away. His running speed was ten times faster than when he launched Hippo Meteor Punch in the arena.

When Yan Po Jun looked at Yue Yang, his lips were moving. It seemed that he wanted to say something.

However, he didn’t say anything in the end.

On the other hand, Xue Tan Lang walked from the audience to Yue Yang and nodded his head to Yue Yang. “Bai Yun Fei will be battling with Prince Zi Jin in the first round of Group B’s Round-Robin Match. It is said that Bai Yun Fei has decided to give up on the match. He is reserving his strength to deal with Cang Lan, you and me. If you don’t mind, I will give up on the match with you but you will have to battle against Bai Yun Fei later. What do you think?”

Of course Yue Yang agreed with Xue Tan Lang.

Battling with Xue Tan Lang wasn’t his aim. His real purpose was to defeat Bai Yun Fei and Prince Zi Jin.

In Yue Bing’s opinion, it was too early to talk about this. After all, Yue Yang had not even battled against Xie Qian Ren for the first round of knock-out matches to determine the top twenty.

“Elder brother, let’s wait at the arena.” Yue Bing insisted to drag Yue Yang to standby on the arena as she was worried that her elder brother would be late again. However, she noticed that Prince Zi Jin, who was the first to fight, was actually still fighting. He smashed the floor and decimated the whole fighting arena cockily as he heard the crowd cheering for him… Seeing this, Yue Yang felt that what Prince of Zi Jin was doing was senseless as he yawned and retreated back. The top twenty knock-out match for Group B would not end tomorrow at this rate.

“Look at that sissy! What a disgusting fella!” Although the arrogant Prince Zi Jin was an eyesore to Fatty Hai, he couldn’t deny that Prince Zi Jin was very strong and he had the means to act arrogantly.

“You haven’t seen that Bai Yun Fei yet, or else you would realize what the most disgusting thing in the world is.” A man who stood next to Fatty Hai groaned agreeably with Fatty Hai.

“Brother, I can tell that you are a person with sense of justice when I first saw you. As a friend of justice, let me introduce myself. My name is Hai Da Fu. Everyone call me Master Hai. I am their big boss. May I know how should I address you?” Fatty Hai immediately had a strong feeling that the person knew him well. He shook his hand with the person and hugged the person several time like old friends. Both of them communicated with each other enthusiastically. The scene gave Yue Yang and the rest goosebumps. All of them decided to return to the Warrior’s Inn to rest. Otherwise, they felt like they would vomit if they continued to watch it.

Fatty Hai came back happily after quite a while.

Although everyone looked down on him, he wasn’t angry at all. He even brought news back for Yue Yang. “According to that young fella, Bai Yun Fei had given an ordinary Level 7 Mammoth and a Level 6 Bronze Saber-Toothed Tiger to Xie Qian Ren. Hehe, I think I bring this news to you in time.”

“Is it true?” Luo Hua City Mistress was really doubtful. Even if it was the young Junior [Elder] of the Floating Mist Sect, he couldn’t possibly simply gave out Level 6 Bronze Beasts to anyone.

“Is Xie Qian Ren brainless? Don’t tell me that Xie Tao and Xie Tu didn’t tell him that Yue Yang is an [Innate]. Giving him a Level 6 Saber-Toothed Tiger will not help. Isn’t he going to throw his life away since Yue Yang could even kill the Level 6 Golden King Beasts like Cancer and Leo which were the from the Twelve Temple Zodiacs? Does he think that he can stop Yue Yang from getting to the next match? He must have eaten some stupid stuff.” Ye Kong got really angry when he heard what Fatty Hai said.

If he knew that Xie Qian Ren was such a ungrateful wretch, he would have persuaded Yue Yang to kill the whole Xie Clan during the family assembly.

Then they could have avoided seeing such an ungrateful rubbish.

Luo Hua City Mistress slightly knitted her beautiful brows and shook her head. “No, Xie Qian Ren is very smart. He knows that he can’t beat Yue Yang that’s why he accepted the gift from Bai Yun Fei and pretends that he wants to have a death fight with Yue Yang. If Xie Qian Ren reveals Yue Yang’s real identity as an [Innate], do you think Bai Yun Fei will still battle against Yue Yang? He will definitely withdraw from the match. He won’t even give the two powerful beasts to Xie Qian Ren. Since Xie Qian Ren received the beasts, it proves that Xie Qian Ren not only didn’t reveal the truth that Yue Yang is an [Innate]. Furthermore, he also wanted to confuse Bai Yun Fei by showing his loyalty and pretended that he wants to fight Yue Yang to the end, so that Bai Yun Fei will underestimate the Yue Yang’s strength. He is a very treacherous person. If I am not mistaken, he wants Yue Yang to battle against Floating Mist Sect. As for Bai Yun Fei, Xie Qian Ren is just using him to achieve his goal.”

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai gasped as they listened to Luo Hua City Mistress.

Obviously, Xie Qian Ren was extremely cunning.

“It is useless if he doesn’t have the strength even if he is very good in plotting his conspiracy. No matter how wise an ant is, it will never get to trick a tiger!” Yue Yang waved his hands in dismissal, signalling to the others not to worry about this problem, “What does Xie Qian Ren even worth? The fact that the Thousand Goblin’s Sect Leader did not do anything even after watching me kill his disciples Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan with his own eyes is the scary thing that we should be afraid of!”

What Yue Yang said gave Luo Hua City Mistress a shudder.

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was indeed a frightening threat.

If one were to compare Xie Qian Ren with the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Xie Qian Ren was just an insignificant ant. With a breath from the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, the whole of Xie Clan would be devastated, let alone Xie Qian Ren.

Fortunately, he couldn’t attack in the Soaring Dragon Continent due to the restriction of Innate Contract. He also did not dare to attack Yue Yang lightly or else all of them would be in an extremely dangerous situation. Of course he couldn’t launch the attack himself but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t try to stab Yue Yang in the back. Perhaps he would take the Hundred School Elite Tournament this time as an opportunity for him to rise a revolt. If he supported someone surreptitiously, it would be a problem since the Thousand Goblins Sect’s power was only slightly lower than Demonic Palace’s and their strength were way too strong. The situation would turn into chaos even if they simply sent one of them to come by.

Moreover, it was believed that the Demonic Palace would make their move too since the Thousand Goblins Sect was here.

No one seemed to have a clue as they were currently hiding themselves behind the dazzling light of the Three Major Sects.

On the surface, people only saw the mighty side of Bai Yun Fei and Prince Zi Jin but no one knew that the strength of the Demonic Palace and Thousand Goblins Sect were actually as strong as the Four Major Sects.

Since they didn’t have any matches the next day, all of them were preparing to look for a place to have a great meal. Suddenly, the mysterious beauty came by. “Ye Kong, you guys stay here. Please bring Grandma Wu Teng to the Twelve Zodiacs Temple if we don’t come back tomorrow night. Bing-er, this time, as we Trial the Virgo Temple, you would play a very important role. Therefore, you must also come along and be strong. I will tell you what to do later. Older sister Luo Hua, please follow us as well.”

“I’ve passed Level 5.” Luo Hua City Mistress wished to help too but she and Princess Qian Qian couldn’t enter the temple anymore.

“If we still don’t come out the next morning, Qian Qian and you have to use [Hearts’ Cry]. This is also the last thing that ‘she’ insisted on. That’s enough talking for now. Let’s go!” When the mysterious beauty talked about the sick beauty, her eyes indistinctly showed sorrow but she resumed to her usual self very quickly.

Yue Yang also thought that passing the Trial of Inner Heart’s Demons at the Virgo Temple was extremely important.

He must got through this Trial or else he couldn’t improve himself after he reached a certain level in the Innate Realm.

As they rushed to the Twelve Zodiacs Temple in Star’s Domain, Yue Yang was startled when he found out that not only the thief-disguised Yi Nan was there, the sick beauty who covered her face with light muslin was also there. Could it be that Yi Nan would also be one of them who played a crucial role in assisting him to overcome his Inner Heart’s Demons?

Yi Nan’s eyes showed happiness when she raised her head and looked at Yue Yang

However, she lowered her head bashfully, feeling shy. She was so different from the usual tomboy Yi Nan.

“Bing Er and Yi Nan, both of you play the most crucial role. It is a must to pass the Trial of Virgo Temple or else Yue Yang will never pass the Trial as he is worried about both of you. Both of you come here. Let me tell you the way that I’ve thought of to complete the Trial. At first, there’s no need for us to rush but something might happen tomorrow. We must pass the Trial of Virgo Temple by today or else Yue Yang will get more obstructed by his Inner Heart’s Demons.” The mysterious beauty didn’t tell Yue Yang what would happen the next day but Yue Yang was pretty sure that the incident must be related to him.

So what was the incident that would happen tomorrow but he had no clue of at the moment?

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    • zg44 says:

      Probably has something to do with the fact that he attempted it but couldn’t bear to hurt his aunt/cousin when they appeared…

  1. drahu says:

    He’s going to have to sleep with the sick principal the next day and it can’t be put off any further. (My assumption)

  2. Michael says:

    What is going on with the tournament… At first everyone is freaking out about the competition but then they’re like ‘nobody can beat an innate after all’ but then he’s like ‘Thousand goblin guy has the same name as my enemy’ and the author just spent an entire chapter talking about nothing if his opponent isn’t the goblin guy… So the goblin guy is at the tournament? Also which price did he fight? Zi jin?

    • XxKryptXx says:

      the author has a veeeeery bad habit of getting sidetracked, and having events come out of nowhere. if you go back and read, how many of the major events, and even the minor events, have actually been foreshadowed, planned, or even just nicely led up to. they usually just come out of nowhere like reincarnation truck-san. the whole thing with the uncle getting poisoned and having to remarry? out of nowhere! the whole demon abyss thing in tong tian tower and the divine grimoire? out of nowhere! mysterious beauty showing up? out of nowhere! the marquis guy? out of nowhere! the whole big fight where the mercenaries went crazy, plus the berserker element? out of nowhere! the raid on the village by the Demonic Palace and the meeting of the night flower (i think thats her name) woman? out of nowhere! the rune thing on the mountain? the ambush on top of the mountain? his mom being kidnapped? the fact that the girls somehow where the ones to save 4th mother. how the tavern girls got involved of all people. this whole thing with the principal wanting to fight yue yang? out of nowhere! the author is really bad at foreshadowing stuff and because of that, everything seems to happen without planning and comes off as coming out of nowhere. at least, this is how things come off to me when i look back on everything.

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