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LLS Chapter 226 – Hippo Meteor Punch!

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Chapter 226 – Hippo Meteor Punch!
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After Group B’s drawing of lots, Yue Yang was matched with his love rival Xue Qian Ren in the fifth battle.

Yue Bing was placed in the fourth battle with Group D. However, her opponent wasn’t strong, so Yue Yang was not worried that she would lose. Instead, he and Luo Hua was about to watch the match between the Floating Mist Sect’s Junior [Elder] Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin, to see how strong they were. Unexpectedly, before they left the box, they saw Ye Kong and Fatty Hai walking over dejectedly, with expressions a if they were a widow losing her only son. Yue Yang curiously asked, “What happened to you, Boss? Weren’t you really pumped up about having a fight with the Junior [Elder] or the Prince of Zi Jin?”

“He doesn’t have a chance anymore.” Ye Kong shrugged his shoulders. “He drew Yan Po Jun with his stinky hands for his first round.”

“Really?” Yue Yang felt sorrow for Fatty Hai already.

If the opponent wasn’t Yan Po Jun, perhaps Fatty Hai might still be able to fight two more rounds. However, no matter how hard Fatty Hai worked, he would never be able to match up to Yan Po Jun, one of the Three Great Killing Stars.

Behind, the Li brothers added, “Even if Fatty Hai didn’t fight against Yan Po Jun, he wouldn’t pass the next round either, because the next round would be against the ‘Dragon Spear Lady’.”

Yue Yang suddenly realised the reason behind Fatty Hai’s deadpan expression.

Turned out he was in despair from being placed in the group of death.

Fatty Hai’s backbone seemed to be taken out of him. He sat paralysed on the chair, talking dispiritedly, “You don’t know that I’m preparing to woo a cute girl, I even give her tickets to watch my competition. If she sees that I’m beaten up to a pulp by Yan Po Jun, that cute girl will probably never look me in the eyes again. As your boss, it’s really not easy, it wasn’t easy for a cute girl to be willing to accept my ticket, I can’t believe that my fate would be so cruel… “

“This eh… If you use the Hippo Meteor Punch that I taught you, perhaps… “ Yue Yang starting talking, then stopped abruptly.

“Perhaps I might be able to defeat Yan Po Jun?” Fatty Hai jumped up like a bullet and asked, surprised.

“Perhaps you might lose a little slower… “ With Yue Yang’s words, Fatty Hai’s huge body fell onto the floor, lying straight on the floor unconscious.

In order to soothe that broken heart that Fatty Hai had, everyone decided to watch his match and support him.

Of course, Fatty Hai felt that everyone was just there to see him fail, and vehemently refused.

With a big shake of Yue Yang’s hands, they set out.

Fatty Hai’s vehement refusal was completely ignored by everyone. This caused him to fall deeper into despair, especially when he saw that cute girl with a bunch of other girls crowding around Yan Po Jun for his signatures. Their excited squeals were as if they were climaxing, causing Fatty Hai’s tears to roll down his face.

Before they even fought, he had already utterly lost!

Of course, the reason why Yan Po Jun was so welcomed was because Tian Luo’s Prince had already been eliminated early on, bringing his Pink Rose Group back to Tian Luo’s Imperial Capital. Otherwise, Fatty Hai would not be the only person crying, Yan Po Jun would also be crying… Now that Tian Luo’s Prince had left, not every single girl could follow the Pink Rose Group and leave like that. They could only find another handsome guy to support. Since Yan Po Jun was one of the Three Great Killing Stars, the girls would definitely squeal excitedly when they saw him.

“Everyone, let me enter the stage for my competition, I’ll give out my signatures later!” Yan Po Jun waved his hands elegantly to the girls.

“What’s there to compete against a fat pig? Hurry up and turn him into roast pig, we can’t wait!” The little girl who was given a pass by Fatty Hai was trying to suck up as much as possible to Yan Po Jun.

Fatty Hai fell onto the ground spitting white foam, his legs convulsing.

Seeing this, Luo Hua City Mistress was a bit worried. She told Yue Yang to advise Fatty Hai to get over it.

Yue Yang shook his hands saying, “Don’t worry, he has been rejected by girls on an average of once a day. This kind of blow is nothing to him. Don’t bother about him, we need to find a place to sit to watch the match… “

Luo Hua City Mistress was curious. “Does Fatty Hai still want to compete?”

Yue Yang laughed and nodded. “The more this happens, the more he can display his abilities in battle!” When Luo Hua City Mistress looked again, Fatty Hai was really like those crazy gamblers who lost all of their family’s assets while gambling. His eyes were bloodshot and rushed up to stage. He rubbed his palms, prepared to stake his life against Yan Po Jun. It was as if he was a mad dog, who wanted bite off a piece of Yan Po Jun even if he could not defeat him.

Yan Po Jun went up on stage with the dozens of girls cheering for him. When he found out that this opponent was Fatty Hai, he elegantly raised his finger and pointed at him. “Against you, I only need to use one move. You’ll be dead in ten seconds!”

“Is that so?” Fatty Hai was not angry, but rather laughed. He summoned his Bronze Grimoire and his Halo Shield went up.

Instantly, Yan Po Jun’s expression became distressed. He didn’t expect Fatty Hai to possess a grimoire.

In the past, Fatty Hai’s speed of summoning his grimoire was extremely slow that Yan Po Jun’s brother could knock Fatty Hai off in ten seconds. This also broke the record for the fastest match.

Yan Po Jun did not expect that in such a short period of time, Fatty Hai had such a drastic improvement. The speed of him summoning his grimoire was extremely close to his. However, Yan Po Jun did not summon his grimoire. He only took out two summoning stones and summoned a Blazing Lion and a Raging Leopard. He did not feel the need to use his true strength. He felt that two Bronze-ranked Level 3 beasts were more than sufficient against Fatty Hai. If it were before, these beasts would definitely be able to roast Fatty Hai alive…

What about now?

Yue Yang slightly grinned. If Fatty Hai used his full strength, then Yan Po Jun would have quite a problem in his hands.

Luo Hua City Mistress saw Fatty Hai summoning a strengthening-type Iron-Skinned Rhino, and then another Strengthening-type Little Hippo. With both of them strengthening him, Fatty Hai’s body bulked up in a short moment of time. His muscles flared and even the bulging stomach of his had huge amounts of muscles pop out. Luo Hua City Mistress asked Yue Yang surprisedly, “You taught him how to use Double Strengthening?”
(Shiro: For those who have already forgotten, after defeating thousands of mercenaries and Ant Soldiers, Fatty Hai’s Bronze Grimoire evolved from Beginner-ranked to Intermediate-ranked. The Ancient Code had also gifted him with a young Female Hippopotamus beast.)

Yue Yang shook his head. “He still hasn’t learned the true Double Strengthening. At the very most, this only counts as Strengthening Stacking. If Double Strengthening could allow him to use ten times his power, this can only at most allow him to use twice of his power. He still has a long way to go.”

“That’s still not bad. Stacking two strengthening-types would normally cause negative reactions in ordinary warriors. Being able to eliminate those influences is already pretty good.” Luo Hua City Mistress praised him.

“Little girl, that’s because I taught him well!” Yue Yang reminded her to praise himself as well while at it.

On stage, Fatty Hai’s body was like a rhinoceros’.

His entire body was full of muscles bursting with power. At this time, his body grew even larger, as if he were a giant animal. He looked like a blood-thirsty giant with his imposing manner.

Although Yan Po Jun looked relaxed on the surface, alarm bells were ringing inside.

With the referee’s signal, the match officially began.

Fatty Hai put away his grimoire. Before the Blazing Lion and Raging Panther leapt in front of him, he jumped high up like a toad, smashing his body towards Yan Po Jun.

Yan Po Jun’s gaze grew slightly colder. Innumerable blazes of fire rushed up to the air as if a volcano were spewing it.

“Hippo Meteor Punch! “ Fatty Hai roared as he used the momentum from his giant body to increase the strength of his punch. Just like a meteor, he smashed down with great force.

“This must be a tortoise’s sissy punch right?” Yan Po Jun sneered. How could such a slow punch hit anybody! He nimbly somersaulted backwards to dodge it. In the soaring flames, the Raging Panther’s speed was the fastest. It had already soared up into the sky, pouncing straight towards Fatty Hai in midair. It fiercely went for Fatty Hai’s throat. With its strong bite, it could easily break a bison’s leg. Yan Po Jun felt that as long as this fatty was caught by it, the battle would be over. That was not even mentioning the even more powerful Blazing Lion following on the panther’s heels.

However, Fatty Hai suddenly moved his hands.

His hands pressed down on the head of the Raging Panther with astounding speed and clever timing.

The acceleration of the body was truly like a meteor. With just a ten metre distance, he instantly caught up to Yan Po Jun who was flipping backwards.

His fist, which had stored up enough energy, planted itself onto Yan Po Jun’s little stomach with a force that could not be stopped.


A huge explosion was heard.

Yan Po Jun’s entire body was like a human cannonball being flung out. With a single move, he had shot out to the edge of the stage.

The Blazing Lion and the Raging Panther turned around and pounced. However, Fatty Hai, using the ordinary mercenary’s skill “Bison Punch”, easily punched them both to midair.

Looking at this scene, everyone could not believe their own eyes, including the referee on stage who was dumbfounded. Yan Po Jun was actually defeated by a nameless fatty? How could this be possible… Yan Po Jun was one of the Three Great Killing Stars, one of the competitors for the crown. How could he lose to the likes of a fatty?

Yan Po Jun waved his hands in midair, causing flames to spread.

His entire body was floating. In that few instances where he nearly fell to the ground, he flew back up. Yan Po Jun rode his flames and flew back onto the stage.

Before Fatty Hai could rush over, Yan Po Jun took the opportunity and summoned his Silver Grimoire first.

Some spectators who did not know what was happening still thought that Yan Po Jun had easily returned to the stage, and was cheering for him. However, those warriors whose eyes were sharp understood that Yan Po Jun at this instant had already lost his ability to battle. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need a summoning grimoire to raise a barrier and protect himself…

As much as possible, Yan Po Jun was trying to hide this fact by swallowing the fresh blood that came into his mouth. However, there was still a trace of fresh blood flowing down his mouth.

It dripped onto the Silver Grimoire.

Everyone was stunned as they looked.

Did the force of a single punch from Fatty hai manage to deal severe injuries to Yan Po Jun?

Inside the box, Yue Yang was smiling.

This tactic was something that Yue Yang developed meticulously.

At first, it was not specifically tailored towards Yan Po Jun. However, Fatty Hai altered it slightly so that he could use it against him.

Because Yan Po Jun underestimated Fatty Hai, he fell for the trap and lost big time. It was regrettable that Fatty Hai could not use “Double Strengthening” at this point of time. Otherwise, Yan Po Jun would be even more heavily injured.

“This fatty is really crafty, but tactics like these can only be used once. It won’t work the next time. That’s right, the previous Bison Punch that he used to hit the lion and panther just now seems rather different. It doesn’t require him to turn his body, right? Not only that, its power isn’t that strong either. Is it a new move that you made up?” Luo Hua City Mistress’s eyes were sharp. She immediately saw that Fatty Hai’s new move, although it seemed ordinary, was actually brimming with power. With the level of stupidity that Fatty Hai had she was doubtful that he had the capability to improve on this move like that. Therefore, she was 90% certain that it was improved on by Yue Yang.

“That move is called Full Moon Rhinoceros. Fatty Hai’s right hand holds the power of a rhino, while his left holds the power of a hippo. The effectiveness of this move was so-so. However, if he’s able to merge their powers into one, I believe that the effectiveness of this move would increase tenfold. If the Raging Panther and Blazing Lion were hit by the Double Strengthened fists, it’s definitely an instant kill!”

Yue Yang was happy that Fatty Hai’s had learnt the techniques pretty well. However, the amount of time taken to practise it was too short. It did not reach the standard that he expected.

Only after a full two minutes did Yan Po Jun finally recovered fully.

First, he summoned his Guardian Beast Raging Lion King, then chain summoned an Explosion Elemental and Fire-Spitting Snake, buffing himself with one each at his sides. Then, he coldly stared at Fatty Hai and snorted. “I didn’t think that student Hai would be as good at deception as the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. Yan Po Jun almost lost this battle. This lesson I learnt from underestimating my foe, I will remember for the rest of my life. After which, I request that brother Hai to take good care of me!”

The Raging Panther and Blazing Lion which Fatty Hai had injured hobbled back to their master’s side, letting out a low roar towards Fatty Hai.

When everyone thought that Fatty Hai would be tortured to death by Yan Po Jun whose embarrassment had turned into rage, they suddenly saw Fatty Hai jumping down from the stage and land with a ‘pa’ sound onto the ground. Then, he used the same gesture that Yan Po Jun had just now. “This young master admits his loss. Student Po Jun, you can go on and perform at your own pace…“

Yan Po Jun’s face contorted with anger.

The little girls spectating all jeered, scolding Fatty Hai for being despicable and vulgar. However, Fatty Hai immediately shoved his middle finger up as an answer.

“Wasn’t this fatty really timid before? How would he dare to do this? I bet you brought him up the wrong way as his boss!” Luo Hua City Mistress could not stop laughing heartily at this scene. She was laughing until she felt weak and needed to lean on Yue Yang’s shoulder for support. Yue Yang hurriedly hugged her, taking advantage by holding onto her slender waist while correcting her, “He’s the big boss, that is, if we’re going by weight…“

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