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LLS Chapter 225 – Resolving heart’s conflict, Loving as much as one likes

Chapter 225 – Resolving heart’s conflict, Loving as much as one likes
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Mistranslated a few chapters back guys, instead of Bluewater Imperial Dragon Team from Eastern Crystal Palace, it’s Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu from Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace.

Since there’s a lot of questions asked… Minor spoiler as this has actually not been confirmed in the story, only hinted. Highlight below if you want to read it.
sickly beauty: Xue Wu Hen (the principal, Xue Wu Xia’s older sister, disguised herself as Tian Luo Prince)
mysterious beauty: Xue Wu Xia (Yue Yang’s former fiancee)

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The beautiful sickly person asked Yue Yang to enter, but she only continued to look at him without speaking.

Yue Yang felt a little bit guilty under her stare. He actually didn’t have a guilty conscience, but after hearing the mysterious beauty’s suggestion that was as beguiling and tempting as the snake in the Garden of Eden, Yue Yang continued to have this bad thought in his head that continued to haunt his mind. Furthermore, the sickly beauty seemed to have eyes that could see through people’s hearts, hence he felt quite guilty.

“What did Wu Xia tell you?” The sickly beauty asked.

“She said something about the Floating Mist Junior [Elder] and Prince of Zi Jin.” Yue Yang wouldn’t tell the truth in normal times. Even if he said the truth, that would mean that he was trying to hide an even bigger secret.

“Anything else?” The sickly beauty looked at Yue Yang with a hint of amusement.

“We talked about your condition. We were discussing about the way to cure you.” Yue Yang was pretending to be an obedient child now. In reality, he was thinking about what the mysterious beauty said, “I want you to be a bad person for a while” in his heart.

What she meant by ‘bad person’, Yue Yang of course understood it.

The sickly beauty’s doe eyes that was covered with beautiful, long eyelashes flashed open, and she quickly blurted out thoughtlessly, “It’s useless to do that, it would only make matters more complicated. Don’t listen to her.”

Yue Yang didn’t understand, “What?”

The sickly beauty lightly shook her hands, “Have you learnedt beast-to-armour transformation?”

Hearing that she had changed the topic, the heavy burden in Yue Yang’s heart was finally lifted. He hurriedly shook his head and said, “I have understood some parts of it, but I would probably need to fumble and research longer to practice armour transformation in reality. Furthermore, I don’t know which beast-transformation would be best for me.”

The sickly beauty replied him with the best answer, “A humanoid beast with the highest potential and wisdom would have a higher chance of fusing successfully. A beast with higher combat power would have a higher difficulty of fusing. You can try with a lower-levelled beast first. Actually, your spirit has already [Awaken] well, you just don’t know how to use it. Maybe you need someone to guide you… Come again when I recover after a few days! Oh, right, Qian Qian and the others said that every word from your mouth is lies, but I think you are actually very honest and frank. You just like to pretend that you are a cheater. It’s not very good for you to continue closing your soul like this, it will affect your cultivation… That’s why you’ll encounter strong enemies in the Virgo Temple. If you could understand this point, Virgo Temple would actually be the easiest Trial to go through!”

Yue Yang was stunned when he heard it.

“Come again after a few days, I’m too tired right now…” The sickly beauty closed her eyes exhaustedly. Yue Yang covered her with a blanket slowly, and as he prepared to turn around and go out after tucking her in, the sickly beauty suddenly asked without opening her eyes, “Don’t you think Wu Xia and I look similar?”

“What?” Yue Yang didn’t understand why she asked that. Was it a test?

“It’s nothing, you can go!” The sickly beauty didn’t open her eyes, but there was a hint of smile on her mouth, as if she was laughing secretly.

This made Yue Yang become even more confused. What did she actually mean by asking him these random questions?

After all that, she had even laughed secretly. She was really puzzling.

When he went out the door, the mysterious beauty was waiting outside.

She didn’t wait for Yue Yang to speak, her eyes shone with the same glint that the sickly beauty inside the room had as she asked Yue Yang with a soft voice, “Let’s go and take a walk?

Yue Yang obviously agreed happily.

Princess Qian Qian and the others didn’t cause any problems, they were all sitting in another room discussing something.

Seeing Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty going out, Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu all looked at them absent-mindedly.

After accompanying the mysterious beauty while walking around the garden quietly for a while, Yue Yang was preparing himself to ask about her identity as he really was very curious about her. However, the mysterious beauty suddenly turned towards him and asked, “You actually know who I am, right?”

“No, I don’t know.” Yue Yang hurriedly pretended ignorance.

“Then how do you explain that matter?” The mysterious beauty had immediately switched to another question.

“What matter?” Yue Yang’s heart suddenly jumped. It was here, the time had finally come. He had not finished investigating that matter thoroughly, hence he couldn’t answer at all.

“Forget it, we were not acquainted at that time. Even if it was true, I wouldn’t blame you. Moreover, that matter was fake.” The mysterious beauty didn’t seem to want to continue the topic. Yue Yang immediately felt relieved. Fortunately she didn’t want to pursue the topic anymore. However, the mysterious beauty’s next words almost made Yue Yang’s heart jumped out of his throat, as she asked, “Who do you like more, Sister Luo Hua or Qian Qian?”

This question was a trap! It wouldn’t lead to a good ending if he answered any one of them.

Yue Yang could only pretend not to hear the question.

If it was possible, Yue Yang wanted to tell her that he actually liked the mysterious her more… Yue Yang opened his mouth, but in the end, the words were stuck in his throat. Now was not yet the time to say it. He was someone from another world, his identity was constantly at risk. If Yue Qiu really did not die, or if the pitiful guy’s mother really came back, would he be able to hide his identity from the pitiful guy’s parents? At that time, what would his relationship with these girls be? Unless they really liked him for who he was and not for his identity as Yue Qiu’s son, Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to promise them anything… This was also the reason why Yue Yang was more willing to accept Yi Nan.

Yi Nan liked him for who he was, her feelings had not had anything to do with his status.

The two of them had not known each other, they were complete strangers who met accidentally and had slowly fallen in love with each other. Although their feelings towards each other weren’t so strong that they could move heaven and earth, Yi Nan was definitely in love with him.

Even if he wasn’t the pitiful guy, even if he didn’t have the Four Great Clans as his Ancestor and even if he didn’t have his status as Yue Qiu’s son, she would still like him. Yue Yang definitely believed in Yi Nan. On the other hand, if there was a day when the others found out the truth about his identity and he wasn’t the pitiful guy anymore, would Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the mysterious beauty still treat him like this?

They might, but Yue Yang wasn’t 100% sure.

He had too little time to interact with them after all. He had to spend more time with them, experience new things with them before he feel assured for their feelings for him.

“You are thinking too much. Actually I’m not what you think I am…” The mysterious beauty’s voice slowly drifted off, barely audible, “We are all simple girls, we don’t involve ourselves in politics and we don’t wish for fame. Other than cultivating, we don’t have anything else… We, we are all loners like you. Maybe we got together because of that, because we felt we had the same circumstances… No matter if it was Luo Hua, Qian Qian or me, we are not good in expressing ourselves. We are all clumsy with our feelings. Of course, you are the same. We are both guarding ourselves against each other, afraid of hurting the other party, yet afraid of being hurt at the same time… Let’s not talk about this anymore. We still have a long way ahead of us. Let’s take a step each time!”

“Actually, I have my own reasons.” Yue Yang knew that the mysterious beauty was hinting at him that as a man, he was not initiative enough. Actually, Yue Yang was extremely initiative, for example, he spared no effort when he was chasing after Yi Nan. However, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the mysterious beauty all had very extraordinary identities. There might not be any problems being with them right now, but in the future, when they knew the truth, Yue Yang could not imagine the consequences that would happen.

He could not say that he was not from this world, that he was only replacing someone’s identity in this world.

If he said this, he would be done for.

When the mysterious beauty heard it, she looked at Yue Yang with her eyes that was as clear as spring water, before letting out a giggle that was as smooth as flowing stream of water, “A secret? Who doesn’t have secrets? One day you will understand that those things are not important at all… Let’s go back, you still have a match in the afternoon!”

Yue Yang could better understand the mysterious beauty’s heart now. She was secretly hinting at him that no matter what secret Yue Yang had, she would not care about it at all.

However, would she not even care if he told her that he was a guy from another world and was actually replacing someone else’s identity here?

Yue Yang really did not have confidence at all when he thought about it that way.

He looked at the mysterious beauty’s face that was covered with a veil. Looked at her forgiving eyes, Yue Yang felt a warm feeling in his heart. There were a lot of beautiful girls in the Soaring Dragon Continent, but she was the best girl he had seen in his life… She had this chemistry with him, they could understand each other’s hearts without communicating. She had experienced life and death situations with him. Seeing her like this, Yue Yang felt a special kind of feeling, as if she was someone that he was destined to be with even in their past lives…

But because of that, Yue Yang was even more afraid of losing her, afraid that she would leave his side.

Hence, he would rather keep the secret that he was a guy from another world to his grave, he would not tell her the truth even if he die.

When the time is ripe, he would bring her, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua all to Tong Tian Tower, and leave the Soaring Dragon Continent. He would abandon his former identity and lead a brand new life.

Of course, that was under the assumption that he would already have a very strong power.

“You are not saying anything, but I know what you are thinking!” The mysterious beauty nodded as she waved her hands at Yue Yang, “I’ll go first. Go and keep Qian Qian and the others company. I shall go back and think about ways to let you pass the Virgo Temple Trial…”

“Can I call you Wu Xia?” Yue Yang asked her before she went into the teleportation gate.

“Your mouth belongs to you alone, can I even stop it?” The mysterious beauty smiled as she turned around. Her smile was like a ray of sunlight peeking through the cloudy skill, completely illuminating Yue Yang’s heart. It untangled the burdens in his heart, making him feel relaxed and brimming with confidence. Yes, he would definitely have this girl who liked to read books. It did not matter what identity he had, he would never let her go. She belonged to him alone!

She had even given him her permission to chase after her. Why would he hesitate then? He should just give his all to have a romantic love affair with her!

To hell with his identity!

All that matters was he liked her. He would not care about her identity or how the people around would react. He would receive divine punishment if he let such a good girl just pass him by!

He would definitely not let go. Since he liked her, he must succeed in taking her down, keeping her as his for her whole life.

Until forever!

As the conflict in Yue Yang’s heart was resolved, his face recovered his leisured smile as he waved to the mysterious beauty, “Girl, just wait patiently. I’ll say it to you one day!”

Looking at Yue Yang who had recovered his confident and easygoing smile, Princess Qian Qian felt a pang of jealousy in her heart.

She pulled Yue Yang to one side and asked, “What have you guys been talking about?”

“Do you want to know?” Yue Yang asked for a condition, “If a certain tigress girl can kiss me gently for a bit, I can consider telling you.”

“Dream on!” Princess Qian Qian felt an itch on her teeth again, wanting to bite and beat this brat into a pulp. However, Luo Hua City Mistress, Yue Yu and Yue Bing were all secretly watching them, so she couldn’t do it. She could only warn him in a very small voice, “Stinky brat, don’t give me a chance or I would definitely thoroughly beat you up!”

Yue Yang laughed when he heard her, “Your Highness, other than you ‘attacking’ me, I’m not afraid of anything!”

Luo Hua City Mistress burst into laughter seeing Princess Qian Qian whose face was completely red, driven mad with anger. Her shoulders shook as she laughed.

Secretly, she gave Yue Yang a thumbs up.

Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu stayed behind to take care of the sickly beauty and to master the [Awakening] for beast-to-armor transformation. They didn’t follow Yue Yang back to the Champion Island.

Luo Hua City Mistress was extremely generous, she said that as a good City Mistress she should be present to support her personal bodyguard on his matches. Hence, she accompanied Yue Yang back. Yue Bing, who had not realize that she was the third wheel, had also followed them back.

Yue Bing had displayed her good luck once again when the ballot she drawed allocated her in Group D that had almost no strong opponents.

However, Yue Yang’s luck was bad.

Amongst the four groups A, B, C, D, he had picked Group B, which was dubbed the ‘deathly group’.

Amongst the ten people in Group B, there were Xue Tan Lang from the Xue Clan, Floating Mist Sect Junior [Elder] Bai Yun Fei, Western Lion Pagoda’s number one disciple Prince of Zi Jin, Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu from Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace, Xie Qian Ren from the Xie Clan and Lie Ban from the Lie Clan… When this deathly group lots was drawn, all participating contestants inadvertently sucked in a breath. Fighting in this group would probably be harder than the finals.

The audience, on the other hand, went wild with joy. The more experts fighting, the more exciting the match would be.

The first match that Yue Yang drew was to face Xie Qian Ren from the Xie Clan. If he won, he would face the winner between Xue Tan Lang versus Lie Ban. Luo Hua City Mistress laughed out loud as she patted his shoulders, “I think I know what’s going on. Qian Qian’s curse must have worked on you, hahaha…”

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    • Dark says:

      Sorry for hijacking your comment but there’s something I want to ask. Luo Hua City Mistress’s name is Luo Hua? Then shouldn’t it be City Mistress Luo Hua? It’s like calling the City Lord of X City, X City Lord. His actual name is something else but his title is X City Lord. So, is she the City Mistress of a city called Luo Hua City? Or is her name Luo Hua? If her name is indeed Luo Hua, why’s she called Luo Hua City Mistress instead of City Mistress Luo Hua?

      • ekekee says:

        IIRC, anyone powerful enough to go to certain level of the tower could create their own city there. In this case Luo Hua created a city with her own name~

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        For instance, I couldn’t understand what “matter” they were talking about above. Now that someone has pointed out it was the engagement thing going back and reading it a lot of things make more sense to me but then it also adds some awkwardness to the description of the conversation.

        Another example is how the killing star referred to YY’s fiance as his “sister” so everyone’s first impression is that they are probably brother and sister but they may actually be clan cousins. Similarly, since spoilers are already out, the principal and Wu Xia may end up being “sisters” but actually be cousins (i.e. the old fox may or may not be YY’s father-in-law).

        Another example is how when we first were introduced to Luo Huo’s father I was confused because I forgot “King” isn’t the highest authority and she isn’t the direct princess because English through it’s England heritage continue to use the term King/Queen instead of Emperor/Empress even when referring the United Kingdom or the British. This gets even more confusing if we need to discuss what their kids are called (prince? prince of the 1st order? 2nd order?).

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      He has to be in his original body, I mean just think about it… Why would he be nervous about them finding out if he noticed that his body had changed?
      He could just fake amnesia after the drowning suicide attempt, and play it off from there.

      • Uz3r013 says:

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