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LLS Chapter 224 – I want you to become a bad person for a while

Chapter 224 – I want you to become a bad person for a while
Translated by: May
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When the head of the godly dragon and the Crystal Shield clashed against each other, it gave out a magnificent and bright light like the explosion of the galaxy.

Although the purple flame and sword blade were very strong, they still failed to incur even a slight damage to the crystal shield.

Only the Innate Invisible Sword Qi could bring out the impact. When Yue Yang brandished his Innate Invisible Sword Qi upon the Crystal Shield, a few Ancient Runes appeared immediately on the Crystal Shield. These Ancient Runes formed a whole new Runic Circle when it fused with the Silver Runes on the Crystal Shield. The Tian Luo Prince who was raising the Crystal Shield to defend against Yue Yang’s attack with all his might suddenly smiled again… His smile was brimming with relief as if a person who was seriously ill and about to die was feeling perfectly satisfied after he had fulfilled his last will.

The Crystal Shield disintegrated in silence as he smiled. It was broken into countless pieces and swirled in the air.

The pieces then immediately transformed back into colourful, radiant balls of light and returned into the body of Tian Luo Prince.

Yue Yang’s finger was pointed at Tian Luo Prince’s forehead, but in the end, he decided to take back his Sword Qi and not kill his enemy. Princess Qian Qian rushed forward with a speed that was even faster than the lightning, holding her sword as she burst through Yue Yang’s residual purple flames and sword blades. In mid air, as her body passed by Yue Yang’s, she waved her fist and punched Yue Yang who was pressing his fingers on the Tian Luo Prince’s forehead. Yue Yang was flown away due to the impact.

Luo Hua City Mistress was pulling Yue Bing and Yue Yu along, as the three of them rushed to the fighting arena swiftly at the same time after the shock wave from the explosion subsided.

Tian Luo Prince covered his mouth with his hand. Blood was seen between his fingers.

Blood was dripping on the crystal armour in front of his chest.

It was a fearsome sight.

Princess Qian Qian hurriedly carried Tian Luo Prince as soon as she landed. Yue Yang had already teleported and rushed right before Princess Qian Qian and reached out his hands to carry Tian Luo Prince who was about to collapse. He sighed and asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“Although I don’t like to battle but battling against you is my wish.” Tian Luo Prince’s blue eyes were smiling but his lips was covered with blood.

“Stop talking already. We got to leave now. You guys are acting too recklessly!” Princess Qian Qian launched a silver teleportation scroll quickly.

When the teleportation portal rose up, Princess Qian Qian turned and brought Yue Yu and Yue Bing who had leapt onto the fighting arena into the portal.

Luo Hua City Mistress also followed hurriedly while she hinted at Yue Yang to hurry up.

As Yue Yang, who was carrying the Tian Luo Prince entered the portal, the Old Cunning Fox appeared suddenly. He lifted a Crystal Staff. “Memory Removal!” A bright light which was as bright as the sun sparkled on everyone. The girls from the Rose Fan Group as well as the red-clothed referee, linesmen and silver-armoured guards fell onto the ground. When they awakened after a while, they noticed that the fighting area had been razed while the unique and good-looking Tian Luo Prince was standing on a shallow concave at the centre.

Even the most careful person would not be able to tell the difference between this Tian Luo Prince and the ‘Tian Luo Prince’ whom Yue Yang carried.

The only difference between the two of them was that this Tian Luo Prince’s eyes weren’t sorrowful.

This Tian Luo Prince summoned a Golden Grimoire and summoned a light ball which had a fairy’s illustration hidden in it. He then tossed the light ball to the sky until it reached the top of the cloud.

Countless dim white light raindrop fell.

The white light raindrop comforted everyone who suffered from headaches and helped to ease their pain.

Tian Luo Prince paid his respect gracefully to everyone. “Thank you for your support. However, I am regret that this is where I stop for the Top 100 Tournament. If all of you don’t mind, I will be an audience with you. I suggest that all of us go to take a walk at the seaside and enjoy the comfortable sea breeze in the days without any tournament…” The girls from the Rose Fans Group had already started to cheer excitedly before Tian Luo Prince could finish his sentence.

This was something rare.

The previous Tian Luo Prince who always looked distressed would never suggest to bring everyone to have fun. Even when everyone invited him to various type of events, he would always reject them indirectly and politely and continued to refuse to attend those events.

However, his pressure seemed to have disappeared and his mood gotten better after he gave up competing in the Top 100 Tournament. Instead, he had taken the initiative and suggested everyone to take a walk at the seaside with him. How could they not be in exhilaration? Everyone was happy, except the red-clothed referee who had the most capability. He faintly remembered the Tian Luo Prince had used a Platinum Grimoire. How did it become a Gold Grimoire instead? Moreover, this prince seemed to be a little… The red-clothed referee slapped the back of his head. He was probably thinking too much. How on earth could the prince be a fake? He must have had suffered from concussion due to the blast wave after the great explosion. That’s why he was confused.

The Old Cunning Fox stood beside the red-clothed referee and observed his eyes. He suddenly smiled when he saw that the red-clothed referee wasn’t feeling suspicious anymore. “The Prince has let our Ivy Academy’s student win. Please announce the result immediately. Oh, the place is destroyed. It has to be cleared.”

“The next match will be delayed. We have to repair the battlefield first. Has Student Titan gained victory? My battle records…” The red-clothed referee was confused.

How come he couldn’t remember anything about the fight that he had watched?

This was bad. If anyone knew that he had lost his memory of the whole tournament just now due to the concussion, he would probably have to leave his position as a referee.

The Old Cunning Fox smiled and handed over a record book. “Is this the one you’re looking for? You dropped it on the floor.”

The red-clothed referee was in exaltation when he saw that it was his handwriting. Luckily he had recorded down the whole battle process. He roughly went through the battle record and found out that the battle between student Titan and the Prince was marvellous. Both of them had summoned lion, tiger and golden eagle. At the end, student Titan had won the match with his fantastic skill. He used the skill which had been handed down in his family, [First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash] to push the prince out of the fighting arena, hence gaining him victory.

This record made the red-clothed referee felt a sense of deja vu and puzzlement. He couldn’t remember anything about the lion, tiger and golden eagle but he could slightly remember the [First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash]. Sigh, forget it. Anyhow, he had gotten back his record.

The red-clothed referee signed his name on the record and marked the victory symbol on Titan’s name.

The Old Cunning Fox smiled as he looked at it.

He smiled like a fox which had successfully stolen some chicks…

Tian Luo Prince who was leading the crowd of people to leave seemed to turn his head inadvertently towards the Old Cunning Fox’s direction while he asked the girls from the Rose Fans Group to follow him. Both of them nodded their heads to each other in a far distance and left respectively.

Yue Yang carried ‘Tian Luo Prince’ whose crystal armour and wings were disappearing gradually as he followed Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress to enter a beautiful world which was full of butterflies and flowers through the portal. The soft wind was blowing on the land and the sounds of nature could be heard indistinctly as it seemed to echoed from the bottom of the heart. It seemed like thousands of floral fairies were singing together. Princess Qian Qian was leading the way at the front. Luo Hua City Mistress indicated Yue Yang to follow them. They reached a small manor after walking for a short while. A nice and mind-refreshing sweet scent could be smelled when they entered the manor. The sweet scene gave a refreshing effect on them.

“What place is this?” Yue Yang was curious. The place was full of Spiritual Qi. It was a good place to cultivate. Why wasn’t there anyone staying here?

“Stupid! This is the garden that leads to the Heaven Stairway. We are right inside the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers, it is a whole other dimension. It is a little similar to the Dimension of Duel, but much larger. It is around the size of one tenth of the Soaring Dragon Continent. To be exact, this is the entrance to the Heaven Stairway.” Princess Qian Qian scrambled to open the door and entered familiarly. Yue Yang also followed behind her and put the person whom he was carrying in his arms on the bed. Yue Bing cried out in fear as she looked at the person. “How did the Prince become an elder sister?”

“She is not the Prince.” Yue Yang knew who she was once he looked at her. No one would have such glance like hers in this world.

“You knew it was her right? Then why did you fight with her?” Princess Qian Qian was very angry.

“It’s me…I am the one who asked him to launch his attack. I’ve always wanted to fight with him. It is meaningless for me whether I could live for few more days or less. The Seal Rune has always been my biggest will. My guess wasn’t wrong…I don’t have any regrets now.” The Tian Luo Prince who laid on the bed gradually transformed into a beauty with soft black hair who looked pale but splendidly beautiful even with her weak body. Her appearance was even ten times more gorgeous than her appearance when she was cross-dressing like a man. She was indeed so devastatingly beautiful that people could hardly breathe looking at her. Her eyes were so lovely and appealing that people could get heart-broken just from looking at them. She had a beautiful and fair neck as well as a pair of sparkling, translucent arms. Her tiny fingers were covered in her blood but it didn’t affect her charisma. It was so breathtaking for Yue Yang to think that beauty had always been disappearing at her most beautiful moments.

“Couldn’t you start sealing after you are recovered from your illness? Both of you are really reckless!” Princess Qian Qian wanted to blame them at first but she managed to control and stared at Yue Yang angrily.

“Enough, Qian Qian. You have to calm down.” Luo Hua City Mistress appeased Princess Qian Qian immediately.

“Yue Yang, can you please go out for a while? I need to say a few words to them.” A special smiling expression could be seen in her eyes. She reached out her fair hand and hinted Yue Yang not to say anything first. Her voice was like the heavily scented cold breeze outside the garden making people hard to reject her request. “Just for a while. You go out first. If Wu Xia comes, tell her to wait outside for a while.”

Yue Yang nodded his head lightly. When he walked to the small living room outside, he noticed that the mysterious beauty who loved reading was already standing outside quietly.

The mysterious beauty seemed like she was waiting for him but also seemed to wait for the beauty in the room to call her in to meet her.

Both of them were looking at each other without saying anything.

After a long while, the mysterious beauty started the conversation. “I’ve seen it but I won’t blame you. The only thing that we have to do now is to think of a way to save her life.”

Yue Yang muttered to himself irresolutely and asked softly, “[Nirvana’s Flame]. This is the only solution that I know. Does it work?“

“……” The mysterious beauty didn’t answer but she agreed tacitly to Yue Yang’s solution.

“What is the relationship between all of you?” The relationship between the mysterious beauty, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress really confused Yue Yang. They certainly knew each other and they had obviously known each other since they were young. They were not sisters but they were as close as if they were sisters. Maybe they were relatives. However, their real statuses were actually so different that had made Yue Yang even more confused.

“Why do you want to botherer about this? Just mind your own business!” The mysterious beauty glanced at Yue Yang.

The expression in the mysterious beauty’s eyes was very similar to the sickly beauty’s inside.

The only difference was that the mysterious beauty’s expression was more energetic and active. On the other hand the expression of the sickly beauty inside the room was more serene and elegant. It showed the hidden sadness when she was lonely.

In fact, Yue Yang wanted to ask the mysterious beauty about her identity but he was worried that the answer would make him disappointed.

“I think I can help you a little with the Virgo Temple Trial. You should finish the Hundred Elite School Tournament first! As the Four Great Clans are gradually rising in power all of a sudden, the Four Major Sects are worried that their influence will get smaller. Therefore, the Four Major Sects will definitely take the Hundred School Elite Tournament as an opportunity to improve their standing. So I am not going to participate in this tournament. You must defeat the Junior [Elder] and Prince Zi Jin and send them back home!” Then, suddenly, the mysterious beauty whispered to Yue Yang. “Can you do me a favour? I want you to be a bad person for while.”

“What?” Yue Yang sweated as he heard her. This girl was acting mysteriously. Did she want him to rob the bank or assassinate the king?

“Stop pretending to be dumb!” The mysterious beauty thought that he was acting confused while he understood what she meant as she looked at his stunned expression. She was so angry that she picked up a book and got ready to hit him to send him flying to an unimaginably far place. However, she stopped all of a sudden when she discovered that Yue Yang really didn’t understand. She warned and hinted Yue Yang with a very soft voice, “Never tell anyone that this is my idea. You just have to admit that you are a bad guy and you are the one who wanted to do bad things, understand?”

“Honestly, what are you trying to say?” Yue Yang really couldn’t understand a word.

“I’ve seen so many idiots but I’ve never seen someone who are as stupid as you!” The mysterious beauty was about to lose control.

“Don’t tell me that you want me to…” Yue Yang realized it all of a sudden. He was immediately dumbstruck by the mysterious beauty’s idea. “If…if I really do that, then wouldn’t I be doomed to be a sinner throughout all ages?”

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