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LLS Chapter 222 – I apologize… There was a traffic jam!

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Chapter 222 – I apologize… There was a traffic jam!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After a few days of the Elite Tournament, Yue Bing had smoothly passed through her matches. This was because the opponents she faced weren’t very strong and she hadn’t even needed to summon her Hundred Years Old Treant Defender to win yet. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Clan Brothers had also succeeded in entering the Top 100 Tournament. As for Yue Yang, he had also managed to enter the Top 100 by sending the Evil Shadow to participate in the matches for him.

This year, the Ivy Academy team was really powerful. The Academy which had suffered complete defeat last year, had 6 people entering into the Top 100 this year.

With this kind of show of strength, the Ivy Academy had attracted a lot of attention.

Other than the three top schools in Soaring Dragon Continent, Shang Jing Academy, Fragrance Academy and Gray Wolf Academy, the Ivy Academy had also attracted the attention of the masses as the dark horse with the greatest improvement.

The blind, bloodthirsty ‘Titan’ was one of the students that was most hated by everyone.

Privately, a lot of students thought that this Titan had only become so abnormal because he was blind and that was why he was so ruthless in his attacks… Of course, only a handful of people could tell that “Titan” was actually a copy, a beast-type shadow.

“I really look forward to fighting Student Titan one on one.” The ice cold Xue Tan Lang seemed to know that Titan was in fact Yue Yang. He requested to fight Yue Yang at almost every single drawing of lots.

“He only has minor accomplishments. He’s not worth your attention.” The Prince of Zi Jin who had the most odds of winning the championship looked down upon Yue Yang instead.

“My rivals? I would really like to fight with the Sheng Qian Nu from the Fragrance Academy or the Prince of Tian Luo in the Finals. It would also be great if I could fight the Prince of Zi Jin. Sorry, you said Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu from Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace? No, how could I forget about them? I think they would be my lifelong, formidable opponents! As for the Three Great Killing Stars, if they can have such famous reputations, then they must have great capabilities. I’m not very familiar with them, but I really want to try sparring with them in the Tournament! Titan? Who is he? I’ve never heard of him before!” The Floating Mist Sect Junior [Elder] called Bai Yun Fei, although he was arrogant, no one could doubt his capabilities. In the short two months since he had come out of the mountains, he had defeated countless strong opponents. He was most famous for his shocking act of stopping an all-out punch from Tian Luo’s Level 6 Senior-[Elder], Lie Zhang Tian, with only one finger.

Lie Zhang Tian’s all-out power was extremely frightening. Not only had he used it to kill a Demon Commander instantly but he had previously also injured a Demon Marshall with it.

However, he had actually been stopped by Bai Yun Fei’s single finger. When this shocking news spread to the world, the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent was in an uproar and was thoroughly shocked.

If Bai Yun Fei had not been a Junior [Elder] from the Southern Floating Mist Sect, the commoners would definitely not believe it. However, as a Junior [Elder] from one of the Four Great Sects in this world, there was no reason for others to not believe this news.

Within two months of coming out of the mountains, Bai Yun Fei was already considered to be the most promising young warrior in Soaring Dragon Continent.

The title of the most promising young warrior that was held by Xue Tan Lang originally had been snatched away by Bai Yun Fei.

Not only him, but even Yan Po Jun, the all-around most promising student, was defeated by the Prince of Zi Jin, whose fame had resounded through the whole world… The Prince of Zi Jin had appeared a few days after Bai Yun Fei, but he had defeated many more warriors than Bai Yun Fei. He knew how to speak 8 and write 6 languages. He was also said to have a vast collection of beasts. No matter if it was element-type, strengthening-type or special-type, he had it all. He was even said to have 5 Gold-ranked beasts. Most frighteningly, the Prince of Zi Jin was also a combat genius, who was said to have defeated the ‘Supreme Archer God’ in a ten-round archery competition and the ‘Great Desert Storm’ in an eight moves sword competition.

He had first worked with the Supreme Archer God and killed Gong Wen Ke, a bandit that was said to be number one in archery in the whole of Da Xia. He had also worked with the Great Desert Storm to kill Bo Li Kuo, the leader of the Wolves Gang in Zi Jin Kingdom.

However, people placed the Prince of Zi Jin below the Junior [Elder] Bai Yun Fei. It wasn’t because they thought his strength was lacking. rather they just thought that Bai Yun Fei was more of an expert.

He had stopped Lie Zhang Tian’s all-out punch with a single finger after all. That kind of capability was simply too frightening!

With the two of them participating in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament, although the Three Great Killing Stars were famous and renowned, Bai Yun Fei and the Prince of Zi Jin had become the most likely contestants to be the winner of the Tournament in most people’s speculations.

Everything would depend on the ballots drawing for the Top 8 contestants.

Bai Yun Fei and the Prince of Zi Jin were speculated to have the highest possibility of seizing the championship, followed by Xue Tan Lang. He was after all the three time champion whose strong capabilities were well-known.

As for Yue Tian, Yue Yan, Xie Qian Ren and the others, people did not think that they would clinch the championship. However, they believe that these young warriors would be the greatest challenges for Bai Yun Fei and the Prince of Zi Jin on their journey to the championship. As for Titan, the abnormal blind student from Ivy Academy, who the heck was he? Not a single one of the audience knew about him. Could he be stronger than the Level 6 Senior [Elder] Lie Zhang Tian? Even if he had a capability like Lie Zhang Tian, what could he do? Lie Zhang Tian’s strongest move had been stopped by a single finger of Bai Yun Fei’s.

The most gossipy students also asked Sheng Qiang Nu, whose body was completely covered in armor and even her face was completely covered with her helmet, on who she wanted to fight the most.

Sheng Qiang Nu gave them a simple and curt answer, “Titan.”

“Did you want to teach that abnormal blind student a lesson because you thought that his attacks were simply too cruel?” Someone didn’t understand the reason behind her answer and asked.

“You can say it that way. He looks like he deserves a beating.” Sheng Qiang Nu didn’t quite agree with others’ opinion of Student Titan, but she had her own opinions that she didn’t speak out.

“Bai Yun Fei said that he hoped to fight with you in the finals. He seemed to be interested in you and had publicly displayed his love for you many times before. May we ask what’s your opinion in this?” Asked another person who wanted to dig out a scandal to attract others’ attentions.

“Seems like I will disappoint Bai Yun Fei again. I don’t have any feelings for him at all.” Sheng Qiang Nu was completely blunt when she spoke, curtly rejecting Bain Yun Fei’s public display of love.

The most disappointed person was actually the one who asked this question. Sheng Qiang Nu’s one sentence had completely dashed the audience’s hopes away.

After getting disappointed by her answer, the reporters immediately went to find the Tian Luo Prince, who was considered to be the most handsome man on earth by the female students. “May we ask who is the opponent you want to fight the most? Could it be one of the Three Great Killing Stars, Junior [Elder] Bai Yun Fei, or the Prince of Zi Jin? Do you think you can clinch the championship in the end? Bai Yun Fei and Prince of Zi Jin had always said that they couldn’t compare to your handsome looks. What do you think about this?”

The Tian Luo Prince whose face was as white and smooth as jade was indeed very handsome. Even if he was a man, he also had the elegance of a woman.

Those extremely clear pair of crystal eyes that could probably see through people’s soul revealed a tinge of sadness, a sadness that could make others feel sad for him.

Even the most arrogant girl or the most boorish guy in the world would not be able to resist his charm… His voice was as smooth as spring water flowing through rocks. Even though it was a male’s voice, it was similar to a sound of nature, pleasing to the ear, making others feel intoxicated in its presence. If this perfect Tian Luo Prince could be said to have a weakness, there could only be one thing, and that was that he didn’t smile enough.

Almost a thousand girls grouped themselves into his supporting cheerleaders, singing and dancing for him. They only hoped that they could lessen the bitterness in his eyes even by a little bit.

None of them understood why this Tian Luo Prince was filled with so much sadness. However, no one could ask him about it, afraid that they would hurt him even more.

No girl in this world could resist Tian Luo Prince’s smile… No one would doubt this statement, not even Yue Yang. This morning, Yue Yang had coincidentally seen the picture of the Tian Luo Prince when Ye Kong was looking at the Tournament news but he didn’t tear or burn the newspaper like Ye Kong and Fatty Hai had thought he would. Instead, he had hugged the picture in his embrace as if it was a very precious thing.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai had sighed secretly. They were finished. Even Yue Yang couldn’t resist the Tian Luo Prince’s charm! Seemed like his sexual preference would turn to a different direction.

“Are you really interested in anal?” Fatty Hai was curious. Didn’t Yue Yang only like beauties?

“It depends on the person!” Yue Yang replied evilly.

“Really? You pervert…” Fatty Hai and the others started sweating out of fright.

“What kind of expressions are you guys having? Go and die, my sexual preferences are perfectly normal!” Yue Yang kicked Fatty Hai in a towering rage. Ye Kong and the others immediately felt relieved at this. They had thought that if Yue Yang really liked men, he would not be able to bear injuring the Tian Luo Prince, a man who had incomparably handsome looks. It seemed like he had only admired something beautiful and didn’t fall in love with him.

The tournament today started extremely early in the morning. They had to reach the venue before 7 am.

Luo Hua City Mistress was still in bed having her beauty sleep, but Princess Qian Qian had already woken up to have her morning sword practice, trying to break through a new realm in her combat skill.

They all thought that Yue Yang would win for sure, that it would be alright even if they didn’t go to support him. Yue Yu and Yue Bing on the other hand, had woken up earlier and helped Yue Yang to draw the competition ballots.

When Yue Yang, Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers arrived at the tournament arena, they discovered Yue Yu and Yue Bing running towards them, a little out of breath, as if there was an army chasing after them. Yue Yang hurriedly tried to calm them down saying, “Don’t be too anxious, I woke up on time today, I didn’t come late.” Yue Yu shook her head, but just as she was about to speak, Yue Bing chimed in ahead of her, “Brother, not good. Your opponent… your opponent today is the Tian Luo Prince… I never thought that I would pick him when I drew the ballots!”

“Ah?” Fatty Hai and Ye Kong were immediately frozen when they heard that, thinking in their hearts that the situation was not good. Yue Yang might really have mercy on the Tian Luo Prince. Why did he have to face the Tian Luo Prince out of all opponents?

“Really? Isn’t that a good thing?” Yue Yang seemed to be delighted.

“What do you mean good? Right now, the girls who supported the Tian Luo Prince have picked up their weapons and are chasing after us. They are preparing to kill you, brother. To prevent you from harming their beloved Tian Luo Prince, those girls have really gone insane!” When Yue Bing said this, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong sweated even more. They were definitely finished. That Tian Luo Prince had thousands of fans and when those crazy fangirls become mad together, their herd force would be as frightening as the force of 300,000 bulls!

“Are you kidding me!” Yue Yang was also dumbfounded.

From a distance, countless women carrying frightening-looking arms were charging towards them like thousands of galloping horses.

There were some riding their beasts, some flying in the sky, some carrying clubs, some carrying huge blades with demon engravings… In a short while, even those few silver-armoured guards who wanted to stop them had been trampled over easily like flies.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai would rather fight one hundred thousand demons in the Demon Abyss than face these crazy fangirls.

Even the quiet, expressionless Li Clan Brothers were wiping off their sweat at this situation.

Yue Yang realized that he would really face a tragic fate if he didn’t start running now. He immediately pulled Yue Bing and Yue Yu, turned around and ran. Before he escaped, he had even pointed to Fatty Hai and shouted, “Catch him, he is the fat sex fiend of Ivy Academy, Titan! Everyone, charge! Teach him a lesson and uphold the law!”

“Are you for real? Where’s your loyalty?” Fatty Hai let out a miserable scream.

“What is loyalty? I don’t have that, but I have fart for you. The situation is not good right now and you are the boss. If you don’t step forward bravely, how could you still be a good boss?” When Yue Yang saw that Fatty Hai had run after him, and furthermore, that he ran extremely fast, almost overtaking himself, Yue Yang immediately kicked Fatty Hai down and continued to pull Yue Bing and Yue Yu, escaping from that place in a hurry.

When Fatty Hai crawled back up with great difficulty, he realized that he had been surrounded by the thousands of crazy fangirls.

It was too late for him to think of escaping. He could only reveal a bitter smile and ask, “Beauties, could you at least spare my face?”

His reply was hundreds of beautiful women’s legs trampling on him mercilessly.

When Ye Kong and Li Clan Brothers saw this scene, they immediately escaped frantically in fright. If they continued to stay, they would also lose their lives. Li Ge asked Ye Kong, “Ye Kong, is it really okay if we run away just like this?”

“Then do you want to stay?” Ye Kong rolled his eyes in annoyance. In a situation where they were heavily outnumbered, the most important thing was to protect themselves and conserve their strength. As for Fatty Hai, he would die for sure. If they tried to save him, they would also have a tragic fate. Li Ge shivered, but before he managed to answer, Li Qie immediately interrupted, “No. I think we should think of a way to take back Fatty Hai’s corpse later. Oh no, those crazy girls had divided their forces, they are chasing after us now. Run!”

Yue Yang led Yue Bing and Yue Yu to run one whole big round before sneaking into the tournament arena secretly in the end.

Countless Tian Luo Prince’s supporters surrounded the stage. There were girls and guys. They seemed to want to use their bodies to protect their beloved Tian Luo Prince from being injured by the abnormal blind student.

“Handsome Tian Luo Prince, awesome Tian Luo Prince, long live Tian Luo Prince! Of course we are Tian Luo Prince’s fans. All three of us siblings had decided to come personally to protect Tian Luo Prince. Everyone of us has tightened our surveillance. Let’s see if that abnormal blind guy would dare to enter here and seek death!” The shameless Yue Yang had disguised himself as one of the Tian Luo Prince’s fans as he shouted and blend himself into the crowd.

Although his face was unfamiliar, his catchphrase was loud and clear, as if he was truly one of the crazy fans.

Furthermore, he had also brought his two sisters along. It didn’t seem like he was a bad person.

The crazy fangirls of the Roses Fan Group didn’t see through his disguise.

The Tian Luo Prince Roses Fan Group fans were all busy looking for the figure of that ‘abnormal blind guy’, not realizing that Yue Yang had approached closer and closer. Then, Yue Yang suddenly leapt up onto the stage. That red-clothed referee who was waiting helplessly immediately waved his hand, “This student over here, I have allowed you to shout below the stage, why are you even trying to come on stage? Go back down!” The red-clothed referee then turned towards the Tian Luo Prince who was waiting calmly on the stage, “Your highness, you have waited for more than ten minutes. Please don’t wait anymore, that abnormal blind guy would not come for sure!”

“Didn’t he already come?” The Tian Luo Prince pointed to Yue Yang.

“Ah?” The red-clothed referee was dumbfounded. He pointed at Yue Yang and asked surprisedly, “You are that abnormal blind guy? Ah, I mean, you are that Titan? You, are you really Student Titan? Your eyes, aren’t you blind… Are you really Student Titan?”

“Yes, you are right! It’s a pity I can’t give you a reward for your correct answer.” Yue Yang revealed a bright smile.

“Ah!” The Roses Fan Group below the stage was completely driven mad.

This bloodthirsty, abnormal blind guy was actually not blind, and he had actually shamelessly disguised himself as one of the Tian Luo Prince’s fans, blending into the crowd before jumping onto the stage.

Would there be anyone more shameless, more wicked than this person on earth?

The answer is no!

Seeing that Yue Yang was smiling, the group of girls were even more enraged. Was this a joke to him?

If it weren’t for the Tian Luo Prince stopping them, the hundred over fangirls would have rushed up the stage and tore Yue Yang into pieces. Tian Luo Prince extended his hand to stop their uproar, making them all silent immediately. He looked at Yue Yang with his lake-like eyes and said with a voice as smooth as the night wind blowing through willow trees, “You are late!”

“I apologize, there’s a traffic jam!” Yue Yang patted his shoulders leisuredly, but in the eyes of those crazy fangirls, he simply needed a spanking.

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