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LLS Chapter 221 – Wringing The Old Fox Dry

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Chapter 221 – Wringing The Old Fox Dry
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Krithika, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“She hit him with a surprise attack! It was a shameless sneak attack!” The group of people supporting Yue Bing’s opponent started to become anxious. They had never thought that Yue Bing was such a strong combat expert who could even roundhouse-kick a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Black Bear off the stage.

“Linesmen, chase these bunch of rowdy boys out. Also, arrest that fellow who had broken the rules of the competition and violated warrior’s ethics!” The black-clothed referee hated it the most when others challenged his authority and power in matches. Not mentioning the matter of that Golden Wolf Academy student mounting a sneak attack when the opponent was bowing, he had ordered his Black Bear to continue attacking even after getting knocked out off the stage. He was really seeking death!

“We can’t accept this! She was obviously in the wrong. She only used combat skills. She didn’t summon any beast at all!” The tall and skinny boy immediately tried to argue with this point.

“That’s right, this is not a Combat Skills Match, this is a Combined Match. You are required to use a beast! Since she didn’t have any, she violated the rules first!”

“This match is invalid!”

The group of boys on the opposite side started a ruckus.

When the black-clothed referee thought again, what they said seemed to be really true. The little lady in the arena really did not summon any beasts.

Of course, this was not her fault. This was because she had not managed to summon her beast before her opponent mounted a sneak attack on her. Seeing the strong and obedient little lady, the referee couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. He was about to forgive Yue Bing and not pursue this matter any further.

Who could have guessed that Yue Bing would actually bow in respect, before nodding calmly and unhurriedly as she smiled, “I have a beast, it’s just that you guys couldn’t see it!”

She lifted her hands slightly as a glowing ball of green light slowly appeared from her body.

Finally, it took on a human form slowly.

Of course, this was Yue Bing’s second Guardian Beast, Green Light Tree Demoness. Yue Yang had seen how the mysterious beauty fused her element-type beast with her body just like a strengthening-type beast. Furthermore, after fighting a battle with Tu Cheng, Yue Yang had also learnt how to fuse an element-type beast with the summoner’s body just like a strengthening-type beast. In order to help Yue Bing fuse with her Green Light Tree Demoness better, Yue Yang had especially taught this skill to her.

As a result, let alone normal people, even the black-clothed referee couldn’t see through the fusion.

Seeing this, the black-clothed referee felt ashamed of himself secretly, thinking that he had really made a blunder. However, he didn’t show it on the outside and continued to put on his stern, angry look as he said, “You guys have been deliberately making a commotion without reason and doubted my authority as a referee. Guards, arrest them all for me and hand them over to the Tournament Disciplinary Office to be punished!”

Some of the silver-armoured guards quickly thudded over to arrest the boys. The two linesmen even threatened to disqualify anyone who tried to retaliate.

The Golden Wolf Academy’s students couldn’t do anything but follow the silver-armoured guards to the small, dark hut outside and stay there till they were released.

They could only pray that their Academy teachers would come over quickly and bail them out. Otherwise, they might even miss their next matches. When Ye Kong and Fatty Hai walked past these dejected fellows, they stuck up their middle fingers to show their contempt. The Golden Wolf Academy students were extremely angry at the gesture, but they didn’t dare to do anything under the watchful eyes of the black-clothed referee. If they dared to strike back, the penalty wouldn’t be as simple as just being disqualified from their matches. They would probably need to crouch in the small, dark hut even longer and might even be reported to the Tournament and lose their reputation.

“Thin monkey, fat pig, you just wait and see!” The leader of the group of boys, Gu Chi Jin, sneered coldly and sinisterly. They would never forget this grudge.

“Did you think we would be afraid of you?” If Fatty Hai were still the same person as before, he might be a little afraid.

However, Fatty Hai had now gone through countless life and death battles, killed various monsters and gigantic monsters, killed mercenaries that had gone insane and undergone harsh training under the hawk-eyed man for two whole months. Most importantly, under Yue Yang’s guidance, he had focused on improving the hidden strength in his body and cultivating his Guardian Beast, Ironback Rhinoceros. Now, he was completely different from his old self.

Something like being knocked out of the fighting arena within ten seconds by his opponent would not happen again this time.

Fatty Hai’s combat power had greatly increased, and after experiencing life and death trials, he had become more confident in his own abilities. An opponent like Gu Chi Jin didn’t even matter at all to him.

Although he didn’t say it out loud, Fatty Hai secretly wanted to fight against the Three Great Killing Stars to test his limits and capabilities.

If he were still the same as before, he wouldn’t even have dared to dream about this!

The old fox who was spectating outside the arena immediately became smug. Yue Bing had really worked hard. She had instantly knocked her opponent out without even using any of her beasts. He thought evilly that if this little lady had actually summoned her Bronze-ranked Level 5 Hundred Years Old Treant Defender, her opponent would probably have wet his pants in fright. It was a pity that her opponent had been too weak. She hadn’t even needed to summon her Hundred Years Old Treant Defender and had only needed to use her combat skills to instantly knock him out…

“You seem to have a good student this year. Since her surname is Yue, is she a member of the Yue Clan?” One of the teachers asked curiously.

“It’s a pity that that child is only proficient in combat. If she had a powerful beast, she would definitely be able to rank amongst the top 50.” Another teacher purposely commented this way wanting to test the old fox’s reaction. The old fox had obviously seen through these fellows’ thoughts, so he only revealed a cold smile to them as he pretended to be humble and replied sarcastically, “How could our students have powerful beasts? She only had two Bronze-ranked Level 5 Treants. They are plant-type beasts and trashy as hell. Her beast could never compare to your student’s Bronze-ranked Level 3 Black Bear!”

“…” Those people that had previously been ridiculing the old fox were so depressed that they wanted to vomit blood. They never thought that the old fox would really find a genius in cultivating plant-type beasts. They had really lost face.

The uproar quickly died down as the secondary knockout matches continued on.

Ten minutes later, it was finally Yue Yang’s turn to fight on stage.

Yue Yang was too lazy to fight. He put on the Gemini Golden Mask and immediately summoned an ‘Evil Shadow’ to fight on his behalf.

On the surface, the Evil Shadow only had half of Yue Yang’s abilities and its summoning time was extremely short, it could only exist for an hour. However, it was more than enough to participate in this stage of the tournament. Yue Yang was afraid that others would easily see that the Evil Shadow was a fake because of its lifeless expression that lacked intelligence. Hence, he quickly put a wig and a black towel on the Evil Shadow, covering its eyes.

In any case, the Evil Shadow fought with its instincts and didn’t need to use its eyes at all.

When the Evil Shadow showed up on stage, noone realized that it was actually a copy. Everyone thought that this student called ‘Titan’ was blind.

The old fox could only gape in dumbfoundment.

However, after observing for ten seconds, he finally realized that the Yue Yang standing on stage was only a copy. However, it was extremely lifelike, it’s just that there was no blood, flesh or breath in its body.

“Don’t you have any elite students other than that little lady just now? Why would you send a blind student to fight?” Some of the old fox’s friends started to laugh out loud.

“…” It was the old fox’s turn to be speechless now. Who were the blind ones here?

How could they, as knowledgeable teachers, not be able to discover that it was only a copy? How dare they call themselves teachers with that kind of ability? Weren’t they afraid of teaching their students wrongly?

Seeing that the old fox didn’t reply, the old fox’s friends all thought that he was lacking in confidence. Secretly, they sniggered even more.

When it was Yue Yang’s turn to compete, the referee was changed to a white-clothed referee.

Due to Yue Bing’s case, he didn’t want to make the same mistake. So he demanded to check the two sides’ beasts right at the first moment. Yue Yang didn’t want to summon the Reaper Mantis now. What a joke, summoning a Gold-ranked beast in a secondary knockout match, it would be weird if he didn’t make his opponents cry in fright! Hence, he sent the one of the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice. The whole audience was completely shocked by Yue Yang’s actions. What could a small little puppet mouse do in a battle?

The old fox’s friends all immediately burst out laughing until tears formed in their eyes. They started patting the old fox’s shoulders, “This student of yours is really of top quality!”

With regards to their short-sightedness, the old fox only sneered in his heart.

Were they looking down on him?

They wouldn’t even have the time to cry later on!

As soon as the white-clothed referee waved his hand to signal the start of the match, before the opponent’s Wind Leopard could even manage to charge forward, the Evil Shadow had already grabbed the Wind Leopard’s jaws and torn them apart forcefully, splitting the Wind Leopard’s mouth all the way to its neck… Such a forceful and bloodthirsty action shocked even the white-clothed referee.

He had actually torn a Normal-ranked Level 4 Wind Leopard’s mouth with his bare hands?

When the Evil Shadow, whose hands were dripping with fresh blood, walked step by step closer to the opponent who was utterly dumbfounded, that fellow immediately started crying and escaped from the fighting arena, completely horrified.

“This blind boy is also a combat expert? Where did you find so many combat experts?” The old fox’s friends were completely jealous. Ivy Academy students were usually the worst of the worst, getting knocked off the stage before ten seconds even passed. This brat, the new world record setter, was also a joke that everyone had previously been discussing enthusiastically. Who could have known that the Ivy Academy would send out two extremely abnormal students this year! They were all such experts in combat skills. One was a little lady who could send a Black Bear flying with her legs, and the other was a blind boy who could tear a Wind Leopard’s body apart with his bare hands… This, isn’t this too great of an overkill?

“Student Titan, you are in the wrong here. Didn’t I tell you not to be so violent? It’s wrong to make your fellow friends cry out of fright!” The old fox’s words was like a slap to his other friends’ face.

“Don’t be too full of yourself, let’s wait and see at the elite tournament!” The old fox’s friends immediately brushed off their sleeves and turned around, feeling extremely depressed in their hearts.

“Alright, at that time, please tell your elite students to have mercy on us. Our Ivy Academy’s students only participated for the experience, we don’t have the capabilities to compete for the championship with you guys. Everyone, take care. I shall console the crying student first. Remember, please have mercy on us, HAHAHA!” Seeing that student who was crying from fright and almost fainted from the Evil Shadow’s killing intent, the old fox laughed out loud happily.

Fortunately Yue Yang and Yue Bing had come back. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to clear the resentment in his heart.

Yue Bing and Yue Yang’s Evil Shadow had both won another match, they could finally return to the elite tournament’s preliminary match.

The old fox then smugly walked towards the box and sat down leisuredly. He received the tea that Luo Hua City Mistress gave him as he glanced at Yue Yang and criticised, “Brat, those who don’t know might think you came here to chase after girls. Aren’t you leading a comfortable life? You don’t participate personally in your battles, and even have beauties to accompany you here. Isn’t this life too good for you? Where did you get that Golden Mask? Seems like it’s quite the good stuff…”

Yue Yang pointed his middle finger at him and said, “I got it after a bloody battle in Gemini Temple where I almost died. Don’t even think about it. I say, old geezer, don’t even think about it, or I’ll report you to the Principal…”

The old fox burst out laughing, “I didn’t accept any bribery nor perform corruption, what are you going to report me for?”

Of course, Yue Yang had a way to deal with him as he whispered in his ears, “I know of a certain someone who has a very nice coloured illustration book, where there are a lot of pictures of beautiful women who doesn’t seem to wear any clothes. I remember that a certain person said that he even had a picture of the current Principal, although I don’t know if that is really the case. If I give those pictures to the Principal, I think she will be very happy to see the illustration of her naked self! I believe that she will change her opinion completely, with regards to a certain Vice Principal who did not accept bribery nor perform corruption.”

“Pu!” The old fox spurted out the tea he just sipped and hurriedly smiled apologetically, “What do you mean by coloured illustration? Student Titan, you have definitely misunderstood. By the way, I know of a restaurant that serves really good seafood. The dishes are of top quality, and the price is not cheap either. I was about to invite you and Yue Bing to eat there and celebrate your wins… Let’s go, let’s drink and forget the things of the past!”

“Of course, I’m always forgetful!” Yue Yang smiled and nodded, “If a certain generous Vice Principal could also reward my sister and I with a Space Crystal Staff, my forgetfulness will definitely act up again!” When the girls heard this, they were really speechless. They had seen ruthless people before, but they had never seen such a ruthless person who would even wring his own teacher dry!

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