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LLS Chapter 219 – Lifelong Nemesis

Chapter 219 – Lifelong Nemesis
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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In two hours, it was impossible for a baby beast to be cultivated into an adult beast, no matter what type of beast it was.

Let alone the beast egg in Yue Yang’s hands, who was not even incubated.

Yue Yang was only half-joking when he said that, he didn’t really mean it when he said he would cultivate the Reaper Mantis egg into a beast that could fight in two hours. However, after making a bet with Princess Qian Qian, he had the mind to try it. In the pitiful guy’s mother’s diary, she had written five types of cultivating beasts, but she had also written some alternate, secret cultivating methods.

One of them was especially related to insect-type beasts.

Of course, those secret cultivating methods would only be applicable to a few or one type of beasts. These methods were all very specialized, furthermore, the cultivation results would vary, depending on the person cultivating it. Some people could cultivate a holy beast using this secret method to cultivate his beast, while some others would only be able to cultivate trash!

In other words, the beast owner who was cultivating the beast must fulfil certain special conditions before the secret method would be able to take effect.

The Reaper Mantis fulfils the insect-type beast requirement, and with Yue Yang as its master, there shouldn’t be any problems too. Hence he wanted to give it a go.

At first, Yue Yang planned to give the Reaper Mantis to Yue Shuang after he helped her contract her grimoire right in front of all his Clan members. Who would know that just as he thought about this idea, Yue Yang realized that the Reaper Mantis already absorbed his blood. Although it had not hatched, it had already recognized himself as its master… Yue Yang could only set aside his intentions of giving Yue Shuang a Gold-ranked beast. The Reaper Mantis had been incubating all this while. Yue Yang had been observing its growth all this while, channeling Innate Qi to it at times. He also hoped that it could be more perfect before it breaks out of its egg shell.

After absorbing all the energy from its brothers and sisters’ broken eggs and Yue Yang’s Innate Qi, the Reaper Mantis egg had been changing everyday.

If Yue Yang had not been controlling its condition, it would have hatched out long ago.

“Alright, I’ll show you guys my awesomeness!” Yue Yang cut a wound on his fingers with the Eye Destroyer Dagger (Chp. 198) and drew a Contract Circle on the egg with his blood. Although they had formed a contract before, it wasn’t recognized by the secret cultivating method. Yue Yang has to contract it seriously. Of course, this would also act as double insurance.

A burst of golden light emitted from the Reaper Mantis egg, releasing a dazzling light.

It was so radiant, just like a tiny sun.

At this time, the contract had been completed. If it were other warriors, they would have taken their hands off at this moment.

However, the secret method requested the beast master to continue channeling their Spirit Qi, the more the better. It also requested the beast owner to prepare at least a glass of their fresh blood for their beast to feed…

Yue Yang channelled his Innate Qi continuously into the egg, making it shine even more brilliantly. He channelled his Qi incessantly, so much that the light from the contract agreement which should have subsided within 3-10 seconds continued to shine for one whole minute without stopping. Princess Qian Qian and the others were surprised at Yue Yang’s actions, and started to believe that he might just be able to cultivate a beast within 2 hours.

When the light subsided, the egg had hatched.

The Reaper Mantis that hatched out was extremely small, its body only as big as a normal person’s fingers. Its colour was similar to white jade, a little transparent.

The moment it hatched, it immediately looked around the people surrounding it.

When it discovered Yue Yang, it immediately climbed up to its master eagerly.

If it was another person, they would have given the baby beast something to eat at this time. It would be best if it was a magic crystal with the same attribute as the beast. If they didn’t feed their baby beasts for two to three days, the baby beasts might die. Of course, beasts such as the special-type or the element-type wouldn’t die, but their future growth would be heavily affected. Cultivating the beast when it was still young was very important, furthermore, the higher the quality of the magic crystals would determine the better future growth of the beast. For example, if a baby beast consumed a Level 6 Magic Crystal, its growth would be much better than baby beast who only consumed a Level 3 Magic Crystal. As for baby beasts that were not fed any Magic Crystals or were only fed Level 1 or 2 Magic Crystals, they would be useless in the future, they would only amount to beasts that could only do hard labour at the most!

“Ah? You are giving it your blood?” Princess Qian Qian couldn’t help but feel sorry for Yue Yang when she saw Yue Yang’s cultivation method for the Reaper Mantis.

She thought that even if this brat loses the bet, she wouldn’t really insisted for him to run around naked.

She was only trying to provoke him. This idiot, he really took them for real!

He was really an idiot…

Princess Qian Qian really wanted to give Yue Yang a nudge, but she knew that this was a crucial juncture for Yue Yang, so she didn’t dare to disturb him. She clenched her fist and continued to watch.

The girls could see clearly that after the Reaper Mantis drank Yue Yang’s fresh blood, those blood turned into a thread-like string and coiled around its body, as if it was about to form a Runic Circle, or as if it was about to draw a circle of blood channel. In the end, the thread of blood became thicker and thicker and turned into a blood ribbon. Then, the Reaper Mantis suddenly turned into pink colour, and then scarlet red. When it had completely turned scarlet red, another golden light burst forth… With the energy from Yue Yang’s fresh blood and his constant Innate Qi, the Reaper Mantis’ body quickly grew bigger and bigger right in front of Princess Qian Qian’s and the other’s eyes.

Ten minutes later, the Reaper Mantis nymph that was originally only as big as a person’s finger, was now as big as a baby.

Yue Yang fed it with his blood again as he channeled Spirit Qi constantly into its body.

“You are still giving it blood?” Princess Qian Qian felt that this brat really didn’t want to live anymore. He had just lost a great amount of blood a few days ago, and now he was even feeding this Reaper Mantis with his blood. Was winning the bet really that important for him?

“Brother?” Yue Bing was even more worried for Yue Yang.

“I’m alright!” Yue Yang smiled at her.

After feeding it blood and channeling Innate Qi to it in the third round, Yue Yang finally felt tired and stopped. He took out the Gold Dragon Magic Crystal from inside his Lich Ring and gave it to the Reaper Mantis. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai almost fell to the ground when they saw this. How could Yue Yang gave a Gold-ranked Level 7 Gold Dragon Magic Crystal to feed a baby beast? With all that Yue Yang had given it, it would be difficult for the Reaper Mantis not to become strong! They thought that in this world there would only be Yue Yang, this prodigal son, who would use a Gold-ranked Level 7 Gold Dragon Magic Crystal to cultivate a Reaper mantis… If the Reaper Mantis couldn’t ascend above Gold-ranked Level 7, then Yue Yang would have suffered a great loss!

Princess Qian Qian was so annoyed that her teeth itch, she really wanted to bite this brat to death.

For the sake of winning their bet, he had even used his Gold Dragon Magic Crystal.

Wouldn’t this count as cheating?

On the other hand, Luo Hua City Mistress’ reaction was completely the opposite of Princess Qian Qian. She only paid attention to the end result, hoping with all her heart that the Reaper Mantis could work hard and evolve. It would be best if it could go through an extremely strong evolution and turn into a Platinum-ranked beast or level up multiple times to become a Gold-ranked Level 5 strong monster.

Of course, this was only her wish. In reality, it wouldn’t be possible for that kind of thing to happen. Even if there was, it wouldn’t happen within a span of two hours.

Almost half an hour had already passed.

The Reaper Mantis that was as big as a finger had already grown as big as a man’s arm after three rounds of blood. It was almost a metre long. Its colour was crimson red right now, and although it was still a nymph, it gave out an air of might and power. After Yue Yang fed the Reaper Mantis nymph the Gold Dragon Magic Crystal, he yawned and went back to his room to sleep for another hour. When he came back out, the Reaper Mantis nymph had already grown two metres long, its body was as thick as a person’s thighs. The two scythe blades on its front legs almost had the terrifying look of an adult Reaper Mantis already… The Reaper Mantis nymph’s wings had also slowly grew out, and it had started to learn how to fly. It was still fumbling and tumbling, knocking into walls or other objects in the room at times. Its flying posture also looked extremely awkward.

Once again, Yue Yang took out a few Wyvern Magic Crystals and fed it to the Reaper Mantis.

Originally, the diary did not tell him to fed the baby beast using the best quality Magic Crystals or to feed it with a lot of Magic Crystals. However, Yue Yang felt that it was fine if he wasn’t cultivating it, but if he was seriously trying to cultivate it, he would definitely give it the best items!

When the Reaper Mantis finished feeding on the Magic Crystals, another twenty minutes had passed. Right now, only ten minutes were left from the two hours time limit. Princess Qian Qian already knew that this bet had lost its meaning long ago, but on the surface, she would definitely not concede her defeat.

“Time is almost up! Your Reaper Mantis is still a nymph!” Princess Qian Qian didn’t want to remind Yue Yang in reality, but in front of the crowd, she just couldn’t concede her defeat and lose her face.

“There’s no other way, I must use my ultimate move then.” Yue Yang rolled up his sleeves and drew an Ancient Runic Circle on the Reaper Mantis’ body.

A terrifying amount of energy burst forth from the Reaper Mantis’ body. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai had even fallen to the ground from the impact of the energy.

A dark purple pillar of light burst straight to the sky, reaching a few metres of height before falling back down right into the Reaper Mantis’ body.

Everyone watched dumbstruck as the Ancient Runic Circle swivelled as if it was alive inside the Ancient Mantis body. When it finally disappeared, the previously crimson Reaper Mantis had not only changed its colour, it had evolved to look like its mother, who was dark purple in colour. However, there was two additional spots on its body, one crimson red while the other was dark golden in colour. Although the Reaper Mantis belonged to the insect-category that did not have any intelligence, from its huge eyeballs, everyone could feel a special kind of intelligence hidden beneath it. This was an aura that only living things with intelligence would have.

The Reaper Mantis continued to grow. From its nymphal state, it had slowly evolved into an adult state, but its growth rate was very slow.

After ten minutes, it had not fully matured into an adult.

According to the terms of the bet, Yue Yang had lost.

However, if in accordance with the initial goal of cultivating baby beasts to adult beasts, Yue Yang had actually won big time. Everyone could see now that the reason that the Reaper Mantis had grown so slowly was because it was evolving into a Gold-ranked beast. If it were to turn into a Bronze-ranked or Silver-ranked beasts instead, Yue Yang would probably not need two hours to finish cultivating it!

Princess Qian Qian didn’t want to say anything. She didn’t want to remind Yue Yang, so as to avoid Yue Yang getting angry at her.

The bet was only a joke, they shouldn’t be too serious about it.

At the most, she could just use this as a shield in the future if Yue Yang was angry at her… Princess Qian Qian decided to change the topic and said, “The afternoon matches are about to start, we should get going immediately, otherwise you would miss your third match!”

“Of course we would need to go to the competition, but before we go, I would need to execute a noble deed: run around naked!” Yue Yang straightforwardly took off his clothes and then started undoing his pants.

“You dare? Who would let you run around naked?” Princess Qian Qian quickly grabbed onto Yue Yang’s hands that were trying to undo his leather belt.

She definitely didn’t want to see a naked Yue Yang following her behind stark naked.

Wouldn’t that be a disaster?

If others heard about this, then she would become the whole world’s joke. Others who didn’t know the truth might even think that she had some sort of weird, perverted fetish, that she liked a naked man following her around in public… Princess Qian Qian was extremely fearful of that consequence, hence she immediately pulled Yue Yang’s hands away, re-fastened his belt and helped him to wear his clothes back, “I’ve never seen a roguelike you before. I won’t hold you to your bargain this time, we’ll discuss it next time!”

Yue Yang chuckled pervertically as he hugged Princess Qian Qian’s shoulders, “Bro, just call me anytime you want to see me! I’m more than willing to hold my end of the bargain since I’ve lost the bet!”

Princess Qian Qian was completely speechless when she heard him.

Why did his words sounded like she had purposely set those terms of the bet because she wanted to see his naked body?

Seeing that Princess Qian Qian was so angry that she was literally emitting smoke from her ears and eyes, but was completely speechless and could only pout in silence, Luo Hua City Mistress couldn’t help but to burst into laughter. She laughed until her whole shoulders shook violently.

Even Yue Yu and Yue Bing couldn’t hide their smiles.

Nobody in this world could control Princess Qian Qian. The only one who could do it would probably only be Yue Yang, her lifelong nemesis!

-At this moment, on the secondary matches fighting arena.-

The old cunning fox was walking back and forth, anxious to the point that he was about to scratch his scalp off. Why is Yue Yang that brat late again? Why can’t he just say that he don’t want to participate? He had registered himself but didn’t turn up for the match. He was really going to be the death of him! There were only a few more minutes left before the match starts. If he still had not come, then Yue Yang would be the first student in history who gave up the tournament because he didn’t dare to face the competition, an ultimate coward… The old fox really wanted to march onto the stage and fight on Yue Yang’s behalf instead. Yue Yang would definitely win the match anyway.

“Your leading elite student is about to abandon his match… Not bad, your student would set a new world record, he might even be the first and the last in all history!” A few of the old fox’s friends started laughing out loud, purposely jeering in the old fox’s face.

“…” The old fox was speechless. In his heart, he thought, you should be grateful that that brat was not here. Otherwise, with his status as an Innate, he would bash all your smug faces until you all cried!

He was about to leave in a huff.

Suddenly, he saw Yue Yang bringing Yue Bing, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others along as they walked very calmly and determinedly. The old fox was immediately very happy.

My god, finally. At last it’s Ivy Academy’s turn to show off!

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