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LLS Chapter 218 – Bet

Chapter 218 – Bet
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Although the three girls had already prepared their hearts, when they listened to Yue Bing’s story, they couldn’t help but to be shocked right through their souls.

Yue Bing didn’t know how they managed to clear the Gemini Temple, but she said that when they were clearing the Gemini Temple, she caught a glimpse of her brother being heavily injured. However, when they reached the Cancer Temple, not only had her brother recovered most of his wounds, he had also dove alone into the Cancer Temple that was underwater and killed a giant, ten thousand years old crab that was as big as a house. From that Guardian Beast, he obtained the Tidal Pearl, an item dropped from the giant crab’s body.

She didn’t know how Yue Yang managed to do it, but she had personally seen her brother pull the giant ten thousand years old crab’s corpse out of the water.

“After killing the ten thousand years old crab, we rested for around 1 hour. Then brother took me along and continued towards the fifth Leo Temple…” When Yue Bing said this, the three girls all started to curse Yue Yang secretly. Why was he so reckless? Why must he insist on clearing the trials back-to-back? Couldn’t he come out first and inform the others of his plans, before continuing to clear the trials?

“I’m not gonna care about him anymore in the future!” Princess Qian Qian humphed annoyedly as she clenched her fists, wishing that she could beat Yue Yang into a pulp.

“What did you say?” Yue Yang, who was trying to untie the ribbon knot bandage and let out his stored up water, was unable to hear them clearly.

“It’s nothing to do with you!” Luo Hua City Mistress quickly replied.

“Bing-er, continue your story. When you reached the Leo Temple, what did you see?” Yue Yu requested Yue Bing to continue.

“The Leo Temple was completely different from the Cancer Temple. The Cancer Temple was filled with marshland and lakes, and the Cancer Temple was located right at the bottom of the water. I couldn’t help brother at all. The Leo Temple, on the other hand, was a piece of grassland. It wasn’t very wide. There was some kind of canyon, and the Leo Temple was located on top of a high cliff. There were a lot of Bronze-ranked Lions and some Silver-ranked Lions on the grassland. Brother helped me to kill all the lions and the silver-ranked lioness and dug out their Magic Crystals. In the end, brother who was only supporting me realized that he had killed a giant Lion King, and even obtained a Golden Shield that had a lion and an Ancient Rune engraved on it… We were both very tired and we had to rest in the Leo Temple for quite a while before we recovered our strength. Then, brother said that we wouldn’t be able to clear the Virgo Temple, but we might as well explore it to gain more information… Who would have known that the teleportation gate would immediately disappear the moment we entered the Virgo Temple? The one that appeared in front of us was instead our house in White Stone City. There were mom’s, Shuang-er’s and my shadows inside the house. After saying a bunch of really hurtful words, they had even attacked us. Brother carried me as we tried to escape, but we couldn’t find the escape route no matter what… Brother’s injuries were mostly caused by mom’s, Shuang-er’s and my shadows… I couldn’t do anything at all…” Yue Bing started to cry as she told the story.

Princess Qian Qian and the others finally understood now. The Virgo Temple was a trial that made use of the challengers’ weaknesses in their hearts.

Who does Yue Yang care most in this world?

It is definitely his family.

He cared for his Fourth Mother and two sisters the most, hence in the Virgo Temple, the shadows that appeared were the three of them. Even if Yue Yang was strong and even if he knew perfectly that the Fourth Mother, Yue Bing and little Shuang-er in the Virgo Temple were fakes, he wouldn’t be able to attack them. Besides, they were all shadows with extremely strong powers. Other than defending himself, Yue Yang still had to protect his sister. That was the reason for his heavy injuries.

Fortunately they managed to endure until the teleportation gate re-opened again. Otherwise it would probably be hard for Yue Yang and Yue Bing to safeguard their lives.

When Luo Hua City Mistress and the others thought this way, they secretly felt glad.

Yue Yang took a long nap and slept all the way until the evening. Other than his wounds that were not fully healed yet, he was as healthy as a horse, full of energy and spirit.

If the four girls did not see him with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed his recovery speed.

Princess Qian Qian gave Yue Yang a light punch happily, “As the saying goes, ‘the good live a short life while the wicked live a thousand years’. This brat is completely wicked and treacherous, how could something happen to him?” Although she said those words with her mouth, her heart was admiring Yue Yang’s abnormal recovery speed. He had suffered severe injuries that normal warriors would need half a month to recover. However, he had completely recovered after sleeping for a night. Even if they helped to heal his injuries, wasn’t this recovery speed far too quick? Of course, she didn’t know that Yue Yang’s Innate Qi had effects on the recovery speed of his injuries.

Furthermore, after breaking through the Innate Realm, Yue Yang had been learning a lot of healing techniques from the loli in his dreams.

With the addition of his originally healthy body, it was not weird for him to completely recover after one day.

“Aren’t we going to participate in the Hundred School’s Elite Tournament? Let’s go!” Yue Yang wasn’t used to lying on the bed like a sick patient. Challenging the Virgo Temple would be equivalent to fighting the demons in his heart, it would be difficult to clear it right now. He decided to give up clearing the Virgo Temple for the moment.

He decided to bring Yue Bing back to participate in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament, so that his sister could further her training and show-off her skills.

After clearing the Taurus, Cancer and Leo Temples, Yue Yang felt that Yue Bing had improved a lot, almost as if she was born anew.

In addition, she had also received some mental training in the Gemini and Virgo Temples, so Yue Yang was certain that his sister could definitely amaze the whole audience in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament. As for Yue Yang himself, if he did not meet an extremely strong enemy, he wouldn’t fight them at all. He was too lazy to fight against those weak enemies… Of course, if he could meet that Junior [Elder] from the Floating Mist Sect or the Prince from the Zhi Jin Kingdom, Yue Yang wouldn’t mind to go all out and teach them a lesson, showing-off his abilities to them!

Did he think he was truly strong being a Junior [Elder]?

Did he think he was cool if he was a Prince?

A tsunami of jealousy filled Yue Yang’s heart. He didn’t care who these people were, as long as they were his rivals in love, he would beat them all down!

Although he still hadn’t managed to capture Princess Qian Qian’s heart, he had already decided that this tigress would be his future wife. If other people dared to have any ideas about her, then they would be seeking death. Yue Yang wouldn’t be as sappy and foolish as those drama guys who would let the love of their lives go and fight for them in a fair competition with other guys… He would leave that kind of foolish, selfless act to other guys. He, on the other hand, would obviously want to dominate all the girls whom he loved!

90% of the reason that Yue Yang wanted to participate in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament was to beat up his love rivals. The other 10% was to enjoy the show.

As for the championship rewards, Yue Yang didn’t think that the number 1 prize would even compare to the rewards from the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

“Are you really okay?” Luo Hua City Mistress also thought that this brat’s body was really abnormal. He practically had the resilience of a cockroach. Yue Yang smiled like a rogue as he moved closer to Luo Hua City Mistress’ ear and whispered, “I’m okay, there won’t even be a problem if we do ‘it’ tonight!”

“You are asking for a beating!” Luo Hua City Mistress blushed furiously and tried to pinch his mouth.

But she suddenly remembered a certain body part of his and immediately felt weak in her knees. Hands trembling, she didn’t manage to pinch his mouth, instead, Yue Yang had grabbed her small hand with his. Luo Hua City Mistress felt that his hand was very hot. When he held her hands for a prolonged period of time, she would feel this kind of uneasy, yet comfortable, strange sensation. Her whole body started to tremble as she hurriedly struggled free, “Don’t pull my hand!”

Having succeeded in taking advantage of her, Yue Yang immediately pretended to be a good boy, “Whoever tried to touch my City Mistress, I will fight him to the end!”

Princess Qian Qian almost punched Yue Yang to ninth clouds and above when she heard this. Was he trying to flirt with Luo Hua right in front of her? He was really too much!

Yue Yu hurriedly became the middleman and pulled on Princess Qian Qian’s shoulders, “Let’s go, we are already very late. I think we won’t make it to the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament opening ceremony!”

In reality, not only had Yue Yang and the others missed the opening ceremony, they had also missed the first match. Since they still had not arrived during the first match, they were marked as having forfeited the match.

In other words, Yue Yang and Yue Bing had already lost a match although they had not started fighting.

Right now, Yue Yang and Yue Bing would have to go through three secondary matches and win at least two out of the three matches to qualify for the Elite Tournament. With regards to the matter of whether Yue Yang could join the Elite Tournament again, the old fox who led his Ivy Academy team didn’t have any doubts about that. It was just that he had been embarrassed in front of his old friends, because his disciple had ran away and forfeited the match right at the last minute.

Fortunately the Ivy Academy was always known for its bad results, hence everyone didn’t feel that Ivy Academy students giving up their matches was a strange thing to do.

If this was a Shang Jing Academy student instead, the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent would probably be shocked by the news.

This year’s Hundred Schools Elite Tournament was not held on Da Xia Kingdom like usual.

The location was changed to the Champion Island in Tian Luo Kingdom.

When Yue Yang and the others finally reached the Champion Island which was located in the middle of a wide ocean, an island covered with water and corals at all four-sides, it was almost dawnbreak. Yue Yang and the others casually entered into a Warrior’s Lodge to rest. Everyone slept all the way until late morning before finally waking up to eat some late breakfast. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai that came to visit had brought Yue Yang one good news and one bad news.

The good news was, Ye Kong and the others had worked very hard, they had won the Team Match without Yue Yang.

The bad news was that because Yue Yang had been too lazy to get out of bed, he was absent for the first secondary match. As a result, he was disqualified for the first secondary match.

As Yue Yang had made a record in history for forfeiting two matches in a row, right now, almost all of the elite students in Champion Island had heard about the great name of Ivy Academy. Everyone had also given Yue Yang who had registered with the name of ‘Titan’ a nickname of ‘Coward’.

“I didn’t show off my power and you guys have taken me as a pushover.” Yue Yang did not take bullying very well. He didn’t have a magnanimous heart to let small matters go, so he was thinking about how to bully others during the afternoon match. As for Yue Bing who was similarly absent in her match, she felt extremely guilty and shameful for embarrassing Ivy Academy. However, she would still listen to her brother no matter what. If her brother didn’t go for his match, she would also rather be absent for hers.

“Hui Tai Lang is not a contracted beast, so it couldn’t participate in the match. Are you planning to use your Platinum-ranked Bloody Queen to scare your opponents to death?” Princess Qian Qian who had just woken up from her beauty sleep stretched her beautiful body.


Yue Yang thought again and realized that Princess Qian Qian was right. He didn’t have any beast that was suitable to show to others.

Bloody Queen, Barbarian Cow Shadow, Thorny Flower Demoness, Golden Beast… He didn’t have any beasts that would be suitable to display to the rest of the world. As for Xiao Wen Li, that was even more impossible, Yue Yang wouldn’t let others know about her at all. Yue Yang was greatly distressed. The Quintet Golden Puppet Mice didn’t have any combat power at all, while the Spirit of Flame and Smoke wouldn’t listen to his orders. What would he do? Should he buy a trash beast on the streets at the last minute?

What would he need trash beast for? Yue Yang suddenly whacked his head. Didn’t he still have that baby Reaper Mantis?

Although it was still an egg, it was still a Gold-ranked beast.

When Yue Yang took out the Reaper Mantis’ egg, everyone sweated profusely. Would he make it in time if he only started to breed it now?

Even if he succeeded in breeding, what could a baby Reaper Mantis do?

“Don’t we still have two more hours? If I make use of this time properly to cultivate it I would probably be able to take care of the situation!” When Yue Yang said this, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others all fell flat to the ground. Even the two Yue Clan sisters who trusted Yue Yang the most didn’t have any confidence in him.

“Student Yue Yang, if you can incubate it within 2 hours, I’ll change my surname to yours!” Princess Qian Qian laughed out loud when she heard him.

“I’ll bet against her. I support you!” Luo Hua City Mistress tried to encourage Yue Yang with all her might. In any case, it wouldn’t matter if she won or lost the bet. She wouldn’t be at a disadvantage as she was only a spectator.

“If you lose, you shall… If you lose, you must run around naked!” Princess Qian Qian had wanted to tell Yue Yang would have to change his surname to hers if he lose at first, but when she thought again, she felt that it was inappropriate. She didn’t want her joke to be taken as real, she was afraid that this brat would really do that if he couldn’t admit his defeat. Hence, she requested for Yue Yang to run around naked instead. This running around naked was something that Yue Yang had used to tease her before, so she had used this chance to get back at him for making fun of her.

“Looking down on me, aren’t you?” Yue Yang pulled up a haughty expression of ‘if I say it’s possible, it’s possible’.

“Can you incubate a beast within 2 hours?” Seeing that he was filled with confidence, everyone was a little unsure. Since it was this abnormal brat, that might even just be possible.

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